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Author: doinkermit

The Waiting Game

Posted by doinkermit Sunday July 1 2007 at 7:12PM
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    As I have been browsing the forums and reading through my share of reviews of games,I have found myself only reading posts of reviews about how horrible current games are and about how "Great, and Unbelievable super awesome to the max" the new games will be.


    It seems as though almost every single person on either hates there current game and or,plays or hates WoW, And is angry with the community for producing these MMOs and not making them perfect.


    So the game everyone is currently playing or has on their wishlist is "The Waiting Game" basically everyone here is waiting on the "Next Gen MMOs" that will "Revolutionize the Genre"


    To pass the time in the next few months to come you may be playing free monthly games such as PlayNC's Guild Wars, or Jagex's Runescape though i really doubt that last one since it seems almost every one on this site hates that game with passion.


    But I have news for you MMO fans playing "The Waiting Game" all the new games coming will not revolutionize the genre or get any better, they will not take down the evil tyrant which we know as WoW and they wont be any better than the current MMO's we have.


    Now for the individual games

Pirates Of The Burning Sea- This game is way overly Hyped, for one thing is being produced by SOE which basically ruins it right there but, who wants to play a game about a bunch of pirates? maybe pirates of the carribean fanboy, if that is how you spell that either way you know what I'm talking about, and if you arent a potc fanboy you will most likely be deamed one for playing a game about pirates, have fun loving Johny Depp and Orlando Bloom.


WAR- I have nothing to say other than WoW 2.


Tabula Rasa- Seems like a Halo+ Auto assault =MMORPG type of equation to me.


Darkfall- there is some good hype for this one but i mean wtf man its been in developement for like 30 years they have been giving us new release dates for years who knows when this is coming out =/


Fury- this game looks like it will not last long, I actually look forward to playing this game but i doubt it will stay alive long because without a big community there is nothing to this game since its pure PVP


Age Of Conan- This was the only game that really looked like it would be good to me, but its being made for the Xbox 360 and will definately be dumbed down, to the max of any MMO Ever. And if AoC pc players play along with Xbox players the xbox folks will have litteraly no chance to create chains and win PvP matches against users with a computer


Overall I say don't put too much hype into the future and look for a fun game now all these games might look great now but if you look forward to them to much they can only be a disappointment, 


Your Great Friend,

Doinkermit/Deven Ware

p.s.-be sure to stay tuned for the next installment of MMOPP&B

jlbomba writes:

i think your 100% on the money.  I am so tired of not seeing anything different. vista turned out to be the worst thing to happen to gamers.  show me disallusioned

Tue Jul 10 2007 2:00PM Report
Laldidar writes:

Wow - i think you just have a negative view of life or something. Its perfectly within your right to have you own opinion about a game, but don't preach to us "facts" which make the games "suck" when you have absolutely no clue what you're talking about.

I'll just pick out one of your entries. Pirates of the Burning Sea - i'm no fan boy, I am excited about this game, but if its not executed well i'm sure as hell not paying for it. Sony is NOT producing this game. They are PUBLISHING the game. They have absolutely no control over the content or direction of the game. They distribute the game and market it. They have NO control over it whatsoever. If you read the potbs features here on you might know this. Just reading forums posts and making decisions about a game from that... is not very smart. I suggest actually visiting the producer's website and actually read up about it.  (By the way, the game is in no way associated to the Pirates of the Caribbean movies)

You should apply the same amount of scrutiny to all the other games on your list. You could also try taking a positive outlook on life - the glass is half full.

~ Jacob

Tue Jul 10 2007 2:03PM Report
iller writes:

I'm actually quite content with the MMO's I've been playing for the last 3 years (CoH & GW) so I'm not one of these Malcontents hovering about these forums, ...despite the fact that I am however a massive malcontent anyway.

But I think this blog is right on the money as the No-BS wake-up call for anyone who's under the impression that the string of games currently on the horizon in any way constitutes "next gen" or WoW-killers as what we've gotten over almost a decade so far has been just more-of-the-same. This is because the industry requires investors and investors in-turn demand the same business model that's been in place since this Genre began.  Even the mighty Blizzard which rose to power by constantly revolutionizing gameplay, has its hands tied in the MMO universe and is forced to dig the same rut EQ made so infamous.  Scathing as this is, I predict it will grant its author dozens and dozens of  "I told you so"s over the next couple years

Tue Jul 10 2007 4:40PM Report
iceberg2ice writes:

I tend to disagree with the main poster here. Simply stating that all future games wont be better is wrong. If you look back 3-4 years, when wow and GW came, they were much better than previous similar games, in graphics gameplay and in general new ideas. Sure they reused some of the old tried and tested good ideas but this is not a bad thing. They still added innovations and in general provided better gaming experience. I don't see any reason why this cannot be improved even further.


