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MUDS Aren't dying

In this blog I'll talk about MUDS and how they compare to other MMORPG why they are better, worse, or compare. Things you can do in them, their strengths. Pretty much anything MUD related.

Author: farengar

Getting Started off in the realms of Achaea, Top MUD: More Quests

Posted by farengar Monday April 23 2012 at 12:31AM
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This Article is related to the great top MUD realms of Achaea, Dreams of Divine Lands! Play now!


Read my previous articles of the series before preceding if you have not already :)
Ok! So as I said in my last article there are other quests besides the one in Minia. The Lodi quests and the big one I mentioned. These quests are also very key to your early success in the realms of Achaea. Here is a bit about them.
In Lodi, there are a few great questions. There is the Wildcat Area, and then the village south of that. I haven’t quested a lot in Lodi but I hear that it has better gold. I do know what fine quest there that has made me lots and lots of gold. This is the Wildcat hunting quest. There is a farm in Lodi who has a farm. He has sheep, chickens, and all kinds of animals. But just north of his farm is a pack of wildcats! Your job is to kill these wildcats so they still stop eating the town animals. Then you must take their corpses to the Chief Constable in Lodi! He will pay large amounts of gold for these corpses and the relief of dead wildcats! I recommend you try this quest it is a fun, great one!
Then in Minia, at the ivy covered archway there, you will find a man named Vellis. His name is Vellis, the butterfly collector and he, name kinda says it, collects butterflies. If you GREET him, and then AGREE to his offer, he will then hand you a net. You need to wield this net and then run through Minia, the Savannah plains, and the Pash valley CATCHing BUTTERFLYs as you see them. Once you have a substantial amount in your net you will then want to make your way back to Vellis and give your net to him. He will then pay you depending on what kind of butterflies you got him. But careful, if you die all your butterflies will be released from your net. If you leave the realms all your butterflies will be freed. If you drop your net in anyway, shape, or form you will lose all your butterflies! So that makes it hard. You can also only do this quest once a day so take time collecting them until you truly are finished.
Now those are just a few of the quests there are in Achaea for novices. There are many more but I won’t give them all away! You can find them all within the grounds if Minia, Lodi, and Mt. Gheldan. Also some classes also have class quests to gain a certain item or skill for a class. Like in the screenshot below is for blademasters, who quest for their own blade. Many other classes also have Class based quests. These are also very fun and exciting. Even Houses have orientation quests! So I suggest you look around and see which ones you can find.
I hope after reading this you are a bit clearer on how and why you should get started in the realms of Achaea. This may or may not be my last article for this series.

Making gold as a Novice in Achaea, Hunting & Quests

Posted by farengar Wednesday April 18 2012 at 12:34AM
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This Post is about the top MUD Achaea, Dreams of Divine Lands. Try it now!


Alright, now you are on the right track to be a successful player in the realms of Achaea. A lot of players give up at this point, they can’t deal with the whole text thing and it’s too much for their flimsy brains. But really, it’s not that bad and better than any visual game you’ll find anywhere. So now you’re in Novicehood of Achaea, and the gold you make and spend here, will be the last substantial amount for awhile.
 You continue to get gold from hunting, but not as much for their corpses. You get the gold when it falls out of their corpse when you slay them. So you have to be top notch at questing until you pass level 21, so you have enough gold for curatives and fun stuff that you feel like you’ll want.
Thankfully, the Divine give the opportunity to prepare for this if you know how. You need to stay hunting in newbie area until the last experience percent, don’t skip out on the last few levels because you’re strong enough for bigger stuff. Each corpse is roughly worth 25 gold in each quest. You make up to 1000 gold or more every time you clear an area. I know a thing or two about the quests in newbie areas so i will teach you about them.
First of all, these areas are newbie designated meaning nobody but those under level 21 can get in them. So that keeps the competition down low and more kill for newbies. The areas I like best for making gold is those of Minia and Lodi. There is another area, Mount Gheldan but I don’t like to hunt and quest there as a newbie. 
In Minia, there are 5 critical quests you should know about. There are 4 rival areas. There are the good Pixies on the northern side, the stout Pygmies of the Northeastern area, the Dungeons of the Kobolds, and the wicked Ember Tower. These villages are in pairs you could say in that which they rival. So the Ember Tower, and the Pixie Village pay for the corpses of the opposites denizens. That leaves the Pygmies and the Kobolds a pair. What you do is kill one of these areas, then sell it to the head of that area. Except for hellcat corpses and kobold corpses. The Kobolds go to the Pygmy Cook, not the chief. Hellcat’s go to the Pygmy Seamstress, not the Pixie Queen. But Pixies go to the Imp Lord, and Imps go to the Pixie Queen. Kobolds go to Pepu, the Pygmy chef, and Pygmies to the Kobold King.
So really, that’s it. Hunt the corpses for Experience, and sell them to the opposing village! This makes great gold! Now there are the quests in Lodi, and one other biggie and Minia. But I got to save those for next time! So really, now you're definitely on the good foot for Achaea so, Best of Luck to you!

