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The Angry Guild Leader

I'm the guild leader, and I'm pissed. Read what possibly goes on in your guild leader's mind. I shoot the truth, and I shoot it straight. If you can't handle it, then My Little Pony Online is taking beta applications.

Author: Equilibrium_JW

Final Fantasy XIV : Scraping Your Skin with a Razorblade

Posted by Equilibrium_JW Saturday September 18 2010 at 3:36AM
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While our site is still in the midst of being completely redesigned, and we have slowed down considerably during this time, I thought I should still give folks a chance to wrap their heads around my experience with Final Fantasy XIV. Especially before they ran out and laid down money on yet another MMO with the early release looming. In fact, I’m really not going to edit this, I just want to get the word out.

First, I will say that I have no ill will towards Square Enix. None. In fact, I know little about them, except that they are responsible for a lot of the great RPGs. I’ve played a few, but I’ve never been much of a FF fan. I do feel, though, that the public should be informed about this game, especially the fact that it is nothing like other MMORPGs. There are some really archaic features here boys and girls.

Before I get into the mechanics (or lack thereof) and gameplay, I would like to say that I was shocked to find that quite a few Final Fantasy XI players are boycotting this game. I’m still not even really sure as to why, as I didn’t play XI, but I can tell you this. One of my guildies of many years has been talking about this game since it’s announcement. And even before that about how he flunked out of college because of XI. Knowing all of this,  I expected that if anyone was going to play this particular game, it would be he. Well, he got into the beta, and kept saying how much he loved it, though everyone else we knew was going through a living hell. And then, something happened…

About a week into beta, I called him, expecting to hear more about how great this grinder was. I was shocked when he told me that he wasn’t going to play, and that many of the players he knew from the golden days of XI weren’t either.  Again, I’m not really sure, this is the politics of XI players, but I do find it interesting.

I will say that the game is beautiful, the character animations are amazing, and there are some new and interesting features. I can see where Square Enix has put a lot of work into the game. That being said, let’s get to the nitty gritty.

Any  fan boys who wish to blast me for wanting something similar to WoW would do well to read anything I’ve written in the past. I am not a fan of Blizzard, I was one of the first people claiming that AoC was a failure shortly after launch (though it’s an amazing game today), and I would be the first to play the original EverQuest over just about anything out today. It just so happens that I find the implementation of this game utter garbage.

I'm not going to go into bugs. Every game has those. I'm not even going to go into the fact that combat is as slow as you can get before you are turn-based. This is all about the implementation and UI of the game. Hell, I will only bring up the fact that there is no auction house without 14 paragraphs bitching about it. Wait, did mention you have no idea who NPCs are or who has quests? Or that there are no tutorials and that you are expected to be a FF expert upon jumping into the game? Sorry, off track again.

If you want something similar to WoW, Lotro, Warhammer, etc. then I would highly suggest that you do not buy this game. This game will only make you want to throw your monitor out the window if this is what you are looking for. And it’s not due to anything save design.

I will give you an example (and I haven’t played in a few weeks, things could have changed). Let’s say you want to form a party with your friends and you want to go slay some monsters.  We, to start any kind of /invite sluttyhunter doesn’t work.  No, sluttyhunter has to be standing within a few feet of you to invite them to the party, as well as a linkshell for that matter. Don’t get me started on linkshells. This is the most completely retarded idea in MMO history, which Is another example of why Square Enix is afraid to let go of old ideas

On the flip side, if you are looking for a deep game that is streamlined, has plenty of quests, monsters galore, and is hardcore, then don’t play this game. This game has none of that (at least in beta), except perhaps hardcore, and apparently their definition of hardcore is arcane. Grind 1200x monsters for 16 hours and maybe you’ll make some progress. The problem? There aren’t any f**king monsters. Mobs are sporadic at best. This beta basically comprised of 10,000 people running around like mad trying to find mobs in a huge open space.

I’ve been playing MMOs for more than 10 years, don’t give me this “Well, there are too many people in beta and they are killing them all.” No. There are no mobs. Ask anyone who has played this game in beta. They just aren’t there.

You’ll have to forgive me.  I enjoy difficulty, and the “old way,” but also don’t think that I want to run around for 2 hours to find one Crusty Crab Gobbler.

Sure, this might change with release, but I seriously doubt it. From what I’ve seen in this near-release beta, we’re looking at another Aion. An Asian company who thinks they know best, and they are going to tank in the Western MMO market. Hard. Why? Because it’s two completely different cultures.

