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Eudemons online diary

My diary on Eudemons online.

Author: gboy1983

A Eudemon Tale

Posted by gboy1983 Monday July 7 2008 at 8:13PM
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Back when the land was new and its people young, there was war. Mighty beasts with great power terrorized the homes of all the tribes; there was no safety for humans in the vast marshes, harsh icy hills, scorching deserts and even the distant islands. Then as this endless massacre claimed the human population a wise chieftain arose and lead the people to a distant land still not yet touched by war there he ordered the construction of a stronghold in which all humans can be safe he named this heaven cronus. He then established two ranks of solders, those that can take a great deal of physical damage and who skills with blades and swords was as unquestioned as their loyalty to the old king, then there was the ranks of mystics who can wonder unseen by beast and man alike.

Then as word came that the demons were coming to our land, the kind old king set up peace talks with the beasts, and with that trust the old king was murdered. His son and next in line for king, stricken with grief ordered the army to arms and the battle of grief now know as the battle of sins took place when the army of 500,000 human warriors and mages filled with sorrow met hordes of demons at the field of dreams (now a temple just passed the windmill) and for 3 days man turned into beast themselves and for those 3 days the beast felt true fear as steel and magic met with hellish beasts with true strength and wisdom as old as the land it self.

As night fell on the field that third night the sky rip and down came 3 godly figures shaped as humans but with odd colored hair that flowed as if suspended in water, each had a pair of golden wings and an aura of peace. They went before the new king and a general within the ranks of warrior and an unknown mage they seek peace and for 6 days the six talked and came to agreement. So 3great cites were constructed between the great human city of Cronus and the mighty eudemon city of eleven these were island city, gobi city, dark marsh to honor the dead and old king now 17 years later when rights of eudemons are questioned and legions of old still harbor hate towards the eudemons and with eudemons not yelding to the laws of man? It seems war is on the horizon.

Under these circumstances an adventure of truths and loves long pass has started for this young 17yr warrior?

"Get up young one" says the calm voice

"What is it master" comes a tried voice

"You must awake and pack nero" says the calm voice

"Its to early master" nero says in a dismiss voice

"Get up now nero we do not have time for your games" says the old master in a rash voice

"What is it master" says nero getting up from bed

But before he can get his gear on the ground shakes violently with the sound thunder exploding in his ears

"What the hell was that" yelled nero now partly deaf

"Their here get your armor and meet me in the stables" yelled the distracted old master

Stumbling for his armor and sword in the dark, listening to all the yelling, then came the sound of thunder again and nero felt the ground leave him and he hit the stone he felt his knee cut  rolling over nero got to his feet and finished getting his gear on he ran outside,

When outside nero saw cloaked figures shooting some kind of glowing bolt out the end of staffs walking in a tight circle trying to get a closer look nero ran toward them but after a few yards he was thrown to the ground as if a bomb had just gone off next to him on his back again he felt warm blood stream down the side of his face staggering to his feet nero drew his blade and charged?.

Ozmodan writes:

Don't show this to your English teacher,  it will end up with too many red marks. 

Tue Jul 08 2008 6:31AM Report
streea writes:

Even the title has an error...

Tue Jul 08 2008 10:36AM Report writes:
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