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Eudemons online diary

My diary on Eudemons online.

Author: gboy1983

Eudemons Online: Evolution of a Mage - Part 2

Posted by gboy1983 Thursday July 24 2008 at 10:28PM
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Birth of a Mage - The Adventure Unfolds

The beast I faced was three times my size. He was green, towering over me, swinging his bulky arms wildly. All I could do was jump away to avoid being obliterated. It had been quite a few days since I had first run down the steps of Cronus to the Badlands. I had left the bustling city in the search of fame and fortune like so many adventurers before me but had found more trouble than I could have ever fathomed. On my journey I had also met some fellow fighters; most of them newly arrived to this realm like me, and just as helpless. Yet somehow, in all this confusion and chaos, I managed to survive and even increase in strength.

To my utter amazement, we were not alone in our fight against evil here. I was given some eggs to watch over and carry. And in time they hatched into impressive creatures, willing to aid me in my quests as long as I was providing the training. They were fastidious demons, sometimes with a will of their own, and I knew I would have to learn quickly to master their skills and strength. Good fortune seemed to be on my side and I found myself gathering armor, boots, weapons and gold. Most surprising of all, every so often, I was able to dispatch one of these unspeakable monsters and they would leave behind a treasure trove of gems of all colors and sizes, gold and weapons abound, more than I could possibly carry.

Curious by nature, as most females are, I started to venture further and further. I met a very helpful young lady, a teleporter by profession, who made travel to far away places much easier to achieve. In this manner I discovered that Cronus was not the only City here, much to my surprise, Cronus was only the beginning. I arrived in Elven City one late summer evening. It was and to this day still is the loveliest place my eyes had ever seen. Set high in the trees, nestled between branches and leaves, it blends seamlessly into nature??s beauty. Bathed in sunlight, filtered by the green canopy, and birdsong always present, one can find the most peaceful perches here.  But if one hungers like me for the rush of combat, just walk down the tree trunk, step through the gate and you will find yourself in Misty Marsh. Far from peaceful, here a young mage can hone her skills. Demons abound at every turn, and if I thought they were big in the outskirts of Cronus, I had to learn the error of my assumption.

I had been busying myself killing as many as I could carrying my bounty back to Cronus to store in my warehouse. On one of these trips I realized that in all my venturing I had become a little lonely. Too focused on the task at hand, I had neglected to make contact with fellow mages and warriors. And on occasion, I had even found myself briskly rebuffing the feeble attempts of others to get to know me. I had noticed on previous trips to the City, the great fighters lining the road leading up to the steps, but I had never really paid any attention to them at all. I never wondered about their purpose here, never listened to the conversations all around me. So this time I stopped. And I listened. And before long I was approached by a young mage, taller than me, obviously more seasoned and experienced. His inquiry was simple and at the same time exhilarating.

An invitation to join the legion of Demon Hunters, how could I deny him? I agreed, even though I was not at all convinced I knew what it meant to do so. Being the woman that I am, I was not about to admit this lack of knowledge. Soon, however, I realized the benefits of being part of a legion. I had company on my travels, hunting alone no more, and there were comrades to talk to and share stories with. And, if I had questions, there were usually answers. I spent the next few weeks learning all I could, honing mine and my demons skills, collecting gold and gem stones, and above all growing in strength and ability. I was waiting, watching and waiting, for what, I didn??t know.

To be continued...

Eudemons Online: Evolution of a Mage - Part 1

Posted by gboy1983 Wednesday July 23 2008 at 9:40PM
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Birth of a Mage - First Steps

They say one remembers nothing of their moment of conception. I beg to differ. Darkness, the overwhelming smell of fragrant blossoms of all kinds, the sound of animals unseen, metal clanking against metal, soft rushing of water in the distance and a million voices. These are my first memories, forever emblazoned into the very fabric of my being, inseparable from what I am. Then, gentle breezes touching my skin, making me shiver ever so slightly. The sounds are louder now, closer, and the smells more intense. I open my eyes.