In the West, we do not indulge in self torture. We also don’t like to be told what, how, or when we can play. Oh that’s right, you have heard about that? You can only play one hour a day in this game before racking up an xp penalty. After 4 hours you hit zero.

And good luck on them changing that any time soon, because so far (unless there has been an announcement I missed) Asian and American players will be on the same servers.

Still not scared? Are you a raider? Then move to Japan. They will have a slight ms lead over you on when a monster spawns, so if you think your guild… er sorry linkshell.. is going to get those kills, think again. This was a big problem in Final Fantasy XI. All of the Asian guilds owned because they had the drop being that the servers were in Japan.

In fact, the only reason  this game will continue is because XI players will be on board and the Asian market will go crazy over it, but even those may not be playing (see my previous statement).

So back to the interface. Why is all of this presented in this fashion? I can only guess it’s been rushed. They want to get the game out before Cataclysm and Star Wars, and it’s just a rushed project.  As we’ve seen, inviting someone to group is painful, and I didn’t even bring up the levels of menus you have to go through to do this.  And this is with nearly everything.

This game was designed for joystick, and SE, can’t seem to understand that we use a gorram mouse and keyboard, and while I’m at it let me address them directly. We’ve been doing it for 8+ years, jackasses.

I am amazed at the shortcuts taken in developing this AAA+ title. And I know plenty of developers. I know what goes into this.

Want anything example? I can give you several. All just as painful as the last.

Picking up quests: Holy cow, do we really need to click 1700 times to pick up one quest. Do we really need to removed the completed ones MANUALLY from our log to pick up a new one?  Yes, folks, once you complete a quest, you have to manually trade it out and remove it from your quest log to pick up more.

Talking to NPCs: First, another 1700 clicks. Last, if you want to just run away from them, forget it, you are in the SE tractor beam of death. Be prepared to smash ESC repeatedly to be able to leave, or go through all the menus. These are all the pointless menus you have to use to talk to them and purchase, also.

Basically there are too many menu choices and clicks that are redundant. They really aren’t needed. I should be able to click on someone and get a quest, not have to painfully go through three sub menus just to say Hi.

And speaking of questing, FFXIV has made a revolutionary step forward in questing. Are you ready for this?

<sarcasm>You get 8 quests in your log! That’s gotta beat the competition, hands down. </sarcasm>

Combine that with manual removal process, and the questing system is just a frustrating mess.

Still not scared away? How about the fact that you cannot do anything in this game unless you are out of combat mode. And to get out of it, you have to press another  button.  Another needless step, especially that because of this you are in combat nearly 90% of the time.

Another feature that millions of dollars couldn’t provide. I swear Square Enix is developing a game that is meant to punish people. How the hell could anyone enjoy any of this?

And last but not least, speaking of millions of dollars. This game has multiple classes one one character. This means that you can be all of the classes in the game. This sounds great at first, except, get this: The game will not change your spells or action bars for you. You have to use long and tedious macros (taking up more bar space) for each class. Why couldn’t an expensive game like this provide such a feature, but a game such as Runes of Magic could?

What have I learned from all of this? That Square Enix hasn’t learned from years and years of MMO evolution and they hate their player base. I have also learned that they have no interested in luring new players to their MMO and that they are not afraid to alienate the old ones.

Long story boring, this game is built on UI and interaction that is nearly 10+ years old and as frustrating as watching reruns of Lost in Mandarin.

If WoW (or any other f**king MMO on the planet for that matter) was a nice relaxing massage by (insert porn star) with a happy ending, Final Fantasy XIV is stabbing your eye out with a rusty screw after inhaling shards of glass through the exhaust pipe of your father’s Lincoln Mercury.

Yes, I know quite a few of you right now are saying things like, "He's crazy." or "What does he know?" I will remind everyone that these are the same people who said "AoC is the next big thing," and "He's a wow fanboy."  Only time will tell.

Have fun, and if you pre-ordered this game. I’m sorry. I truly am.


Love and Kisses,


The Angry Guild Leader

karmath writes:


Sat Sep 18 2010 5:23AM Report
Dark_HUmar writes:


Sat Sep 18 2010 6:23AM Report
jukinru writes:

wow, I think you hit every point that caused me to cancel my pre-order. oh ya before some FFXIV fan comes on here and goes crazy about what you said about the fatigue system its actually 8 hours of 100% xp then it steadily drops to 0% in another 7 hours.  not that it really matters to me, either way there asking for a sub then telling you how long you can play a certain class.

