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The Angry Guild Leader

I'm the guild leader, and I'm pissed. Read what possibly goes on in your guild leader's mind. I shoot the truth, and I shoot it straight. If you can't handle it, then My Little Pony Online is taking beta applications.

Author: Equilibrium_JW

AOC Continues it's downhill slide...

Posted by Equilibrium_JW Thursday June 26 2008 at 10:09PM
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I'm so happy. Why, you ask? Because I'm angry again. I've been way too happy lately playing Vanguard, and I'm thrilled I have something to post again.

Personally, I couldn't stay in a game that launched with a ruined economy (see my eariler blog) and has so much instancing for such a beautiful world. The grinding didn't help either. To go even a step further, level 20s are just dragged to Kashetta and power leveled by jackasses who are too lazy to play the game, obstructing quests for people who really needed them. If crafting being broken after five years of development wasn't enough, if dull and lifeless classes didn't break the bank for the masses, maybe this will.

Today, players in AOC had no servers. That being the case, they had no game.

Why? Because Funcom didn't prepare.

I respect these guys for admitting their faults, most companies don't do this, but how long are people going to be blinded into believing that this game is anywhere close to finished?

It has gotten to the point that there is nothing good coming out of AOC in regards to news. Every day that I log into vent, it's hey this happened, hey this changed, or this was nerfed. And none of it, I mean none of it, is positive. This game isn't finished and I am getting sick of the fanboys saying that it is (and in the same breath they knock vanguard, wow, choose your poison).

If these same monkey asses don't say it's finished, they say, "Oh, it's new, give it time." Well I say fuck you and fuck Funcom. This game had five years of development and $50 million pumped into it, and it's far from new. If they couldn't deliver a completed product, it shouldn't have been released.

There's nothing wrong with releasing something the has a few bugs, MMORPGs are never finished, but Funcom essentially released a half-finished plate of dung, and people picked up their spoons with greedy eyes and begged for another helping. There was a time once when you couldn't release a game unless it worked. How dare these companies expect us to give them our money that we work hard for, and in return we receive a broken piece of software that needs a mountain of work. What happened to integrity in the software industry?

Not only is the game unfinished, not only is it bug-ridden, they don't even have the nerve to tell people what they are fixing. I have to go on record and say that I have never seen a game with so many ninja


Wharg0ul writes:

I think the increased Vanguard subs have more to do with SOE spamming everyone with offers for a free month.

AoC lives on. It's not going anywhere.

Fri Jun 27 2008 12:05AM Report
Arawon writes:

I quit after 3 weeks play.As has been said the game is not finished....poorly designed..etc etc.

Fri Jun 27 2008 12:07AM Report
SpookX writes:

Most of the fanbots are under level 20. The reason in the final beta that Funcom limited the levels you could reach..why thats all of the game that is close to being finished.  Above 20 you see quest items that have no quests, vast open areas of nothing, bugs, falling through terrain to get stuck, primary quests ie destiny quests that cant be finished because they are bugged or allow 2 people into the same instance and one cant finish not to mention a memory leak problem that can suck 3 GB right out of your computer. Basic functions of the game dont work. This isnt working out the few bugs all games have at the start this is Beta issues that were never addressed or reported and not fixed. Features of the game that were adverstised have never been implemented. I still have a account but I am not sure how much longer I am going to wait for something close to what I thought I was buying and paying for monthly. Frankly I am paying to Beta test thier unfinished game. People say look at all Funcom has done since release give them a break they are working on the problems. MOST of these "problems" should of been addressed in Beta. Some one at some point in time is going to put a class action suit on a company for putting out a product that isnt as advertized and taking in 50M for a piece of garbage like AoC is currently.

Fri Jun 27 2008 1:10AM Report
Equilibrium_JW writes:

Actually Sony only just now offered the free month. The subs were up way before that.


Fri Jun 27 2008 1:13AM Report
etwynn writes:

Whar, they offered the free month for Vanguard, what, today?  Vanguard has been getting a lot of former AoC players for the last few weeks.

Fri Jun 27 2008 2:23AM Report
AlienShirt writes:

Let's hope Funcom isn't allowed to make another MMORPG.

Fri Jun 27 2008 7:31AM Report
astrob0y writes:

Lets hope that funcom will keep supporting their game as they are doing atm and that its population will grow for a long time.  And lets also hope that vanguard will get enough money to be the game it should be. 

You guys seem to be cheering for games failur and that is like hopeing for your favorite tv show to be cancelled or something like that.  Becuse what do you think will happen if mmo companys stock holders wont see that their cash will grow? My guess is that we wont see better and more advance games... Just my two cents.

Fri Jun 27 2008 8:12AM Report
Espilae writes:

I'm in China at the moment, with a crappy laptop and bad internet, so AoC is out of my league, as is V:SoH.  However I did play Vanguard at release and while I found it buggy I also kind of enjoyed it.. I didn't renew past the free trial though.  But when I get back from China in 9 months WAR will be out as well (probably) so I'll have three games to try.. let's see if AoC has either tanked or redeemed itself, or if Vanguard truly will survive that long.

Fri Jun 27 2008 8:56AM Report
Mark701 writes:

astrob0y, I don't think anyone wants a game to fail. What irritates people is that that pay $50 for something that is unfinished, and it keeps happening over and over again.

