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The Angry Guild Leader

I'm the guild leader, and I'm pissed. Read what possibly goes on in your guild leader's mind. I shoot the truth, and I shoot it straight. If you can't handle it, then My Little Pony Online is taking beta applications.

Author: Equilibrium_JW

AOC - One Sick Economy

Posted by Equilibrium_JW Saturday June 21 2008 at 1:23PM
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I don't hate AOC. In fact, I really wanted it to work, and I believe one day, it will. It might sound like I bitch a lot, but I think someone needs to, and I am the Angry Guild Leader, after all.



Today, I have but one suggestion for Funcom.

     1. Hire an Economist

     2. If you have already done so, please fire this schmuck

     3. Please see 1

For once, I will be very brief. Since Funcom has released AOC, the economy has been whacked. First, they didn't even allow people to use the trader for the first week and a half. This didn't help things at all. Then, once they did, though people made some money the first day, the economy has since gone to hell in a hand basket. Why?

Well, the primary reason is that green is the new gray. The drops that mobs are dropping that are green are, well, shit. But that isn't what's killing the economy. It's that you can kill a rabbit and it will drop a green. Every mob drops tons of greens, and the same greens. They drop so many greens, the market is flooded.

So how does this affect everyone? Well, hmm a bag (a shitty one at that) is 10g! Woot! Well, now that your rich, a good horse is 50g! No problem, right? Wrong!

Most people are lucky if they have some silver to scratch together until they hit level 80. Maybe a few here and there have some gold, but that's about it.

So, in a nutshell, you can use the trader, you might get lucky to get a few copper on an item, and at the rate you are going, if you sell 100,000 shitty greens (and my math isn't that far off), you can get a 50g horse.

I'm sorry, Conan started out great, but what jackass made the decision to start the game in a depression? Who made the call to only allow people to make 4 copper, but sell horses for 50g? This is like telling people who work at McDonald's they can only save up for a Ferrari. WTF?

docminus writes:

mhm, I thought it was only me, but I see I am not the only one.

I just wonder how it is for those who do have horses - how did they make money in such short time???

Sat Jun 21 2008 2:03PM Report
Ascension08 writes:

LOL. Well I expected all economies of new games to have a few hiccups, but...I highly doubt Funcom knows about economics if this is the state of the game.

Sat Jun 21 2008 2:08PM Report
Nikral writes:

A lot of the people that do have horses are in guilds that have used the higher end exploits. You can amass quite a bit of gold that way.

Sat Jun 21 2008 2:41PM Report
micona writes:

they should learn from games like eveonline where the market is by far the best i have seen , yes i know the context is space and sci-fi but still it's a solid system .

I agree about the whole item system in aoc to be total garbage loot , am almost level 50  and havent used one single drop in the whole game so far , quest rewards are better, and not once had i looked on the AH either.

as a side note i will not be playing aoc next month my free was enough for me .

Sat Jun 21 2008 2:54PM Report
Majinash writes:

They can't learn from EVE's market because its based on PvP with a death penalty (losing all your stuff) and CRAFTING.  AoC doesn't have loss of items, and its crafting is broken.  even if you add crafting, the market will still end up.. not great (see WoW) unless you create an ongoing demand.


of course, even going as far as WoW only works if they fix items as a whole.  level 50 items with the same DPS as level 1 items and... yeah.

Sat Jun 21 2008 3:12PM Report
Trashcantoy writes:

i know this from AO, the economy can be sick especially for starters, it can take over a year to get some money.. i see it as a challenge, but i can imagine ppl see it as annoying or even gamebreaking

Sat Jun 21 2008 5:20PM Report
Rhoklaw writes:

People who made 80 in the first week exploited the Tempest of Set for killing mass amounts of mobs with little mana usage. As for the people with all that wonderful gold? Well, there were and maybe still are items that don't leave your inventory after you sell them. How do I know, because I had one. No, I don't play this silly game anymore, so don't ask me for any gold.

Sat Jun 21 2008 6:35PM Report
shimano writes:

There are gold sellers advertising in the traders and on chat system allready and how the hell are funcom gonna keep the player base

Thu Jun 26 2008 12:41PM Report writes:
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