 Its to bad that there are enough ppl who hate themselves and love being punished that will keep this game afloat.

Sat Sep 18 2010 10:06AM Report
Senadina writes:

It seems that every fanboys response to criticism of FFXIV is " glad you won't be playing, we don't need you". Actually if you want the game to survive, you DO need them. You ned as many subscribers as you can get. This elitist attitude doomed FF for me waaay before OB revealed all the other problems.

Sat Sep 18 2010 10:46AM Report
Elirion writes:

lol, now I'm a fanboy.  I didn't respond to the writer's criticism of the game, I responded to the writer stating that anyone that disagrees with him/her is someone who also supported AoC or accused the writer of being a "wow fanboy".  Reread my post. 


And no, we do not need "everyone" to play FFXIV for it to be a success.  In fact, there are lots of people who would actually decrease the enjoyment of the game if they played.

Sat Sep 18 2010 11:19AM Report
scuubeedoo writes:

Nice article i enjoyed it. Quite amusing that part about FFXI servers being in Japan and Japan guilds having the upper-hand cause of lag... was it really such a big deal seriously? I 've never played FFXI myself to know.

Sat Sep 18 2010 1:40PM Report
menrin writes:

Agreed with nearly all points. I understand this is Final Fantasy and it is meant to feel like Final Fantasy. There's just one problem with that: the PC version. It tries to play WAY too much like a console. The controls, for the lack of better words, are out dated for a NEW mmo. A NEW mmo should not play like this.

Just about all new MMOs in the last 3-4 years have the following: quest indicators, NPC shop titles, visible menus like bags, character pane, journal, a key bindings that do more than move, fight or open the default menu.

That's right, there are no keybinds that bring up Inventory, J/L does not bring up the quest log. And when you look at possible Key Bindings, Inventory, Bags, Character pane, etc are NOT EVEN AN OPTION. About the only thing from FF14's main menu that is bound to a key is the freakin Map. And don't even get me started on scrolling around on that thing..........IJKL to move the map?

It's like SE forgot there's 114+ keys on a standard key board and the mouse is acually used for something. Yes, I know you can use the mouse to target and do menu selections but it's eaiser to not use the Mouse at all.....unless you walk in to a room with more than 5 PCs/NPSs. Then you got to have patience as you TAB through everything to target what you want.

The people that will actually play a NEW MMO that has controls that are 10 years old, are the ones who will put up with the agonizing pain just to play a new FF game, NOT a MMO.

People hoping to play a new MMO (regardless it's FF), will either try and drop it or avoid it completely. Let's take the FFXI controls (7-8 years old) out of a brand new MMO. SE should know better. Or at least give more control to the keyboard and mouse since it is on a god damn COMPUTER! Let the PS3 have its console controls since it's ON A CONSOLE!

Sat Sep 18 2010 1:41PM Report
gaeanprayer writes:


Fail game is fail. The people who stand up for this game are the exact reason why MMO's are becoming a tedious process.

But yanno, that's okay. Maybe we all need a break from gaming. I hear books are digital now.

Sat Sep 18 2010 6:55PM Report
Shinami writes:

As usual, this is what bothers me about Japanese Gaming in General. Make no mistake...I've spent many years in Japanese Gaming to the point I had been able to analyze my gripes with it. 


Japanese Gaming usually does that...Keep either Japanese-Only Server where everyone joins giving their players an advantage. The other option is always a localized version where they update at a very slow rate compare to their own national version. This has been the case so far with every single network game they have localized.


Localized versions eventually would close down to, which sucks :(. Today the latest trend, as an example to the way they are. Many players played Phantasy Star Online. That game got shutdown in the US while Japanese servers still remain today, updated too. Same with Phantasy Star Universe. To show their appreciation to players they introduced an RMT system called Guardians Cash. 


Half the population left the game and then to make things worse, their sequals were announced on players went out. Bought PSPs and got Japanese Accounts to play the sequal there...Just to find out a new game is coming out next year and the game they have on reserve and preorder is the final game in the story arc..


If you look at FFXI, it was a timesink to do anything basic.5 minutes when you factor loading times, walking back and forth from the entrance to Windurst to your moghouse. I remember playing that for a long time and wondering after a while "Why am I doing the very same thing over and over again?" 


