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MMO stuff

This blog will be about everything MMO

Author: eq2js

What kind of a new MMO needs to be made...

Posted by eq2js Friday June 6 2008 at 3:56PM
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Almost every MMO out there is either class based, or skill based and extemely old/crappy. We need a new skill based MMO that isn't a pain to learn to play like EvE, that has a typical WoWish movement, and fun combat, not a runescape click and wait combat. It needs a combonation of Open World FFA  PvP as well as guild/faction large scale and small scale PvP in both Open World as well as in areas designated for that kind of PvP. You should almost NEVER get XP in any skill from completing quests, it should be what you DO on the quest that gives the XP. Rewards for quests should be money and/or items. Although yo can "grind" skills, it won't be effective to grind a single skill because higher level gathering/crafting skills will be in the same area as more powerful monsters, so advancing the skills you decide you want your character to use together would be the most effective. As for PvE, it too would have to be a big part in the game. The best gear and items should be obtained through high-end PvP raids, which will take large groups of players to complete. And with that gear also comes bragging rights :). Dungeons should almost NEVER be instanced, and neither should almost any other part o the game. If someone makes an MMO like this, it should atract UO and SWG vets, Hardcore PvP and PvE players, as well as more casual gamers. If someone does this, I would definately buy it, and most likely play it for a very long time.

Nineven writes:

I think a solid cyberpunk MMORPG needs to be made. It would give a lot of people a fresh environment, which I think a lot of people are looking for.

Fri Jun 06 2008 10:14PM Report
Rob_dc84 writes:

yeah a cyberpunk would be great . like shadowrun with deckers and street shammys and merc the whole nine yards but make it made by people it know what shadowrun is not MICROSOFT with the flop shadowrun which was crap. oh hell any good cyberpunk mmo would be good.

Fri Jun 06 2008 11:18PM Report
axlezero writes:

Stargate is going to be a skill based system with some kind of balance system for pvp.  They say each build is going to have a major weakness so no single build is overpowered, and that every toon can acquire all the skills.  So its pure skill system without levels from what I've heard.


As far as the kind of game I'd like to see, I'd like to see a cross between DaVinci esque machinery and magic.  With land, sea, and air battles.  Floating player created cities that can be attacked by guild air ships.  I dunno just always fascinated with DaVinci type machines.

Sat Jun 07 2008 1:10AM Report
axlezero writes:

sorry i said stargate is a pure skill system and I meant Earthrise

Sat Jun 07 2008 1:57AM Report
iZakaroN writes:

Absolutely agree. First time I heared that Blizzard is working over WoW I hoped that it will be like that. Thats why WoW become the biggest disappointment for me. Vanguard was on the way to become such great game but missing funds ruined it. I still hope that soon or later there will be real MMO that offer best from old and new MMOs.

Sat Jun 07 2008 4:41AM Report
monteefyster writes:

  It seems that "Mortal Online" will be skill based.   The FPS combat system coupled with the ability to build homes, make furniture makes for a very good upcoming MMORPG. I have been following it for some time.  it will have many uncommon features.  I find it to be a very new wave morpg

Sat Jun 07 2008 9:15AM Report
caractac writes:

The best attempt to date was by far the old Star Wars Galaxies. The variety of things to do has been unmatched by all. I love Cyberpunk so give me that background and give me great variety in the game. A world where you can battle or do not battle and still have something to do that has importance to the world. Interesting craft system, player run (100%) economy. Some high quality space and ships would be nice too.

Sat Jun 07 2008 9:27AM Report
spiritglow writes:

A Shadowrun mmorpg would be most welcome.  Something new and fresh. Microsoft is really lagging in the mmorpg arena and Shadowrun would fit just right about now, too bad they haven't jumped at the opportunity.  

Sat Jun 07 2008 9:53AM Report
Gorogh writes:

Yeah cyberpunk with big freedom and hardcore pvp...i think "arcade" combat system isn't cool for mmorpgs. Also i don't like too much grinding and PvE :)

Sat Jun 07 2008 10:14AM Report
Wrender writes:

I want to play an mmo that actually makes me feel like a noob again when I start. Only two games I can recall that ever did that was EVE:Online and Lineage II.

Sat Jun 07 2008 11:00AM Report writes:
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