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MUDS Aren't dying

In this blog I'll talk about MUDS and how they compare to other MMORPG why they are better, worse, or compare. Things you can do in them, their strengths. Pretty much anything MUD related.

Author: farengar

Races in Achaea: Racial Abilities and a bit about each race.

Posted by farengar Monday May 14 2012 at 12:30AM
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Ok! I hope you read my article before this on the Races of Achaea, if so you should so you will easily comprehend what is coming up next. Like I said in my other article, in this one I’ll be writing about the Races of Achaea, a bit about each one, and what abilities they come with or advantages. These are very helpful abilities that you can receive as your race and you will find them very beneficial throughout your whole playing time in Achaea.
So first we will start with abilities, each race comes with one or two abilities that will help them in the realms, sometimes even three. The abilities are usually an offensive advantage or a defensive advantage. For example, Tsol’aa have the ability to climb into the tree tops, while humans have an higher chance for a critical hit than anyone else. So each race has one of these and I will list them when I talk about each race. You shouldn’t base your race pick on just these advantages though, you should take much more into account. 
This picture shows you the abilities available to a Siren
Ok, so now to talk a bit about each race of Achaea. Everyone is different, and not a like really at all. I won’t cover so much the background of each race (because I don’t know all of them) but I will cover about the race, what they look like, and maybe something I think about when I get to the race.
Human: This race is average, starting with the stats of 12 constitution, 12 strength, 12 dexterity, 12 intelligence, this makes them a good middle of things. I enjoy that there is an even race like this, because then you can be even in everything! Humans have the racial advantage (or trait I should say) of a higher chance for a critical hit, which is an increased damage on a denizen. They also have an increase chance for a sip gain (very very handy when hunting) as where normally when you sip health for 500 for instance, sporadically they will sip health for maybe 800 points. A life saver in many situations, even in combat.
A bit about Atavians
Atavian: This race I don’t know a whole lot about, but they are the kind of angel race of Achaea. They have wings, so people automatically assume Angel! and they make one, put it in Shallam, city of Light, then join the Empyreal full of priests. But they are more than that, they don’t have to be good, in fact they aren’t really angels typically. They are as good, or bad as any other race. You could make an occultist Atavian which could actually be kind of fun. They are a cool race, and have the ability to fly! You can fly up into the sky above locations, and only other people who are flying can see you, or attack you. This is useful for escaping combat, or if you are low on health while hunting and need a quick escape. They can also hover which hovers them above trap doors, and other obstacles that may throw them down from great heights. Hovering is useful because say if you fall from the trees, you won’t break legs etc. 
Anyway, I need to make these Racial descriptions less wordy so I can get them done. next Article I will cover all of the races that I haven’t covered yet. Enjoy!

Races in Achaea: The different Races & Their Statistics

Posted by farengar Thursday May 10 2012 at 11:44PM
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This article is based off the top MUD Achaea, Dreams of Divine Lands.Give it a try, One of the best games out there I think in a long time!
Within Achaea, there are different races your character can become. This is really great for the RP part of the game because nobody is the same as another player. The different races you can become are Human, Atavian, Mhun, Satyr, Horkval, Siren, Troll, Dwarfs, Tsol’aa, Xoran, Grooks, and Rajamala. Each race has a different set of stats that affect how powerful some abilities are, how much health, mana, willpower, and endurance it has, or how quick moving it is. In this article I will talk more about the races and a bit about each one.
The 12 different races across the realms of Achaea each have a diverse history, that one could read on for hours. I won’t talk about the history of each race in this article, that is for you to find out when you start playing! But anyway, each race has a history, they also have special racial emotes. These are lots of fun because only members of your race can do these emotes. For example, Atavians can unfurl their wings, or Rajamalas can hiss and groom themselves. ( Those emotes probably sound weird until I tell you about each race, and you’ll learn that Atavians have wings, and Rajamalas are a more tiger, cat type race).
Those are the different statistics for races
Each race in Achaea has 4 different stats that affect different things about the race and character that plays it. The four different stats are dexterity, constitution, intelligence, and strength. They all play critical roles in your characters skills at combat, hunting, and more. You should try and learn about what each one does before picking your class, so you pick good stats for your class. Strength as you may assume, is the control of how much damage your physical attacks will deal. Intelligence on the other hand, is responsible for your maximum mana points, and how much damage your magical attacks will do. (Note: Your strength does not relate to how much health you have, as intelligence does mana). Constitution is actually what relates to how much health points you have, and dexterity the final stat category, relates to how well you avoid attacks. 
These are the specializations that are available for Sirens (Specializations described below)
Until recently, your race had set stats that couldn’t be changed unless a stat altering artefact was purchased. But now, each race has a few specializations you can choose from and each one has different stats. This increases the ability to RP with your race as any class. Back in the day, for instance Horkvals were the best race for monks. Because their default stats were perfect for a monk hunter and combatant. But now with specializations, all races offer stats similar to those of the old Horkval with one of their specialization, so any race is now good for monk. This helps with RP because if you wanted to be a Siren and a Monk, but the old Siren stats weren’t good at all for monk, now you could do that because if you specialized as a Siren Fury, then you have more monk type stats.  So Each race has I believe 5 different specializations, each one favouring one stat and then decent in the others, except 1 stat will be weaker, 2 will be middle, and 1 will better. Sorry it is hard to put all this into words!
These are the stats for Mhun specializations. As you can see, Mhun Keeper favours Strength, so you would choose that if you were a sword or other physical damage race! You would choose Mhun Conjurer if you were a Magi or Occultist that uses lots of magic! 
Ok so in the next article I will talk about each race individually, and the racial abilities you gain as certain races.

