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MUDS Aren't dying

In this blog I'll talk about MUDS and how they compare to other MMORPG why they are better, worse, or compare. Things you can do in them, their strengths. Pretty much anything MUD related.

Author: farengar

Fishing in the top MUD Achaea. Deepsea fishing, more gold, and way more exciting

Posted by farengar Sunday June 24 2012 at 5:33PM
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This article is about deep sea fishing in the top MUD realms of Achaea. Go have fun and try it!
Achaea is extremely fun and addictive so be warned by my picture
In Achaea, like I talked about in the last article, there are two different variations of fishing that you can do with your character. There is that of freshwater fishing, and then there is deep sea fishing where you fish off a ship on the ocean. For deep sea fishing, it takes the skill of seafaring to get the ability to fish off a ship. You can do it, but like I said in the last article, you will do much better if you learn the whole skill of Survival, and trans it.
In deep sea fishing, the bait is quite large. You can either buy bait for 250 gold a piece, or fish it in freshwater with smaller bait. The bait you will use are rock bass and marble carps. Like I said, if you catch these in freshwater, you can use them in deepsea fishing. First step is you need to gather some bait for your deepsea fishing. 
The bait you can use for fishing is shown below:
You will want to buy the carp and bas for deep sea.
Next, you will need a captain and a ship to fish from. You can ask around for someone to take you out or you could pay for one on the market channel. Ships are very fun and I will write an article on them next. Once you have a captain they will take you out to sea, then when they find a spot they will drop the anchor and the ship will not float away on you. If the ship moves while you are fishing, your line will snap and you will lose the bait and a fish maybe if one was on the line.
Once you are anchored out at sea, it is time to fish. First, you will need to BAIT HOOK WITH <carp or bass>. This will make is so fish will come bite on your line. Next WIELD your POLE, and then CAST LINE SHORT. You want to make sure to cast your line short because with the strength of fish at sea, they will pull your line a lot and if your line gets to around 300 or more feet out, it will break. So if you cast your line short at like say around 50 feet, the you have 250+ feet before the line will snap, as to if you casted at 200 feet where you would only have a 100 or so feet for the fish to take before the line would snap. Now that your line is cast, you can TEASE your LINE occasionally to attract fish. Then, when a fish comes they will nibble on your hook. When this happens you will want to wait under 2 seconds before you TEASE LINE again. (Someone can help you get the timing down because most people use reflexes and triggers for all of this). Then, after that if you do it right, they will come back and make a small, medium, or large strike. When they do this you wait a few seconds and then you JERK POLE. If you do it right again, they will be hooked. You then REEL LINE a lot and eventually you will land your fish. Repeat this for every fish, and then when you get ashore find the fisherman I mentioned in the last article and SELL your fish to them.
It is rumored that they may start giving experience out for the fish you catch, so that it is more like hunting.
Hope you give this a try, and start fishing in Achaea.

Fishing in the top MUD Achaea

Posted by farengar Sunday June 24 2012 at 4:15PM
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This article is about the top MUD Achaea and the ability to fish in it! 
Achaea is extremely fun and be warned by the picture I made.
In the realms of the top MUD Achaea, Dreams of Divine Lands, your character can learn how to fish! Fishing is one of the best ways that you can make quick and easy gold, and it is actually pretty exciting!
In Achaea, currently there are only two types of fishing. Freshwater fishing, and deep sea fishing. Freshwater fishing is when you take your bait and pole to the near by rivers, lakes, ponds, etc. on the main continent and sit and do some fishing there. Deep sea is when you get on one of the fabled ships of Achaea and fish from the deck of one of them! Deep sea is much more gold, I have made I think my record is about 25k gold in 45 minutes! It is not always that great, but it is very similar!

Fishing Bait

There are a few ways to make your fishing more rewarding and allow your character to fish “better”. One of these is the skill of Survival. This I think is one of the downsides to fishing, but is not a hard one to overcome. All you have to do is put some of your lessons into survival, and you will catch more fish, easier and also the fish you catch will be heavier, and therefore worth more gold. Another factor is strength in your characters stats. More strength makes you stronger and you will reel in your fish a lot faster, and be able to reel in the biggest of the biggest.
To get bait for fishing, you need to seek out one of the fishermen of Achaea that can sell you fishing supplies. These fishermen will actually be who you sell your fish to later. You can find these fisherman in Tasur’ke, Shastaan, and two souths from the Archway to Minia. The types of bait, and what size fish they will catch are as follows:
Small  : worm, minnow, sand flea
Medium : shrimp, clam, crab
Large  : mudsucker, octopus
Huge   : rock bass, marble carp
With fishing, and other gold making methods throughout the realms of Achaea, automatically doing it and being able to walk away from the keyboard and have your character continue doing it for hours on end is illegal, and strongly frowned upon. If you are caught doing this, your character will be “shrubbed”. Being shrubbed is not fun, your character will be literally turned into a shrub and when you try and type a command or do something all you do is wiggle a bit. You can no longer speak or function in any manner.
In the next article I will talk about deepsea fishing, and how you go about doing it and general information on it. 

