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This blog will be about everything MMO

Author: eq2js

Why EvE Online Sucks...

Posted by eq2js Saturday June 7 2008 at 9:36AM
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I have decided I am going to try to put up a new blog entry daily, and I thought this would be a good topic. I love skill based MMOs. They're great. The only somewhat new one out there is EVE online, but I hate EVE. The tutorial is glitchy and extremely boring, not to mention the fact that it takes 2-3 hours to complete if you are lucky and dont run in to any bugs. The PvP is extremely unbalanced because of all the ganking, and you lose EVERYTHING when you die. Another thing I have a problem with is the fact that your skills advance when you are not logged on. You can't even get your skills up by using them. So it's technically a "skill based MMO" but it has nothing in it like any other skill based MMO, and it is supposed to have good PvP, but what if you get very far into the game, with a massive ship and tons of awesome weapons, and then a vet corp with about 200 guys as good as you ganks you. You just lost everything, and you probably couldn't do much about it. There goes 6 months of invested time. Nobody wants that to happen, and a good MMO needs to have death penalties tha aren't so extreme, but they have to be there or else there would be no reason not to die. I really hope that this convinces some people not to play EVE, and explains some things to people who were thinking of buying it. My next blog entry will be about Warhammer Online, what will probably end up being my favorite MMO for quite a while because of its amazing PvP.

Ascension08 writes:

That's why you take steps and precautions to stay alive. EVE is the big boys' playground; it resembles the real world. That's why alot of people DO like it. Weigh the risks, weigh the benefits, then make your decisions.

Sat Jun 07 2008 9:52AM Report
soulwynd writes:

It's a scam playground.

Whoever has paid longer will always have better skills than who hasn't. Of course, unless they completely forgot about game to a point they forgot about canceling the scam.

Sat Jun 07 2008 10:05AM Report
ChurchillT writes:

Eve-Online isn't like any other MMO in the way that it works. I do understand what you are saying and you're fully entitled to your views on it. Eve-Online is a very social game. The idea is to start small and work your way up with a group of people that you get along with. PvP combat in Eve-Online is very easy to avoid, you get the odd suicide player/group. You never need venture into the depths of the unsafe space. Eve-Online is a game where one player can make all the difference IF they work hard or a group can change the fate of another group. Blob warfare (And by that I mean large groups of players) is only seen in 0.0 which is basically free for all space which players can claim and control as they feel like. Losing everything in EVE-Online is very rare. Wars are expensive to maintain and you never need loss a skill point (Or SP) as long as your clone is a high grade.

Over all it sounds as if you have spent an afternoon/week in EVE-Online and missed the very essence of it. Some people don't see EVE-Online for what it really is. It's a pretty slow game with many options. All these options are balanced so when someone says "Missions are the only smart things to do." It's an opinion not always a fact. The key agent or what is at the heart of Eve-Online is time. As you devote time you gain a value of ISK or items worth that investment of time. For instance when you mine you don't get money instantly, you get ore. If you find the right people that ore can be worth a large amount else you can refine it and then find people that want the minerals (Which this can all be done via the market so there is no real need to talk to players still, unless you want to. Which I suggest you do). Missions are available for players of all walks of life, combat, mining, courier and research (I may of missed some out) and in return for missions you can get money, items and in essence a return on your time invest. If people didn't mind then there would be no ships. If people didn't mission there would be less ISK
and no mission lootable items on the market. Without researchers and construction characters there would be very limited things on the market.

So in this sense, one players that works hard can supply a region with an items them would otherwise not be available. Eve-Online is alive and is just as the real world is. Demand and supply dictates prices which in a sense controls peoples opinions on what to do in there EVE-Life. ;)

Apologies for any typos in this, it was written rather quickly. I hope it shows that EVE is more than most people think and that if it's not the game for you then I'm sorry. There are many more games and EVE-Online will hopefully always remain strong and be a place where at a glance you see chaos but dive in and you see order. Much like the real world if you think about it. Space is big, very big. But in Eve-Online people really can hear you scream.

Sat Jun 07 2008 10:18AM Report
vajuras writes:

Isn't Warhhamer Online under NDA? How can you blog about it's "amazing PVP" without even playing it? And if you played it- then you better not break the N.D.A. please.

