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Dragon Oath Official Developer Blog

Developers of ChangYou's Dragon Oath, the F2P True Martial Arts MMORPG, write about Dragon Oath and the gaming industry. We'll also bring you insights about MMORPGs made in China and published in the West. Share your thoughts with us!

Author: changyou

Free Gaming Mouse/Keyboard Giveaway!

Posted by changyou Wednesday September 29 2010 at 2:27PM
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Tired of your lame mouse and keyboard? Want a FREE high quality gaming mouse or keyboard from TT eSports? Then you came to the right place.

To help celebrate the launch of our newest update, "Rise of the Guilds," TT eSports has given us 5 Challenger Pro Keyboards and 5 Black Mice to give away! We want to make it easy for you to win... so to enter in the drawing, JUST POST A COMMENT ON THIS BLOG ENTRY.

That's it!

Make sure you guys take a look at the great lineup that TT eSports has at and thank them for this great gift!

You must post here before the end of October 10th, 2010 PST. Posting multiple times will not increase the chances of you winning. We will select the winners on October 11th, and request your info through PM , so make sure you check back!

Take a look at the details of our latest update HERE!

Challenger Pro
Gaming Keyboard with 10 macro keys, 6 multimedia keys, 2 USB ports, red illuminated back light, and added hand cooling fan.

Black Mouse
Gaming mouse with 400/800/2000/4000 DPI, 16 bits USB data format, light weight, and anti-slip thumb grip texture to ensure precise movement control.

EHunTTer writes:

Would Love some of them :3

Wed Sep 29 2010 3:08PM Report
MGShogun writes:

Sweet! Would love to get one. 

Wed Sep 29 2010 3:18PM Report
JenksFTW writes:

Yup, I would love some TT esports products!!

Wed Sep 29 2010 3:22PM Report
furidiam writes:

Count me in tx for the stuff guys!

Wed Sep 29 2010 3:22PM Report
M0o0o writes:

Love me?

Wed Sep 29 2010 3:23PM Report
wksmith writes:

Count me in too please!

Wed Sep 29 2010 3:37PM Report
ace5572 writes:

Thats some nice looking gear!

Wed Sep 29 2010 3:39PM Report
[RedDragon] writes:

I need some ,TT eSports, love:D

Wed Sep 29 2010 3:40PM Report
todesman writes:

Nice event, as always.

I´d like to have one too. Thanks in advance.

Wed Sep 29 2010 3:40PM Report
hamsternator writes:

Blood red backlight to match my awesome skill at dying! Yeah baby.

Wed Sep 29 2010 3:42PM Report
Benthon writes:

Toasting in epic bread.


(I'll take one) :)

Wed Sep 29 2010 3:44PM Report
obeloviper95 writes:

oh oh pick me pick me! Please!

Wed Sep 29 2010 3:49PM Report
paperbard writes:

Shiny, shiny, shiny keyboards. I would be most appreciative for a keyboard and/or mouse.

Wed Sep 29 2010 3:50PM Report
Lorgarn writes:

Sweet opportunity, I would love to throw away this dirty old Microsoft mouse.

Wed Sep 29 2010 3:50PM Report
awwren writes:

Do Want!

Wed Sep 29 2010 3:52PM Report
Karama writes:

Wicked Mouse and Keyboard. That would be a dream come true!

Wed Sep 29 2010 3:54PM Report
LauZaIM writes:

Pretty slick looking mouse and keyboard there. A nice gesture TT eSports.

Wed Sep 29 2010 3:55PM Report
revslave writes:

o/ looks nice

Wed Sep 29 2010 3:56PM Report
MsGamerlady writes:

Both look awesome =)

Wed Sep 29 2010 4:00PM Report
wickedf81 writes:

comment... lol

Wed Sep 29 2010 4:08PM Report
dgmako writes:

Very nice looking gear! Definitely could use the mouse especially, I have a funky rogue clicking mouse (double clicks on it's own) hehe.

Wed Sep 29 2010 4:08PM Report
tgun4510 writes:

Would love a new Keyboard/Mouse. My Logitech wireless KB is crap

Wed Sep 29 2010 4:09PM Report
csthao writes:


Wed Sep 29 2010 4:13PM Report
Murashu writes: Never heard of TT eSports, but I wouldn't mind giving them a shot. Wed Sep 29 2010 4:15PM Report
Tweej writes:

look good, better than my crusty old board  :) Count me in

Wed Sep 29 2010 4:17PM Report
Chris122990 writes:

That stuff looks sexy.

Wed Sep 29 2010 4:18PM Report
Chris122990 writes:

That stuff looks sexy.

