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Age of Conan: Assassin Leveling Journal

Tips, tricks, theory, and my experience as I level an Assassin in the brutal world of Hyboria

Author: fazor3d

Update for June 11th

Posted by fazor3d Wednesday June 11 2008 at 10:24PM
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Well, I went from 36 to 39 tonight...approaching the lvl 40 milestone. I should'a hopped off sooner to avoid g/f agro, but I had run Sanct a few times and had a matching set of the Daggers, and I just had to hit 39 so I could use them.

I finally filled out the feats I intend to use in the "General" tree. If you don't remember (Or didn't see) the other post, that just means I finished filling out Swift Shadows (3/3). I might have to finish filling out Agile Mind (only 1/3 at the moment), but it's unclear if more points makes it more effective, or how often it can fail with only 1, or if it has to do with levels or what. I'm not real concerned about it... I've only had one person try to fear me PvP (which is what I'm building for), and it did indeed resist it.

Anyway, I also took all my points out of climbing and half my points out of endurance and put them in run speed. There's a post about movement buffs and their effects on hide speed on the AoC forums, but long story short for every 100pts in Run Speed, it will increase your hide movement speed by about 1%. Every 100 pts in skulk is about 2%. 3/3 Swift Shadows is +15(percent? points? god only knows...but I can say it's a noticeable difference).

Anyway, with skulk maxed at around 390, run speed at about 260, and 3/3 Swift Shad., I move pretty good while hidden. Some people (expecially equal-level) are a slight bit faster, some are about equal, and some are a little slower. I'm guessing it has to do with if they've put points in run speed, or if they have any movement buff items. But, for the time being, it seems to accomplish what I was hoping for: It's much easier to chase someone down stealthily now.

The down side is my Endurance is low, and if I need to climb for a quest I'll have to spend money to re-talent for it.

Next step is to fill out Unholy Strength. 2/5 right now. I think you get 2 feat points when you ding 40 (I seem to have gotten two at lvls 10, 20, and 30... or I've forgotten to spend them at levels 9, 19, and 29 :)

Alas, I'm going to watch a Baseball game tomorrow (Local AAA team), so won't have much time to work towards 40. Guess it'll be a weekend thing.

Anyway, that's my update for the night. Thanks and happy hunting. writes:
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