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Random thoughts from the pit.

Just some random thoughts from a pod pilot wandering the systems of New Eden, the streets of Paragon City, and the islands in the Rogue Isles and now featuring - Darkfall. Nothing overly exciting, just day-to-day living and loving.

Author: damian7

Darkfall - hardcore? or turning carebear?

Posted by damian7 Friday May 15 2009 at 3:08PM
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In this issue of "Check out Darkfall", we look at destroying items from your backpack -- 2 minute timer = hardcore, or not...


Let's do a quick loot-check on a well-established, ffa pvp, "full loot" game that we call Eve Online.

When you are 'defeated' in eve - your ship explodes.  Some of your modules and cargo are also destroyed.  You are left in a pod.  Your pod can be destroyed and along with it, your implants.  Whatever is left over (never anything from a pod), can be looted and the wrecked ship can be salvaged (for a handful of salvage items).

That is what I consider the standard in "hardcore pvp looting".  You whoop someone's butt, and you get whatever is left over after the big BOOM...


Now, let's see what Darkfall has, and ask the question, "Why?"

We will use "ganking a harvester" as our example.  Joe is harvesting and gets attacked.

If he's actively harvesting, hit the number you want for your hotkeyed weapon (assuming you're on the correct keybind column; if not, switch to it first- shift+#) and he's fighting.  If he's resting, then right-click to get out of rest, switch to weapon and unsheathe, and then get to fighting.

Let's say that our harvester has very light (if any) armor, and only a starter weapon, and is alone.  Our harvester starts fleeing and decides to destroy his goods.  To do this, he must open his interface view; then, drag and drop items into the flaming trash can, one at a time.  While in interface view, if auto-move was active while in action view - our harvester will continue moving in that direction.  While in interface view, our harvester can neither turn, nor sprint.  Our harvester can also not move backwards, only forward. 

So, our harvester is taking extra damage from back shots, unarmored unable to turn, unable to sprint - running in that straight line until he hits something and stops moving...  Yet, wannabe-pvpers, EVEN WITH all these advantages, and obviously attacking the unarmored harvesters - were unable to incapacitate these harvesters faster than the harvesters could destroy 3-12 different types of mats/regs + tools. 

End result - LOTS of QQ from pvpers that just aren't good at pvping, and now, when you destroy an item, it will be on your corpse if you are slain within the next two minutes.

Using Eve as our standard for hardcore pvp action (which I am doing) - this change is nothing other than carebear and weaksauce.  If you have all of these advantages (backshots, hitting an unarmored opponent, opponent can't sprint or turn - just run in a straight line) and you can't kill your target in a timely fashion, and you NEED a two minute loot destruction timer -- you are about as carebear as the harvester you're unable to quickly kill.


But, darkfall is all about the good fights, and the pvp action, and the city conquering.  Maybe you're denying resources to a city?

The cities that have mines/groves/farms within their city walls.  These drop rares.  The cities also have the normal nodes (stone, ore, iron, lumber, weeds) within their city walls.  So, no, you're not really hindering a city, even if said city is currently under siege...


Help me to understand, in the light of a TRUE hardcore pvp MMO - how this two minute loot destruction timer is anything other than a carebear change, QQed into existence by wanna-pvpers that simply... aren't any good at pvp.

immortum writes:

Why are you even trying to understand?  DF has been one of the worst managed MMO games ever released.  The devs for DF need to get their butts off the Greek beaches and work on their product if they expect to last more than half a year on the market.  I am seriously praying that MO will not do the same to everyone who is anxiously awaiting their release.

Mon May 18 2009 9:58AM Report writes:
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