There are no words to describe my emotions. I feel so cold, alone, confused. As I look down I realize my skin is barely covered. Standing in the center of this place, trying to get my bearings, everything moves with dizzying speed. People coming and going, unimaginable creatures of all sizes and shapes accompanying them. The brightness and the sounds are almost too much for my tender ears. I look around more freely now, taking a few tentative steps. But where should I turn? Who should I talk to? Someone touches my arm; I do not like to be touched by strangers. I retreat back into a corner, watching.

And then, for the first time, I hear her voice. I know her: don't ask me how, or from where. But I know she is the Creator."You are Samhara", she says, and it seems so right. How could it be anything else? SAMHARA - I say it slowly and the syllables melt on my tongue like ice cream or chocolate. It is a good name, a wonderfully right name for me. And in this second of recognition I know what I must do. I straighten my shoulders, lift my chin and emerge from the shadows of the corner to walk up the steps in front of me. It is tricky to get up there unscathed. There are people running up and down these stairs, humongous beasts just standing there, poised to jump at a moment's notice, with their riders ready to give an unseen command. Beautiful ladies in magnificent gowns, surrounded by showers of roses lounging near the top are distracting me from my purpose. I know I must speak to someone up here.

Luck is on my side this time, I see someone like me, barely covered by clothes, talking to a soldier to my right. And just as I know who I am, I know this person is newly born, like me. I wait patiently until he finishes his lengthy conversation and then approach the man in uniform. He looks at me with raised eyebrows, awaiting my questions. There is no doubt, he has heard the questions a million times before, but he answers me with kindness, providing everything I need to know to get along for the first few days here. I feel so relieved after talking to him. I turn around looking down the steps I just walked up on, letting my gaze wander across this town. He called it Cronus. My grip tightens around my wooden staff. I know who I am, and I know what I will be. I will be a mage. My life's purpose lays in front of me as clear as the light of this glorious day. I will fight until I can not fight anymore. I will fight the demons that threaten this place. And I will join the ranks of the great warriors and mages that came before me. I take a step, and then another, quickening as I go, I run, down the stairs, along the main road and out the gate. My first steps - into forever.

To be continued...

Eudemons Online: The Dawn Blade 2

Posted by gboy1983 Tuesday July 22 2008 at 10:50PM
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My hand shook as the weight of everything that was happening hit me. I was going to die in this hell pit. The ghoulish creatures smacked their lips, probably not having had fresh meat in quite sometime. I was not in a good situation, to say the least.

  They closed in around me, making sure I had no escape route, but with so many of them, and so few of me, I didnt know how I was to survive the fight. I spun around, looking for a possible exit, but other then a large crack, like a fault line, there was nothing in the room. I was done for.

  As they drew nearer, I could sence the bloodlust in their heavy breathing. Something about the syncronized breaths struck me as extreamly creepy. I kept spining around, hoping not to see one of them lunging for me.

As I turned a third time, something I did not expect to happen did. A large crashing noise, like the lifting and dropping of a huge wieght. I spun to look at the fault line, and where it was, was now an open crevice, held open by a large trantula. My day was going from bad, to worse.

But to my surprise, the large spider only seemed interested in ensnaring the ghouls, and was leaving me untouched a majority of the ghouls retreated to the darkness, while a few lay wrapped in webbing squirming about wildly, trying to escape their horrible fate.

The spider, and his large eight eyes where now fixated, almost puzzled at what to do with me. I sheathed my sword, for if it was going to eat me, there would be no sence in fighting it. It was at least 200 times my size, and could easily overpower me, so instead, I stood, and waited to see what it would do.

The spider leaned in close, bending its legs to get in and have a good look at me. Then it whispered. "Do not fear little one, I only eat the ghouls of this caveren...I'm used to their taste. What might be your name?"

I looked up, dumbfounded. I could not believe this spider had just spoke. "M-my name?" I studdered nerviously.

"Yes, unless you'd rather I continue calling you little one..." The spider chuckled generously. I honestly didnt know what to do. I was having a conversation with one of the most unlikely of creatures. I stood in silence for a few more moments, pondering my options.

"You may call me Zealos. I'm a traveller...I was on my way through the forest..."

"When you stumbled upon the cave..." The spider interrupted. "You must be the one of which he spoke..." I looked up at the spider confused. "who spoke of me?" I quickly questioned, the words slightly more demanding then I intended. I didnt want to piss it off after all.