Also, I remember the people who bought a PS2 and then the PS2 HDD and after enough expansions the HDD was discontinued for the playstation 2 and then both...Phantasy Star Universe and Final Fantasy XI were games that went from being "Console-Focused" to being PC-Focused, but since they catered to Console owners of the games, they ended up making every expansion in a way to make them compatible with consoles...


It means if you are a PC owner and want PC-Level Graphics, Netcoding, Optimization...You can forget it with Japanese Games. In order to make the game compatible, they need a mechanism to handle the Console-Level Netcoding vs the PC Level Netcoding...and remember...Playstation 2 was designed for Singleplayer Games while PCs are meant for Multiplayer Gaming.


Look at all the "Multiplayer Games" that exist on Playstation 3...Sorry, but I can count all good Multiplayer Games on Playstation 3 with my left-hand fingers. 


This is why I have no real faith in Japanese MMORPGs, whatever they may be. Behind the cute graphics and amazing character animations you find a very repetitive style found in games from the late 90s. 

Sat Sep 18 2010 9:25PM Report
Latella writes:


I been there....i will not be returning.

Sat Sep 18 2010 9:26PM Report
Jixx writes:

Darn...FF XIV sucks it doesn't play exactly like game X.

Sun Sep 19 2010 3:26AM Report
Fawarendan writes:

I agree with what you said about all those bad aspects of the game, they can really drive you off pissed from FFXIV. But while playing the beta i could see some good things too: crafting, immersion and story are all very promising.  Of course it's not enough for the great majority of MMO players nowadays, but a few people will still be able to enjoy it at launch, especially the PS3 launch. 

SE has announced some good changes in the way already and they are considering changing some big things later on, based on all the heavy community input. I really hope it gets better in the combat/ui part, because i'm a big fan of the final fantasy series and mood. Also i just love to see my character grow step by step, slowly while i play a game with good story. Not buying it now though.

Sun Sep 19 2010 5:00AM Report
Alblaze writes:

If you are are not a fan this game is not for you.

Go play wow puppet show you and hundreds of 16 years old stupid kids

Sun Sep 19 2010 5:14AM Report
Alblaze writes:

And more over if you think that combat is slow then i doubt that u have played ffxi.

Give me a break and dont post s....

Hiromichi is a genious man and this game is still in beta.

when it releases it will be much better and furthermore the fatigue system is very very clever.It may need a little  tuning but in the end it will be one of the best.

Just because you stated 10 years of experience from what i hear these all are nonsenses.

If you still can play everquest then i can give you to play tetris.It has better graphics

I have 7 years of experience and i predict failure and success before even the game releases..

This game will be awesome until Gw2 arrives.

After Gw2 everything will fall.

And tiny blizzard will have to release Diablo 3 to take some of the crowd.


And to learn what is going to happen FFxiv will be in 3rd place.

First will be Gw2 

Second Starwars tor

I dont talk about rift this will be the major fail of the year 2011.

Sun Sep 19 2010 5:47AM Report
Murzak writes:

Alblaze.... I have no idea how old you are, but you are making comments as if you were 14. 

I personally have been a longtime fan of SE since i played FF1 on the nes, i grew up waiting for the next FF game to come out, and yes, i was very excited when FFIVX was announced. I ate up every screenshot, all the news about crafting etc etc. I wouldn't call my self a fanboi, but i WAS a fan, nonetheless. 


You seem to be "defending" FFIVX a little too hard in my opinion. You go so far as to claim genious, but lets take a closer look at a few things. Why should a game company that asks you to pay then $15/month for the privilege to play their game, have the audacity to then say "well, you can play, but you'll only get exp for X amount of time" ? That in itself is enough to make me not buy the game. 

As many people have said before, everyone plays at different speeds, and differing amounts of time in one sitting. Some will play pretty much a day straight (or more then 8 hours easily in a 48 hour period) and then play a hour or two after work each day. I don't think it is too much to ask to be able to play how much, and when we want in a game we are continually paying to play. 

Anyways, that's just one point of argument in a long line of faults with FFIVX. and if you think they'll all be solved anywhere close to launch, you are kidding yourself. Name one MMO that on launch day, hell, even 3 months after launch, didn't have quite a few glitches. Any problems a dev team will fix before launch usually HAS been fixed by the time open beta's roll around. Open beta's are more stress tests for the servers then anything else. I garauntee you that come launch day, virtually all the issues from open beta will STILL be problems. 

On to other sections of you post tho...


