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Age of Conan: Assassin Leveling Journal

Tips, tricks, theory, and my experience as I level an Assassin in the brutal world of Hyboria

Author: fazor3d

Good news!

Posted by fazor3d Friday July 4 2008 at 12:48PM
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I'm psyched! I found out there were some viruses on my PC. I had been suspecting this for a while, but finally got to the point where I knew it was something more than regular spyware/adware. So I installed some new AV software, and sure enough, there was a pair of trojans trojan'ing it up on my system.

Why is that good news? Because, after a lengthy but not difficult process, I successfully exterminated them. Still not good news? Well, now when I play AoC in Noble District and Field of the Dead, instead of 4-8 FPS I get a fairly consistant 20fps (modest, but extreemely playable). Woot!

So I took advantage of the rainy holiday morning and played through a bunch of FotD quests. Leveled from 43 to 46, which allowed me to fill out the Dark Weapon feat. Next I'll get Vampyric Nature and then Nec. Leech, which will add to survivability, which as always is awsome.

After that, I'll have to back-track to pad my feats enough to move on to the next teir. Since I'm not interested in decreasing the CD of my Swift Strikes, I'll put 3-of-5 points in Vile Corruption. I'm not stoked about that feat, but it's not bad either... nice adding DoT damage for PvP.

Anyway, I'll go though some combat logs and take a look, but I think with 5/5 Unholy Strength and the lvl 44 rank of Swift Strikes, that SS finally meets or surpased Cunning Strike as far as damage. And it's a two-button combo compaired to three.

I'll end by saying that each time I enter a lvl frame that people before me have complained about how weak we are at that stage (first it was 30's. Then 40's. Next will be 50-60), I'm finding I'm certianly not experiencing the same problems/complaints. Yes, that could all change when I hit 50, if the "50's sucks!" people are right...guess I'll find out when I get there. But plenty of people said 30s and 40s sucked...and I'm feeling more powerfull by the level.

Happy 4th to all you fellow American'ites!


Edited to add: Meant to include a link to my build as of lvl46. Here you go. Thadias' Lvl 46 Build

Gishgeron writes:

Many MMO games suffer from "grass is greener" type situations...its no surprise you are hearing what you do.

But, now....before you discount it, see if there isn't a theme to the classes which find those levels hard.  It might have something to do with that...and usually does in my experience.  Caster types might have a harder time during a section of the game which finds the players fighting things with higher resistance to spells, for instance. 

You also have to account for mob scaling (which always happens in any MMO...for reasons I think are dumb, but thats another debate).  Generally, every 10 levels in an MMO will find the mobs HP, AC, Damage, ect....scaling upwards at a higher rate than its previous 10. Take city of heroes....every ten levels would show a great increase in the amount of mezzing the player faced.  It would also see a great increase in boss power, and boss defense.

This naturally creates a "constant weakening" throughout the game, to slow the pace slightly.  This is usually coupled with a hefty xp requirement growth per level.  Really well done MMO's do this in such a way that it isn't noticed by players (and in fact, will appear to be just the opposite).  AoC didn't really test its late game very it wouldn't surprise me to hear the things you do.

They may be patching some of those things under the radar (small mob adjustments aren't really note worthy) as you play.  You did say you play fairly casually, after all.  It might also appear more vividly to other class types too...its hard to tell.

Fri Jul 04 2008 10:42PM Report
fazor3d writes:

Gish- That's precisely my point. The times you're going to find it difficult as an Assassin are when you haven't quite reached your next level of combo(s). The few other classes I've looked at get upgrades to their skills very often; Assassins' combo upgrades are spread further out. So, when you're say, lvl 43 and you haven't gotten a new main combo (CS or SS for instance) since lvl 34, you're going to feel weaker than most. But the upside is when you get you're new combo at lvl 44, it's stronger at that level than most others at your level.

From what I understand that pattern continues until 70 or so. Then most of the complaints about being weak seem to slacken off (still have to deal with broken/buggy combos and what not, but most classes have things that don't quite work right yet).

So I guess my point was that I wanted people who are thinking about rolling an Assassin to be carefull about what they read and what they believe; if you think they class will be fun, give it a shot. I sure as hell love it.

Sat Jul 05 2008 9:26AM Report writes:
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