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MUDS Aren't dying

In this blog I'll talk about MUDS and how they compare to other MMORPG why they are better, worse, or compare. Things you can do in them, their strengths. Pretty much anything MUD related.

Author: farengar

MUD Combat: Article #2, Proning

Posted by farengar Thursday March 29 2012 at 2:25AM
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     (In this article I discuss how the combat works but if you want to point of the article there is a paragraph on it you’ll be able to find it with the topic sentence ;)

As I talked about in my last article, afflicting in MUD combat is very critical. In this article I will talk about another thing that makes MUD combat such a great experience. This is crippling and proning your enemy. Because in the top MUD I play, you are given the ability in all classes to do this. Proning is a great way to keep them down so you can impale them on your blade or use one of your big damage abilities.

In that shot above, his how a monk prones somebody. They can also use a different ability but this is the main and best way. They target their punches and kicks to a certain limb until it is just before breaking, then they do a combo that hits each limb once, so then breaks those two limbs. Then you can break there back with a throw we have. This does a large amount of Damage and is a great way to get their health down.

Other classes have other ways of attacking the limbs. But limbs are cured with salves, so you have to be fast. You need to damage them enough to give your time for your big move. If you are a class with a blade you usually break their legs and then impale for your big move. This is a great way to do some serious damage. if you can do this while afflicting you can really win PvP fights.

Now since limb damage is cured with salves, you have to find a way to delay the salve time. This can be done in one way that is hard to pull off, but worth it. You need to take their salve balance away. A Salve balance is the time that it takes before you can apply a salve again after applying one. So if you apply a salve to heal deafness, then you have to wait X amount of time before applying a salve to cure something else. So you need to make them apply a salve to cure an affliction before breaking the limbs. So the balance is off and they can’t cure right away. This gives you more time to do your big move. If you can master that, your sure to win.

The point of this article is to show you that combat in MUDS is really great. It is really great cause between proning and afflictions, you can come up with so many tactics and it makes it fun. Depending on their skills compared to your skills you can choose between your tactics and go for it. If they are bigger you take the defensive approach and try and wear them down, or if they are smaller you just go in for tons of damage. It’s really up to you in MUD combat and THAT is the beauty of it.

MUD Combat: Article #1, Afflictions

Posted by farengar Saturday March 24 2012 at 7:15PM
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Combat in text based MUDS is much better than you would find in graphical MMORPGS. In the top MUD I spend the most time on, combat is an addicting and fun area of the game. You can specialize in what kind of combat you want to be in, depending on your class. I like Monk combat, but one might prefer the combat of a necromancing Occultist. In MUDS, it really is usually your preference, that is one of the reasons they are so great.

Example of a Serpent afflict

Combat has many different sections, but the main ones are afflictions, healing, damage, and proning. There are also other aspects of Combat but I can say those are the main ones. First, in this article I will cover Afflictions. Later in my next few articles I will cover the rest.

As a Monk, you can force your target away from you if you are in their mind:

Afflictions play a large role in MUD combat. They help slow down your enemy, and take herb balance so that you can afflict with something else and they may not cure it because their system was focusing on the previous affliction. People can afflict in many different ways, depending on their class. They can prick you with their dirk, strike you with their hands, bite you with their fangs, curse you, etc. It really does vary. You need to have good afflictions up your sleeve in order to master combat in MUDS. There are many different afflictions but a few of the common ones are paralysis, slickness ( you can’t apply salves anymore to cure broken limbs because you are so slick), asthma (can’t smoke herbs to cure), stupidity ( makes you stupid and emote random things when you try and do something), and impatience (makes you to impatient to follow through with your actions). Then of course, these can be cured but the trick is to confuse their curing system so they miss them. Here is a screen shot of me being pricked with an affliction.

Another Serpent affliction: 

Some of the best affliction classes are blademasters, serpents, and occultists. but every class can afflict and most can do it just fine. There are many things you can do, another one is blackout people so they can’t see how much health they have. But anyway, now you know a bit about what and how they work.

This is what blackout looks like: (You can see the ? replaces my prompt which shows health)

The Point of Afflictions:

Afflictions are there to slow down your enemy, but they can be key to winning the fight. Afflicting keeps them busy and occupied curing so they spend less time hitting you. You can also lock them so they can’t cure if you’re good enough. You give them slickness, asthma, and anorexia so they won’t eat curatives, smoke curatives, and apply salves. Only the most skilled can master that. If you get them in a curelock, they are yours to do whatever you want with. Well, you should paralyze them first then they really won’t go anywhere. Then, you can basically use your most powerful moves on them. So afflictions are to keep them occupied and hopefully get them in a position where you can win.