Taking wow as the comparison base since it's the most populated game in the MMORPG genre, I can already see easily points that can be improved without much effort. Graphics: wow graphics are outdated. They were done this way 3 years ago so that people with underpowered PCs could play, and the customer base grow. Now we have better graphics cards, and this reflects in the much more realistic graphics in games like Age of Conan. Grinding: Blizz made a big mistake making the whole game a grindfest and giving too little (after)thought to pvp. WAR is not doing the same mistake, they are improving a lot on that making pvp a core part of the game.


So yes, there IS room for improvement, and whoever does it will make good money. This is enough motivation, and enough reason to believe someone will do it soon. I could go on with more comparisons, but this is enough to make the point.


Wed Jul 11 2007 2:23PM Report
Joeman098 writes:

like lalidar said you have your info completly Wrong on pirates of the burningsea  learn what your talkin about befor u blog about it

Wed Jul 11 2007 4:52PM Report
Carnivo writes:

If you did any research, you'd know that there is a Pirates of the Caribbean Online game, along with PotBS. PotCO will be for the fanboys, and PotBS will be for the people who want an actual historical genre game. Right now, PotBS is the highest hyped historical game, and the only one on your list that is not fantasy or sci-fi.

Besides, you don't even have to be a pirate...

Wed Jul 11 2007 5:16PM Report
Kubila writes:

Are you joking?  Do you have any knowledge on these games? Or did you just decide to blog about games you spent 2 days looking over?

Which is the only Explanation i can think of, after you chose to get  Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean, mixed up with Flying lab Software's Pirates of the Burning Sea, which is being Published by Sony. And not Producing the game.

Ohh wait your think they are the same thing. As Captian Sparrow would put it. "Interesting".

Bad critics are bad critics, and nothing more. And i think you added to the list of bad critics. Kudos!

You offered no pionts of interests to comment on, nothing taken from the game to debate about, showed nothing about any games besides your thoughts and how horrible these games are,  My guebs is your not playing anything right now because you thought the past Big named games were horrible too.

In fact i bet your first MMO game was World of Warcraft.

you wasted good blog space for your "Waiting list"

Wed Jul 11 2007 6:23PM Report
Grayald writes:

That whole writeup was a bunch of unfounded garbage from an ignorant buffoon who has no idea what he's taling about.

Wed Jul 11 2007 6:30PM Report
Zehive writes:

PotC is something most forums members at flying lab dont even like to discuss. also, you can be a freetrader, navy officer, privateer, or pirate. and that you dont have too can if you want but its not going to be as productive as quests. that guy probably saw 3 posts about maybe 1/3 of an article and decided he hated it. also what seems to be impossible too beat through peoples heads is that POTBS IS NOT CONTROLLED BY SOE!! is it so difficult to imagine that. he also says that there are no next generation games...WRONG!!! how do you know PotBS could or couldnt be next generation if youve failed to do hardly any research.
Wed Jul 11 2007 6:50PM Report
Decardo writes:

just a few points (some have been mentioned above) -

1. Please try using a spell checker, makes reading any blog alot easier.

2. Please try to check the information you are posting, the wildly inacurate account of PotBS is just plain stupid.

3. If you realy find the MMO's that are up and coming that bad then maybe take up another hobbie?


Other than the 'facts' being totaly wrong and the very negative attitude it was a very nice post, haven't had such a good laugh in ages



(aka LordFear on the PotBS forums if you fancy a chat ;))



Wed Jul 11 2007 6:54PM Report
Cemoa writes:

Holy shit buddy, you need a clue. Sony is NOT producing the game, they are publishing it. And Flying Lab has taken all the precautions they can to ensure that SOE will have nothing to do with gameplay or anything. They are in charge of marketing, and marketing only. Besides, get over yourself, you are one of those people who find out that SOE is part of a game (no matter how big or small of a role they play (such as POTBS with marketing)) and just assume it's crap. You sir, are a fucking retard. Have fun with your 14th birthday little buddy.

Wed Jul 11 2007 7:39PM Report
Keyh writes:

Some tips for you before you post something like this. They've been stated before, but bear repeating.

1. Know your subject. Your arguments show that you've MAYBE read the description of the games on the hype list on, but it definitely shows that you have no clue other than "This is about Pirates." "This is about Conan."

