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The Angry Guild Leader

I'm the guild leader, and I'm pissed. Read what possibly goes on in your guild leader's mind. I shoot the truth, and I shoot it straight. If you can't handle it, then My Little Pony Online is taking beta applications.

Author: Equilibrium_JW

WOW and Guild Tax

Posted by Equilibrium_JW Tuesday November 11 2008 at 9:21PM
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George Washington never told a lie...

But then, he never had to file a Form 1040.

Though WOTLK is taking most of the spotlight here recently, the buzz on the street right now seems to be guild tax. Yes, in the near future your guild leader might be able to tax a percentage of your earnings within the game. Some are up in arms about this, and some say it's a saving grace.

What do I say? It's about damn time.

Jeff "Tigole" Kaplan has responded, saying that it "was an interesting idea" and they're considering options for improving guild administration, but there was no way they could program a change like this in time for Wrath.

I think Grig from Winterspring made a great point in regards to taxation. He says, "So, Blizzard is considering taking one of the most universally loathed concepts from real life and adding it to a game. Why, they'd be silly not to do it."

I must admit that I agree. But, remember, this is coming from a guild leader's viewpoint.

While I will do my best to explain why I think that this is a fabulous idea, I will also attempt to play devil's advocate.

I suppose that I will attempt to do the latter first. Those of you who don't already hate me probably will by the time I am done. By the time I am done, most of you will be convinced that I punch babies in my spare time, and eat delicious old people for breakfast. MMM... old people.

Okay, so the idea of a guild tax will make some players more nervous than a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. This is to be expected. The players we are talking about are the casual players. Those who either don't have the time to farm for cash, or worse, the initiative.

We can tackle initiative first: You have no sympathy from me, please move along.


Bama1267 writes:

 I don't mind a guild tax ,but it seem s a bit unnecessary for Wow. There are very few instances where guild actually NEED the money to buy things. Sure it would help attain recipes off the auction house quicker by blowing top dollar to be one of the first to have a crafter with said recipe ...but generally its not a necessity.

 I feel most necessities can be covered by the players themselves. And in bigger guilds , the donations more than likely cover most anything else.


Tue Nov 11 2008 9:54PM Report
Equilibrium_JW writes:

While I agree with you, it's a growing sentiment that the guild should pay for repairs, yet people don't want to donate so that the guild has money for repairs.

Tue Nov 11 2008 10:17PM Report
imbant writes:

this boils down to only being an issue if you dont trust your guild leader or the people who run your guild.  if you dont trust them yet remain in the guild then you are only hurting yourself.

any decent guild leader who cares about what the guild wants will make sure any tax set will be fair and willl have the best interests of the guild in mind.  any decent guild leader would make it clear that the tax was for a clear goal for the guild, and that should excite any member worth a damn since MMOs are group games.

Tue Nov 11 2008 10:49PM Report
Jenneroflok writes:

In war we have the ability to charge a guild tax,  But there is also the ability for the guild members to make a tithe paying,  Personally I hate the Idea of people be forced to do something mandatory such as a tax.  The People who do not raid will be paying for the raiders.  I think the Tithe System works better, it allows people to make their own tax to the guild and what they do not see they will not miss   I do think that the guildleader should have the ability to see who is giving up what percentage and so they can tell if someone is abusing the syetem and guild generosity.

Wed Nov 12 2008 1:53AM Report
Death1942 writes:

lol Guild taxes in WoW thats pathetic

if the guils had guild halls (with upkeep) then fine, have taxes...otherwise i see no point at all

Wed Nov 12 2008 2:27AM Report
biggiesizeme writes:

Good job Blizzard way to take another idea from another game - eg Warhammer Online. But as Death said WoW has no need for this at the time.

