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End_break_fomar's blog

Blogging on either MMO injustice or just plain bad MMORPGs.

Author: end_break_f

Guild Wars 2: B2P + Cash shop?

Posted by end_break_f Friday October 1 2010 at 10:40PM
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That's right, Buy to play + Cash shop. As found in arenanet's blog (Which is linked to from the official GW2 site):

".... Dye hues themselves will be unlockable through various means, both in-game and out."

"With the transmutation system, you’ll be able to acquire new items known as Transmutation Stones through our in-game store that allow you to customize your appearance."

The first one, most Guild Wars players will know. In the old game you could dye your armour. As for the transmutation stones, they're allowing you to take a set with good looks and put the look onto a armour set with better stats. And to clarify, the in-game store refers to the shop with buying items with real money already available in Guild Wars 1 (Confirmed by Guild Wars Guru).

Sorry girls, looks like it's drab colors for the poor!

WHY is this something worth complaining about? You have to PAY for Guild Wars 2, as you did for the old game. I'm guessing it's going to be around the standard price of $50-60. Then having to pay for these items? In a F2P game, you don't pay for anything and get an awesome game. Why would I pay $60 then, right after buying a game, to get these in game items?

Before I go off onto a war on Cash shops, player's rights and DLC. The community manager for Anet, Regina Buenaobra has said on this controversial topic - "Our developers really care about the game, and are passionate about making it awesome for players. We understand your concerns, and we're all listening." So I suggest if you have a problem with this, to light up your torches and head to their "Elite" fansites (Which they visit) or mail them. Now I can continue with my tirade.

For those who've been away from Guild Wars (The first) for some time, they've also added cash shop items. I'm assuming they had a taste of the profit that could be had, because it seems that they're carrying the idea over to Guild Wars 2. It seems that the cash shop motivates them, as anyone who bought the Eye of the North expansion will remember. Do you recall the controversy over the armour recycling? (For those who don't know, prestiege armour was a big deal in GW PVE). Apparently, the designers were motivated enough by the cash shops to create unique armours as opposted to armours with copied or modified shapes and designs.

Not only that, but long requested features, such as a "Hair dresser" or make overs for characters were added.... After 4 years of requests and a once per re-make of $10! One would assume that the use of cash shop was deemed necessary because the game would be free roming and persistant, but there are many F2P games with persistance and great graphics. I am thinking this is a trend of blatant greed. Not just from Anet, but from many other game developers as well.

This is a disturbing trend indeed, in which P2P games are including cash shops in their games and complacent gamers argue "Those are only cosmetic additions..." until mounts and game altering short cuts and "Buying to win" situations are made.

Mmmm Cash shop in what was a skill based game....

I am not a fan of cash shop in any game in which we already PAID for the game. Especially if there is a subscription or the game attempts to market itself as a competitive game. I can say, these are distrubing trends because WoW has added a cash shop with pets and mounts. Aion added character re-creation to their cash shop, despite their in-ability to stop bots and farmers in game.

Even console games are not immune to cash shops, althought they're marketed as DLC (Down load content) there are item packs, cosmetics and attempts to squeeze cash out of the consumer. These are especially sickening when you remember the Resident Evil 5 Vs pack. Which was just an 351 KB unlock for something ALREADY on the DISK! It's really just selling you the horse, then making you pay for it's organs.


We as gamers must stop being so complacent and allowing ourselves to be cheaped and duped by million dollar companies. "It's just cosmetic" "You don't have to buy it". You act as if you did'nt pay for $60 dollars and got ripped off!

What happened to us? Why did we let the trolls convince us that our valid arguments and ideals are just QQing? No one can criticize these giants anymore, any attempt is just plain old crying.

The fanboy is the new homo sapien, doomed to buy DLC and pay double for the same amount of content our gaming forefathers so happily enjoyed. lists some other offenders of selling you things already on your disk. for the offending articles.

Hedeon writes:

as for GW2 you talk like people aint aware that its a B2P + cashshop, which the devs have been very clearly said from the start that there will be, and that it would be compareable to the shop in GW1. problem here is that you talk to people that are used to buy the game for 50-60$, then pay 15$/month and pay for expansions, from that perspective those items in the cash shop need to be very expensive, and game breaking if you dont have 1 of the items they sell, before you ll see ppl get pissed off by it, in a game with no subscribtion.

