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Random thoughts from the pit.

Just some random thoughts from a pod pilot wandering the systems of New Eden, the streets of Paragon City, and the islands in the Rogue Isles and now featuring - Darkfall. Nothing overly exciting, just day-to-day living and loving.

Author: damian7


Posted by damian7 Saturday July 19 2008 at 5:05PM
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There's this alliance, you may have heard of them, they're called the Band of Brothers.  One day, they decided that they would control the lives of everyone in null sec.  They decided that BoB would be the ones to control the known universe.

They were beat down and beat upon and forced to run and hide and lose system after system.  It seems they had taken to hiding in stations held by strong pirate factions, rather than being able to actually hold their own stations.

Once, they had an image of being powerful, perhaps even invincible.  Their leaders were haughty and overbearing tyrants.  That much has not changed.  What has changed is that this alliance just doesn't control much space.  They've decided that actually controlling space is beyond their capabilities.

So, they've started a PR-campaign about a bold new endeavour upon which they've embarked.  They call it MAXIMUM DAMAGE (either Max, or Max Age, for short).  Who is this campaign against?  Where will this campaign extend from/to?  What are the goals of this campaign?  No one knows.  It's goals are unknown.

Previously, this alliance called BoB, had grandiose plans of conquering all of null sec, and then moving on to conquer the Four Empires themselves.  Now, this alliance called BoB, has a grandiose plan NAME, and a large fleet.

How the (once thought) invincible have fallen.  The angels began their heavenly chorus the day the oppressed citizens of New Eden took up arms against their evil ant overlords... the ones we call BoB.

Groups such as the russian alliance have shown it does not take huge numbers to accomplish goals.  Groups such as the goonswarm have shown that it does not take a decade of experience to accomplish goals.  Many like-minded groups have shown that years of oppressive megalomania ARE reason enough to band together for the common good.


What got me thinking about all this today?  I drew the short straw and am stuck helping deliver POS fuel.  Whilst engaged in this activity, I was looking thru the local boards and found a bit of news that had made it's way out to us...



I'll try to keep this is brief and neutral as possible:

The buildup -
Most of this was posted at that point. Basicly BoB moves to x-7o, a NPC-station-system in Pure Blind. From there they launch an attack on IRON, and in particular, VFK-. The initial fights are pretty straightforward. BoB throw themselves through the gate, Iron defend it. Main fights are at one gate, but BoB tries to flank and go through another simultaneously. They managed to tackle an Avatar, who DD's their butt and Iron get some quick help by a mix of NC and some 60 RA. Thanks to RA and the titan the fight ends in favour of NC.

Friday passes with no major engagements, BoB building up their base in x-7o and NC mobilizing to support IRON.

Saturday sees some action. NC is camping homeland while reports come of a BoB fleet that approaches from behind/another pipe. NC jump their main fleet towards JU-, where BoB has launched an attack on the cynojammer. Second NC fleet meanwhile prepares to jumpbridge to flank BoB. For some reason they decide to jump to a dead-end system, S-DN, which allows for NC to gather the two fleets again and set up on optimals on the gate. BoB jumps back into JU- and of course get slaughtered. The main part of the NC fleet are not even present, 15min delay on jumps through gates, couple of mins to load grid and a few mins to activate mods. Lag hit both sides bad, but NC had the position and the numbers in this fight.

Sunday has an early/US TZ fight in 2R-, BoB gets repelled here as well. Losses on both sides are pretty equal but NC holds the field.

..later that sunday BoB floods into CCP- and starts to work on the cynojammer. NC has a fleet about the double size compared to the BoB numbers, and when the jammer approaches half armor, NC sends about half fleet into CCP- while the other is trying to flank BoB.

BoB immediately retreats into DO6. NC main fleet follows and starts to clear off all stragglers they can, when 7 (seven) cynos lit up and NC are called back. BoB cyno in at least two titans, a mothership, a bunch of dreads and.. they seem to equip all their pod-pilots with HACs, their fleet goes from BS- to HAC-heavy. While in D06, BoB pops a small, abandoned mining tower. Obviously both sides are reluctant to jump into eachother so.. BoB calls it a day and retreats.

Monday was fairly dead, NC manned their camp while BoB was seen cynoing in/out lots of logistics in x-7o.

Tuesday saw BoB and RA fight over some POS somewhere, reports has it BoB have popped 15 or so RA-towers a bit away but it's nothing anyone bothered to defend as far as I know up until this point. BoB scores a few carrier-kills, while NC is busy killing a carrier/dread of some unknown people somewhere else.

Wednesday had no fight of significance either.

All in all:
BoB have been trying different approaches. Throwing ships at the NC to try 'flood' the dam. Obviously without any success. At several occations they've been trying to flank the NC but reports have come well in time to repel those attacks.

Both sides lost ships, mostly BoB due to the nature of NC being the defender (and numbers). Regarding infrastructure.. BoB killed one offline small mining POS, and as reports, a handful of RA-POS' somewhere.

Only caps really fielded is the NC Avatar the first two days, and some assorted carriers/motherships with fighters. BoB had their hotdrop in d06. In the current situation caps arn't really needed.

Hardly been involved apart from that first day, they got their own little thing going on with BoB and their POS'.

Just man the camp, keep scouting BoB and doing their job.