Getting Started off in the realms of Achaea, Top MUD

Posted by farengar Monday April 16 2012 at 11:33PM
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This article is about the top MUD Achaea, Dreams of Divine Realms. I strongly suggest giving it a go!


Alright, so being a novice in the realms of Achaea somewhat confusing when it’s your first time. But not to worry, it will get easier and better! In this scroll I’m going to help you along to getting started in the realms of Achaea. It is a great game and I want everyone to get a chance at it. But many give up, they don’t have the perseverance to get through the beginning and into familism with the game. So hopefully after reading this article the cloud will lift out of your brain and you can have some fun.
The first thing you will want to make sure you do, is probably join a House. This is really helpful because there are other members to help you out. Some Houses are better at this than others, but most are pretty good at it. In the House, many people will guide you but there will be one over the rest. You will have to choose a mentor. Later, I will write a scroll on how to choose the right House.
Choosing a mentor can be tough, because you only get one shot at it. But it is very rewarding, and most Houses have a scroll on choosing a mentor. The scroll will usually consist of a list of mentors, and what their interests are. Try and find one that matches yours as closely as you can, that will present yourself with a better relationship with your mentor. Mentors will help you learn the realms throughout your whole life.
Now, assuming you have chosen a class you’ll want to work in your skills. What you’ll want to do is use PORTALS and then go Down to Tyrandiel the tutor. Ask your House what you should train in and how much of, and I’m sure they will help. Then you can begin your learning. Once you are finished you will then have your ability used for hunting. Usually your House will help you with this. 
One big reason why Houses are so important in the beginning, is that they give you an Introduction or Welcome to the House. They will show you around usually, teach you your skills, show you what to do next, have you meet some people, give you useful items, and more. So it really helps you get started on the right foot when you join a House.
So now you are trained and ready to do a bit more. But there is still quite a bit to do and where do you start? I’ll talk about that in the next article on this subject since there is a lot and I can’t cram it all into this one article. But so far, I hope your having fun in Achaea, and the rest of this guide will be outside. Speaking of guide, Achaea has Guides! Romeo and Juliet. They are there to assist you at anytime, just send them a tell with your question. One of them is almost always around and they are very helpful with any newbie related question so it is quite handy! 

Achaean Dragons, Why should you go for it?

Posted by farengar Sunday April 15 2012 at 4:51PM
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This Article is for the top MUD Achaea, Dreams of Divine Lands. Try it now!


Alright, so now rises the question after all these articles. Why is getting Achaea Dragon worth all this? Why should I go and play achaea and try and do this? There are a few reasons to this and I can’t stress enough how I recommend you go and try the MUD realms of Achaea, it is so great! But anyway, here is why you should go for dragon.

It is a great, long path that is not only fun, but you learn a lot. You will meet people when your hunting, that you wouldn’t have before. Then, you can hunt with these friends which is slower, but it is fun and passes the time. You also get to visit areas you wouldn’t have otherwise, and it helps your explorers rankings. You learn your way around the land quicker from all the traversing you’ll be doing. It really is fun. You will meet other people along the way that are also trying to get to dragon and maybe they will give you a few pointers! It helps practice achieving a goal on your character because to get dragon, you have to be relentless.