Next, EVE doesnt hold your hand. This isn't World of Warcraft. The game will technically allow you to spend all you have on a ship and you can lose it sure. But that is why they have "Insurance". Insurance coverage for noob ships is really excellent

Seriously, EVE Online is the only MMO that is seamless and has meaningful pvp (current MMO). Our battles really do end in EVE

And please again, dont blog on WAR until the NDA is lifted please. If you're an internal tester then you owe it to Mythic not to talk about it. You're going to be direspecting Mythic and misleading it's fans

Lastly, I always tell gamers to play a game for themselves. Try to write unbiased blogs and provide details about the gameplay.

Complaining about not having a chance against a vet isn't true. Goonswarm already disproved that myth when they took down BoB

And yeah, you can get some really fun small gang engagements going but remember this ain't WoW. You fly around solo trying to pvp and not have a clue you will lose your ship

Dont post misinformation. You forgot to mention the game has "Insurance". Noob ships are fully covered. Tech II ships do suffer penalty to insurance but by the time you get into those you should know what you're doing.


Sat Jun 07 2008 10:55AM Report
Wrender writes:

Have any of you actually ever played EVE?

Sat Jun 07 2008 10:58AM Report
vajuras writes:

Wrender I wondered if he even made it past the tutorial too because this blog is woefully light on details

Sat Jun 07 2008 11:05AM Report
Shlomo writes:

And i think the death penalty is one of the best things (am drunk so shouldn't be here typing but). Danger makes a good game.

Sat Jun 07 2008 11:11AM Report
eq2js writes:

I have read all of the articles and things that Mythic has released on their game, and i was going to talk abot that. And you EVE fanboys scare me. :P

Sat Jun 07 2008 11:26AM Report
eq2js writes:

I wish I hadn't forgot the part about not posting about 20k  comments about how EVE is amazing, and how stupid I am.

Sat Jun 07 2008 11:27AM Report
ChurchillT writes:

No one called you stupid, well. I didn't. I'm far too lazy to read other peoples comments.. I'm an EVE Fanboi but I was trying to balance out what you said as opinion with what I find as fact. As ever you're entitled to your own views and I won't flame you for them. I'm sorry you didn't enjoy it but it sounds as if you'd enjoy AoC (Apart from it being a very closed storyline) and Warhammer (Which is going to be interesting, it has a good design for a small group of players but on the large scale it may get a little silly)

Anyway, it's an interesting read but it does sound like you yourself are trying to flame and make people dislike the game. I prefer it when people don't try to persuade people to their own views. You're entitled to them but you should tell people to make their own choices, just as you have.

Sat Jun 07 2008 11:34AM Report
Ascension08 writes:

Not saying you're dumb, I'm also looking forward to WAR but I don't think EVE is bad. You have different taste but let those of us who like danger have our game.

Sat Jun 07 2008 11:35AM Report
Greatness writes:

I have tried EvE twice, not too bad of a game and you are right, those who have played longer will definitely be better but the guild gameplay ain't bad. I did quit however and will be ending up subscribing to Vendetta-Online : [url][/url] since more about skill (controls are fps style).

Sat Jun 07 2008 12:01PM Report
Kyleran writes:

Yeah, if you want to get people to reply, blog about EVE.  But we defend it with good reason, it truly is an amazing game but of course isn't for everyone.  Judging from your blog I'll venture to say you didn't get very far, and there's so much more that you didn't see. 

No limit to the number of trials you can play, and some folks need to trial it 3, or 4 times before it takes, so keep an open mind and give it another go someday

Sat Jun 07 2008 12:53PM Report
Nineven writes:

I played the trial for  EVE myself, played through the tutorial (took me about an hour). Then played the game for the rest of the day. I quit afterwards, because I didn't want to get addicted. That game really took me away. I knew that if I kept playing it, I would get hardcore addicted like I did to a previous game, (which ended up me quitting my job to play).

Really, it depends on what kind of game you're looking for. I was looking for a skill-based game, you're probably  looking for something different, simply put. EVE Online is definitely a game for the advanced player though I will say that much.