Wed Sep 29 2010 4:18PM Report
SHOE788 writes:

loot plz kkthx

Wed Sep 29 2010 4:21PM Report
sunspots writes:

Count me in!

Wed Sep 29 2010 4:21PM Report
Izkimar writes:

If you love the world, then look this way.  I am the jewel in the dirt, and I can be crafted into a mighty ring!

Wed Sep 29 2010 4:24PM Report
bobafett573 writes:

hai there

Wed Sep 29 2010 4:24PM Report
RedTortuga writes:

Oh my goodness, I need to change my pants now. >=3

Wed Sep 29 2010 4:26PM Report
xkanux writes:

:D new update and free stuff cant beat that!!

Wed Sep 29 2010 4:30PM Report
phreack writes:

Sexy looking and performing products, absolute win! So want ;-)

Wed Sep 29 2010 4:30PM Report
xentex writes:

i'm  pregnant and I can't get up save me! Take pity on me and let me win.

Wed Sep 29 2010 4:46PM Report
Samhael writes:

I could use a new mouse. (therefore I will win the keyboard)

Wed Sep 29 2010 4:53PM Report
goblin00 writes:

A Comment

Wed Sep 29 2010 4:58PM Report
Jupsto writes:


Wed Sep 29 2010 5:06PM Report
l3g3nd34n writes:

I'm in.

Wed Sep 29 2010 5:11PM Report
happydan20 writes:

amazingly cool, count me in!

thanks for the contest.

Wed Sep 29 2010 5:19PM Report
welpicaras writes:

Do want.

I've been looking at them for a while.


I <3 You MMoSite

Wed Sep 29 2010 5:21PM Report
Xrashin writes:


Wed Sep 29 2010 5:22PM Report
george99 writes:

Would be cool to win one of these!

Wed Sep 29 2010 5:26PM Report
stepheng47 writes:

very nice

Wed Sep 29 2010 5:27PM Report
gordunk writes:

Never heard of the peripheral company, but those are some damn fine keyboards/mice.  Also, congrats on being one of the few import games that is reasonably well recieved.

Wed Sep 29 2010 5:32PM Report
motorun writes:

Count me in!

Wed Sep 29 2010 5:39PM Report
netwon writes:

These ate sweet, I can use some new gears :)

Wed Sep 29 2010 5:44PM Report
duke85 writes:

Totally sexy looking. Would definitely beat the mouse and keyboard I'm using now -.-

Wed Sep 29 2010 5:46PM Report
romerok writes:

that is some pro hardware, Good luck to everyone!

Wed Sep 29 2010 5:59PM Report
DarkClash2 writes:


Wed Sep 29 2010 6:01PM Report
theinvader writes:

Here's a handy tip for making pancakes:


Get all your pancake ingredients (flour, milk, eggs etc.) and instead of mixing them in a bowl, shove them in an empty 2 litre milk carton, then to mix them up just stick the lid on and give it a good, hard shake. And then you have a beautifully easy way of pouring the mixture into the pan!

Wed Sep 29 2010 6:03PM Report
djcincy writes:

I hope it takes me to that "Next" level

Wed Sep 29 2010 6:03PM Report
Rognack writes:

wow those look nice :)

Wed Sep 29 2010 6:06PM Report
Eighty7 writes:

Man that mouse is awesome

Wed Sep 29 2010 6:07PM Report
The_ember writes:

Woop woop!

Free stuff!

Wed Sep 29 2010 6:11PM Report
mightpyro writes:

I want a new keyboard and mouse

Wed Sep 29 2010 6:17PM Report
begawk writes:

Very awesome contest!

Wed Sep 29 2010 6:19PM Report
rsmeltzer91 writes:

Mmo you guys are awesome everyday i log into the site i see a new contest.. Thank you all so much and i would love to win a keyboard for my mmoing addiction lol..

Wed Sep 29 2010 6:22PM Report
Azzthuras writes:

Very sexy...  would love to have that!

Wed Sep 29 2010 6:23PM Report
acc85 writes:

Would be a big improvement to my current gear

Wed Sep 29 2010 6:26PM Report
OldBiker writes:

Nice looking mouse.  What's that thing hanging off the keyboard?

Wed Sep 29 2010 6:32PM Report
winterlion writes:

sounds like a great pair ....would love the upgrades

Wed Sep 29 2010 6:33PM Report
Nibs writes:

Oooo shinies :D

Wed Sep 29 2010 6:33PM Report
scriibe writes:

woot woot woot

Wed Sep 29 2010 6:37PM Report
Blackfire1 writes:

Want a pitty story? Sure you do. Makes your feel awesome your life is better then mine :).

