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Random thoughts from the pit.

Just some random thoughts from a pod pilot wandering the systems of New Eden, the streets of Paragon City, and the islands in the Rogue Isles and now featuring - Darkfall. Nothing overly exciting, just day-to-day living and loving.

Author: damian7

MMORPG.COM Correspondents

Posted by damian7 Monday January 19 2009 at 2:23AM
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There is a wealth of knowledge spread out amongst the forum-goers here at  Having said that, there is no reason that correspondent (volunteeer) articles should not be of a fairly high caliber.  If nothing else, articles should filled with factual and helpful information.

The two forums I regularly frequent (COH and EVE), seem to have problems in this area. 

--You have COH correspondents spouting off healer this and healer that.

--You have eve correspondents stating that you should determine if you're going to shield/armor tank based upon the skills you currently possess.

Those are just examples off the top of my head.  If you play either game, you already know that both these concepts are incredibly bad advice and exhibit a non-expert opinion of game mechanics/play.


Don't know how, or why, these type of articles get published; but, I do know bad information like this is hurtful for new players and makes experienced players wonder what exactly is going on at this site.

I don't claim to be the end-all, be-all expert on any game; but, I'm certainly not afraid to investigate and ask questions.  The length of time I, or anyone, has played a game, is immaterial on a site like -- the information you post and/or comment upon -- those are what you should be judged on.  These items are what will show other players whether you indeed are a subject matter expert, have decent knowledge, or are low-in-knowldege about a particular game.


I have nothing to do with running this site.  Having quality articles (i.e. factual and good-to-know information) on the site is definitely something to be sought after, vs articles filled with a lack of knowledge on basic game mechanics.

Since some people may be determined to defend erroneous information and indeed make false claims, I decided to drop a short blog entry about why I believe that factual information is GOOD, and erroneous information is BAD.


Death1942 writes:

unfortunately advice comes in many different forms.  One player may advice a certian build for PvE while another disagrees.  No one is ever happy.  The correspondants (all decent folks) need to both tred a fine line when writting articles and try (as best they can) to cater to every gamer. 

Unfortunately (using the CoH example) some gamers are quite stupid and generic terms are used to help them understand the game.  Healer is a pretty well known style of play in games and though the are healer like abilities in CoH you arent (and really cant) limit yourself to these powers.  I accept that some will say there are no real healers in the game, but the fact remains there is healing in the game and (in order to help new players understand the game) the 'healer' term is used.

The EvE one is really up to personal opinion.  When i play skill based MMO's i tend not to go all out on one thing (or set of skills) while this does restrict my power it does not mean i am incapable of doing certain tasks.  While tanking shield or armour can be quite different (in skills and playstyle) it does not mean one must pick (or indeed stay with) one or the other.  The correspondants try and help new players by encouraging them to stick with one as it will be easier on them in the long run.

The articles from these correspondants are quite difficult to write and i find many to be quite informative.  I would like to point out too that if one has a problem with these articles or needs further advice the forums on this site are quite helpful at clearing any extra questions. 


Mon Jan 19 2009 2:47AM Report
damian7 writes:

gamestyle/gameplay is one thing, ignorance of basic game mechanics is quite another.  if you're a subject matter expert; then, you definitely have a grasp of the BASIC game mechanics.


the eve example -- you build up your skills based upon the line/race of ships you intend to fly.  you do not fly ships based upon the skills you started out with, or that you accidentally trained.  that simply makes no sense at all.

for example, if my ships all give me a bonus to shields, but my current skills have more points in armor tanking skills than shield tanking, i would in no fashion whatsoever even pretend to try to armor tank on a ship built for shield tanking.

combine that with if i ony have gallente ship skills trained, i can NOT simply jump into a caldari, amarr, or matar cruiser or battleship.  BECAUSE i would have to train up the ship skills to fly THOSE ships. 

so, no, it's not a matter of training up shield skills and training up armor skills -- you definitely need a plan on what you're going to train, BASED UPON your ships of preference. 

this isn't a debatable topic, not from anyone that's played eve for any amount of time and understands BASIC game mechanics.


for coh - yes, healer is pretty well known term in a lot of MMOs, which is why one of the first things a good SG will do for a new player - is to wean them of the idea of a "healer" and "the trinity" both.  

instead of pointing new players (or players in their 20s - working on their first respec missions, or in IP fighting Lusca) to the word "healer", you should (most DEFINITELY by the 20s) be pointing these "new players" towards terms such as buffing and debuffing. 

healing, on a team filled with many buffing/debuffing powers, is something that may very well not be needed at all, or just very little.  this is why i state that healing powers ARE the weakest powers available to controllers and defenders (indeed any AT). 


if you're writing an article for "new" players in their 20s and you're harping on healer in deference to buff/debuff, in coh -- something is most definitely amiss.


articles should be written by subject matter experts, not just random forum goers with mediocre to poor knowledge of basic game mechanics.  everyone DOES have an opinion.  having said that, not all  opinions are correct, or even close to being correct.

a submitted article about gameplay, most assuredly should be accurate in terms of comprehension of basic game mechanics.


and feel free to link the threads/articles which contradict my statements.

Mon Jan 19 2009 3:37AM Report writes:
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