Fri Jun 27 2008 9:47AM Report
Inca writes:

Well i play aoc and i just bought a further 2 month subscription the game is great the servers are fine i have only encountered one bug and thats i dont have a leave guild button but thats it i suffer no lagg and well because the game was down for 1 day big woop surely ppl can manage for 1 day the players that complain and whine about a server being down for a day need a life the game works fine for me yes the content gets abit low at 50+ but they are working on that with a new lvl 50+ map Every one is bashing AOC atm because it is so popular and by far already the greatest mmo ever made.

its as simple as that gg whiners

Fri Jun 27 2008 10:16AM Report
Giddian writes:

Inca, I like your Opinion. I have VERY few problems, BUT, Majority of the issues are with End Game and PvP.

Seeing as how Im not at Endgame or like PvP. I dont see the Issues. BUT the game still has Issues. I hope they are fixed soon.

Keep the Faith Brother

Fri Jun 27 2008 10:39AM Report
arctarus writes:

Ultimately players get piss when so much is promise but so little comes out during launch.....And to think back all the shots (siedge pvp) the devs gives to the press is only a gimmick to hype the game which is still not in game till now.

After VG, alot of us are sick and tired of empty promises... and really want to warn other new gamers of what is really happening/in-game.

So dont blame the flamers, blame FC...

Fri Jun 27 2008 11:56AM Report
Mequellios writes:

Isn't it funny how you here the same shit over and over again after a game's release? A game comes out and two days later it's, "OMG thus fukkin game is goi down hil!!!!!11"

It was just released morons. By now you should expect this kind of thing when an MMO releases. It's not a complete game yet. I suggest just waiting about 6 months then cme back. The game will be much better.

Fri Jun 27 2008 1:10PM Report
Zeplini writes:

I did not even stick around for my free month to end, they did pretty well for launch as all through beta it played like crap,  not what id call a mmo.

Made for the xbox and thats where it will be strong, its earlly success on pc will soon fizzle out to nearly nothing.

Fri Jun 27 2008 1:13PM Report
Zionnax writes:

As K1klass said, I didn't even play 2 weeks out of the first free month.  I didn't experience many of the issues players report, but the game is simply...lacking.  What?  Not sure, can't bash anything in particular.  It's just not "there".  I think I actually played Dungeon Runners and Hellgate London for a longer period, and that's saying something!

Fri Jun 27 2008 1:37PM Report
astrob0y writes:

Mark701 i do believe that most of the pepole here nows what they will get if they buy a mmo game the first month or two.

Fri Jun 27 2008 2:16PM Report
TdogSkal writes:

Mequellios - why should we expect to play a game that is not finished?  Would you buy a car that was not finished but still driveable?

I am glad some of you are enjoying the game but the game was not ready for release, the reason FC released it was in hopes of beating WAR to the market and being able to patch in fixes before WAR's release.

I expect the PvP to be balanced and ready to go when a game based on PvP is released.  I expect the feature list that was hyped to be ready on release.   Bug's thats fine, it will always happen, bugs are a given when it comes to software what I will not accept is a game not being finished and making me pay to finish the game

Can you fanbois understand that at all?

Fri Jun 27 2008 2:50PM Report
Tweej writes:

The hypocrisy continues.....

Fri Jun 27 2008 2:56PM Report
TdogSkal writes:

what hypocrisy?  The game is unfinished and not ready for release in its current form even after all the patchs.

Fri Jun 27 2008 3:22PM Report
Equilibrium_JW writes:

Who said I was complaining about PVP? I am a raider from wow, and we actually had world first helegrod kills in Lotro. I am a raider. PVE is my thing. I left because the PVE was beyong broken.

Sat Jun 28 2008 4:07PM Report
spielmeister writes:

Okay, I'm not a lifelong gamer. I bought AoC expecting a completed product. I do not believe that I received such. So Funcom gets my $49 (or whatever percentage of the sale price they get). It's okay. I made $5,700 shorting their stock. Funcom has lost 28 % of their stock value since Aoc's release. They're traded on the Oslo Bors. Any good trading firm can handle the trade for you. Cheers.

Tue Jul 01 2008 10:22AM Report
Soupgoblin writes:

And here we are, almost a full month after this article was published, and Funcom still hasn't fixed the majority of the problems, and, in fact, has caused more problems with their buggy patches.

Funcom, I gave SOE their two chances, and Since I played AO, you have had your two chances as well, learn from your mistakes don't keep making the same mistakes over and over... 


Fri Jul 25 2008 8:14PM Report
WRyan writes:

I hear a lot of people broadcasting how bad AoC is and how it was inexusable for it to be released in such a state - all the while heralding Vanguard and its accomplishments.

Vanguard was a complete trainwreck when it was launched.  Need I remind everyone how they sold out to SOE about a month before release, all the while SOE was the "it" company to bash on for what they did to SWG?

I don't know... I'm quite certain Vanguard is in pretty great shape right now - I mean, it's been Live since 2006.  A lot of people paid that hard earned money to Beta Test the kinks out, just as people playing AoC are doing now.

I for one left Vanguard in the first month, and I also left AoC in the first month.  But neither because of bugs.  They both promised to be something different and new and they aren't - bottom line.  It's the same stuff, the same interface, the same pointless "kill X amount of rats" quest grind.  Neither have an economy worth anything, since you can't have a meaningful economy where the best stuff in the game is looted...

Again, I'm certain Vanguard is great right now, and I'm certain AoC will get there, eventually (maybe).  But they are the same MMO's we've been playing for years, and I bought them because the developers said they weren't.  I was lied to on both, and I quit both.

Thu Aug 14 2008 12:25AM Report writes:
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