So I'm jobless, homeless, playing a ripped copy of starcraft II because my copy was stolen, on a computer I worked my ass off to build. On a CRT monitor from 1997. I'm using a Dell keyboard from 1999 and my mouse is an old track ball and motion sensor I jury rigged.  I'm highly skilled at what I do and there are no jobs.  The whole city has my resume including positions I'm not qualified for yet could excel at better then the handful of people they have now.

Do I need this mouse and keybaord? Nope.

Would it make my day to not have to constantly  make sure I don't cross the streams on my mouse and electrocute me?

Oh yes.


Oh lovely dead pixels everywhere.

Be happy that your not me. But at the same time. envy my for the love of my family. Because I know most of you don't even know who your dads are. :P


Have a good day and drive safe, people are stupid.

Wed Sep 29 2010 7:03PM Report
eyeswideopen writes:

I've never won any of the hardware contests here.

Now would be a good time to rectify that.:)

Wed Sep 29 2010 7:16PM Report
dmm02 writes:

pick me pick me!

Wed Sep 29 2010 7:17PM Report
Falstaff writes:

some sweet hardware there, could replace some of my old worn out equip!

Wed Sep 29 2010 7:21PM Report
kreeara writes:

I think what you guys at Dragon Oath are doing is great, keep up the good work. :)

Wed Sep 29 2010 7:21PM Report
Peteragee writes:

The game looks great

Wed Sep 29 2010 7:28PM Report
ragnaur23 writes:

It's reason sliek thsi contest right here, as to why i love being a part of the community.

Wed Sep 29 2010 7:28PM Report
ragnaur23 writes:

reasons like*

Wed Sep 29 2010 7:29PM Report
IAmVengeance writes:

Phr33 st00f pl0x.

In all seriousness, thanks for doing this!

Wed Sep 29 2010 7:29PM Report
fatboy21007 writes:

0.o would be awsome to get this! hope i win!. n thanks for the contest.

Wed Sep 29 2010 7:35PM Report
Troubadors writes:


Wed Sep 29 2010 7:35PM Report
C.L.O.U.D writes:

I just spilled fish taco's and lemonade all over my keyboard, so now I need a new one that will see the fish taco's coming. hook me up with a keyboard 

Wed Sep 29 2010 7:45PM Report
kylekbb writes:

I am in need of both but id settle for a mouse. My mouse is so bad that i cant friggin game so any help.  Sweet and present

Wed Sep 29 2010 7:48PM Report
Salmiakki writes:

Count me in too <3

Wed Sep 29 2010 7:50PM Report
Neocaster writes:

Looks very nice !! I would love them.

Wed Sep 29 2010 7:54PM Report
Cazador64 writes:

Always good to see devs doing something for the people

great idea!

Wed Sep 29 2010 7:54PM Report
Borluc writes: Could use those for the computer I just built for my gf. Wed Sep 29 2010 7:59PM Report
sanitysend writes:

Looks badass, the red is staring into my soul!

Wed Sep 29 2010 8:01PM Report
Slapshot1188 writes:

Nice Mouse

Wed Sep 29 2010 8:01PM Report
namelessbob writes:

Never heard of the brand before, but I must say they are fine looking pieces of gaming equipment. Interesting use of a blog post though I must say, and cheers to everyone.

Wed Sep 29 2010 8:05PM Report
erso writes:

Didn't even know there was a company called TT eSports.

Wed Sep 29 2010 8:05PM Report
SgtEcho writes:

So want this. Especially since I'm hella poor. Such an awesome thing to do.

Wed Sep 29 2010 8:08PM Report
gutigen writes:

Pick me, yes? :)

Wed Sep 29 2010 8:10PM Report
benwins writes:

omg i need this my mouse doesnt even have side buttons!

Wed Sep 29 2010 8:18PM Report
benwins writes:

omg i need this my mouse doesnt even have side buttons!

Wed Sep 29 2010 8:18PM Report
BigJohnny writes:

Count me in! This stuff looks awesome.

Wed Sep 29 2010 8:33PM Report
Caskio writes:

Me likey!

Wed Sep 29 2010 8:45PM Report
borock writes:

Would love a new keyboard and mouse =)

Wed Sep 29 2010 8:49PM Report
Beowoulfe writes:

Would Definitely love to replace my HP default keyboard hehe.

This does look pretty awesome!

Wed Sep 29 2010 8:53PM Report
TheOilyDuke writes:

would love that

especially the keyboard

Wed Sep 29 2010 8:56PM Report
josmcken writes:

would much rather have me one of those then crappy dell keyboard and mouse haha

Wed Sep 29 2010 8:58PM Report
zappymanz5 writes:

This is great of you guys Thank You for being there for the community, I am really in need of a new keyboard (using an old usb1.0 which is dying).