In my next article of this series I’ll cover limbs & proning your enemy. 

MUDS have great PvP Arena competitions

Posted by farengar Thursday March 22 2012 at 12:03AM
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In the top MUD I play, there are competitions for all players held in an Arena. In the Arena, you can die without experience lost and compete in combat competitions, or maybe just a game of freeze tag. Either way it is always a blast and not something you want to miss. In this MUD there are arenas all over in each city, and a public one. Events are held all the time and each one usually gives a prize to the winner. There are many events such as Freeze Tag, Bait the Frog, Tournament of the Fang, Rampage, King of the Hill, Free for all, and more! It is a great way to get experience in PvP situations without having the real consequences of dieing.

Me Mid fight in a Tournament of the Fang

Right now in my City we just had a few competitions. one was a Rampage, then we had Freeze Tag, Bait the Frog, and then a Tournament of the Fang. In a Rampage, it is just players battling it out and the last one standing wins. They are very competitive and hard to win, I’v never won one but I’m sure you could! Freeze tag is like normal freeze tag except you use wands and you can blast people from adjacent rooms! If you are hit 3 times by a blast then your out for good! But you recover blast lives every 30 seconds or so and can get up to 3 so, I almost won one of these once. Then we had a bait the frog game. This one was really fun and it is where there is a giant frog with you in the Arena! Then, a dead fly is spawned in a player's inventory and they must give or throw it at another competitor before the frog finds and eats them. I have won 2 of these out of the 2 I have played! Quite amusing. Then we had lastly, a tournament of the fang. These are LOTS of fun, I had never competed in one before until about 10 minutes ago. These are longer, but it is very very fun. In this event you are thrown in the arena with a bridle. You can then harness one of the spawned creatures and use them to afflict and help kill your enemy while you use your combat skills. For example if I bridled a gryphon I could ORDER GRYPHON KILL <player> and they would start hitting and afflicting that player. Than I could also target that player and use my class skills on them, which just makes it very hard on the opponent. You have to be quick though because they have mounts and could target YOU.

My mount hitting in a tournament of the fang

Arenas are always fun and can even be used for one on one duels or party spars which is a group of players versus another group of players. So these arenas are great and I suggest you get on that top MUD and try some of these games out. It is a very easy, a lot of times FREE, and fun way to get better at PvP combat!

How to build a solid character in MUDS

Posted by farengar Monday March 19 2012 at 10:04PM
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In MUDS, when you start out you want to be the next big one. The savior, the warrior, the leader, the prophet, you name it. I don’t want to be there, but most do. In the top MUDS, you have to develop roots. If you want to be there at the top, you have to build a strong foundation and build up off of that. There are 5 ways to create this foundation, and I will show you how and what they are.

Roleplay & Background

MUDS are all in text. You can look, be, and feel what you want. But in order to gain others approval, you must never break roleplay at all costs. Stay in character, have a background of where you grew up, and maybe an event that changed your ways or just impacted your life. Also in the MUD I play, you set a text description of what you look like, you may have a stub for a forefinger, or just a scarred neck that trails down your back. You can build roleplay from these things. Pick in game hobbies, collecting masks, collecting hats, fishing, something to build around. maybe just diligence in your House, writing, poetry, dancing. Whatever it is, build off of it and around it. This creates a strong roleplay, and a fine background. The less insane and RP smarts you have, the better of you’ll be. In this screenshot is the description of a friend House mate of mine.




You need to impress those above you, so when they look at you, they take interest. First steps are, join a city and a guild. not only do you meet people, but you can gain rank. Gaining titles and ranks is one way to look strong. Don’t be a 35 year old House rank 2 kind of character, but a 21 year old house rank 5 type. If not in a house rank, join the Order of a Divine. Go hunting and learn combat so you can level up and rank higher in the overall realms. As you can see in this screen shot, I am ranked in the 770’s. You could be ranked at the top with enough perseverance, or you could be that whim ranked 2652nd. Which is going to gain more attention?