I bumped this one tho since completely agree that its crap how customers let the gaming industry make money grabs like DLCs or in B2P + P2P MMOs where they add cash shops, instead of creating good content like add in game merchants that sells the appearence items, could be alittle game on it own, wouldnt take much of the devs time, but why do that when people are ready to pay 10$ or so for an appearence set? its even worse when its a company like blizzard that does it in a game like WoW, where they already earned millions of dollars on their fans...then making an extra money grabbing scheme in game. 25$ for a mount...holy crap, you just paid for half a game, only that you just had 1 tiny  tiny element of a game, which really should have been gained through gameplay - no matter if it would just be a merchant NPC selling it for 1 copper, or what else creative ideas they could think of.

Sat Oct 02 2010 9:05AM Report
mmonooblet writes:

If the biggest complaint you have is that people can pay cash to get pink pants, then this must be a damn amazing game.

Stop your whining and get over it.  your arguments are NOT valid, and you ARE just crying.

Sat Oct 02 2010 12:07PM Report
Senadina writes:

This isn't news. They have to fund this AAA game somehow, since there is no monthly fee. Save your misplaced outrage for the games that charge a monthly fee AND have a cosmetic cashshop i.e.: WoW, CO,STO etc...

There are no truly FTP games, this isn't a charity, it's a business.

Sat Oct 02 2010 12:16PM Report
Tchwolf writes:

In some respects your right but in a lot your wrong as well...  But my over all point will be that the people that actually want to waste money on Item Mall items are going to do it weather people like it or not.  I personally would rather them spend money on some random hair/armor altering item than buy in game money from a RMT and totally screw the in game economy.

Sun Oct 03 2010 11:11PM Report
magestone writes:

If GW2 put in items into their cash shop that gave you in-game boosts, then you'd have a valid argument.

They dont.

Like others have said before me, quit your bitching.  If you dont want to make your character look pretty, don't buy from the shop.  Simple.  They have to fund this game somehow to keep their employees working on new content.  Yes, the box sales are pretty cool, but they can honestly do so much more with the extra bit of cash from people who WANT to SUPPORT the game FURTHER.  This is real life after all, mmo's don't grow on trees.

Mon Oct 04 2010 4:05AM Report
EvilGeek writes:

I'll go 100% with you as far as sub + cash shop, that is taking the piss, all content, no matter if it is just fluff, should come within the sub. B2P + fluff cash shop items I have less of a problem with, the choice will be based on how much the items cost and how much you want to support the game and the company, at this point in time Anet have done nothing but make me want to support them, if they continue in the same way and don't try and exploit players via the CS I'm going to carry on supporting them. I'm trusting them to do the right thing with their CS until they prove other wise. It all feels like a storm in a tea cup at this point in time.

Mon Oct 04 2010 12:52PM Report
fansede writes:

It all comes down to money. GW art, code, manpower, do not manifest by a rich donor or government grant. This is not an indy project set up by a few dudes in a basement. They already broke the mold of most by dropping the monthly charges. They set up a cash shop for their first game and players were able to enjoy several expansions. The expansions didn't come out every month since launch. So how did the lights stay on?

Mon Oct 04 2010 7:24PM Report
Bandar83 writes:

Well, I have to say I don't mind B2P + limited cash shop. (Like Guild Wars 1) I'm not ok with B2P + F2P cash shop.

In most F2P cash shops you can buy almost everything in the game. If the devs starts to get in a bind, they limit access to certain items in game. Take Runes of Magic for example. They got rid of selling their cash shop currency in game and made their upgrading system almost entirely cash shop based. This is starting to sound similar and I'm not a fan.

I'm really excited about GW 2, but the more I hear about their cash shop, it's giving me doubts. It doesn't sound like GW1 cash shop at all. The more I read, the more it sounds like they are expanding way beyond what is offered in their previous cash shop.

I understand that Anet has to make money, but transmutation stones are a bragged about new feature. You can't brag about having a feature in a game, if you have to pay extra to get it. It's like saying look we have this awesome game with player housing , but it will cost you extra money to use.

These stones are supposed to let you keep the look of the armor you like and merge it with the better stats of another armor. That seems like a pretty important feature to be throwing straight into a cash shop with no alternatives. If the transmutation stones can be obtained in game then I'm ok with that. Otherwise I will not support this game.

I'm still pretty stoked for the game, but I'm going to wait for more info on their cash shop before committing to purchasing it. From what I've seen and read, this game looks like it could rival sub based games for funness/design, but I don't want to be nickel and dimed for game features/mechanics. Either stick to GW1 cash shop or go sub.

Mon Oct 04 2010 8:22PM Report writes:
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