Now besides that, there is something else that makes it fun. Competitiveness is one thing that always can keep one motivated, and spice things up a bit. In Achaea, not only are there levels to dragon, but players get ranked from 1- however many players there are active, in how far along they are. so if your level 82 and 20 percent, you’ll be ranked above everyone below you. These rankings are only based off experience, but there are other rankings in achaea called fishing, exploring, experience, and a few more. This keeps things competitive because you can see if your friend, or just who the next person in front of you is and try and catch them! So usually dragon is about right now, ranked 220 in Achaea. The newest ranked novice, at level 30 (when the rankings start) is about 2700. So you have to work through all that and separate from the pack. This makes it fun to watch your rankings move up. Numbers are something that can be fun when they are going up! So between your level and experience, dragon gets a bit more interesting.

Numbers aren’t everything, and sometimes I find myself too involved in them. They can be dangerous and end up pushing me to do something I wouldn’t have done. For example, if this ogre above my strength level was worth 5 times the amount of experience as the ones I can kill, I’ll try and get it. I’ll end up dying and then lose more experience that I would have missed out on. So it ends up screwing you. That is where you have to be careful. Anyway, I do hope you try and go for dragon so start at . It is a fun experience for everyone!

Achaean Dragons, Ways to cut down the losses and become one faster.

Posted by farengar Thursday April 12 2012 at 10:16PM
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This Article is about the top MUD Achaea, dreams of Divine lands. Try it out now!

Ok! Now that I have talked about Achaea dragons, and a bit about how to become one. I’m going to discuss more on how to become one in this article, since there is a lot too it. If you haven’t ready my previous articles yet, I suggest you read those before you work your way here. I’ll also talk about why dragon is worth the haul, and why you should try and achieve it!

Alright so obviously when you're getting dragon, you don’t want to die a lot. But dying happens there is no way around it, whether you walk into a room of too many aggressive denizens, lag out while hunting, or just get distracted and stop looking at the screen for too long. Point is, you have to lose as minimal experience as possible. How to do this? there are a few ways.

The main way is to pray for salvation immediately. It takes time, but sometimes it can take forever for people to find your corpse and resurrect you, so you need to pray before you lose more experience from just dying. In Achaea if your mana empties while dead, you begin to drain experience then. if you die and then get resurrected before your mana empties, you won’t lose any additional experience besides what you lost from the original death. So you need to pray immediately if nobody on CT says that they are running for you.

Another way to prevent death is tattoos. There are three tattoos you should have when hunting, boar, moss, moon, and starburst. Each of these does something very critical, Boar regenerates health, Moon regenerates mana, Moss clots bleeding, and starburst resurrects you immediatly on death, but then fades away so can only be used that once until you ink another. The rest stay for awhile before also, with time, fading away. but think about it, if you have a moss tattoo less bleeding is less health lost, so you can fight longer without getting dangerously low on health and having to leave the room. Also regenerating mana saves you from having to take a sip balance away from health to refill mana. So you can focus on healing health while that regenerates mana. And of course, I have been saved many times by Boar because i’m at low enough health the denizen will kill me with it’s next hit, but boar regenerates health and then it hits me, but I have the health the boar gave me so it was enough to survive off of, until I could flee. So these are the two critical ways you can cut experience loss.

I also said I’d talk about Overhunting and Underhunting. These boths have there ups and downs but personally, I underhunt for the most part, or just hunt whats barely below my level. Overhunting is quicker experience, but more deaths in the long run so you spend more time earning back experience from deaths. Underhunting is slower experience gain, but still a decent speed. You don’t die as much, so you are moving forward instead of a forwards backwards motion. It’s a pretty easy concept if you think about it, Underhunting is smaller stuff so less experience, and overhunting is bigger stuff so more. Than you can kind of balance out the rest from there on which you want to do. Both are good, it just depends on your STYLE!

Anyway Hope you enjoyed. Next time I will talk about Why is dragon worth all this trouble?

Achaean Dragons: How to achieve this great phenomena

Posted by farengar Wednesday April 11 2012 at 7:15PM
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This article is about the top MUD Achaea, Dreams of Divine lands. Check it out, the best thing I ever did.

SORRY No screenshots in this one due to MMORPG not letting me upload them for some reason

Ok! Now that I have talked about how in Achaea, you can become a Dragon, and once you are one what kind of things you can do with it. Now I will talk to you about how to BECOME a dragon! The best, efficient way to achieve Dragon in the awesome MUD realms of Achaea. If you haven’t read my article before this one about Achaea Dragons, then you should read that first before this one.