GW2, we all know that it will be big right from the get go. It's a very pretty game and nothing i've seen so far will detract from it. BUT, and it's a very big but, to even attempt saying everythign after GW2 will fail is one of the most ridiculous things i've heard in many weeks. Blizzard isn't tiny. The hype and fanbase for the diablo series is LARGER then the fanbase for GW. Blizzard is anything but a tiny company. They have the subscribers and backing to prove it. I'm not a blizz fanboi either, i played WoW for years and no longer play it. i havn't even tried out SC2. But blizz will continue to pump out expansions for WoW, ans SC2, as well as outsell GW2's release figures when diablo 3 hits. Then again, that's just my opinion. I've come across more diablo fans then gw fans. 

And no matter what you might think, Rift WILL have HUGE launch numbers, so will Tera. Honestly, if they do have some crafting aspects and whatnot in Tera, i can see it easily hanging with GW2, and virtually any other MMO you might spout. 


oh, and have you really paid attention to a lot of the more recent news about Tor? Bioware is definately doing a few things that seem to be making the game seem like its not going to be all that great. Limiting races playable etc. Sorry, if i can;t be a wookie, i dun wanna play it.  SW will only be huge at launch due to the franchise name and because its bioware. but remember, this will be biowares first mmo, and they seem to be set on making it more of a single player like experience. 



just my 2 coppers. 

Sun Sep 19 2010 11:14AM Report
Laughing-man writes:

uninformed reviewer writes uninformed review!

Headlines at 9!

Be there be there!

Sun Sep 19 2010 12:26PM Report
dar_es_balat writes:

I enjoy posters who use the word "genious" in attempts to praise others.  They clearly display their lack of genius with a simple misspelling.

Tue Sep 21 2010 10:28AM Report
Fluxi writes:

I have played the beta too. And i can agree with the OP. The Pc version of this game is a very bad port from the console. It starts with no graphic menu ingame and end with this stupid UI stuff system. Square Enix should stay with the console games if they aren´t able to understand PC gamers and games for pc.

I already learned it as i tryed to try FFXI. I never got through the process to install the game and update/register with the game. It was so redicoulsy confusing with this extra programm needed that i gave up.

Even the FF7 Pc version was a bad port. (you needed the CDs to play the FMVs what means 10 secs of hangup until the drive is ready from standby -.-)


SE has no sense for PC games and gamers.

Tue Sep 21 2010 4:15PM Report
Lansid writes:

With all due respect, FFXI had a learning curve with controls. After forcing myself to adapt to it, I enjoyed the game quite a bit and learned that the dev. team has a phobia of crabs.

Years later, so super-hyped about FFXIV, finally try the beta and I felt like I was again thrown in expected to already know what to do and how to do it. No clue or hint as to what I was doing making a character choosing different races within races, or what the birthday crap meant.

Upon each intro (which I always loved about FFXI and Guild Wars was the in-game cinematics) was thrown in expected to know what to do... not that it was hard, but pointers on how to do things the FIRST time would be nice. After the Introduction, I felt thrown into "RTFMLOL Land" where I had no clue what to do next, talk to the npc's in front of you, and be given a choice to have them help you to go somewhere using some PSX-style menu that reminds me of that goddamned PlayOnline shit. Get teleported, be more lost. Feel like I need to research the game so I can play it, then realize "Hey, I'm not really having fun."

TL;DR version- Oldschool UI gives more feel of console port, no help or in-game manual. Nice to look at, shit to play. Try it for yourself, you may be one of the few who will pay money for it... trust me they'll need it.

Wait... my fanboi sense is tingling... *rectal tick* I can hear them now... "Shit to play? THIS IS BEEEEEETAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!"

Noooo... a turd is a turd. Paint it, put a feather on it, dip it in Ranch, call it a Moogle... but in the end it's still a turd.

Tue Sep 21 2010 9:14PM Report
felore writes:

yes you can be any class in the game but you still gotta start from lvl still gotta use your noodle about what skills to keep when you change.  So basically its sandbox.  That doesnt mean you master everything.  crafting is dependant on attributes and what element you invest in.  I dont want to play mmos that can be beaten in 30 days anymore.  I think FFXIV is that mmo for me atleast.  Yes I will enjoy FFXIV cause its my money and i waste it the way i like.  You dont give SE a lot of credit.  They've made 14 FF games (US releases) and the 13 i played were a lot of fun.  So when you come running to FFXIV after 1-6 months ill be waiting with my Onion Helmet and my speed boots to give you a swift kick in the rear ^.^

Tue Sep 21 2010 10:58PM Report
Lansid writes:

"They've made 14 FF games"

I've always wondered... was FINAL fantasy a typeo, like Donkey Kong? Because the word FINAL usually means "no more". It'd make more sense to rename the franchise to "Forever" and still keep the FF, ya know?