If your taking the rogue approach, this is harder but much more admirable. You’ve got to work with what you’ve got making your way to the top. This is done by really getting stronger and training in your class arts. Rogues usually go for one of two things. Take charge in a Deities order, or gain ranks among experience and combat. This is a great path for your second character, once you are familiar with the realms. You can get training from older players, and learn PvP. After you have got a base, you can start dueling other players in public for wagers, or just to get your name out there.


Take part in city or House activities. The more you do this, the more you are seen around and noticed. Join in on the city war raids, or even in non offensive activities. Whether it is an arena event or city hide and seek, you’ll be more well known. Take a look at my city destruction article for one of my favorite activities.

Help around

Help around when you can, whether its your City or House it’s always appreciated. Take on an aideship to a position and relieve the load off an elder member.Become a Position Aide to the House member in charge of combat training (once your good enough) and train the younger members. This sets you in line to be the next head of that position if your good enough, and that's the first steps to Guild or Housemaster and then onto the head of your City! As you can see in this shot, I am aided to 3 positions in my House.

There are more ways than this to become one of the infamous in MUDS. You can even achieve it from being a thief, or exploring every last area in the realms. Every way is rewarding and worth it , just different from the others. It’s up to your personal choice, just set a goal and aspire for it.

MUD Houses and their great Benefits

Posted by farengar Saturday March 17 2012 at 7:26PM
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In the top MUD that I play, there are sects called Houses, that are affiliated with citys, that players may join. They are like cities, in that they are player run. Each one, accepts differen’t classes, and each one follows a different goal or belief. There are 25 Houses spread across the realm of Achaea. I will list them when we get into Influence.

One of my favourite Houses so far that I’v experienced, are the Sentaari. They are based in Shallam and seek the advancement of Creation and Growth, and the Good and Light. In the Sentaari you live by Benevolence, Wisdom, or Perseverance. But each person varries, you may like The Ashura, based in the opposite in Ashtan. They are a combat orientated House that seeks to build the best warriors around. We often find their mighty warriors on our doorstep, they indeed are well trained.

Houses have very many pros and cons. One big pro is a House Icon. When your House has one of these, it can be tuned to give members of that House a boost whether its regeneration to stats, experience boost, increased damage, reduced damage, one plus point of strength, constitution, intelligence, or dexterity, its the Houses choice. But if your Icon falls, then you obviously lose these benefits. You must gather and strengthen your Icon with iconic shards, and keep it strong so if your enemies try and tear it down, you can keep it strong. Many Houses have had Icons, and many have lost them. Currently a fair amount of Houses have them, but not all of them.

Houses also are ranked in Influence. Influence is judged off of how many active members you have in your House from your affiliated city, if you have an Icon and what % it stands at, and many other unknown factors. Having high Influence is an honor and something that does not go unnoticed. The current influences stand as so:

 495  The Occultists
 342  The Arcane Kindred
 311  The Sentinels of Nature
 292  The Mojushai
 249  The Wardens of the Cerulean Spire
 224  The Warlocks of the Rising Phoenix
 221  The Sylvanic Fellowship
 221  The Crystalline Circle
 217  The Merchants of the Crown
 206  The Shadowsnakes
 202  The Ashura
 187  The Cult of the Serpent Lords
 166  The Templars
 156  The Empyreal Assembly
 146  The Maldaathi
 144  The Spirit Walkers
 143  The Sect of the Black Lotus
 139  The Sentaari
 123  The Naga
 119  The Ebon Fist
 109  The Blood Congregation
  94  The Dawnstriders
  56  Ty Beirdd

All Houses have some type of political Government. Most are either Autocracy or Dictatorship, but there are a few various other governments to choose from. One, if they so desire, may challenge the leader for an election for the House head. If you are challenged in a dictatorship, you may reject and continue until your set term is up, or accept and step down and let the next dictator run the House. In Autocracy, if you accept there is an election held and others may join in, if you decline, the same happens.

So Houses are a very great way to get immersed into MUDS with competition, roleplay, and political power.

MUDS have the best competitions!

Posted by farengar Saturday March 17 2012 at 6:32PM
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Once again, another great feature of MUDS are revealed. The top MUD,  Achaea, is now hosting weekly competitions for the month, with credit prizes. These competitions are fun, easy, and motivating.