Wed Sep 29 2010 8:58PM Report
scabbedangel writes:

I'd love to have one, sign me up.

Wed Sep 29 2010 8:59PM Report
Ryowulf writes:

I like red.

Wed Sep 29 2010 9:17PM Report
jedimasterhc writes:

dude all of my freinds make fun of my lame stock computer gear... so im in im ready do what ever i gotta do to get some 1up on the gear...

Wed Sep 29 2010 9:22PM Report
Nesrie writes:

Red could be a nice color to add around here ;-)

Wed Sep 29 2010 9:26PM Report
Banion writes: Man oh man would these 2 items be awesome to have. WOW! Wed Sep 29 2010 9:28PM Report
dawana writes:

Those are awesome!! Hope I'm one of the chosen few :)

Wed Sep 29 2010 9:32PM Report
AndyTheGeeky writes:

Looks like a pretty good contest.

Wed Sep 29 2010 9:34PM Report
weylyn writes:

Very nice love the keyboard! and I could use a new keyboard quite badly *wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge*

Wed Sep 29 2010 9:38PM Report
Keller writes:

If I win this, I will change my leds of my case from blue to red.

Wed Sep 29 2010 9:55PM Report
StormwindX writes:

Red makes the girls wet!

Wed Sep 29 2010 10:03PM Report
Hertuu writes:


Wed Sep 29 2010 10:22PM Report
silentrelic writes:

Yes, I  will be able to see the keyboard  after the girlfriend  turns off  all the lights

Wed Sep 29 2010 10:24PM Report
itsSunYam writes:

Would be very nice to have those!

Wed Sep 29 2010 10:27PM Report
LuckyR writes:

and I just happen to need a new keyboard and mouse.

Wed Sep 29 2010 10:37PM Report
negacrowbar writes:

I never win anthing !!! Waaah wahhhhhh!!!

Please give me free stufff! I have seven mouths to feed!!

Wed Sep 29 2010 10:55PM Report
Yaisha writes:

I need a new mouse so badly...

(/ ' x ' \)  my bunny wants you to give me a free mouse so I can spend the money on extra treats for her!

Wed Sep 29 2010 11:00PM Report
Jesse01 writes:


Wed Sep 29 2010 11:04PM Report
wyrdaskolir writes:

ooh shinyyyyyy T_T

Wed Sep 29 2010 11:12PM Report
roflmaster77 writes:

Very stylish KB/M!

Wed Sep 29 2010 11:23PM Report
Justley3 writes:

Looks nice. Definitely interested to have one. After the contest, given the chances of winning anyhow, I might have to order one once I hear some reviews. :)

Wed Sep 29 2010 11:43PM Report
Systemik writes:

yay!  Free stuff!

Thu Sep 30 2010 12:10AM Report
suffuse writes:


Thu Sep 30 2010 12:15AM Report
Pridein writes:

I want em!!! :)

Thu Sep 30 2010 12:20AM Report
exld writes:

here I am! :D

Thu Sep 30 2010 12:37AM Report
XDJonny writes:

sounds good! I've been needing a mouse foreeeeeeeeever!!!!! haha :)

Thu Sep 30 2010 12:38AM Report
bigbudder writes:

Joining in the mooching fun.

Thu Sep 30 2010 12:51AM Report
C0MA writes:

Wow it's beautiful I would love to swap my junk with that piece of hardware.

Thu Sep 30 2010 12:51AM Report
Kinchyle writes:

I could use a new keyboard and mouse!!1



Thu Sep 30 2010 1:27AM Report
Elbowskrape writes:

I want those two items!

Thu Sep 30 2010 1:33AM Report
ibones writes:

I'm defiently in need of a new keyboard/mouse :)

Thu Sep 30 2010 1:37AM Report
Paragon writes: Sign me up! Thu Sep 30 2010 1:44AM Report
tuomiopaiva writes:

/* comment */

Thu Sep 30 2010 1:46AM Report
Cortez992 writes:


Thu Sep 30 2010 1:47AM Report
Ohmz writes:

send it!

Thu Sep 30 2010 1:53AM Report
Superwasbeer writes:

That's a cool contest! I hope I win :D

Thu Sep 30 2010 2:46AM Report
thark writes:

Looks Great :)

Thu Sep 30 2010 3:40AM Report
Dreadyr writes:

Give them to me !!! =)

Thu Sep 30 2010 3:41AM Report
professer writes:

my mouse just broke need a new one =)

Thu Sep 30 2010 3:56AM Report
kabuki77 writes:


Thu Sep 30 2010 3:56AM Report
seigard writes:

My keyboard got so much stuff  under the buttons , those could save africans from death.Meh i need one ^^

Thu Sep 30 2010 4:01AM Report
brokenlogic writes:

I always use the cheap stuff, so I have no idea what the difference is between normal and quality mouses and keyboards.