Sat Jun 07 2008 1:49PM Report
vajuras writes:

I dont think any of us called you stupid that sort of behavior would get us banned :)

I don't think you're stupid but I do think you should try to put some paragraphs in the blog. Space it out a bit better. Maybe add more details or move on to cover WAR like you mention and why you think it will have "amazing pvp". cya at next blog if I gots time thank you

Sat Jun 07 2008 11:49PM Report
vajuras writes:

bah my above comment sound cynical I was being honest I'd like to see the blog bout WAR and what features about it appeals to you

Sun Jun 08 2008 1:00AM Report
eq2js writes:

Sorry about postponing the WAR blog! The new star wars MMO rumors were too tempting to post about :)

Sun Jun 08 2008 12:38PM Report
ZenonSeth writes: Read this guy's article on EvE online: I kind of tend to agree with that, Eve online has its downsides, but I'm still going to play it simply becaseu there is no other space mmorpg that is good out yet. I know some are in development, but I'll continue to play EvE until they get better. Tue Jul 29 2008 8:14PM Report
Sparx-1 writes:

Don't forget that the control system is ridiculous. I would actually really like EVE Online if  you could control the ship with the WASD keys and aim with the mouse and stuff like that, but nooooo, they couldn't even get that right. "Click approach". pfft. It may as well be a browser-based game with that kind of gameplay. It would save the guys who made it a lot of money and make it accessible to more computer types.


(PS I REALLY don't like browser based MMOs!)

Sat Aug 02 2008 12:09AM Report
Sparx-1 writes:

Oh, BTW I find it more than a little racist that the Minmatar, which are basically the EVE equivalent of Africans, were a slave race of the Amarr, which are the EVE equivalent of the Anglo-Saxons or w/e...


Seriously, if you've got deep-space travel and centuries of time from the present, I'm pretty sure that at SOME point the majority of black people would get out of the rut they're in...

Tue Aug 05 2008 11:03AM Report
haello14 writes:

Well my friend.. you say it sucks is because your not taking your time on the skills to level up. Eve online is one of the only mmorpg that takes time and steps. Your not taking your time is what i think your just want instanst gratification so that you can just be at what you want already. The graphics are amazing now and your computer must be shit then i dont know what your talking about but its awesome. Usually people dont play it because there not patient

Thu Apr 15 2010 6:11AM Report
Kexar writes:

Imho everything less than piracy, ganking noobs, scamming alliances etc. is waste of time in eve online.

if you wanna play good guy, there are lot of other mmos with better quests/missions (could be 30 something different missions, and thats over 7 years), better lore (lore put in quests and enviroment not in they webpage), better player co-op (soloing L4 missions, where there is multiplayer component there?), better pvp (your pvp-ship have how much modules to operate, 2-6? + maintaining right range. pvp in eve all about luck an imbalance, find a oponent who is weak to your modules and you win), better ui (uber small and ugly fonts on semitransparent windows, and you can't change it. meh), better grindfests (mining ops are fun? realy?), better enviroment (copy paste space clouds, at least they did one background for each race :D), more gentle punishments for errors (getting new ship is at least ~10 jumps and lot of isk, convert that to RL time, you get days!! wasted)

p.s. and don't use "Real Man play.."  they play Real Life, not some space computer game with submarine physics.

Mon Dec 20 2010 5:00AM Report
Neolobo writes:

This game sucks, becuase you need expend a lees for have a decnet ship 6 months in the game, i tol you not only use i told you use with decencents skill, man thsi game susck only cna have one character por account nonononono, is boring and unbalanced palyers with more time in the server can do mor thinks thna you, make money need a nice ships and nice skill sucks total sucks

Fri Apr 15 2011 4:33PM Report
GavnAisling writes:

"EVE is the big boys' playground; it resembles the real world."

All of your silly self-validation aside, no, Eve is most certainly not "the big boys' playground" - the average player is around highschool age, angsty, and dejected. And unlike in the REAL WORLD, Eve has no real risks or consequeces, because ultimately nothing on Eve is real. All your assets (ISK, ships, etc) merely represented invested time. Nothing else. And it's all meaningless.

You just want to THINK Eve is "the big boys' playground" because in real life, you are but a mere *little* boy, and if it wasn't for self-validation via Eve, you'd have killed yoruself by now. If you want something to brag about, join the marines.

"That's why alot of people DO like it."

I question your use of the word "alot".

"Eve-Online is a very social game."

Nonsense. Eve is the most ANTI-social game I have ever played. ANTI-social behavior, such as griefing, ganking, and scamming, is ENCOURAGED and WIDESPREAD.