Wed Nov 12 2008 10:57AM Report
just1opinion writes:

A guild tax in WoW seems a bit silly to me.  Our guild bank has almost 10 thousand gold in it and we have nothing to spend it on.  What good would a tax be?  Apart from the fact, that unless you have played with your guild leader for YEARS, like our guild has, I can't imagine Blizzard asking people to TRUST their guild leaders enough to give them gold, considering how MANY of them in the past have run off with all the guild's loot and switched servers.  That's happened on OUR server QUITE A BIT.

Wed Nov 12 2008 11:28AM Report
streea writes:

Definitely a bad idea. Guilds who need/want the money have ways of earning it. My guild has a "trash loot goes to the guild alt" rule on guild runs. They make PLENTY of money that is then put back into the guild for pots and repairs and such. There's really no need for money.

WAR on the other hand has a need for the money. But in exchange for your money, you get benefits (guild hall, guild hall insta-port, etc.). So while fees are inforced by the game, so are rewards.

Wed Nov 12 2008 2:37PM Report
imbant writes:

I dont see how this is a bad idea at all.

It is giving another mechanic to guilds who want to use it.

If it is used in a bad way by a guild leader....well maybe its time to find a decent guild then?  The definition of guild has been very scewed over the years.


Wed Nov 12 2008 3:11PM Report
Roflan writes:

In WoW, I see this as nothing more than a drama magnet. And the moment it's introduced I see at least one high level guild per server being torn apart by it-- or should I say; the meta caused by it.

Wed Nov 12 2008 9:55PM Report
Zeblade writes:

LOL makes it even easier to sell gold..

Wed Nov 12 2008 10:30PM Report
Verkerria writes:

I agree totally, in Anarchy Online, we had something to spend that money on, and running off with the money was alot harder to get away with, people kept track of it.  I can see it bieng plausible though, if they give us guild halls with amenities.

Thu Nov 13 2008 12:24AM Report
Verkerria writes:

The Tax can only go toward that though, and cannot be withdrawn, only spent in a certain shop for upgrades and decorations for the guild hall

Thu Nov 13 2008 12:25AM Report
thordis63 writes:

Gee, WoW once again copies something that was done years and years ago before it came along and started taking credit for everything, Dark Age of Camelot did this a long time ago to help a guild pay the rent on guild halls in housing, and no one threw a fit about it, it was a welcome way to help the guild instead of the Officer always having to beg for money.  But on the other hand, the need for a Guild tax is pointless, unless they get off their butts and give us Housing and Guild Halls, otherwise, its rediculous.

Thu Nov 13 2008 4:03AM Report
boognish75 writes:

sweet, now crooked guild leaders can team up with gold sellers and sell em other peoples gold, just like real life polatics. Is there gonna be a wow jail for crooks who launder guild money?

Thu Nov 13 2008 7:55AM Report
laleb writes:

 Dumbest idea ever. Every guild I know in WoW made its money selling drops, runs or let you stand in for a fee. This way they can fund all their mats and repairs. In fact if you seen a end game guild with less then 10k gold in its bank they must have just gotten there or someone is stealing from them. The other way they make their money is by disenchanting every non rolled on drop and selling the shards. 

Thu Nov 13 2008 8:13AM Report
sashalanda writes:

my guild in Warhammer is now taxing..says 30% but I am losing 50% of my earnings. Granted the waring equipment is very expensive etc but that high of a tax just makes me want to quit my guild. I like rvr but I don't have to be in a guild to participate. So far I am getting no benefit of being in a guild. War has a great grouping concept that works less need of a guild. I am not so much into having and taking keeps and that is the part that costs us soooo much. I say let the ones that use those those tools lol..or group anyway. I don't know..I am no where near enough for a mount so this tax is killin me..bored of war now so going back to WOW for expansion.

Thu Nov 13 2008 8:19AM Report
Thekandy writes:

I would say the idea is pretty good, as long as it remains optional and as long as there is something released to make the tax system useful like guild halls and other guild related content.
After all, mmos are meant to be cooperative in nature and a system like this will make it easier to make sure that guild members are contributing.

Thu Nov 13 2008 4:07PM Report writes:
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