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Age of Conan: Assassin Leveling Journal

Tips, tricks, theory, and my experience as I level an Assassin in the brutal world of Hyboria

Author: fazor3d

Balance and PvP

Posted by fazor3d Friday July 11 2008 at 8:55PM
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Okay, I was going to talk about my recent exploits as I've focused the past few days on nothing but PvP. But first, I think I'll take a moment to rant. Not about my class. Not about game mechanics or bugs. Not about updates or lack thereof.

I'm getting sick of people crying that the game needs balanced, and that their class (not just 'Sin, it's every class) is underpowered and at a huuuge disadvantage. Then as soon as their play style or abilities are questioned, they say "Well, my Kill/Death ratio is 20:1. But that's just because I can play through the problems!"

If you're killing people at a rate of 20:1, but want buffed for "balance"...I must be completely wrong in what my definition of the word "balance" means. I know, it's obvious that the people are a) Lying about their K/D, b) fluffing their stats with cheap kills and lowbie ganking, and c) completely oblivious to the fact that we know they're all idiots.

Yes, theres still fine-tuning to be done with the balancing. But how is it possible that every class is underpowered? That doesn't make sense (because it's not possible). How is it that every class is the "only class with bugs that affect major parts of their gameplay!"


Anyway, no the above is not a result of a bad week of PvP-focused play. In fact, I've had a hell-of-a-fun time ganking and being ganked. It's going to be hard going back to the leveling grind--except that I'm really excited to hit 80.

Tonight I had a blast in the E. Moutains (god I can never remember the name). I destroyed two or three barbs that were 7+ levels on me. I consistantly won against Guardians (the sheild nerf = 'Sin love). I killed some PoM's and ToS's. There was a 57 ToS that I danced with, before a bolt of lightning basically blew me apart in one hit. Ouch. I'll haveta look into how to not have that happen.

Bear Shammys have been a complete B*tch though. Even the one I fought that sucked beat me, and not because of knock-back heals--I'm getting a lot better about remembering Excelent Balance--but they have the "Crush Armor" combo that just about one-shots you. I dont know why you'd crush silk's just cause a wringle or a tear...but apparently 'Sins are so fashion concious that if their outfit gets messed up, they have a heart attack.

Necros have also been giving me a ton of problems. I use to just let them live 'caus every time I tried to fight one, the SA'd all but kill them, and they'd be dead before they knew they were even being attacked. Now they're (at least to me) hella-casters with some wicked DoTs and CC.

Demos are tougher too, it seems. But I still kill them pretty consistantly.

Oh well, pizza's on the way. And it's Friday. Hooray. writes:
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