"The one of the prophcy. The one who shall wield the Dawn Blade, and bring the world to the rightful order. Yes, yes it must be you. I was worried for a while there it was him" It pointed to the corpse using on of its feelers. "But it must be you."

At mention of the legendary Dawn Blade, I shook my head. "No, it can't be..." The spider interjected again "And why not?"

"Well, first of all, I'm not hero. I was born from nobility, I dont have magic, or speical powers. I'm just a traveller." The spider eyed me for a moment, carefully chosing its words. "Not all heros are noble, in fact, sometimes, they are the least likely of people, normal, everyday people. The rest of that stuff is what you hear in fairy tales." The spider almost seemed to smile at me.

"Your destiny lies with this sword..." The spider drew up from its nest one of the most beautiful blades I had ever laid eyes on, a perfect hilt, and a crystal, sky blue colored blade, which emendated an eerie glow. She set the sword before me." And the respondsability that comes with it..."

I touched the blade, feeling the smooth cold metal against my skin. It felt...right. perfect even. Like it was made for me. "What do I do with it?" I looked up to the spider as I asked.

"Something dark is comming. You must stop it, and save all the lives in your path. Your destiny is to save the world. Just remember, the sword doesn't make the hero. The hero makes the sword." She dragged her meal into her nest and slowly closed the large rock ontop of it, sealing her away from the billion other questions zipping in my mind.

I stood and exited the cave, and leaving the forest compleatly, the dawn blade tucked neatly in my belt buckle. It was night, and the air was cool, and moist. And in the distance, I saw the town I just left, being set aflame. I knew what I had to do. I began running through the cool night air towards the village.

Eudemons Online: The Dawn Blade 1

Posted by gboy1983 Sunday July 20 2008 at 10:07PM
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Many times in this great life of ours, we take things for granted. For instance, the smell of a rose, or the taste of frailly cooked meat. We never stop to think about what truely might happen if those things where suddenly ripped from us, like flesh from bone. I can tell you friend, I cherish these things more now then ever. But you see, it's only once you've lost everything you've had, that you see clearly and understand the mistakes that you've made. And all of this was brought on by a single death...

I suppose I should start from where it all began. The sun touched the earth as it rose, causing a warm glow upon the earth, and casting myserious shadows that withered and whaled at the presence of light. I awoke in the same bed I had been so used to sleeping in, the cold earth. I rubbed the tiredness away from my eyes and stood, stretching and yawning as I did so. the day started just as any other, I packed my things and put the embers of my once lively fire out.

But I could sense something. Something that was out of place. This day would not be like the others, and unbe know to me, it would change my life, forever. Once my things where packed, I began to walk, unaware of where I was going, but not caring. I had become a refugee ever since my village was destroyed al ittle under a year before. I had no home, no life, no familly. it had all been burned with the remnants and memories of my village.

In my wonderings I had seen many strange and wonderful things which I told tale of to villagers and childeren that played, in the towns I passed through, but on this day, I saw no village, no town. There was only a forest between me and my destination of nowhere. I shrugged lightly and sighed. "Well, I guess if I have to go through it, I may as well explore a bit."

I was not eager to enter the forest, for the sounds of the night, and even the day repeled me, but, this was the only way through, so I had to go. I walked slowly through the brisk morning air. The trees and bushes where woven neatly in the pathway, providing a since of encloser. Good or bad, I hadn't a clue.

The further I ventured, the more clumped and flourish the trees become, as if to attack me in some way. I scrapped my arm on a low hanging branch as I tried to pass underneath and cursed violently at it. It was only then that I noticed...

Just barely visable, was a cave, no more the 50 yards from me, the mouth of which taunted my to go in. I moved the branch aside to get a better look, and sure enough, my eyes had not decived me. The darkness of the cave was disturbing, as was the almost complete silence around me, for I heard nothing. This may not strike you as odd, but the normal bustle of the forest, while very low in tone, was always there. But in this forest, nothing sounded, not even a cricket.

My instinct told me to run from the forest and never return, but my curiosity led me to keep going. So I pulled a torch from my pack and light it. The dim glow casted shadows on the ground around me. I stepped down lightly into the cave, very warey of my surrounding, surveying everything closely. 

