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WarHammer Online: Was it worth the 45 bucks?

A while ago I saw the sweet cinematics for WAR and noew it is at my house =D

Author: coffeemon102

Was it worth the money?

Posted by coffeemon102 Monday January 5 2009 at 12:05AM
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I have had a large experience with MMOs and WAR sparked my interest. I have played EQ 2, SWG, WoW, Runescape(pathetic), CoH, AA, and now I am excited to add WAR to that list. A week ago I decided to watch the cinematics for WAR and was instantly excited, then I went to the website and started reading every single detail of the game, I even replayed Mark of Chaos to get me even more hyped up for what I was going to play. 2 daysago I went to to purchase the game and I now wait for it to show up at my door, I paid 69 $ for the rush processing and next day shipping just so I can get to play it as soon as I possibly can, I made this blog for people to help me answer the question, was it worth all that money?

mrcalhou writes:

It seems the majority of people on this site would say, "no." You, however, will be able to determine that after you have had some time with it.

Mon Jan 05 2009 12:10AM Report
Zyllos writes:

Ya, dont ask us. Ask yourself after playing for the free month.

Mon Jan 05 2009 12:18AM Report
coffeemon102 writes:

ok, thanks anyway, will probaly post more after the month

Mon Jan 05 2009 12:21AM Report
Quizzical writes:

Considering that you can get WAR for $30 off Amazon, I don't think it was worth $69. 

Mon Jan 05 2009 12:25AM Report
Pelagato writes:

omg.... play WAR until AION hits the road...

Mon Jan 05 2009 12:27AM Report
coffeemon102 writes:

30 $? damn, I get most of my stuff from newegg

Mon Jan 05 2009 12:42AM Report
coffeemon102 writes:

isnt AION that weird angel thing, I heard about it a long time ago

Mon Jan 05 2009 12:42AM Report
sanders01 writes:

 I tried to give away my account for $5 to my guildies, and to random people at my school. No luck. That tells you how much it was worth :P

Mon Jan 05 2009 12:44AM Report
gringemore writes:

if you like pvp mmo's yes absolutly. All these other mmos its run 90 miles to get to one fight and either die and run 90 miles back or wait 10 mins for the ones you killed to return or not return.In WAR its like imediate pvp fix if you so wish. I play other mmos but really am beginning to get bored with the run 50,000 miles and grind for many hours to go pvp.WAR is the mmo with limited boring garbage and mostly pvp so if you like that yes it was worth it.

Mon Jan 05 2009 2:49AM Report
Lughsan writes:

This is a game that would be better served with about 2 years more developement time to capture the complexity of WARHAMMER universes odd politics.


The PvP is boring the PvE is even worse..

Mon Jan 05 2009 2:58AM Report
craynlon writes:

i think it was an ok deal for me

even tough war didnt keep my interest after 2month i dont feel cheated. i have payed more for less.
but then again i also had fun in aoc.
paying $50 for 200h+ or so of entertainment doesnt really strike me as a bad deal.

atm i play chronicles of spellborne. it has a lot less content then war but on the other hand only charges $14 for the game including 1 month of gametime. i find that pretty fair since you dont have an initial invesment of $50+ but only pay a usual monthly fee and sort of get the box for free.

Mon Jan 05 2009 3:29AM Report
gringemore writes:

Whoever says the pvp in WAR is boring has no idea what their talking about. The pvp in WAR is just about the best there is in mmo's.  Probably one of those guys that bought WAR and played on a pve server lol.

Mon Jan 05 2009 12:59PM Report
coffeemon102 writes:

If PvP is the main part of WAR, then yes I will probaly like it, In wow I was kinda sick of play for hundreds of hours just to get a few deadly gladiator set pieces.  I have been reading about this game on the other blogs on this site and it seems that the major conflict of peoples agruements about the game is the whole thing about being PvP and how horrible the PvE is, but reading rom the website and hearing the comments on the game from various friends is that the "Tier" PvP with the 100 v 100 is just amazing

Mon Jan 05 2009 2:47PM Report
coffeemon102 writes:

so i have played the game for a little now but have only got to lvel 6 because i was eing choosey about what i wanted to be and settled on dwarf engin., one problem i have is how long it takes to lvl up but maybe if i did the pp more i might lvl up a bit more , the graphics are like guild wars and WoW put together

Thu Jan 08 2009 11:13PM Report
coffeemon102 writes:

not many people yet, but it just started and might get more ppl l8tr

Thu Jan 08 2009 11:14PM Report writes:
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