Thu Sep 30 2010 4:17AM Report
martoffsky writes:

Look awesome )

Thu Sep 30 2010 4:19AM Report
TreDay writes:

That's a hot keyboard.  Pick me!

Thu Sep 30 2010 4:29AM Report
slidemouth writes: Gimmegimmegimme :) Thu Sep 30 2010 4:29AM Report
viditorum writes:

Free is often good and from the looks of this stuff it ealls into the good catagory

Thu Sep 30 2010 4:57AM Report
Juiceman writes:

Those are both awesome and would replace this Lycosa I bought, plus clunky mouse.  I might even have to buy that keyboard if I don't win.

Thu Sep 30 2010 5:01AM Report
jepp2078 writes:

I would sure looooove to replace my 7 year old track ball mouse and my hp keyboard which came with the computer i ordered 4 years ago :D GL to me!

Thu Sep 30 2010 5:08AM Report
ethorathius writes:

Free stuff is always great so :) . my kitty died!! *cries then looks around for attention* one?



Thu Sep 30 2010 5:19AM Report
seirei3 writes:

Awsome gaming gear! :D

Thu Sep 30 2010 5:26AM Report
Tisban writes:

Wife just killed one of my keyboards I would love a new one.

Thu Sep 30 2010 5:32AM Report
Corthala writes:

I want it all!!!

Thu Sep 30 2010 5:53AM Report
jdlamson75 writes:

Very spiffy gear - I could use some of it.  This old keyboard is from an Aquarius I think...

Thu Sep 30 2010 5:54AM Report
Ujai writes:

Awesome gear!


Infact their whole line-up on the webpage looks phenomenal.

Thu Sep 30 2010 6:36AM Report
Hear7y writes:

I'd marry that keybaord :>

Thu Sep 30 2010 6:44AM Report
ryuyoko writes:

Me + That keyboard = Total bliss

We'd change the ways of gaming forever

Thu Sep 30 2010 7:06AM Report
Ryxx44 writes:

    TT eSports



=          WIN


Thu Sep 30 2010 7:23AM Report
Kraxxin writes:

*drools*  I could really use an upgrade like these. :)

Thu Sep 30 2010 7:27AM Report
Reygar writes:

a back-lit would really light up this cave i'm living in. :)

Thu Sep 30 2010 7:38AM Report
Sharpe34 writes:

I shall now post for a slim chance to win one of these  keyboards or mouse's, mice?  Ok  here it is, "Post!"

And mouse-es?

Thu Sep 30 2010 7:39AM Report
liljohnny19 writes:

pew pew!!

Thu Sep 30 2010 7:41AM Report
marlboroboy writes:

Awesome! I haven't win in any competition that involves luck my whole life but who knows, maybe i will get lucky this time!

Thank you both; TT and

Thu Sep 30 2010 7:44AM Report
venomous41 writes:

nice combo, put me in running please. nice job btw.

Thu Sep 30 2010 7:46AM Report
anthonyman6 writes:

Love the gear! Hope I win. :)

Thu Sep 30 2010 7:51AM Report
biogerm writes:

looks like solid keyborad/mouse.

Thu Sep 30 2010 8:01AM Report
willstelter writes:

Comfy hands make a player happy!

Good luck to everyone, but I want to win :)

Thu Sep 30 2010 8:07AM Report
astoria writes:

Ooo Shiny!!

Thu Sep 30 2010 8:10AM Report
Akrux writes:

count me in. thanks

Thu Sep 30 2010 8:30AM Report
Arquiteto writes:

I'll give you a dragon if you give me that Mouse & keyboard.


P.S. Thanks for the opportunity  

Thu Sep 30 2010 8:38AM Report
A_Train writes:

Gimme gimme gimme

Thu Sep 30 2010 9:08AM Report
jtg1989 writes:

*Humps Keyboard and Mouse* please? xD

Thu Sep 30 2010 9:28AM Report
Skythor96 writes:

Count me in! ;D They look pretty dam sexy!

Thanks TT and for doing the giveaway as well :)

Thu Sep 30 2010 9:34AM Report
Nephaerius writes: Love to have one. Thu Sep 30 2010 9:50AM Report
Adogg5 writes:

I'd love them!