Tue Sep 21 2010 11:14PM Report
Jenelea writes:

*sigh* i really wanted to like this game, I played the recent beta for about 2 hours and it was all I could stand...for all the reasons you mentioned above. There was not an ounce of fluidity in combat and by the time I was finished I really did want to kill my computer because I couldn't get my hands on the makers of this beautiful yet horrible game.  You could not pay me to play this game now.

Wed Sep 22 2010 12:59AM Report
MurlockDance writes:

Hmmm, sounds like a complete turnoff, just taking into consideration the UI. I hated the UI in XI and it is what prompted me to stop playing the game. I was hoping that this one didn't have such a clonky UI. I guess I won't be trying.

Wed Sep 22 2010 2:35AM Report
Inktomi writes:


I started out in MMO's in the PS2 version of FFIX. Yes, it was good on a ps2 joystick, especially the way the menus were set up topside. I was able to get off tons of macros and tanked like a madman. PLD 65 before I scooted to wow. Well, step up or step down IDK, thats where my LS was going, I followed. 

IMO, good honest article, if a little bitter, still straightforward. I appreciate that. Everything I have heard about this game has turned me off. I got a beta invite, downloaded and ran the benchmark that laughed at me. Sad. I have said this a few times, I will never play this game and good luck to all who do. I am just keeping tabs to make sure my initial assumptions are correct. So far, on the money.


Choose EVE,


Thu Sep 23 2010 5:15AM Report
alix123 writes:

I tried the beta for a few days then I picked up the phone and gave my account to a friend that plays only rpgs and not MMOs.  I told him that this is the closest MMO that I have tried that comes to single player RPG.

 Unlike the author of the article, I saw this as a good thing, as a  sign of professional intergrety by Square Enix b/c after all, they are not releasing just any MMO, they are releasing Final Fantasy as an MMO.  Put it that way and playing feels just right!  However, in agreement with the author, not my cup of tea at the moment. 

Thu Sep 23 2010 11:04AM Report
snippy64 writes:

It sounds a lot like FFXI.  Combat *was* slow, but I enjoyed it.  It took a group of 6 people to pay attention and kill one mob, if you pulled two, your party wiped.  Nowadays you get MMOs where you're pulling 4 or 5 mobs at a time, healers are offtanks, DPS have the attitude of "just hit it harder and hope it dies before I do, curse at the healer if I die".

Linkshells were fantastic in FFXI, except for the fact that they took inventory slots.  Why do so many games restrict you to one guild?  How many times have you outgrown/outleveled your current guild and had to leave to search for something more 'hardcore', yet found it was full of asshats?  Having multiple 'groups' of friends for different purposes makes a lot of sense to me, much like real life.  I have my work 'friends', my real life friends, and my gaming friends.  Using the guild concept I would only ever be able to talk/hang out with one group, and not talk to the other group unless I completely abandoned the first.

That said, the PS2 style menu interface in FFXI was downright horrendous, and the PS2 style launcher that made it take 5 minutes from the time you sat down at the PC to get in to the game.  Compare that with Guild Wars, where it's practically instant after you type in your password and hit enter twice.

FFXI had a lot of things I liked, forced grouping, reputation mattered, people that ninja afk'd during a group, just stopped getting groups on the server, etc.  I liked the way the 3 city states competed for resources, your grinding in the open affected the vendors and items your faction had access to, and it changed weekly.

The asian response times *were* better, and with named mobs spawning in the same location every X hours and getting camped by asian players, there was no way people in NA could compete.  If that's still the case, it's a huge negative.

As many fond memories as I have of FFXI, it really did feel like they were punishing the player.  Much like the current AoC does, with their horrible 'we know all' attitude.  Arena.Net on the other hand, manages to innovate and evolve, and seems to genuinly care about their subscribers, you can see it in every Guild Wars 1 expansion.   So FFXIV?  Pass.  GW2?  Bring it on.

Fri Sep 24 2010 3:02PM Report
ssjkakarotto writes:

Lansid there's a history why the game has "final" in it.  When Square made Final Fantasy 1, at the time it was their last ditch effort to stay afloat, the company was gonna go bankrupt.  FF1 turned out to be a huge hit in japan and the rest was history.

Fri Sep 24 2010 8:35PM Report writes:
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