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I know more then everyone about everything. I spell worse than most people, thus I know a lot about bad spelling. Here is a blog that has nothing to do with the above.

Author: elEzzAr

Premature Ejacu.. Release

Posted by elEzzAr Friday April 16 2010 at 2:57PM
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This is to all investors, publishers and Project Managers in the MMO Industry.

You're all currently forcing an issue that most other men would be ashamed to admit.


It used to be that developers released their MMO's plagued with buggs and balance issues.. but that was another time, before beta's and such.

Then it picked up quite a bit, betas were used to pollish games, and games were actually released as a finished prouct for a while.

Not so much anymore.

I may seem gullible and ignorant to the ways of the world here, but It stil believe that releasing an MMO should be a statement of your companys skill and quality of production. However this has degenerated into a pure, and financially skewed, mass production race.

It seems to me that lately, publishers consider a game to be ready for release as soon as mechanics allow players to walk in all four directions. Beta has become little more then server stress-tests.


Obviously most developers are gamers, and as gamers they would like to release an awesome game, so I blame publishers and investors for forcing the releases.

But here is what I dont understand.

When did you last see a prematurely released MMO's sales, actually pick up several months past release? I sure havent seen that, and I'm looking quite hard.  Wouldent you, as investors and publishers, rather wait 6 more months and then make twice what you would have by a premature release?


Release day is when a game seals its faith.

The financial backers of the industry obviously has a hard time grasping this, but if you made a graph displaying the multi-media attention your game recieves during it's lifespan, release day and the comming couple of weeks would be a clear peak.

This is when EVERY professional and not so much, reviewer cast their judgement.

This is when all the "first" gamers check it out, and report their findings back to their community.

If the game fails to impress these groups, it wil never get another shot.  Honestly, thinking - that in this day and age, with this market and this competition, you can ever hope to considerably rise in status if release was a bummer is just plain old fashion stupid.


Here is what needs to be in place when the game goes gold:

- All core mechanics must be working and polished.

- All Features should also be working

- Enough content to keep an average player bussy for atleast 3 months.

- Severe exploit testing must have been done

- It is okay to lack  balance tweaking, and have patch style content and features planed for the future, but these should not be the kind that defines the game. Everything that defines the game must be working at the time of launch. You cannot just sell a product by lining up a bunch of things you hope to be able to do in some future patch.


Summing up, this is a horrible trend. It destroys potentially great game concepts because they almost never surive long enough to finish what they started.

The moronic part in my hopinion at least, is that not only does players suffer from it, but so does the investors. all they got to do is have some patiance. Let the developers finish their game, then collect on that.     Win / Win.


this irritates me to a degree that prevents from spellchecking this entry.


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changyou writes:

"this irritates me to a degree that prevents from spellchecking this entry."

Wow. Did you actually think that was a good excuse? Irritation is no excuse for illiteracy, because illiteracy is irritating. So that's just a vicious cycle waiting to happen.

Fri Apr 16 2010 6:55PM Report
elEzzAr writes:

I'm glad the essence of the writup cought your attention :) Oh and.. you may want to check the blog description.

Fri Apr 16 2010 7:23PM Report
changyou writes:

I did read the blog description. If you can't write legible sentences you shouldn't be representing your company in this blog - period. No matter how many times you repeat that you're "not good at spelling" it remains an invalid excuse. You could at least have someone proof your posts for you.

Fri Apr 16 2010 8:12PM Report
elEzzAr writes:

I'm not representing any company man, I'm not in the industry in any way :P English isen't even my first language.

Cant belive people get so worked up over these kinds of issues.

If you're venting, and then proofread.. it's by definition not venting anymore.

Fri Apr 16 2010 10:13PM Report
Galthon writes:

And the best way you can represet your company is to nitpick some blogger's language arts skills? (Not directed to elEzzAr, obviously)

Sat Apr 17 2010 3:56PM Report
Hyanmen writes:

The fans could use some of that patience too.


Players dig that grave as much as the investors, imo. Not so much the developers, but the people who fund the development.

Thu Apr 22 2010 10:27AM Report
dar_es_balat writes:

Release day is when a game seals its faith.


The saying is "Seals its fate"   Think about it.   The games are either facing success or failure based off the release.  They arent facing Buddha, Mohammed, or the Church of Latter Day Saints.

Fri Apr 23 2010 1:57PM Report writes:
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