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3D Vision, your favourite MMO seen thrue the NVIDIA 3D VISION Glasses

I discontinued my old blog "random ideas for mmos" to blog about a couple of tests playing various MMOs with NVIDIAs new 3D-Vision Shutter Glasses.

Author: craynlon

RIFNG 4 : Guilds to Taverns

Posted by craynlon Tuesday April 8 2008 at 5:42AM
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well if you play a mmorpg nowadays you probably are either a die hard lone wolf or you joined a guild or clan. often mmorpg makers even encourage the forming of guilds, give them ingame means like clan housing, clanchannels and so forth but...

from a rpg point of view i think guilds/ clans make no sense at all !

  • why would a rogue and a paladin join a common guild ?
  • why would a darkelve and an elf be in 1 clan (and how do their parents look like) ?

what you should have is fellowships, companions that gather for a common cause, grow custom to adventure together and form some kind of friendship. but that would rather reflect groups and not huge organisations of 50 or more players.

keep the so called guilds/clans but call them taverns if you like and bring in gm controlled guilds/fractions for political power struggle and story developement

the guilds we have in most mmorpgs are 80% means of player organisation (guildboard for raids, sieges, a birthday calender for players, a chat where you talk about how your work day was and what movies rock atm). agreed there are a few rpg guilds out there but very few truly represent a classical guild as you would see in a historical setting or pen&paper rpg. most guilds resemble  more a tavern where various people meet, some regular customers, some travelers to tell stories, socialize and sometimes have a common event.

a guild in the typical sense should have a firm storydriven place in the political struggle of your mmo world. look at the "league of assasins", "the order of the rose" or the "thieves guild of karatshi".
it makes a lot more sense if your character belongs to a guild because of his class or to a clan because of his race. the political struggle between the guilds or clans could be far more interesting and in synch with the overall game setting if a gm would be guildmaster then just a guy that grabs a ton of hardcore gamers to pwn the server. true there is a place in a games storyline where a charackter would gather a handfull of outcast to overthrow the king but atm it is just a shortcut for developers not to include/further content and let players run free on the server.

a team of gms on the other hand could realy orchestrate plot developement and intrigues in guild vs guild strugle that would deepen the rpg feeling in the mmo. i know that theres prolly not enough cash to pay real gms as actors but thats a topic for another blog to come...

sfwtboy writes:

Im sorry but this post is really dumb and you have obviously never been in a good guild if this is how you view them. Guilds are a way in a game to get what you want by working as a team or a unit. To be in a good guild means communicating well and working well with others and also deication. Guild are not like tarverns where you just come and go you stay and become friends with the people in the guild

Tue Apr 08 2008 3:22PM Report
craynlon writes:

boy ive been in a good guild since 4 years playing l2, actually i lead a guild for 3 years now. i dont question the use of an instrument that allows players to organise.

what you describe (buidling teams for raids/ pvp) is something geared for the player and not for the charakter. like the term clan as in "counterstrike clan" has very little to do with a clan "clan of the raven" in the roleplaying setting of the world. if you look at the guildes "merchant guild", "bakers guild" in historical or rpg settings they are not just a club of people.
these "true" guilds group together people with common interests like an order of paladins or the thieve guild.
the mmo guilds group together players (as in people that sit bevore a computer playing a game) rather then charakters (as in the role you play in the rpg setting of the world.

im not against clubs or organisations that allow players to meet on a web-forum but i feel that the implementation of these organisation structures into the rpg setting is not true to the overall rpg feeling of the world. in counterstrike i dont mind the term clan for a team but a fantasy setting i.e. a clan should consist of 99% the same race and a guild as in "thives guild" should consist of thieves and have different political ambitions then a templars guild/order

Wed Apr 09 2008 2:46AM Report writes:
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