The first chasm was small. Relatively the size of a living room. Nothing but dust covering the walls an floors withen. It made my curiosity spike further, and I continued foreward. There was a large opening that lead to a tunnel, which seemed to continue deeper, down into the depths of even hell prehaps. I steadied my hand on my long sword, ready to draw it if the need arose. The tunnel seemed to go on forever until finally it opened to a very large chasm. At the center of which, the glow of the torch revealed a gastly pale white creature, bending over what seemed to be human remains. I heard the snapping of flesh, and the ominious sound of blood dripping.

I held my nose and contained myself well enough not to vomit from the smell of rotting flesh. I drew my sword and made for the creature, in an attemp to scare it off and help the man. "GET AWAY FROM HIM!" I yelled at the being, and it turned to me, gulping the small bits of flesh it had torn off, and as I drew my sword, it scampered off into the darkness that my torch did not touch.

I made a run from the man, kneeling by his side as I got to him. but I was far to late. he looked, and smelled as though he had been dead some time, and that the creature, or creatures or the cave, had gnawed him just about to the bone. I searched the corpse for anything useful, but found nothing, save a few gold peices, which I pocketed.

A noise came from behind me, a chattering. Of teath, or something else, and as I stood and raised the torch, two more of the thin, ghoulish creatures stood at the door. Only, I felt more. As I searched the cave walls around me, more, at least 15 to 20, where crawling down, perhaps waiting to get their fill of my flesh.

"Shit..." was the only thing I could think to say as I feebly lift my longsword and prepared to fight for my life...

To be continuous...

Eudemons Onilne:Paladin Legend Part II

Posted by gboy1983 Thursday July 17 2008 at 9:36PM
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With 2 of the 3 objects needed to open the tomb collected, the Paladin and her Eudemons were excited at the prospect of being able to rid the land of the great evil. However, the journey was going to be a long one until they are able to free the Warrior from his Tomb.

Once the Warrior is released the great evil would soon come to an end, though she could not figure out what started this evil in the first place. Who sealed away Icefyre and why? The answer could only be that it was because of a great curse that all the elders knew of, though the young paladin didn't realize that if she releases Icefyre, she will also release a great evil curse on Yartland.

Sadly she collected every ancient material required to release Icefyre from the tomb and did so, unleashing the curse. The curse turned all Eudemons into evil monsters, the monsters were so fierce that they turned against their owners, but Icefyre, a good soul, realized this and sacrificed his life and countered Fyree's curse (Fyree is one of the original 3 'Ancients' who let power go to her head and twisted her heart).

The King & the Queen were aware of this and as soon as Icefyre sacrificed himself and in turn defeated Vekasoul, they tried to banish the young paladin girl in the tomb with Icefyre's ashes. Were they really the King & the Queen? Unfortunately they were not fast enough and while they were casting the Inferno-fire on her, Icefyre's soul came and released 3 curses to 3 Eudemon - Mage Dodo, Warrior Lulu and the insane Beserker Kahn. These eudemons killed the King and the Queen in one go, it turned out that they weren't the real King Queen after all??the paladin girl fainted and was mysteriously teleported to her house.

Meanwhile, the 3 legendary eudemon, Mage Dodo & Warrior Lulu, got out of control and with the powerful Beserker Kahn next to them they destroyed little town in Icyland then went off to find the DanceOfDeath skill book frozen away with the Orcs guarding it; with their power they could wipe the Orcs easy and so they did. Once they obtained the DanceOfDeath skill book the Warrior Lulu read it and learned the skill, then used the power to combine all of the eudemon together and then they went to destroy the only thing that they thought would get in their way the real King and Queen.

They used their new learnt magic skill over Yartland which sent everyone flying and landing with severe injuries, including the unconscious paladin girl, who was still lying in her bed, unaware of what had happened in this world in these few moments. The spell knocked the king unconscious, and the queen was now sent to oblivion. The eudemon escaped before the paladin girl arrived. Though when the king saw her coming he immediately explained what had happened to him in tears, he was so sorrowful. Looking at all this the paladin girl left in anger and went away after the beast, when she got to the lair she spoke these words "Monster" the words were completely ineffective to the beast. Then the beast charged up its great power while the paladin was speaking the same words. But just as the beast was about to attack the paladin changed the words "The power cannot be defeated, the power will be defeated" then with one more wave of the paladins wings the beast attacked and a great light formed, it surrounded the paladin. Then light deflected the eudemons attack back at itself! Then the light from the paladin got smaller and appeared into a sphere in front of the paladin. The paladin watched it closely the sphere read "The power will be defeated" then the paladin closed his eyes. Then suddenly the sphere floated swiftly into the paladin's heart and she lay softly on the ground at her death...