Second Characters in Achaea. The Advantages and Disadvantages

Posted by farengar Wednesday May 9 2012 at 6:09PM
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This article is about the TOP MUD Achaea, Dreams of Divine lands. You should try it now or very soon! It is the best game I have played in awhile.
In the realms of Achaea, there are many many different classes, cities, and Houses. This makes every experience unique whether you’re in a different city, House, or class. But when you only have one character, you don’t want to have him switching around a lot. Probably because when you switch Houses and cities, you can’t really settle in, or if you switch classes you lose lessons. So it just takes the fun out of everything. That’s why many players in the realms of Achaea make “alts”, or alternate characters. These are very fun, you can try new roleplay ideas as well as other houses, cities, and classes like I said. I will admit, I have made a LOT of alts. Sometimes I liked the House and kept the alt, sometimes I suicide. I even made a monk alt, liked him so much, I made my main go Monk. I also had an alt that was so fun, he then became my main. But alts like anything else come with different many advantages and disadvantages, and this the point of this article.
Try out a new class like Monk!
Like I already mentioned, one main big advantage is you can try out other sides of the game. The main one people try out is new classes and Houses, because there are so many more of these than there are cities. This is why I mainly make alts, except now I have done every House and Class just about. But only some have made it further than others. I have also even tried a House on my alt, and then transferred there on my main because I liked it so much! That is when alts really come in handy.  
But there are also rules on alts, so don’t get any cheating ideas. I like these rules because it keeps people under control. You can’t play two characters at once, or your IP will be banned and characters shrubbed. No transferring gold and items between characters by dropping them and picking them up minutes later on a different character. They WILL catch you and it happens all the time. So don’t try this, or you’ll find yourself in trouble.
One main disadvantage as alts, is you can be accused of “gaining information” if you mention you’re from a House that’s maybe on the opposite side of the war or conflict. They will assume you are finding out how to get into estates, where everything is, weaknesses, and then using these on your main and sharing them. This is not a unreasonable feeling, I have felt it before towards novices who i believe are doing this. You can usually catch it and call them out on it and they will stop.
But the advantages outweigh the disadvantages if you utilize alts in the right way, and not use them for wrong. So if you play Achaea, and are curious to try another class, House, or city, but don’t want to transfer your main. Just go ahead and make an alt and test out what you desire, it’s safe and fun!

Money in Achaea and value, and uses! (gambling too)

Posted by farengar Tuesday May 8 2012 at 10:56PM
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This article is related to the TOP MUD Achaea, Dreams of Divine Realms. Check it out, greatest game I'v played in a long time.
In the Realms of Achaea, the market is always changing. The value and price of things, supply and demand, rarity, or how common it can become. It is very interesting to me, because it can depend on not just the players, but it depends on even what Promotions are running. I find this SO interesting (sorry for repeating that) so I figured I would right about it.
Examples of Credit Prices and my GOLD!
So you know the basics I’m assuming that supply and demand works like if demand his high, supply low, price goes up, or demand low, supply high then the price goes down, and the item is less valuable. Things work the same in Achaea. For instance herbs that players go through faster, like ginseng and irid moss usually, have a higher price. This is because supply is steady and at the same rate as ever, but the demand is really high. So before alchemists, moss and ginseng could be sold at around 55 gold per piece. but now with the infusion of Alchemist and their curatives in the mix, the price has been cut down to almost 20 gold. This just some how is interesting to me. Maybe not to you, but it sure is when you’re a class that makes this kind of income.
A major currency in the game is gold obviously, but with gold you can buy credits. Credits are worth 6 lessons into your skills, so very high in demand. You can also buy artefacts with credits, which make you stronger. Holding credits is like holding a chunk of gold, except it fluctuates. But anyway I like using credits as an example, because they are commonly bought from for real life money. So they are often in very good supply, and a consistent demand. But recently ran lesson packages, and artefact passages, so who wants to buy credits when you can buy those? They are great bargains so people choose those over credits! People are still buying credits with their gold, BOOM, not any coming in, the price shoots up. A few months ago, credits were at 5300 on average, then once these packages started they are up to almost 6300 now. Imagine if you bought low with your gold, and now held them at 6300. It is kind of like playing the stock market, and gambling mixed. 
Gold of course, is the main currency in Achaea. This is what is usually used to buy items except in special circumstances. Usually, the value of gold stays relativly the same it’s just the item prices that change. For example, a shirt may be at 600 gold, but everyone wants it so it becomes 1100 gold. I’v seen this, but this does not usually mean gold is becoming worth less, just the item is becoming worth more. 
You can also gamble in Achaea! You can play roulette and blackjack are the two games. These are really fun but you can end up losing a bunch. I made 1.2 million from 10k in one night, but then lost it all! But it was worth the fun!
Money in Achaea is a fun concept to me, and I hope I didn’t bore you

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