Thu Sep 30 2010 10:02AM Report
TheMaelstrom writes:

Nice contest. Wouldn't mind a new keyboard one bit. :)

Thu Sep 30 2010 10:04AM Report
tamnbry72 writes:

Awesome!  Great contest :)

Thu Sep 30 2010 10:15AM Report
Falcomith writes:

No need to post anymore. I am sure I am going to win this one. :P

Thu Sep 30 2010 10:17AM Report
Cheiran writes:

Heh, looks nice.. Count me in

Thu Sep 30 2010 10:24AM Report
Khayotix writes:

Free Keyboard or mouse....awesome. Tt stuff looks great, really like the red on the keyboard :)

Thu Sep 30 2010 10:39AM Report
misfitzx138 writes:

put me in the game coach!

Thu Sep 30 2010 10:40AM Report
markh777 writes:

A backlit keyboard or a fine looking mouse??  Sign me up Scotty

Thu Sep 30 2010 10:44AM Report
fenring101 writes:

would love these, they look awesome

Thu Sep 30 2010 11:23AM Report
kemphbc writes:

Def want some of these.  Need a new mouse and keyboard too.

Thu Sep 30 2010 11:37AM Report
Tatercake writes:

well i need a new keybord and mouse my mouse died on a old old school poller mouse

Thu Sep 30 2010 11:42AM Report
radman9000 writes:

here's hoping i win!

Thu Sep 30 2010 11:50AM Report
dcmechanix writes:

I want!

Thu Sep 30 2010 12:08PM Report
ext1 writes:

Those are pretty sweet looking.

Thu Sep 30 2010 12:21PM Report
Bribear13 writes:

look pretty, wonder how they really perform

Thu Sep 30 2010 12:30PM Report
othred writes:

hand cooling fan pawns. I got sweety palms lol.

Thu Sep 30 2010 12:48PM Report
Holice writes:

Definitely look some some good hardware.

Thu Sep 30 2010 12:49PM Report
Harpy_Lady writes:

Nice looking set of hardware! =)

Thu Sep 30 2010 12:50PM Report
Kordelio writes:

a new mouse and keyboard would be great, my mouse is acting weird and double/triple clicks alot lol

Thu Sep 30 2010 1:14PM Report
s8man888 writes:
I hope I win. Good luck everybody.
Thu Sep 30 2010 1:43PM Report
imp0 writes:

This looks awesome!

Thu Sep 30 2010 2:11PM Report
mixilflick writes:

it board looks great 

Thu Sep 30 2010 2:21PM Report
Suraknar writes:

These look really nice :)

Thu Sep 30 2010 2:24PM Report
trojan99 writes:

nice input device :P sign me up

Thu Sep 30 2010 2:31PM Report
Sinkro writes:

Looks like we got some competition o.o

Thu Sep 30 2010 2:32PM Report
darkboaz writes:

Tick Tick Tock I am the kitchen clock

Tick Tick Tock This is my wife

Tick Tick Tock I am the kitchen clock

Tick Tick Tock This is my KNIFE!

Thu Sep 30 2010 2:33PM Report
Orania writes:

Yes, please. :)

Thu Sep 30 2010 2:58PM Report
Pandorca writes:


Thu Sep 30 2010 3:03PM Report
Seoran writes:

Hooah, nice :)

Theyre probably really happy to celebrate the launch of the newest update, all we need to do is just post a comment :D

Thu Sep 30 2010 3:13PM Report
kyoshilang writes:

oh plsplspls give it to me, i`ll give u my logitech in return

Thu Sep 30 2010 3:42PM Report
Redon1973 writes:

Enter me for this awesome set!

Thu Sep 30 2010 3:52PM Report
Kaldor_ff writes:

tag, i'll give it a go

Thu Sep 30 2010 3:57PM Report
onering writes:

I neeeeeeeeeeed.

Thu Sep 30 2010 4:01PM Report
Ozivois writes:

Nice offer!  I hope to win!

Thu Sep 30 2010 4:17PM Report
jfk35824 writes:

Its good looking equipment....generous offer, of course i'll comment, and check out their company site. Good Luck, Everyone!

Thu Sep 30 2010 5:50PM Report
milicematik writes:

i need to win !

Thu Sep 30 2010 6:22PM Report
plagueclaw writes:

Looks awesome! Thanks!

Thu Sep 30 2010 6:22PM Report
Catxel writes:

Nice!! Would blow my cobweb crap away!. Nice blog too.

Thu Sep 30 2010 6:40PM Report
Hoplophilus writes:

These would definately improve my game.

Thu Sep 30 2010 6:42PM Report
DSBHR writes:

I would like to use these products!   Ü

Thu Sep 30 2010 6:45PM Report
produde69 writes:

Put it down on me

Thu Sep 30 2010 7:10PM Report
elkhouri1 writes:

I need a new mouse and keyboard!

Thu Sep 30 2010 7:40PM Report
RebornDragon writes:

Those are pretty awesome

Thu Sep 30 2010 8:08PM Report
somonekilwow writes:

aye yo gurl

Thu Sep 30 2010 9:22PM Report
wish0 writes:

loot loot loot!

