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Dragon Oath Official Developer Blog

Developers of ChangYou's Dragon Oath, the F2P True Martial Arts MMORPG, write about Dragon Oath and the gaming industry. We'll also bring you insights about MMORPGs made in China and published in the West. Share your thoughts with us!

Author: changyou

What sets a MMORPG apart from others

Posted by changyou Friday March 26 2010 at 2:45PM
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Pet System

World of Warcraft: Most beasts can be captured and tamed as pets, but they are typically limited to being non-combative companions. The hunter and warlock classes are unique exceptions. Hunters are allowed to have up to five combative pets, with stats chosen from three different groups (Tenacity, Ferocity, Cunning). Warlocks can enslave demons to summon as pets; they have less than ten different demon types to choose from.

Perfect World International: For most Perfect World players, pets are a rarity, as they must be obtained through Venomancers. Only the Venomancer class can capture and use combat pets; pets that belong to other classes are merely for show.

Jade Dynasty: Players can choose to have combat pets, which fight in battle, or crafting pets, which gather materials and craft items. Pets can also farm items, evolve into two states, and die when their age is full. While unique, the pet system in Jade Dynasty lacks customizability; six predetermined classes specify the pets' stats.

MapleStory: Pets cost real money and expire after a limited time frame (typically 3 months). The approximately 25 types of pets can be taught tricks, be dressed up, and talk. While the pets can alter your speed and jump, they do not fight in battle.

Dungeons and Dragons Online (DDO): No real pet system. Summoned and charmed pets are temporary and cannot be controlled.

Atlantica Online: No pet system. Let your fantasies come true in Dragon Oath. Visit Pet Island to catch the pet of your dreams. Whether it’s an air-gliding golden dragon, a Stegosaurus or a ramen-cooking panda, your dreams become reality here. Control their stats and skills as they level up with you. Transform them into adorable babies, or breed them to create new, exceptionally powerful pets. Unlike most MMORPGs that offer, combat pets are not limited to just a few classes: anyone can tame and own one! Dragon Oath boasts a pet system where possibilities are truly endless.

Dragon Oath


• 400,000 unique combinations
• ~70 different types of pets, each with its own personality
• Each pet has a baby, standard, and rare form.
• Pets raise stats and personal skills as they level
• Allocate pet's attributes in Strength, Intelligence, Stamina, Willpower, and Agility to enhance your pets’ toughness.
• Can learn tricks and skills through a pet trainer
• Can transform grown pets into baby pets
• Can be bred with friends' pets to create more powerful pets with unique skill combinations
• Each pet can have up to 6 skills. One manual and 5 automatic skills.
• Pet skills are either manually operated or automatic skills
• Pet foods help recover the pets HP.
• Pet toys to regulate pet's happiness to be summoned.

Guild System

World of Warcraft: Besides the normal guild benefits (chat, trade opportunities, access to party members), WoW provides two atypical elements: Guild tabards are wearable items that display the guild's chosen symbol and colors, but are limited to the designs provided by the NPC, and Guild banks allow for a shared repository for guild members to withdraw and deposit from. Max 500 members per guild.

Perfect World International: Guilds (called factions in Perfect World) allow for member chat, use of faction emblems, and PvP wars, in which factions fight to control certain regions of the world and earn bonuses. To reach the max 200 player faction size requires increasing the faction to level 3 and spending millions of in-game coins. Faction members can be assigned specific jobs, which determine their ability to invite and promote members.

Jade Dynasty: Clan/guild members get the normal benefits of chat and clan interaction, with four additional clan skills: AP raise, HP raise, spirit raise, and shared experience. Clans are small (limited to 15 members), but can form alliances with other clans to participate in alliance wars.

MapleStory: A typical guild system that doesn't offer any new or interesting elements. Guild members are notified of other guild members signing in, have guild-exclusive chat, bear a guild title, and have a guild emblem, which can be selected from a few available options. Max 30 members per guild.

Dungeons and Dragons Online (DDO): Like MapleStory, just the ordinary guild system.

Atlantica Online: In addition to the regular social aspects, Atlantic Online offers an interesting take on guilds, allowing them to take control of cities. City control lets guilds collect fees from city shops, control the population of the city by completing town quests, and build new buildings. In return for these benefits, a guild maintenance fee is collected from all guild members at the first of every month. Max 50 members per guild.

Dragon Oath:

It offers the most complete guild experience available in any F2P MMORPG. Not only do guild members get access to new friends for partying, trading, and chatting, but members also receive special guild quests, reap the benefits of numerous guild skills, and make money just by contributing to the guild. For example, commercial routes can be created to spur trade with other guilds and reward trading guild members with bonuses. Proudly bearing their own, individually customizable guild emblem, guilds can form alliances and declare wars on other guilds in a 2-hour guild combat. As guilds battle to capture supremacy, they can increase their notoriety by building and maintaining their own city, which provides them special rewards such as tax income. Players can do quests such as Construction and Marketing to improve guild rankings. Make friends, form alliances, and fight to be the controlling leaders of Dragon Oath!