Main thing you see is they are trying to kill POS. It's quite obvious they're trying to kill Sov, cyno gens, etc. Logistics, infrastructure. So far they havn't had any impact at all in that regard, but obviously that's a threat not to neglect. To my knowledge the only POS to die so far is mining POS, and well.. we both know they give quite a nice income. In this regard, BoB purely struck RA so far (and I don't know how big impact that had on RA at this point).

All in all BoB have caused damage - to RA. While they lost isk - to NC. I'm not sure that BoB will be successful of killing sov, but the obvious threat is to mining POS' all over. I count MAX as a potential threat, but mainly to mining POS if anything. They'll have a hard time fighting numbers/cynojammers.

And so far their FC's havn't impressed. A few decisions taken that actually made it easier for NC to beat them.

.I think that's as neutral as I can put it.

Some healthy respect is needed for BoB's capfleet, but their conventional fleets are no major threat at this point. FC's taking odd decisions, easy to predict their moves, and cynojammers + numbers effectively counter them (at this point). Obviously this is all subject for change if need be.

All non-BoB should be looking after their POS' at this point. Their main strength with that cap heavy fleet, and their main goal as it seems, is just to kill every POS they see.

As I said, leave my name/no direct quotes please, but I think that's the best/as neutral as it can get view on the MAX-campaign so far.

Happy hunting, see you in space,

2008.07.17 02:50
..just read through the stuff I mailed to you, the 3rd mail wasn't too clear on d06.

1) Their titans didn't fire off DD's there, NC escaped pretty much unharmed. We lost some stragglers, and people that d/c'ed and logged back in.
2) The abandoned tower in d06 = Fade, not the Deklein region. BoB been doing some chestbeating about 'taking sov3' by killing a tower in there. Well.. tbh noone know the tower existed. :) And noone cared about losing sov there either.
3) I don't think BoB is throwing a diversion, they honestly do try to take down the jammer. The POS war they fight is simultanous with the conventionals. And in the d06-fight they obviously had prepared for a hotdrop. Reports from our spies say SirMolle was FCing their conventional fleet at that point (and Shrike was one of the titans that arrived).

Just thought those were worth adding. I think MAX is just that.. if they fight multiple fronts at the same time, they will destroy something, almost all the time.

Jeratan writes:


News flash, captain fail: Bob won the war. Goonfleet/TCF/RA and the rest of eve failed to take Delve and pulled out.

So easy to forget that Goonfleet have been around for three years.
So easy to forget that RA have the most experienced pilots in eve.
So easy to forget that RA banded with RSF because they didnt have enough numbers.

Chalk up another lemming lapping up CAOD propaganda.

Sat Jul 19 2008 5:26PM Report
KillerEwok writes:

I always enjoy reading after action reports on EVE online even though I don't play it anymore, everything sounds awesome

Sat Jul 19 2008 5:35PM Report
damian7 writes:
  • actually Jeratol, you should really do a little bit of research.  I mean, you DO claim to have been around for at least 5 years, correct?

    Who said, and I quote, from "Goonicide" itself...

    Are GoonSwarm ever going to be allowed to build up in any way in 0.0 space again?

    For the moment, we are leaving syndicate but we will continue to monitor the GoonSwarm and should we feel that they have done anything of note in the game, we will destroy it.

    I am sure that some of those remaining GoonSwarm members will be rejoicing at having survived this long against us but I can only ask you were you have been recently.

    Keep watching Goons, because we will.

    We will be back, with gangs, with fleets, with BoB.

    We command your game now. As long as you remain in GoonSwarm, we make you play our way and nothing you say will really convince yourself that this isn't true.

    All Too Easy.

    p.s. thanks to digi for the topic title <3

    p.p.s. to the flamers and trolls not involved, I wouldn't waste your breath replying you'll just be ignored. Serious questions/comments only thanks.


    I'll give you you a hint, "it's three initials above this line".

    So, I am not sure what exactly you mean by Goons lost.  By Goons losing, you must mean, "goons kicked many asses, destroyed many alliances, shoved new eden wannabe-tyrants bob into a tiny corner, and CONTRARY to bob-tard remarks, are actually living IN 0.0".

    Goons are not the filthy oppressors.  What bob-tards have NEVER understood, and God only knows why I'm saying this...

    oh wait.. because it's funny as HELL    -- "dining in nol" is the BIGGEST goof/slam/laugh against Bob-tards that is possible... who would've thought that an alliance that actually does hate each other (such as goons), would have enough bob-hate against them, that they (goons), would STAY as an alliance??  much less (goons) befriend ANYONE EVER??  orrrrrrrrrr (anti-bobbers, along with goons) put bob into a D-list position?

    goons are nothing.  remember?  only an incredibly loud-mouthed, arrogant enemy could possibly keep a group like the goons unified.
  • thank you BoB.  none of this would be possible WITHOUT you.  I pray Goons NEVER dine in Nol.  cuz then the GCW (goon civil war) would start and goons would be no more.

    But that's ok, Jeratol, I like your posts about how you've been around for 5 years, and apparently, have no clue about anything in New Eden at all, EXCEPT for some comments you picked up on a guide someplace and confused that they were for vet players, but gave it as advice for rookies.

    GBTW.   5 years.   el oh el.

Sat Jul 19 2008 5:53PM Report writes:
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