The Music of Blade and Sword...!

Posted by gboy1983 Wednesday July 16 2008 at 10:40PM
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On the year of 2006,the earth was infested by unlikely creatures...Creatures that doesn't show mercy to all the human being on earth....This creature was lead by a Demon named DAMIAN The V Destroyer...This Evil Leader was the most Ugly Creature that ever lived in the earth...

In every Village that he coquered,he kills all the innocent and rape all the woman that lived in that village...!


One day,while he was conquering a village(new born village)...

He doesn't know that their lived a powerful Mage,koruru....

Koruru was the leader of that village,Damian's evil doing was almost ended by koruru....but Damian's satanic power was more stronger than the power of koruru was beaten by the Devil himself....but before koruru was slash in the throat, he manage to release his Mighty Potency, and distributed to his 6 mentor's who already scope from the village...

The 6 mentors were weak, hotshot, hyacinth, patty, cockier, and the most powerful of the entire 6 mentor was el-mariachi...!

Once Upon A Forgotten Time

Posted by gboy1983 Tuesday July 15 2008 at 9:36PM
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A boy stands with sword in hand in the middle of a field surrounded by Bull-man like creatures, unsure of were he is.  Around him stand two more creatures, helping him fight, and together they begin to unleash a fury of death apon the bulls. His name is Satoshi, Satoshi Senkei.  He ruffles his short, black hair, surveying his surroundings.  "were the hell am I" he speaks aloud unaware of were exactly he is. Then suddenly it comes at him in a bright flash of white light. 

It was a Cool summers morning, as he sat home playing his favorite online game, Eudemons Online. He just signed into his character, and was pked by someone stronger.  "damn it" he said to himself softly, as he turned and stared out the window.  Suddenly there was a bright flash, and he found himself tumbling, and falling into complete and utter blackness.  When he awoke he was in this strange world, surrounded by monsters.

"Impossible, this is utterly impossible" Satoshi cried, his incredulous unbelief showing by the utter dumbstruck expression on his face.  "But this isn't real, this cant be real" he looked around once more, taking in the vivid scenery once more.  " but this is a game, I cant really be here, I cant be in Eudemons Online."

The fact of the matter was, he was within the game.  He was unaware of how to explain it.

And so the fight for his life began....for now that he was in the game, there was a whole new set of rules.

The Ordeal: Part I

Posted by gboy1983 Sunday July 13 2008 at 9:35PM
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Once long ago, there ruled a prince. His name was Agrus, and his people loved him. It was the time of war. The Northern King had grown tired of putting up with the happy kingdom Agrus ruled, for the King's kingdom was forever filled with woe. War was declared. As Agrus sent out the draft, fathers of children, brothers of sickened ones, and husbands of sobbing wives left they're families, never to return.

Agrus loved his people as much as they loved him, and he grieved for their losses. Then, one terrible night, a prisoner escaped from the royal dungeon and crept into the royal bedroom. The convict took a vial from the rags he was wearing and thrust the black, oozing liquid down Prince Agrus' throat. Gasping, Agrus was only able to see a vanishing leg around the corner of the door before he fell back onto the bed, unconscious.

The next day, Agrus felt a black, oozing pain at his heart. He writhed and screamed in his bedroom. A few minutes later, he found that his chest had grown more muscular and his arms had become ribbed, and his heart had turned to stone. He felt good. He felt powerful. Today was the day to start marching to the North.

"But sire," said his royal advisor, "We have planned to start marching a month from now, and we haven't gathered enough men to fight. Shouldn't we-"

As the old man was talking, Agrus felt heat weld up inside him. How dare this nobody question him? He felt an unstoppable hate for this babbling nobody. He wanted to kill this man. 'But I have never wanted that for anybody. What is happening to me? No, I couldn't even hurt this man.' But even as he thought this, black oozing hate filled his body.