So if you want to become a Dragon, theres a few things you need to know. It’s not going to be easy, it’s fun but not the most fun filled adventure. But it is rewarding, so if you want it bad enough you can do it.

You need to be hunting as much as possible. If you want to get there really fast, you ideally need to be hunting every minute you’re on the game. This will make it go a lot quicker and the quicker the better. If you die, you have to just keep hunting and earn back what you lost.

You need to invest into your character a little bit if you want it to go faster. Buy a few artefacts if you can, if not you’ll make it just a bit slower. But not only that, invest lessons into your skills so your attacks are stronger. Usually classes work the more lessons into that skill the stronger, and more accurate your hunting attack gets. Not to mention you may gain a few healing defenses along the way.

Find out what you can hunt, what you can’t hunt at your size. If you know this, you will be much more comfortable when you're hunting what you can take, and know to be cautious. There are two different types of hunting. You can either underhunt to dragon, or overhunt to dragon. Underhunting is where you hunt things that are weaker than you, easier to take and quicker to charge through. Overhunting is hunting things that are stronger than you, a bit slower depending on what your hunting, but more experience. I will talk about this in my next article on getting dragon in detail, and the good points and bad points of each of those.

A lot of getting Dragon is also mental. Your hunting long hours non stop and your brain gets weary. You begin to hit the buttons slower and get easily distracted by facebook or something. You need a break and thats ok. So you get up, go walk around the block. If it’s night time go grab some cereal. Then after 15-30 minutes go back to the computer and resume your hunting. This helps you stay alert and not die as much, as well as hunt faster.


These are a few points on how you want to go about getting Dragon in Achaea. There are a few more I’ll discuss in my second article on this topic, there is a good amount to cover so I split it into halfs.

Achaean Dragons, and their abilities

Posted by farengar Tuesday April 10 2012 at 6:19PM
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This Article is about the Top MUD Achaea, Dreams of Divine Lands.

In Achaea, when you hunt there is an overall goal, becoming a Dragon Lord. This is when you reach level 99, you can then morph into a Dragon. Dragon form has many different abilities, each one unique and useful. There are over 20 abilities you gain when you achieve dragon, and each different type of Dragon you become also has unique abilities that come with it. The different colors you can be as a Dragon are red,black, blue, green, silver, gold, and black. One of the abilities a Dragon can do is Pierce the Veil and you can walk to anywhere on the continent by “piercing the veil”.

Each of the different Dragon colors, like I said come with different specialties. Their color kind of says a bit, but I will list them here. The specialty is when the breath, and it is critical to combat as Dragons. Red breathes fire as you can assume. What do you think Blue breathes? Cold. Green breathes venom onto you. Gold breathes psi. Black breathes acid. Silver releases lightning with each breath. They are all VERY unique and that is what makes them so interesting.

Hunting as dragon is also very fun. You are much stronger and all your stats are increased greatly so you have more health, mana, endurance, and willpower. This allows you to take on bigger opponents, and be tanker and stronger! So now you can hunt bigger and better. Unfortunately, this would make hunting way to easy so in dragon form, experience comes at half the rate. But then in great hunts, which is double experience, it comes in a normal rate! Usually in dragon form you use your claws to kill denizens. You might think that hunting once you have dragon is stronger, but as you level up passed 99, you still get stronger like any other level. So you can become even bigger and badder.

PvP combat in dragon form is very fun. You can switch off between Dragon form and your “lesser” form. Lesser form is what you were before dragon, so your original class and all those abilities. Back in lesser form, experience comes at a normal rate. So if you need one of the Dragon abilities you can take the short time to morph into a dragon, or if you need your lesser form abilities you can morph back down and use those. So you are pretty much two beings mushed into one. Dragon has all the abilities that come with it, so you can claw, bite your enemy,consume their corpses, pick them up with your maw and rattle them around, and plenty more!

So now you know a bit about what comes with Dragons, this is just the small portion of it. I will let you explore the rest when you get it for yourself! Go ahead and give Achaea a try and see if you can get dragon. Next time, I’ll talk about HOW to get dragon efficiently, and in a not boring way.

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