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Age of Conan: Assassin Leveling Journal

Tips, tricks, theory, and my experience as I level an Assassin in the brutal world of Hyboria

Author: fazor3d

Full Update

Posted by fazor3d Wednesday July 2 2008 at 8:45PM
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Okay, so I was bad and ignored all the things around the house I should have done, so I could play my 'Sin. But, at least my deriliction of duties lead to some progress!

*Warning! Long post!*

I continued questing in the Noble District, with a lot of success and a lot of frustraition. I started with some quests out of the barracks that had me killing Nemedian soldiers and some boss mobs. Some 'tard looking for his ePeen started ganking me while I was engaged with mobs. I was lvl 41, he was a lvl 53 [Necro] (edit: sorry, Demo, not Necro). Don't get me wrong; it's a PvP server, you're free to be an idiot if thou wishes to be. But it's still annoying. But I did kill him twice and forced him to run away once. I won't pretend to say I won the overall "battle" ... he killed me many, many times. But the fact that I was able to kill him twice (from full health) made me a little happy.

Anyway, eventually I got tired of killing the same dozen or so mobs just to be cut down right before the boss, so I moved on. There's a quest to "Find the perfect insult" for the braggart in the bar, so I did that. It's nothing more than a "Run here, then here, then here... etc." quest. Easy xp. Then I talked to the dude to get into the arena for those quests. I killed the bear, then died to the panther. I should have killed it too, but wasn't on my A game. So I went on to some Villa quests.

Here's where annoyance #2 came. The first Villa I ventured into (which is not my favorite to begin with...never been a fan of indoor 'dungeon' quests) was the quest to kill Lord Camillus and free the slave girl. After tediously fighting my way through carefull pulls and white-knuckle  "oh shits" when adds jumped in, I finally reached the boss. I took my time clearing the room of all mobs, then started the fight.

Things were going well. I had him down to about a third health and had barely taken any hits. Then *poof* he teleports next to me. Cool, some varation on the standard melee fight. So I turn and hit him. He's now one or two combos away from death and *poof!!!!*  




...yeah, nothing. He's gone. I wait to see if it's like an ambush thing. Nothing. I run around a bit to see if he's retreated back, as in a multi-stage fight. Nothing. So I pop out to the forums. Yep...he's a known glitch'a'holic. His neat little teleport trick apparently quite often results in him teleporting downstairs (still playable), or in my case, into a wall and gone for good.

I'm not sure if you can leave the instance and redo it, but as I said before, I hate those dungeon levels. So a little downtrodden, I move on to the Villa quest to kill the 'sin that's broken the oath. Yeah that's vague, but if you've been this far you know what I'm talking about. If not, it's just a "go kill this mob" quest.

So, I suck it up and fight my way though another Villa. It says to use stealth and try not to kill the villa guards...but either I'm dumb, or it's not possible (or extreemely hard) to accomplish without killing. And, it didn't appear that there was any penalty if you did kill the guards. So hack and slash it was.

I kill the mobs that I need to move around freely, and avoid the ones that look like they'll be problem (4+ mob) pulls. After being more confused than an Alzheimers patient at a rave, I noticed "You can climb here" spamming my general chat window. These messages suck, as they trigger if the object is in your Line Of Sight, or almost in your LOS, or in your boss' neice's room-mate's cousin's LOS. So after some experimentation, I discovered the climbing vine in the far, far room.

Finally! Click!    ... "You need 350 points in climbing skill to use this". You mother f---ers!!! And I didn't have enough silver to reskill into it (nor would it be worth it for one quest anyway).

So that was two villas turned blood-baths that resulted in relatively low XP gain, and no completed quests. Bah!

...but I had been close enough to 42 that I did indeed ding. So I head back to the tavern, and decide it's time to give arena another go. Kill the panther. Yes! Kill the snow leapord. (Lvl 44 boss). Sweet! And that gives you new shoes. And yes, they're boots! No more f'n flip-flops! Woot!

So I decide to keep going. Next boss is a lvl 46 (boss) Tiger. Remember, I'm 42. So I give it a go. He hits like a truck, but even with a lot of mis-ques I get him to a respectable health before I die. Also discover there's a knock-back, so I'll need to use Excl. Balance. SO I res, rest, and try again.

I decide to open with a forward-lunge (to stun) and Swift Strikes, to generate a soul fragment so I can use my offhand wep proc skill for increased damage. Something seemed wonky, and I didn't get my stun, but I fight on. I do okay, about the same as the first...but I had enough mistakes where I think I can get it if I stop playing like a jackass. So I rez, rest, and start again. I try to lunge. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Am I tapping too fast? No. Too slow? no. WTF? Oh, damnit, I don't have my weapons drawn because my combo didn't trigger because I'm laggy. Sweet.

Needless to say, after spending 30 seconds attempting to lunge with no weapons drawn, I got my ass kicked. Stupid Thadias (that's my toon). So I rez, Rest, use backslash to draw weapons, and try again. This time I lunge. Didn't notice if I stunned or not, but hey, at least I'm not taking baby steps forward like a moron. I'm fighting good. I use my excl. balance. I pot just at the right times. He's down to about 20% health. But no f'n soul shards. Why can't I generate soul shards? It's going to be close... I NEED the offhand weapon boost. I'm almost dead. Still no shards.... then it hits me, like the cartoons with the light bulbs. I FORGOT TO RE-UP MY STANCE! Damnit!!!

Sigh. So again, another stupid mistake by me and another death. I take a deep breath and try again, trying to remember everything. This time I forgot to click my tombstones (there were two, so obviously forgot to click one the prior time aswell). Not a huge set-back, but combined with forgetting Excl. Balance == lose! I'm starting to think I've lost my mind...I'm not the world's greatest player, but damn. How many idiotic mistakes can you make?

So I go back in, remember everything, and fight. I do bad. Real bad. Did everything right, just had some set backs. Down to 2 health pots. I try one last time. And *finally* I kick that tiger's arse! Woot!

So I turn the quest in (they're awsome XP, by the way) and am 3/4ths way to 43. Got the boots and the belt. So I return to the streets, and finish the two quests I started with. A nice dagger comes from the barracks quest. And I also come across and kill the undead mother (another "go kill this mob") quest. Between the three, I ding'a'danged 43. Both points went into Dark Weapon...though I really should have gone Life Leech instead, but that'll come next.

I was continuing my random questing, but with much less vigor (was running out of steam), when suddenly I was looking at my Windows desktop, and a message box about the client unable to access memory or this or that or the other. First time I ever had the memory leak error (Annoyance #3), and as the program was dieing in the background, I could hear my toon being hacked alive in the streets. So now, i'm sure I lay dead in the Noble district, but am a bit wiser and have a renewed intrest in the Age of Conan. writes:
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