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MUDS Aren't dying

In this blog I'll talk about MUDS and how they compare to other MMORPG why they are better, worse, or compare. Things you can do in them, their strengths. Pretty much anything MUD related.

Author: farengar



In Achaea, one of the best MUDS out there, there are many ways you can express what your character feels! These are known as emotes, and not only do they have hundreds premade just for you, but you can even make your own anytime! this is one of the great things that makes Achaea so unique, and great for roleplay and fun.


Usually, people use simple commands like NOD or GRIN for their emotes, but the list goes on and on for what you can do. Recently, moderators for Achaea listened to player feedback on emotes, and added some new ones in! This is what sparked me to write this article. They also removed some of the “insane” emotes and over obnoxious ones. Then they also took some borderline obnoxious emotes and toned them down a bit. This is one of the best things about Achaea, your opinion is ALWAYS heard.

Some of my favorite emotes:

There are also emotes for every situation. When you greet another adventurer, there are emotes such as Hi, wavehi, bow, salute, monkbow (for those of the monk class), and so many more! I’ll show a few examples of what these emotes look like:


HI -- Raising your hand in greeting, you say "Hi!"

salute-- You give the world a smart salute.

politebow (one of the new ones just added)-- You lower your head in a polite bow.


So that is what it looks like when you act out some of these emotes. There are emotes for when you are sad, passionate, happy, and saying goodbye to other adventures.


Another great feature of emotes, are those that only members of certain organizations, classes, and races can do! One example of tthose that are part of the Monk class, they can do a special MONKBOW that only other monks can do! When they do this, if I remember correctly, it looks something like this:


You clasp your hands before yourself and perform a simple, respectful bow.

Just a small portion of the emote list:

Another great feature of the emote system, is being able to not just do them, but target them at other players. An example of this is NOD, when you do it without targetting, it just looks like Farengar nods his head empathetically. But when you do it at another player like NOD FARENGAR, it would look like You nod your head at Farengar. To others, it would look like if a player named Zandre did it, Zandre nods his head at Farengar. you can do this with 95 percent of emotes, and it really makes them even better!


The last highlight I will cover about emotes, is the ability to create your own. An easy way to describe this, is that if you do EMOTE or EM and then type something, it will come out as Emote as your name, and then whatever you typed. So if you did EMOTE looks at you curiously. This would show up as “Farengar looks at you curiously.”. You can also put text before your name in your emotes by doing ++ so like “emote manages to touch his tongue to his nose ++ Somehow,” would look like “Somehow, Farengar manages to touch his tongue to his nose”. Then, you can do custom targetted emotes too! But that is more advanced and you get to experience that for yourself when you join for Free and play the best text based MUD around! writes:
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