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The Lunch Break Blog

For those of us who would rather be leveling right now.

Author: cmagoun

Thoughts on WAR (or... Greenskins Ate My Baby)

Posted by cmagoun Thursday September 25 2008 at 3:03PM
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So, after a brief stint in the WAR preview, I decided to buy the game and subscribe. A couple of friends have since joined me and we are having a blast so far.

Things I Enjoy:

  • Public quests are a great way to incorporate "events" into the normal flow of the PvE game. Pretty much every game I have ever played, I have thought, "Wouldn't it be cool if there were more zone events?"  WAR has them in the form of public quests and they are generally quite fun.
  • I like the fact that I can jump into PvP immediately and be viable. Somewhere around level 3-4, I queue for scenarios and do so as often as possible.
  • The RvR combat I have experienced so far has ranged from so-so (when no one was in the zone, or there was a big imbalance between the sides), to amazing, with battles swinging back and forth over hotly contested objectives.
  • I enjoy the fact that there is no disincentive to PvP. I level in PvP. I gain reknown which means better gear. The death penalties are minor... except that I now have to run back to the battle.
  • I enjoy the team-oriented combat. Every character type has its role and working togther in those roles is key to winning a battle.

Things I Don't Enjoy Quite as Much

  • Aside from public quests, the PvE game is passable, but uninspired -- though I have not yet gone into any of the instanced dungeons yet. It is certainly no worse than any of its predecessors, but certainly no better.
  • Public quests require at least a few players to complete. Sometimes, you stumble on one and there is no one around and you know it is a lost cause.
  • So far, this has been one of the least communicative groups of players I have ever experienced in a game. Which is odd for a game that is so teamwork focused... Could be the sub-par chat interface.
  • There are some wacky glitches here and there. Certain UI elements don't stay where you placed them when you log out and back in. Combat issues occassionally leave a creature "Out of Range" when he is obviously in range.
  • Crafting is a little wonky in that if you take Talisman Making and don't take Magical Salvaging, you are going to have a very difficult time leveling your skill until you can get to an auction house.

All in all, a great time and I wholly recommend it to anyone who has even a passing interest in PvP games.

Cotillion99 writes:

This game is very guild focused.  Most people (that i know) either are locked away in guild chat or are using a voice server and miss a lot of the  regular chat.  Yes there still are bugs, but nothing gamebreaking imo.  Again towards the crafting- this is a very guild focused game.  Quests get cooler as you go better than most ive played but still... quests are quests.

Thu Sep 25 2008 3:33PM Report
kingpeck writes:

In regard to your crafting comment, all of these types of crafting paths have similar requirements. You will usually require one gathering and one production profession. If you take Apothecary, you better take cultivation, or you won't have anything to make, at least until you get to an auction house.

WOW has the same things in is, Blacksmithing is supplemented by Mining. I haven't played many MMO's, but I would thing that this is standard fare.

As for being less communicative, I have noticed that aswell, but I think it is more due to the fact that everyone knows what to do. And also, alot of chat is not required as in there is no real looking for group chat, or similar. I wouldn't say the chat system is sub-par. A little under polished, sure, but it is functional if you want to use it, and familiar enough for MMO players to know how to use it.

Thu Sep 25 2008 9:37PM Report
DrSpanky writes:

"So far, this has been one of the least communicative groups of players I have ever experienced in a game. Which is odd for a game that is so teamwork focused... Could be the sub-par chat interface."

I agree. And the sad thing is, I grouped with a few folks to day to do some open world RVR, and I had a blast! Everyone was nice, and they were the most talkative group I've yet to come across. I honestly don't know what is keeping the players from yapping, but I whish we (yeah, I'll include myself in this) would get over it.

Thu Sep 25 2008 11:56PM Report
daltanious writes:

Well, there is no chating a lot not because everyone knows what to do, but because lack of any GENERAL chat channel. This is good and bad. Less comparing War to other games :-)), more playing ... But I use general chat also for exchange of experience, suggestions, ... and simply to socialize.

I'm falling in love with War, it is great game. But the most disappointing part is gathering and crafting. In Wow this is full time job, game per se, science, .... here is "strange" and lacking. And it is more strange for game about WAR(!), that there is no armor or weapon crafting. I guess time run out for programming this and I hope in near future they will create more professions. Also (unless there is some guild bank to easily exchange goods) there is problem with mailing items. If one player specializes in one are, must send to other a lot of items .... now it is possible to attach only one item and wait 20 secs between!!

Fri Sep 26 2008 4:58AM Report
cmagoun writes:

kingpeck: I have apothecary on a character and can easily buy everything I need to level up to at least 27 at the basic merchant. The same cannot be done on a Talisman Maker -- you have to have Magic Salvage and buy greens on the reknown merchant. This is my problem with the crafting as it stands. You should be able to level your crafting profession (at least to some minimum level) with any relevant gathering profession.

Fri Sep 26 2008 5:44AM Report
cmagoun writes:

Cotillion99: Interesting point about the guild chat. I know that I spend most of my online time on TeamSpeak, so I suppose I understand the quiet. Still, I think this level of quiet over chat is bad for the community overall. Hopefully, we will see this change somewhat.

Fri Sep 26 2008 6:46AM Report writes:
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