Each week, they pick a different way to get points via when you gain experience. For example, if the weekly competition is “Questing Experience”, you will get points every time you gain experience from a quest. Then, you are placed in the rankings depending on how many points you’ve built up so far. The competitions change weekly so it keeps it changing throughout the whole month. This week was questing, last week was general experience, next week will probably be only bashing! So its kept always thrilling and if you fall behind one week, you can try again the next!  As you can see below, those are the current top competitors right now. This weeks contest is the “Questing Experience”.

**********************[ Weekly Quest experience Contest ]**********************
Rank   Player                         Quest experience     
1      Mortagona                      3675520
2      Arlanda                        2607050
3      Paine                          2275035
4      Kald                           2032700
5      Vincenzio                      1822255
6      Traxtin                        1203395
7      Minxie                         1202790
8      Awan                           893825
9      Mephaos                        887590
10     Darogan                        835250
11     Lupe                           644850
12     Liliana                        607850
13     Tyree                          434850

Then, you can also check your place in the rankings with WEEKRANK.

You are placed 177th in the ongoing weekly contest with 11450 quest experience points.

The points make it a fun and competitive experience (No pun intended). I personally like these contests not just for the prizes, but the motivation. Gaining experience is fun in MUDS, but not the easiest things. These kind of events drive me to continuously be out there questing and trying to gain rank among the high tiers of the competition.

Also, what is it without some rewards? Not only do you get experience as you go along from the quests and denizen kills, but you will gain prizes if you are in the top 5 or so! So if you are number one, you probably would win a substantial amount of gold and/or credits! Then second, a little less credits and gold, but still a good enough. And So forth until probably 5th place when they stop rewarding people. But the great part is, you get credits for just participating! If you make it past a general point mark, you will be bestowed with some credits. So there is always something to go for in these competitions.

Though in these competitions, it creates a player supply and demand. Lets use a smaller numbers for the comparison. On an average day in a MUD, say there are 20 areas, and 5 players hunting (of course, the numbers are MUCH MUCH larger in MUDS and more than ¼ of areas being hunted). So this gives 4 areas to each player, whether the area is for hunting, questing, or both. But then, come these events and bam, there are the same 20 areas, yet 40 players trying to hunt and quest in them. So this creates demand for the area so you have to be fast! If you take breaks often, you won’t be among the top few. To win, you must always be moving forward, because anyone who isn't, is moving backwards.

Anyway, point is, these events in MUDS are a fun way to stay hooked and have fun while playing them as well as growing stronger, and wealthier!

The best raiding and city destruction

Posted by farengar Friday March 9 2012 at 7:50PM
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Hi! I’m writing this today because I wanted to share something about my  favourite MUD, and not to mention it’s one of the best MUDS around. There is one amazing aspect to it, that keeps me completely hooked. I’m sure some MUDS may have similar attractions, but none like this one. This feature is the ability to not only raid other cities, but destroy them.

It is even more complex than that, first before you can destroy you have to get inside the city, which is tricky with all the guards. So you have to find somebody who can slip in unnoticed, or maybe can phase in depending on their class. Then once they are in, you have to bring the whole group in. Then the raid leader can and must SANCTION  a raid to actually do damage. Once this happens,  you can hear his or her bloodthirsty cry echo throughout the city. In order to destroy a city, you must have 5 people or more in the city at once. So if they attack in defense, and you drop to below 5 people in, the raid is “unsanctioned” and you can no longer do damage to the city until you are back up to 5 members. In order to damage the city room, you must call upon elemental fire. You do this by SUMMONing SPARK. When you summon spark, it will look like this:

You close your eyes and concentrate, tapping into the deepest wells of inner strength. As an intense heat builds within your chest, your eyes fly open and you begin channelling the entirety of your will towards summoning a creature of conflagrant fury to do wreck havoc upon your enemy's city.

So now, in order to efficiently destroy the room in a timely manner, you must have as many people summoning at once who are not preoccupied already holding a totem or even holding off the enemies. As the more summoning, the quicker the room is turned to ruins. After some time, the room will be destroyed and then you can move onto another room in the city, once again needing an “in” if it is not directly adjacent.

But you can only destroy 5 rooms every in game month, as your city only has 5 tanks to do it with. Tanks hold the energy you need to destroy a room. Every month you must fill up as many tanks as you want with karma items. You gather these various items, burn them, and sometimes embers will pop out. You then take these embers, and place them in the tanks. After they smoulder in there for a bit, you are ready to go.