You shall do what I say!" roared Agrus. He unsheathed his sword and killed the old man before he could widen his eyes in terror. "We shall march?? today," whispered the prince to the bleeding body. He smiled. What a waste of human life this wretch had been. He hid the corpse in the dungeon, next to a decaying skeleton.

Then, Agrus sent out a royal decree: "All soldiers are to meet outside the castle wall! The army shall march today! All soldiers are to meet outside the castle wall! The army shall march today??" Young and old, short and tall, fat and thin, the Prince's army arranged themselves on foot and on horses. Prince Agrus rode out in front of them. And his people knelt before them, for they loved they're Prince, some even prostrated on the ground?? in they're rightful place.

"Come!" roared Agrus across the hundreds of men. "Your ordeal begins today! We march for three days to the North, where the enemy scum lurks! If you fall behind, you are not worthy to fight! Come!" The army started foreword. On the battlements, children, women, and men left behind waved to the brave soldiers.

Agrus smiled. He wondered if any of these people needed to be punished for their stupidity, just like the dead Advisor. "We shall see??" Agrus said to himself. "We shall see??"

'Someone help me!!! Please!!!'

War of the Roses(part 1)

Posted by gboy1983 Thursday July 10 2008 at 11:17PM
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Once long ago there was a kingdom that had no name. In this kingdom were a King and his Queen. So happy they were, yet the Queen bore no child to the King. On a cold winter night an old Diana stumbled at the kingdoms gates. The queen took her in and allowed the old eud stay for the passing storm.

"I thank you kindly Queen". The Diana bowed.?? Please there is no need.?? The Queen retorted. Suddenly the Diana rushed the Queen her eyes glazed over, and held the Queens hands:?? You shall give birth to twins, princesses, beautiful they shall be..."A worried look overcame the Diana" they must never meet the consequences too dire..aghhh" and with that the Diana perished her body disappearing into nothingness. The Queen stood in shock.

Many years later the Queen did indeed have twins. Fear of the prediction took over her and so the King and Queen had both princesses locked away in separate towersand no calamity over came the land, and they kept this pace for 17 years...but that was gonna change and fast and deadly.......

Tune in for part 2 coming soon

Mine in Eudemons Online

Posted by gboy1983 Wednesday July 9 2008 at 9:06PM
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My world began in front of the Cronus Fountain

A strange man named Grounce was my first guide. I was told to claim a special potion from the queen, he gave me the coordinates. I followed through the what was called "The Market" I saw many other players some shouting out some type of weird code starting with B> or S> I looked at everyone around me. Then myself, I was like OMG!

Then I hurried to the guy that help the letter from the queen. As I opened the letter I finally noticed a weird flying thingy, floating around me. I looked to my other side, there was another. I had no idea what to do, I tried running away but they kept following me!

I thought they were little monsters that eat you up. As I ran I went back to the place where others were talking in code. I looked at them again and what was floating around them and what were standing next to them. Someone ran past us all fast! All we saw were these freaky monster thingys. So I thought they must not be dangerous if everyone has them. I remembered the letter, I went into the inventory and opened the letter, It was a message from the queen. She sent me a brave potion. Said to cure all of your HP and MP.

I decided to go back to Grounce, he then told me about the monster thingys. He gave a name... Eudemons. I was surprised how dumb I was. o.O I then continued my chat with Grounce. He told me about skills, Mage. He told me that I had a power called WindBeads and he sent me to the MadBulls to kill. I went to the MadBulls, I thought they looked freakish and weird. White-named freaks! So I attacked it. My so called Eudemon pets helped me kill it. I wondered what this little fire looking icon was next to F1 F2 F3 I clicked it. My cursor changed into the icon I was like ewww get off! So I randomly clicked somewhere. It turned out I clicked on F3 then where the fire looking icon was changed to a mouse that had the right mouse button highlighted!

I was like omg I must be the skill Grounce was talking about so I clicked on the fire looking icon and put it in the slot that it was in originally. I attacked the another MadBull but this time with the right button of my mouse. Some weird funky lookin round things flew out infront of me,"These Must Be WindBeads" I thought so I keeped attacking the bulls for about 15 minutes. Then returned to Grounce , he talked some more I didn??t really listed...