Thu Sep 30 2010 10:07PM Report
maxkill42 writes:

I want one :D, Still using my unbreakable IBM keyboard! Save me!

Thu Sep 30 2010 10:20PM Report
Shdwcaster writes:

I could really use these.  :)

Thu Sep 30 2010 11:46PM Report
Konner920 writes:

I would like them myself :D My keyboard and mouse need a good replacement.

Fri Oct 01 2010 1:13AM Report
marulla writes:

it looks great i ll try these for gaming

<a href="" title="restaurant management software
">restaurant management software</a> restaurant management software

Fri Oct 01 2010 1:43AM Report
Sharess writes:

? Wish I could

    Wish I might

    Have this Keyboard

     & Mouse set tonight?

Fri Oct 01 2010 2:59AM Report
alltoreup21 writes:

Writing this from the library... Someone spilled V-8 on my keyboard;;  This would be a godsend right now

Fri Oct 01 2010 3:03AM Report
darklordofsp writes:

Ths is a step up from my ball mouse and macintosh key board :)

Fri Oct 01 2010 3:14AM Report
Bruwin writes:

Count me in on this!

Fri Oct 01 2010 5:25AM Report
haveto writes:

Looks like nice gear

Fri Oct 01 2010 7:28AM Report
eale writes:

Count me in! factory default mice ftw?!

Fri Oct 01 2010 7:33AM Report
voidptr writes:

Looks awesome!

Fri Oct 01 2010 7:46AM Report
Hobse writes:

Ooo... please do count me in! ;)

Fri Oct 01 2010 7:55AM Report
wesjr writes:


Fri Oct 01 2010 8:38AM Report
Powersnork writes:


TT eSport, hmmmm....

Never tried it, maybe it's time to try something new...

Count me in (too) please! :D

Fri Oct 01 2010 9:30AM Report
TrainerMHS writes:

mmmmmmmm.....awesome keyboard....

Fri Oct 01 2010 10:05AM Report
sludgester writes: I would like to challenge the game with that keyboard and mouse Fri Oct 01 2010 10:09AM Report
paxprobellum writes:

I'm in!

Fri Oct 01 2010 10:11AM Report
causs writes:

Add me pl0x.

Fri Oct 01 2010 10:40AM Report
oldnavy writes:

Can I keyboard turn and clik with these?

Fri Oct 01 2010 10:47AM Report
Skorno writes:

I love to have one of these

Fri Oct 01 2010 10:57AM Report
Flynnigan writes:

I'm just like the rest on here. I dont give a rats a$$ about your game, I spotted a free stuff blog and dove on it. Gimme Gimme Gimme, I would put it to good use without the lame offer to offer to play your title in exchange for those items.

I want the free stuff, I can think of bills to pay instead of actually buying those myself o.O;

Fri Oct 01 2010 11:26AM Report
czw123 writes: Hello i would like to try these out Fri Oct 01 2010 11:39AM Report
Cloudink writes:

Holy crap i want these!

Fri Oct 01 2010 12:57PM Report
frankah writes:

Those are some pretty bad@$$ items. I'd be uber in-debted to get one!

Fri Oct 01 2010 12:59PM Report
DeltaMaze writes: Cool stuff Fri Oct 01 2010 1:06PM Report
jdfranz writes: I'm in. Fri Oct 01 2010 1:35PM Report
Satimasu writes:

Those sure do look neat.

Fri Oct 01 2010 4:48PM Report
wardoxy writes:


Fri Oct 01 2010 4:55PM Report
shava writes:

Count me in, and thanks!

Fri Oct 01 2010 5:36PM Report
joeyac02 writes:

Some sick gear! Wish I was fortunate enough to own something like that :(

Fri Oct 01 2010 7:39PM Report
SarahTonin writes:

I like :D

Fri Oct 01 2010 9:18PM Report
anwar writes:

Gimme stuff!  Never seem to have enough stuff!

Sat Oct 02 2010 8:38AM Report
Olliebol writes:

I need dollar dollar, dollar is what I need

Sat Oct 02 2010 11:44AM Report
lilac100 writes:

They look awesome.

Sat Oct 02 2010 12:41PM Report
Paragus1 writes:

Sure, why not....

Sat Oct 02 2010 6:30PM Report
warped666 writes:

i'm poor and can barly hack out subsciption fees, nice toys like this would be awesome since i'll never have the money to buy anything as nice

Sat Oct 02 2010 6:48PM Report
flagrl26 writes:

This would be a tremendous improvement to what I have!