• Join guilds by level 10; create own guild by level 40
• Numerous guild member positions available (Leader, Deputy, Public Officer, Mission Officer, Interior Officer, Trader, Elite, Member)
• Design own emblem
• Declare war on other guilds (2-hour combat)
• 8 guild quests to gain rewards, experience, and guild contribution points
• Guild skills: life skills on casting, cooking, etc.
• Build and maintain own city for special rewards


World of Warcraft: Surprisingly, there are currently no benefits to marriage in this popular MMORPG. Marriage is possible, but, as reflected by the zero-stat wedding rings, it's just for fun and show.

Perfect World International: Marriage in Perfect World isn't for the poor: getting married costs real money (~$60), and divorces are costly (2 mil coins). Benefits of marriage are solely item-based; couples receive marriage clothing and ten wedding gifts.

Jade Dynasty: Couples can get married by choosing to spend real money (~$60) or time (undertaking quests to achieve 9,999 romance points). In addition to the typical wedding clothes items, couples receive access to romance buffs, spouse teleportation, and the ability to embrace your spouse.

MapleStory: After completing a number of small quests, the couple can choose to get married in either a Cathedral or a White Wedding Chapel and have a one minute photo opportunity. Premium weddings conclude with time in the Untamed Hearts hunting ground, where valuable items can be procured. The sole benefits of marriage are stat boosts on wedding rings and the ability to enter Amoria Dungeon, where exclusive monsters are located.

Dungeons and Dragons Online (DDO): No marriage system.

Atlantica Online: No marriage system. Go all out on your wedding ceremony with parades and fireworks for your one true love!

Dragon Oath:

Marriage is as important in Dragon Oath as it is in real life: couples can only marry after their friendship reaches a certain level, and they must plan ahead by sending their friends personalized wedding invitations. The benefits of marriage are extraordinary: the happy couple gets access to a set of exclusive rare skills and items, gains access to unique titles, and even earns special bonus experience when playing as a family. No other MMORPG offers a wedding experience like it!

? Players can get married after friendship points reach 1,000
? Each partner pays 50 gold for marriage fee
? Players who want to renew their wedding can purchase "Love Story"
? Married couples can learn skill "Couples Call"
? Receive extra experience rewards from training with each other in the same party

Parties/Special Community features

World of Warcraft: Notable characteristics of WoW parties are shared experience across members and several loot options specified by the party leader (Round Robin: everyone takes turns, Free-for-all, Master Looter: group leader loots everything, etc.).

Perfect World International: Typical party system. No other special community features.

Jade Dynasty: Typical party system. No other special community features.

MapleStory: Party members get additional 10% EXP bonus when a fellow party member of similar level is hunting on the same map. Max 6 members.

Dungeons and Dragons Online (DDO): Built in voice-chat is included, providing players a greater degree of community. A standard party system of up to 6 members is implemented. Raid parties can be larger (up to 12 members), allowing high-level players to gather and complete high reward quests.

Atlantica Online: Parties in Atlantica Online provide bonuses, such as additional experience points and higher probability of receiving items. The party leader can invite up to 8 members and decide on the item distribution (Searcher Acquisition, Random Acquisition, Party Leader Acquisition). Dragon Oath provides numerous unique features focused on building community friendship and enhancing the social experience between players. Party up with strangers to help complete rewarding quests, earn items, fight high level monsters, and kill boss for rewards, with the ability to designate experience as shared, distributed, or pet-oriented. If you're eager for communities beyond the typical party system, look no further. No other MMORPG can compare to the unprecedented relationship systems that

Dragon Oath has to offer. Become a master (if you're an experienced user) or a disciple (if you're new to the game), and gain not only a lifelong partner, but also rare items and special rewards, such as extra experience in battle! Players can also form kinships with their friends, earning titles and bonus experiences when partying.

• Master benefits: access to rare items, earns extra 2% experience when disciple gains experience, extra 10% experience in battle
• Disciple benefits: access to rare items, earns extra 10% experience in battle, and extra 20% experience when partying with the master
• Only one Master/Disciple relationship per time
• After level 45, disciple graduates and master can take on another disciple
• After disciple reaches level 30 and 45, Master receives experience and item rewards.
• Kin benefits: experience bonus when partying, receive a title
• Up to six kins per player

theAsna writes:


Is this marriage feature really a noteworthy or even important element of a game?

Fri Mar 26 2010 4:58PM Report
BadSpock writes:

You've gotta have some way to suffer through the endless grind and terrible F2P Eastern graphics every MMO from over there uses...

...might as well suffer through marriage too!

Mon Mar 29 2010 8:27AM Report writes:
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