"Some people don't see EVE-Online for what it really is."

Eve-online is the dumping ground of other MMOs where they drop off their griefers, scammers, gankers, cheaters, and trolls.

"Seriously, EVE Online is the only MMO that is seamless and has meaningful pvp (current MMO)."

Eve Online is a "sandbox", which is an MMO euphemism for "pointless waste of time".

Conclusion: Eve sucks. It's nothing but scammers and griefers. This makes decent people not want to play the game, and eventually even the scammers and griefers get tired of being scammed and griefed, and quit. The Eve community is hemhorraging players. I get an email every week from CCP begging me to come back to the game, trying to bribe me with free shit. I recently took them up on their "5 free days!" offer. I wanted to see if Eve has improved over the last year. Sadly it hasn't - it's only gotten worse. But I did notice considerably less players...

Fri Aug 12 2011 8:08PM Report
Kevyne-Shandris writes:

"Nonsense. Eve is the most ANTI-social game I have ever played. ANTI-social behavior, such as griefing, ganking, and scamming, is ENCOURAGED and WIDESPREAD."

That's essentially the main problem of why EvE sucks. Think junior high nerds who seek revenge and act no better than those that threw them in lockers. It's a horrible environment, except for those who are sick enough to enjoy boot camp and would want to repeat it again.

What also makes EvE truly suck is the "player made" references, with some idea the game is some sandbox and players have power. The only power anyone has in the game is if they perform according to any rules setup by any publisher. Try to take a destroyer to Jita 4-4 and bomb all those ships coming out of it 24/7. Nope not possible, as CCCP regards that as "griefing". But if you bought $100 of PLEX and had to move it to another station, and while trying to get there get your ship ganked, you're out of $100 worth of RL money and it won't be refunded (meanwhile, CCP is so against RMT in the game, yet allows RL bought items to be stolen like a thief stealing your car). It's this dichotonmy in the "moral law" CCP uses that makes EvE a joke, too. The mottos of "you can do anything if you work hard enough" doesn't apply to suicide ganking Jita 4-4 is a perfect example of it. A game where you suppose to be able to ply any trade be it stealing to wholesale ganking (can lose that $100+ by scamming and thieving or PvP loot, but no, can't blow up 10 ships and play someone equally worse, as now that's considered griefing -- and who defines what is and isn't griefing if thieving, scamming and worse are allowed again???).

Other sucky parts of EvE?

1. The blob warfare that has dominated the game since the BoB days, now only to be replaced by the Goons.
2. With multibox software now approved, we can have bot fleets ingame, and essentially can play it solo (why in a MMO are things like that even allowed? Is greed that much more important than playing with an actual human being?).
3. Game exploits not fixed for years (e.g., Goons monopolizing the Technium market that happened from an exploit, and allowing it to continue).
4. The UI is the worst and I mean the worst in all MMOs. There's not WASD in the game for moving your ship. Literally the game defies even basic gaming essentials for PC gaming -- WASD movement. You right click to move. You have to move on a set grid (so much for a sandbox feel, even to fly your ship. Want to do anything in EvE you're right clicking to fly and shoot).
5. Most boring combat mechanics known. Right click, right click, right click...snore. Takes 45mins to clear some level 4 missions due to all of the ships and the slow damage, all designed as a time sink.
6. You can elect "community representatives" but the votes are via block. Blob fleets elect their friends. So not only can they influence how the game is played, CCP even gives them a free ride to Iceland and back for conferences (how many believe that 23 year-olds can be impartial to represent the players with freebies like that? In RL politics that's considered buying influence).

Play it with PLEX (for free, don't buy it). Otherwise, it's not worth the time (takes over 600 days to have decent skills to fly any ship; this is level 5 in the ship you prefer; good shield/armor skills to survive damage; good weapon skills to kill anything in a life time; good drone skills [game depends on pets essentially for 1/3 of your DPS]; good side skills in electronics and mechanics to have enough power to even fight. Fanbois will pooh-pooh this stuff and claim, "you don't need this or that, just hop into a dessie and pewpewpew"...don't believe it for a minute, they're trying to sell you a Brooklyn bridge (and scam you twice over it with a cheap, easy killmail).

Wed Jun 26 2013 10:55AM Report writes:
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