Awesome contest

Sat Oct 02 2010 6:54PM Report
dumayasjr writes:

Rawr. . . Gaming mouse and keyboards looks great... thats a real cool TT giveaways... must have gaming pc mouse n keys... real gamers

Sun Oct 03 2010 1:12AM Report
Ravenlock writes:

Can't argue with free and easy!

Sun Oct 03 2010 2:28PM Report
spyderlsm writes:

Great looking mouse

Sun Oct 03 2010 8:12PM Report
shadyjames writes:

quick make me a winner so i can cancel my order from amazon lol :P

Sun Oct 03 2010 8:24PM Report
Kairnth writes:

Oo, I want one, my old keyboard is dying.

Sun Oct 03 2010 8:29PM Report
Lithianlord writes:

Sign me up! Those things are to die for. That could really help for my gaming in college! haha

Sun Oct 03 2010 9:00PM Report
Willy123 writes:

That's a pretty sweet giveaway. Gotta admit, I am diggin' the swag. I might just purchase something anyway.

Sun Oct 03 2010 9:58PM Report
Shogoo writes:

well it'll match the lights on my case at least

Sun Oct 03 2010 10:24PM Report
Giddian writes:

Would love it

Sun Oct 03 2010 10:45PM Report
Reagan_Youth writes:

I wanna....WIIIINNNN!(Nacho Libre)

Mon Oct 04 2010 1:10AM Report
Dr_Doom writes:

Come on 22 black...!

Mon Oct 04 2010 3:52AM Report
amifre writes:

i would love one of these too.... :)

Mon Oct 04 2010 2:58PM Report
Shadowhellz writes:

Oh how I could use a keyboard and not this terrible laptop keyboard.

You guys rock for this contest.

Tue Oct 05 2010 12:51AM Report
xxkrisx writes:

Keyboard/mouse look amazing, the red is a nice touch! even if i don't win I will probably be replacing my current faded/worn out/no letters left keyboard! :D

Tue Oct 05 2010 4:16AM Report
Dracina writes:

Awesome keyboard :) Wouldn't mind having one on my desk !!

Tue Oct 05 2010 6:47AM Report
Barcot writes:

Love the look of the mouse and keyboard but will hold of on how well they work 

Tue Oct 05 2010 9:55AM Report
Commadore writes:

i'm in :P

Tue Oct 05 2010 4:13PM Report
ralphdestroy writes:

I could really use a new keyboard, at my corret one, i almost cant selll out E and W anymore, and i even tried to redraw it onto the keyboard buttons :S

Wed Oct 06 2010 12:35AM Report
Miralok writes:

Really nice! Would be great to get one :P

Wed Oct 06 2010 2:21AM Report
dumbjuuzer writes:

Nice gear would not mind having that beutiful mouse or keyboard on my desk:).

Wed Oct 06 2010 2:35AM Report
ange1f011s writes:

coool gearrr thx a lot:))) 

Wed Oct 06 2010 9:04AM Report
Enchained writes:

If i say please can i get it now? lol

Wed Oct 06 2010 2:26PM Report
elthznd901 writes:

Pick me! Pick me!!  :)

Wed Oct 06 2010 3:17PM Report
Perjure writes:

Serious stuff here.

Wed Oct 06 2010 4:27PM Report
IronGolem writes:

Take this off the front page! =). Add me!

Wed Oct 06 2010 6:11PM Report
Zeroko writes:

So many comments, Count me in, i wonder who will win.

Wed Oct 06 2010 6:24PM Report
Hecates writes:


Wed Oct 06 2010 8:54PM Report
sladeringer writes:

Would love to hve them

Wed Oct 06 2010 9:08PM Report
Hecates writes:

me too the keyboard is pretty cool

Thu Oct 07 2010 10:35AM Report
TechnoG writes:

wow. Would like to get my hands on the keyboard :P

Sat Oct 09 2010 4:57AM Report
iernk writes:

these stuff are simply simply awesome!

Sat Oct 09 2010 4:57AM Report
fgiang writes:

i want some  ^^ <3 

Mon Nov 08 2010 7:48AM Report
Phycoz writes:

Do want!

Mon Oct 24 2011 4:31PM Report
Rr9s writes:

I soo badly need one of those!

Tired of working with taped up mouse and a lptop keyboard

Sun Nov 18 2012 6:50PM Report
TheGAMER0914 writes: I wish I could win these items! Thu Jan 17 2013 3:52PM Report
jkwinans writes: This would make for an awesome setup! Fri Sep 12 2014 2:09PM Report
hindmarshhayden1 writes: count me in as well! Id love to have them to replace mine! Mon Oct 12 2015 3:52AM Report
ChainSmokers writes: wassup hope i can win a free gaming mouse love this site always:) Wed Apr 27 2016 2:56AM Report writes:
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