To Be Continued...

Eudemons: The Warrior Soaked with Hatred

Posted by gboy1983 Tuesday July 8 2008 at 9:01PM
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It was a nice and bright day; the young man Rotor fetched his sword and armor. He jumped on his Raptor and they ran over the fields together. Rotor watched all the young warriors and mages training in the field, and monsters lying dead while the young ones sat down and rested.

Rotor didn't look for regular monsters, he wanted the mighty monsters. He had been hunting these rare monsters for a long time, and none knew how much loot he had collected over his preys. He noticed a young little mage sending thunder while his worn out eudemons defended him. Rotor stopped the young boy and asked if he needed some help, the young boy said yes please and sat down while Rotor slaved the mighty monster. The young boy helped Rotor looting the gems and stones from there pray, and he shared half the loot to Rotor. They became good friends and Rotor became his mentor. They hunted mighty monsters everyday and shared their loot between each other. Many people tried to kill Rotors young friend, but he used all his powers to defend his good friend. Rotor wasn't really strong, but he knew some trick to beat strong people. Rotors loyal pet Zeus fried all his opponents with his godly thunder, and protected his master.

One day, while slaying the mighty monsters, they got company. A mighty mage came and slaved Rotors good friend and almost killed his loyal pet. Rotor had to hide, but he got his weakened friend with him away. While the mage killed their mighty monster, Rotors friend gave Rotor his key to his warehouse and said thank you for all the help. While Rotors friend were dying, something changed within him. He felt anger, he felt hatred, and he needed revenge over the mighty mage. So with all the loot he and his friend collected, he bought the best gear and pets he could get, he also trained his loyal pet Zeus. With his new power, he started hunting more and more mighty monsters. He never killed them, but let weak people kill them and stopped strong people from killing the weak ones and stealing their monsters. With hatred in hand he slaved all mighty mages and warriors that tried to kill weak people, and steal their monsters.

Rotors new goal in life didn't bring any happiness and many strong people started hunting him. None managed to kill him, because his goal was yet not finished. One day the foolish mage was killing a might monster, and Rotor knew that it was the same person. With hatred in heart he pierced his sword trough the mages heart. While Rotor watched the mage die, four or five swords flied trough the air and hit his armor. The mage had friends near him, and they all swung their swords after him. While fighting the strong warriors, his armor was destroyed and his pet was killed.

Rotors sword was crushed under the mighty Warriors swords. Rotor found himself without pets, weapon or armor. He was totally defenseless, and knew he was going to die, but he didn't stop fighting. He had deeply cuts all over his body, and there was blood everywhere. Rotor was smiling; he knew his friend was revenged, so he used the last of his power to laugh over his situation. He had been undefeated with the hatred trough his heart, but when it was all done, his will to fight was all gone. All he wanted was peace, and he prayed to his god for forgiveness. When the laughter stopped, his chest was pierced with five swords, and the mighty warriors leaved their sword in his body. The sword was useless after the fight, and their armor was almost destroyed. They started walking to the city for rest, but they didn't know that they were now being hunted by the very same Rotor used all his powers to protect...

A Eudemon Tale

Posted by gboy1983 Monday July 7 2008 at 9:13PM
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Back when the land was new and its people young, there was war. Mighty beasts with great power terrorized the homes of all the tribes; there was no safety for humans in the vast marshes, harsh icy hills, scorching deserts and even the distant islands. Then as this endless massacre claimed the human population a wise chieftain arose and lead the people to a distant land still not yet touched by war there he ordered the construction of a stronghold in which all humans can be safe he named this heaven cronus. He then established two ranks of solders, those that can take a great deal of physical damage and who skills with blades and swords was as unquestioned as their loyalty to the old king, then there was the ranks of mystics who can wonder unseen by beast and man alike.

Then as word came that the demons were coming to our land, the kind old king set up peace talks with the beasts, and with that trust the old king was murdered. His son and next in line for king, stricken with grief ordered the army to arms and the battle of grief now know as the battle of sins took place when the army of 500,000 human warriors and mages filled with sorrow met hordes of demons at the field of dreams (now a temple just passed the windmill) and for 3 days man turned into beast themselves and for those 3 days the beast felt true fear as steel and magic met with hellish beasts with true strength and wisdom as old as the land it self.

