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Where should developers' focus fall?

Which mmorpg aspects are the most important, and where do the other aspects fall into place. This is based off the assumption that developers can't (and usually don't) present a game evenly polished across the board.

Author: dcostello

MMORPG importance of aspects

Posted by dcostello Saturday December 6 2008 at 5:48PM
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   Given that most games, even if they are popular, polished games, don't create a game evenly balanced amongst the many mmorpg aspects, how should developers place values on the several mmorpg aspects?  Well, simple, just place  the most focus on the more popular categories and sub-categories.  Here's just a list of aspects.  Remember this is a question based on the assumption that mmorpgs rarely  spread their focus evenly amongst the list of aspects.

-PvP (Sub-categories: RvR, 1-1, Small-tactical teams, sieges, arena fighting, full-loot, etc.)

-PvE (Sub-categories: Quests, Parties, Ability to solo mobs vs. dependency on parties, etc.)

-Crafting (Sub-categories: A large amount of unique/diverse item options, making an actual career out of it, fueling the in-game economy, etc.)

-Community (Sub-categories: Player community size, helpful player community, good support {from admins}, diverse range of levels, etc.)

-Class system (Sub-categories: In-depth class system, lots of options and little restrictions, defined class types vs. undefined class types, stat points, skills, etc.)

-Extra Content: (Sub-categories: multiple expansions, a large number of: items, bosses, quests, areas to explore, land to conquer/hold, ships {or space ships}, etc.)


-Economy: (Sub-categories: Maintained by players, balance of money gained and lost to prevent places from reaching ridiculous amounts of wealth quickly, increased trade options/niches, mine nodes, etc.)

-And any other aspects you can thinking of...


  These are just a few aspects to think of when dealing with this problem.  The sub-categories are really just things to keep in mind when discussing the importance of certain aspects, and as a means of supporting an aspect(s)'s importance.  So how should the aspects be lined up (with the most important on the top, and the least important on the bottom)?

caemsg writes:







thats about it unless you spend 2/3 of your buget on graphics concentrate on gameplay and you are set oh and no classes classes are bad

Sat Dec 06 2008 11:38PM Report
ghstwolf writes:

I think the biggest problem is trying to seperate everything into nifty little catagories.  Why exactly must PvP be outside of PvE?  Is it PvE or PvP if you take a quest to kill another player?  And why does it seem so many games artificially widen the gap between them (gear itemization and even character skill development)?

IMO the "real" next gen will take a more wholistic approach.  One where tight knit groups battle it out for dominance on the battlefield and in the markets.  A game that is so dynamic that the emerging storyline would have you completely lost if you switched servers as early as 3 months in.  Not just because the player groups are different, but because the in game factions can change that much while still remaining very important.

Probably a pipedream.

Sun Dec 07 2008 1:33AM Report
mrprogguy writes:

- Classes are fine.

- PVP is for diseased minds.

- Crafting is dull in real life, and doesn't get any better in-game.

- Player-run economies are crap.  See previous point. 

- I'm not all that happy about communities, either.  People end up acting like punks.  Personal maturity dies a slow and painful death in MMORPGs and their message boards.

- Content is good.  I like content.

Sun Dec 07 2008 7:40AM Report
dcostello writes:

@ ghstwolf

  Look, I want a game that weaves all the apsects into a perfect mesh, but isn't that a little too idealistic.  I mean games can blend different aspects together pretty well, but not perfectly.  So, I posed this question because games aren't perfect, and they tend to shift their on a few key aspects of the game. 

Sun Dec 07 2008 10:31AM Report
birken writes:

-I like classes casue i like that idea of having a name in a sence but i dont like classes casue it basically show what is going to happen. For ex. Wizz  nuke nuke root nuke  dead  u see a wizzy that what u think  or something like that. War slash slash kick block  with some skills. So classes yes and no.

-Pvp is a must have, It can be done it simple just need to be done.

-Crafting is also a must questing and leving are fun but sometime u just need a break  or  you are sick of crappy drops.

-Player run economies work as long as u have the money going somwhere back into the game and not building up in player banks.

- Communites the biggest of all why do they suck? U got it either the game sucks or the pvp system sucks. PLZ someone LEARN FROM OTHER MISTAKES STOP COOKIE CUTTING MMO RPGS we dont want to play these crappy games anymore!!!

- Good content help alot people like options.

Sun Dec 07 2008 12:47PM Report
ghstwolf writes:


I don't believe it is too idealistic.  In fact I don't see it as any more challenging than the cookie cutter crap coming out today.  Building mobs in the same way player toons are made is a good start.  That would start the combining process, erasing many PvE/PvP balance issues.  Granted good AI for mobs would be a huge blessing as well.

I am a huge fan of low power creep and tactical play.  I believe a good community is one that players need to work together.  Truely dynamic and important factions plays a huge role in this bringing groups together and setting them against each other.

Those are unbelievably easy compared to say finding better ways to balance than the typical DPS vs Survivability model that so often fails.  But hey maybe any change beyond  story and the skins is idealistic, if that is true then MMOs are dead.

Sun Dec 07 2008 4:27PM Report writes:
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