Runewardens in MUDS. Getting started in Achaea

Posted by farengar Wednesday June 20 2012 at 12:17AM
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Okay! So today we can get your new Runewarden off in the realms of Achaea! You should make one now if you don't alread, so this guide can be more of use. The first thing you need to do is READ SIGN at portals, or find a different tutor and begin your learning.
This Article is relevant to the top MUD Achaea, Dreams of Divine Lands. Try out the Runewarden class in it today!
Later in your Runewardens life, this is what it looks like to forge
You first buy your commodities
Then you put your commodities in your inventory and FORGE FOR <the weapon you want>
I recommend joining a House, all though this is not necessary. Houses are helpful because they can give you supplies for free, if not then very very cheap. But I have made it on my own a lot, it just takes more time. But now, that you are at your tutor. You will want to check SKILLS, and then AB <skill> to see how far you have learned. In runelore, I would learn until Jera. This is a very handy tattoo that makes you stronger. Then, after that I would learn 30 lessons in Fitness. This will help you recover endurance faster while hunting so you can hunt for longer periods of times. Then, I would put the rest of your lessons in Chivalry. 
After all this, you will need to find your sword. To do this, you should try and find someone else that knows about swords whether they are a runewarden, or not. You can do this by asking your city on CT, or House on HNT, or just walking around in cities and politely asking if anyone can help. If you don’t feel like doing this, you can find shortswords around in city shops. It is better to have someone with you that knows about swords and has WEAPONPROBE, because they can tell you which swords are good and which ones are rip offs. If you are nice, they may even pay for part or all of it. Once you have selected your sword, you can now hunt.
Hunting will be how you will gain most of your experience for awhile. It will be how you gain almost all your experience if you do not get into combat ever. When you get into combat, you will gain experience from adventurer kills and destroying rooms. For novice hunting, I suggest starting in Minia. I find things here are the easiest, and until you get the hang of things you can start hunting Lodi and Mt Gheldan until you are ejected at level 21. In Minia, I suggest starting in the Ember tower. You can get there I by portalling SE, to the Ivy Covered Archway and then heading SE E NE E and following the path until you can go IN. Here you can hunt hellcats and imps. You can hunt out all the hellcats and imps, and then sell them to the pygmy seamstress and pixie queen who are also on Minia. I’ll leave the rest up to you, but soon you can learn to forge, combat, and learn the rest in your skills! I think you will find the runelore class very rewarding.

Runewardens in MUDS. Best class?

Posted by farengar Sunday June 17 2012 at 5:13PM
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I have been exploring the class of Runewarden in the top MUD Achaea, Dreams of Divine Lands. I love it, and after these articles you may want to try it for yourself!
Alright! Sorry I haven’t been writing things lately just been busy but now I have extra time on my hands. I decided that I’m going to start off by talking about a class. The class I have decided to discuss is the Runewarden class. I recently started a new character that is a Runewarden. I think that this is probably one of my favourite classes so far actually, because there are so many things to do with it. This is one of the older, traditional Achaea classes, but it is very downplayed I’m finding and not one that gets a lot of rave. The Runewarden class comes with three skills, Runelore, Chivalry, and Forging. As I continue to write this all down, new ideas are flooding to my head and I think I’m now going to spend two articles on the class. I’ll tell you about the class in this one, and then how to build a solid runewarden in the next article.
Ok! So first lets talk about each of the skills your runewarden has. We’ll discuss Runelore first, because this one is probably my favorite. Runelore may be my favourite, because I have always found runes interesting not just in Achaea, but in OOC books as well. I like the different powers they can hold, and in Achaea they can be very handy. There are healing runes, offensive runes, afflicting runes, weapon enhancing runes, and more. Each one requires a certain amount and color of inks to sketch upon yourself. An example of a popular rune is the Jera rune, this rune is paid for widley by players because it is useful for hunting. The rune increases your character's strength and constitution by one point, so it makes you stronger and tankier while hunting.
As you can see, I sketched a Jera rune on Dorn. Isis was jealous he got one and she didn't, but she already had a Jera rune. You can see Dorn was excited to have his stats upped a bit.
The second skill you gain as a runewarden is Chivalry. This is the skill of swordplay, and your falcon. As a chivalrous knight, you are allowed to have a falcon. This falcon is useful because you can have it attack your opponent, throw them off balance, retrieve items like corpses, deliver items to players in need, and locate your opponent. Another part of chivalry is archery. You learn how to use the various bows of achaea like crossbows, dark bows, longbows, etc. I haven’t done this yet but this is one of the things I’m looking forward to most because I have watched other players use bows over the time I have played Achaea and always been envious. Then, the swordplay part of chivalry is very fun. You gain proficiency in short swords, broadsword, and later can choose more weapons, but most people just choose the rapier. With this part of chivalry, you learn the different slashes and moves you can do with your sword. Such as learn how to impale your opponents, and then disembowel them dealing great damage. You can also envenom your swords with venoms that serpents can produce for you.
In this picture, I doubleslash a gnoll while hunting and slay it. An Iconic shard falls from him his corpse.
The last skill a runewarden has is forging. This is one fun skill, and one that I have always been interested in someday doing. In this skill, you can buy commodities from the markets and other players, and take them to a city or village forge and forge your own weapons! You can refine the weapons to a certain extent, and get weapons with better statistics! You can forge rapiers, swords, axes, armour, and so much more. This is fun because you can choose to spend days on end forging just to get the perfect weapon for your combat.
So that is the basis of Runewarden skills, it is a great class, a challenge, but much more enjoyable than some of the other classes. In the next article, I will help get your young runewarden going.

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