As night fell on the field that third night the sky rip and down came 3 godly figures shaped as humans but with odd colored hair that flowed as if suspended in water, each had a pair of golden wings and an aura of peace. They went before the new king and a general within the ranks of warrior and an unknown mage they seek peace and for 6 days the six talked and came to agreement. So 3great cites were constructed between the great human city of Cronus and the mighty eudemon city of eleven these were island city, gobi city, dark marsh to honor the dead and old king now 17 years later when rights of eudemons are questioned and legions of old still harbor hate towards the eudemons and with eudemons not yelding to the laws of man? It seems war is on the horizon.

Under these circumstances an adventure of truths and loves long pass has started for this young 17yr warrior?

"Get up young one" says the calm voice

"What is it master" comes a tried voice

"You must awake and pack nero" says the calm voice

"Its to early master" nero says in a dismiss voice

"Get up now nero we do not have time for your games" says the old master in a rash voice

"What is it master" says nero getting up from bed

But before he can get his gear on the ground shakes violently with the sound thunder exploding in his ears

"What the hell was that" yelled nero now partly deaf

"Their here get your armor and meet me in the stables" yelled the distracted old master

Stumbling for his armor and sword in the dark, listening to all the yelling, then came the sound of thunder again and nero felt the ground leave him and he hit the stone he felt his knee cut  rolling over nero got to his feet and finished getting his gear on he ran outside,

When outside nero saw cloaked figures shooting some kind of glowing bolt out the end of staffs walking in a tight circle trying to get a closer look nero ran toward them but after a few yards he was thrown to the ground as if a bomb had just gone off next to him on his back again he felt warm blood stream down the side of his face staggering to his feet nero drew his blade and charged?.

Eudemons Online: The Legend of the Paladin

Posted by gboy1983 Monday July 7 2008 at 2:29AM
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Long ago there was a young boy. That young boy was always watching warriors and mages, wishing if he could be that them, the fun, the joy, and the strength. That boy was always training as if he was one. The boy thought that you were given the power and strength at birth.

The boy grew and grew trying to be both mage and warrior until he started to think that it would be impossible. The boy had been losing his mind over trying and training. The boy didn??t think it would be so tough

One day the boy went to help his mom, but as he walked to her he saw feathers and decided to follow the path that they led. Then he saw a man. Not any ordinary man but something the boy a never seen before. It was extraordinary, It was An Paladin.

The boy couldn??t believe his eyes. The paladin looked as if he was about to die. Then the boy tried to help him, the boy held the paladin in his arms trying to get the paladin to eat the food that the boy had. The paladin replied, "No, its my time to go and although you tried to help me I will grant you what you have always wanted, all you will have to do is unleash it.

Then the paladin just died and disappeared in feathers. Then the boy started wiping tears away from his eyes because he knew that he had tried the right thing. The boy had been wondering what the paladin had meant by, he would give the boy what he want and all he had to do was unleash it.

Years had passed and The Boy still didn??t understand what the paladin meant but the boy never forgotten about the paladin. The boy then gotten stronger and started noticing angel like creatures flying around him, those creatures were known as Pixies. The boy had trained the Pixies and then noticed that he was growing wings.

The most beautiful of all. He had the power of might and of magic. The Boy hadn??t noticed that all along that is what he had been wanting and that, that was what The Paladin meant by all The Boy had to do was unleash it.

The Boy had helped many. Though he had helped some he had hurt. The power of flight had soon came to him and he learned it quickly. The boy had always wanted those powers. Then soon the Boy had became so strong that he was a Boy no more but instead An Legend. The Boy had always remembered the time when he was little and never quite had enough training all that time he was missing something. It was his heart and love that he had left behind. Then he had remembered that he found it when he saw The Paladin.

The Boy had been living his life and all that was in it. The Boy had then became The Man. Then the Man had helped so many life that he had realized that his time was done that he had helped all he could. That his time was up. So he flew to the heavens and looked down on everyone and never been so again. Although The Man was never saw again he was always remembered.

The boy who never gave up, Into the Man who always helped people. Then now The Legend of the Greatest Paladin. And all this started because he had never given up.

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