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MMO stuff

This blog will be about everything MMO

Author: eq2js

Possible Bioware/LA MMO

Posted by eq2js Sunday June 8 2008 at 12:20PM
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I was going to talk about Warhammer Online today, but I decided to talk about the possible Bioware/Lucas Arts MMO because of all the recent rumors. First off, none of this is for certain. All I know is that Bioware is making an MMO, and Lucas Arts has confirmed that they are working with Bioware for a Star Wars game. This could be the same game, or two different games. If a new Star Wars MMO is developed, it will probably be set in the Clone Wars because of the new movie coming out this August or a KotOR MMO. I really doubt it will be anything like Pre-CU SWG because all the other Star Wars games made by Bioware were a class/level system. So it will probably look something like NGE SWG, but hopefully much better. I really dont think there is any chance of the PvP turning in to "buff wars", in fact it could be quite good if it was made to be like warhammer online but with vehicles and more of a shooter play style. Of course, there is always the chance that Lucas Arts is absolutely ticked about what SOE did to SWG, and have hired Bioware to make a game like a new and improved Pre-CU SWG. Lets hope so.

Lets go on to what things will be like if there ISNT a new Star Wars MMO coming. Obviosly, the new Star Wars Bioware game will either be KotOR 3 or The Clone Wars game that is on the star wars website, but there is no info about it whatsoever. The Bioware MMO will probably be something along the lines of DDO2, but probably much better. I would not be suprised if the game is based HEAVILY off of D&D 4.0. That might not be that bad because Bioware is making it instead of Turbine, whose newer games haven't been very successful.

Emeraq writes:

Lotro isn't very successful?

Sun Jun 08 2008 12:33PM Report
eq2js writes:

not to the more serious gamers, most of the people that play LotRO either worship LotR or are more casual gamers. Most serious gamers arent in to it because they dont usually like the end game PvP and PvE

Sun Jun 08 2008 12:37PM Report
Emeraq writes:

So, saying it's not a successful title for Turbine is a point of view based on your playing tastes and not a fact.

Sun Jun 08 2008 12:39PM Report
eq2js writes:

its not just my point of view, dumbass you dont have to get all mad about it...

Sun Jun 08 2008 12:42PM Report
Emeraq writes:

I wasn't mad by any stretch of the imagination. That's the problem with the written word, it's hard to determine the 'tone of voice' that would have been used if the words were spoken.

Anyhow, I was just trying to point out that I disagree with the measuring stick you were using to determine that a game/game companies games are a failure. If the game has enough subscriptions to remain in the black, and has hit it's targetted player demographic, then I'd say it's a success.

It may be a failure to you and others with the same playing style as yourself, but that doesn't make it a complete failure.

Sun Jun 08 2008 12:49PM Report
zymurgeist writes:

Not a chance. Lucas Arts wouldn't be hands off enough for Bioware to work with them for a flagship MMO. Bioware will develop their own IP for it.

Sun Jun 08 2008 1:19PM Report
Emeraq writes:

I agree.

But as eq2js pointed out, Bioware has a really good history. In fact, I can't think of any game that I've played of theirs that disappointed me.

No matter what MMO Bioware creates, I think it will be successful.

Sun Jun 08 2008 1:22PM Report
ThomasN7 writes:

Agree with Emeraq. Bioware is a proven game devloper. Who cares who they are teamed with or what game they plan on making. You can always count on Bioware to make a solid prodcut that appeals to many gamers.

Sun Jun 08 2008 1:35PM Report
samuraislyr writes:

I highly doubt Bioware is making a DDO2 or anything along those lines.

It's either star wars or Mass Effect Online. One or the other. I bet they are making a sci-fi MMO but which one is the real question.

Sun Jun 08 2008 2:02PM Report
quentin_lee writes:

#1 flaw of this Bioware MMO is that it will be based on D&D 4.0 from the days of Chainmail, this system is drastically flawed. Everyone knows this, even developers but its the tried and true moneymaker system.  The first clue is the fact that you have to protect lowbie players from the higher level ones with "safe zones". Various safe-guards have been put into place over the years with various MMOs to band-aid the problem, however it doesn't fix the root of all the problems. Instead of spending hours of time creating code to band-aid a problem, why don't they just start out right with a system not based on the D&D influence?

Sun Jun 08 2008 2:59PM Report
Branko2307 writes:

Personaly hoping it WONT be Star Wars MMO becouse then it will be game that was never seen before /cheers

Sun Jun 08 2008 4:02PM Report
Nineven writes:

First of all, LA and Bioware have agreed to do an interactive product together, it doesn't specify if it will have anything to do with Star Wars.

Read that here:

Secondly, considering Turbine just got $40 million from investors, I really doubt Bioware will be making a game based on, or around D&D. All of their systems will be original, and innovative, as they always are. Bioware isn't a company that likes to make games that have already been made, or use game systems that follow the current trend. They are interested in making their own shit, and it sells, every time. They are one of the only game companies that are out to push the industry forward with each release they make. Hell, the founders of the company even say they look at game as an art form, not something anyone says anymore. Considering their history, if their MMORPG was complete shit, it would still sell.

I'm not counting my chickens before they hatch though. They have recently announced that Mass Effect will be a single-player trilogy. And while that sounds great and all, I was kind of hoping for a Mass Effect MMORPG. The trilogy kind of defeats the purpose of making one though.

As for anything to do with Knights of the Old Republic and a MMORPG; I don't think Bioware is dumb enough to even think about making one. If they did make "KOTOR Online", it wouldn't be any different than Star Wars Galaxies now. The only difference would be that you are now playing a jedi in the Old Republic. Bioware isn't interested in making another jedi game, if they were; they would've made KOTOR II, instead of passing it on to Obsidian.

If Bioware's MMORPG is based on Star Wars, I think it will be based in the Star Wars Extended Universe. Same place KOTOR was based, but that doesn't mean it IS Knights of the Old Republic. Either way, as Emeraq pointed out, it will probably be a game worth playing regardless of what franchise its based on. Bioware just makes good games, and that's how it will always be.

Sun Jun 08 2008 4:34PM Report
ElRenmazuo writes:

BIOWARE forever!!

Sun Jun 08 2008 4:41PM Report
Banok writes:

bursting with SWG precu/war faboysm

Thu Jun 12 2008 12:51PM Report writes:
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