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Age of Conan: Assassin Leveling Journal

Tips, tricks, theory, and my experience as I level an Assassin in the brutal world of Hyboria

Author: fazor3d

Lotus Leveling: First Impressions

Posted by fazor3d Monday August 4 2008 at 2:53PM
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Well, I'm level 37 now, and as stated earlier (and in the title) I'm going lotus this time around. Since the 'ol blog's been slow, I thought I'd give some first impressions. Bear in mind that I still find the General Tree extreemely usefull considering my tendancy to forego questing/grinding to engage in random world PvP. Excellent Ballance, Escape Artist, and Agile Mind are all musts, in my opinion.

So as with Corruption, I'm near 40 and just now starting down the fun talent tree. As lotus, I feel a lot more underpowered this way, as some of the most desirable lotus feats (Golden Lotus Extract, Cat's Paw wich I'm now at 4/5, and Snap Kick) would be attainable by now had I not gone so deep in general right off the bat. But the thing is, I'm done in the general tree, so will quickly catch up in lotus. By 42 I'll have the afformentioned feats, then by 47 I'll go back and grab 5/5 in Deft Blades.

So damage wise, I feel weaker than a lot of equal-level assassins. Corruption assassins that didn't throw points in general really hit me hard. But lotus assassins are still easy to beat; they have their "sexy" feats but they expect them to work. When they kick you but you have EB up, it typically throws them off.

In three short levels I'll have my "survivability" feats, and once I grab Deft Blades I'll be putting out more damage. At this point, I still prefer corruption, but am enjoying myself as lotus (and, since I know what I'm doing now, have a Kill-to-Death ratio that's not in the black ;)). I'll keep ya posted.

Alchem1st writes:

what are you talking about?

Mon Aug 04 2008 4:26PM Report
Death1942 writes:

Lotus is all about team play.  get some big tank to piss off the guy you want dead and stab him until the poison is flowing out of his wounds then move on.  single target stuff (without a tank) its really only there to hassle the guy.  i have jumped many people (as lotus) and the fight either went really quickly, was long a drawn out with either then running away (and usually collapsing from the poison) or then making an escape.

as for leveling in PvE i'd say Lotus is the best because of all the passive stuff it has (automatically put poisons on the targets) and is good for those tougher fights (wearing down a tank for example)

Mon Aug 04 2008 5:23PM Report
fazor3d writes:

Alchem1st: I'm talk'n 'bout Shaft, can  ya dig it?

Death: I'm still a much bigger fan of Corruption; but I'm taking my sweet time leveling (and then re-rolling to a different server didn't help any) so I can't make any final judgments until 80.

Tue Aug 05 2008 9:58AM Report writes:
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