A. Pirates of the Burning sea is not being produced by SOE. SOE is publishing the game which means that they're doing marketing and making the boxes. They have absolutely no say in anything other than that. Saying that it's about a bunch of "pirates" and that only PotC fans will want it show an extremely high level of ignorance coupled with the statement that SOE is producing the game. You know absolutely nothing about this game.

B. Warhammer. The very fact that you use the term "WoW 2" kind of kills your credibility. Warhammer is NOT trying to be like WoW, it looks like they're attempting to build upon what Dark Age of Camelot did with RvR (Yes, there were MMOs before WoW, believe it or not). The game looks and sounds nothing like WoW except for the fact that it has Orcs and Elves. Which in that case it should be called Ultima Online 23.

C. Tabula Rusa. Looks like a rehash of Planetside, combining FPS with MMO in a battle between different factions for certain points of the map. I personally don't know much about it.

D. Fury and Darkfall I haven't followed, therefore will not comment.

E. Age of Conan, you says is going to be "dumbed down" because it's going to Xbox 360? I fail to see how it will be "dumbed down". Looking at the combat videos and reading about it, it shows that you do combos by swinging in different directions, I fail to see what would need dumbed down to move to console.


2. Comparing games to popular games that are barely similiar (like comparing Tabula Rusa to Halo, when all that is similar is that they're an FPS) makes you look like you don't play many games. People that want news and reviews from people that play alot of games. Tabula Rusa would be better compared to Planetside, Warhammer to DAoC.


3. Spell check. Whenever typing in game, or in chat, typos and bad grammar is acceptable. However, whenever posting something that you want people to think of as a "journalist article", it's unforgivable.


4. Content/Details. During the entire post, you gave no back-up for your arguments. You said that nothing is revolutionary, but you failed to go into ANY sort of detail for the individual games. You said "Bah Pirates" "This looks like WoW, so I don't like it." and "This is an FPS so it's like Halo and I don't like it."

Wed Jul 11 2007 7:54PM Report
UnSub writes:

I read the first bit of this blog in the newsletter and it sounded good enough to click the link and read the rest. What a pity the rest of your rant had no substance.

I agree - anyone who thinks the next wave of MMOs will fix what was 'wrong' with this wave is deluding themselves. There will be some improvement, but it a lot more likely next gen MMOs will provide evolution to the genre rather than revolution.

WAR - if you'd said DAOC 2, you'd at least have gotten the dev studio right. From what I've read, WAR seems to be more PvP focussed than WoW... or at least that is where Mythic are trying to put in some differentiation.

POTBS I don't care about, so won't comment on. Good luck to them if they make the pirate genre something interesting. Can't comment on Darkfall as I know nothing about it.

Tabula Rasa - last I checked, it was PvE only and Lord British was spending a lot of focus on making the game revolve around moral choices. An MMO with consequences for character actions? Could be interesting.

Age of Conan - I wonder what will happen on the day that PC fanbois have to contend that perhaps consoles can provide game experiences that are just as complex as you get on PCs. It might not be AoC, but if you really think AoC will be "dumbed down, to the max of any MMO Ever" then you are obviously ignoring all the free MMOs and kiddie MMOs out there. And then there is the possibility that it might be easier to fight in Conan if you have a controller over a keyboard.

Fury - one of a number of pure PvP MMOs that are coming out. Given that MMOs that are heavily orientated around PvP can sell pretty well (e.g. GW), it will be interesting to see if a pure PvP game can survive. I'm betting it will do better than you indicate.

Thing is, I've just written out a better laid out article than you did. Try harder next time, Doinkermit.


Fri Jul 13 2007 9:25AM Report
MADMANusa writes:

"Pirates Of The Burning Sea- This game is way overly Hyped, for one thing is being produced by SOE which basically ruins it right there but, who wants to play a game about a bunch of pirates? maybe pirates of the carribean fanboy, "

You have to be the worst person to be writing an article.  For 1 Sony is NOT producing this game!  they are handling the publishing of it only.  Read it idiot.

Also, take a look at the future games coming out in the next year.  Look closely at what category they all are.  Lets see hmmm Fantasy, Fantasy look more Fantasy and Science Fiction...   That's original..

The only 2 games that are not are Pirates of the Burning Sea (historical) and Agency (real life) 

The thing you need to do is take an introduction class in GETTING YOUR FACTS STREIGHT!!

At least there is a few developers trying to break this stupid wave of repetitive games.   You should be praising them for there efforts..

Fri Jul 13 2007 10:32PM Report
Nyzmo writes:


I just felt that needed to be linked here.

Mon Jul 16 2007 12:34PM Report writes:
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