Not only is there city destruction raids, but there are also border skirmishes just to tease your enemy. These are usually less attackers than a sanctioned raid, and can be done anytime. So if your out of tanks or want to save them for later, you can lead a skirmish onto your enemies. But I’ll blog more on that later.

Most players who are into combat and PvP love raiding. But even those who aren’t the best, still enjoy it. Not to mention, if your able to stay alive, you can gain lots of experience by destroying a room. Personally, I think raiding is one of the best perks to MUDS and my favourite part right now.

Heres what it looks like when you destroy a room. As you can see in my prompt I went from 67 experience to 75!



Hope you enjoyed! Stay tuned.

Hunting in MUDS as compared to hunting in MMORPGS

Posted by farengar Sunday March 4 2012 at 6:47PM
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I’m writing this to you because I want to save you from the bore of hunting. We all get bored hunting in MMORPGS. We all wonder “Is there anyway to make this more entertaining?”. Well there is. Lets start with experience. The common way that your character grows stronger, wealthier, and more intimidating. The more experience, the higher the level. The common way to gain experience, well is hunting. Hunting in MMORPG games is alright, but you watch the exact same denizen your hunting do the same thing over and over again. The same bite, the same slash, over and over again. Not too mention, even your own move over and over again. Well, when your hunting in MUDS, everything is different. In one of the best MUDS I play, hunting is never a bore.

When hunting in this MUD, the denizen is not the same thing over and over again. They grow stronger as you progress through the area, they even change weapons as you move around through the area. Maybe you start out in the upper ground of the area, and they hit you with whips. But as you slip through them, slaying them and hunting lower and lower, they decide, we better put guards with flails over here in case your character makes it that far. Now that’s exciting! Who knows if this ogre is going to be wielding a whip or a flail? Or maybe this ogre will be wielding neither, but calling upon elemental magic to slay you? It gets real unpredictable when your hunting in MUDS but that’s what keeps it suspenseful! So who wants to watch the same denizen cloned 100 times do the same thing to you over and over again when you can watch unique groups of say, dwarf guards fade into dwarf knights as you get closer to the dwarven king?

Another perk is that they don’t use the same attack twice. They may be using a spear but they use different techniques. Not to mention you, as the player imagine it different every time. They will rotate (in random order) on which technique they use on you depending on if they are beating you down or need to step it up to slay you. An example is this gnoll that uses spear, but switches his technique up. Not to mention that with the change of technique, you as the player, imagine it each time differently. If its a tough fight, and it hurts a bit, you’ll imagine an epic scene in your mindseye. But if its pretty easy and your dominating, then you’ll see yourself punching or slashing away at the creature with ease.

You can also see that they talk like in that example I just displayed. They can even yell and call defense to aide them. Then you can be in a real sticky situation. It also adds some suspense because you have to try to kill the denizen before its aide arrives, otherwise you better be ready to take on a few guards too.  

An example of the guards being called:

Of course, in order to fight, you need to attack too. Well, each class in this MUD and other MUDS offer unique skills, and in those skills different abilities from all the other skill sets! So if you’re for instance, a noble Paladin, you will use swords to slash away at your foes. In the MUD I mentioned earlier, as a younger Paladin you use a shortsword, but then you get stronger and more advanced in your skills you can then wield TWO shortswords! Double slash and double the damage as originally! Now that’s just awesome, no denying it. Then of course, in later age you can grow stronger and wield a longsword. That’s just one example. Maybe your a Monk, using your fists and stances to hunt. Then of course, you could be a dark necromancer warping the flesh off your foes. There are so many possibilities! Here are a few of the attacks. Monk and Priest are shown below.



Now in that particular shot of a monk combo, you saw I gained a critical hit. That is just the smallest critical hit possible, but they can go all the way up world shattering critical hits. Each one, also adds a damage bonus every time! The damage multiplication goes something like this:

CRITICAL                          : 2x damage
CRUSHING CRITICAL                 : 4x damage
OBLITERATING CRITICAL             : 8x damage
WORLD-SHATTERING CRITICAL         : 32x damage

So pretty fun stuff. Always a twist and turns going on when you hunt. All these examples and shots were from
Iron realm MUDS. Most of my favourite MUDS come from them! If your looking for a new MUD and haven’t tried one of those ones, then your missing out.

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