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Dragon Oath Official Developer Blog

Developers of ChangYou's Dragon Oath, the F2P True Martial Arts MMORPG, write about Dragon Oath and the gaming industry. We'll also bring you insights about MMORPGs made in China and published in the West. Share your thoughts with us!

Author: changyou

Why Pet System Matters

Posted by changyou Friday March 19 2010 at 6:03PM
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Greetings, everyone!

Our forum volunteer Vexx brings this in-depth look into the pet system of Dragon Oath. Check out why he thinks a good pet system can make a big difference! 

(Screenshot of Vexx on Pegasus Mount and his Second Generation Dragon Pet )

The pet system in Dragon Oath is unique in many ways from other games.
You can capture and train a variety of pets ranging from cute and cuddly to fierce and ferocious.
There are so many different pets you can try, and they even come in several different and rare colors.
Pets are even customizable with tons of unique skills to help both you and your pet in battle.
You may choose to fight alongside your pet as you adventure throughout the world of Dragon Oath and watch as your pet grows in size and power or you can even breed your pet with someone else's and get rare second generation pets that can be even more powerful and unique.
Oh, don't worry, you can hold more and more pets the stronger you get, whether you are rare pet collector or just wanna have a different kind of pet for each situation you get into. The options are there!

Get started

Once you create your Dragon Oath character and reach level 5, you will receive a quest titled "First Pet" from Master Zhao[160,157] in the City of Da Li.
For this quest, Master Zhao would like you to go to the pet store near East Street in Da Li to find Lily White[265,129].
After talking to Lily White she will give you a new quest called "Level Up Pet" and she will give you her bunny pet.
Lily White would like for you to level her bunny to level 2.
First, go to your character page by clicking the picture on the lower left of your screen or pressing Alt+C and then go to the Pet tab at the bottom of the page. Once there, look at your pet list and click on "First Bunny" and then click the word “Summon”. You now have a bunny pet to play with. You can bring it to fight beside you in Wild Plains or Mt. Infinity. Go kill some monsters until your First Bunny reaches Level 2 and then return to Lily White to turn in your quest.
Continue to do quests alongside your Bunny companion until you reach level 7. Talk to Master Zhao once again and he will send you back to Lily White to learn how to capture a pet. Talk to her and receive the quest "Capture a Pet".
Lily White wants to capture one of her ducklings. To do so, go to the Smart Temple in the Northeast part of Da Li to find someone named Serious Wong[275,49]. Talk to him to enter the King's Garden. Once there, do a bit of exploring until you find some Ducklings. Attack one until it becomes unconscious. After you've done that it becomes a catchable Duckling. Click on it to lure it in and catch it. Return to Lily White once you have captured a pet Duckling.
You now know how to capture and level pets. Feel free to adventure and quest alongside your pets as long as you want. Once you reach level 10 you can leave Da Li and go to the city of Luo Yang to talk to Cherry Yun[183,155] to go to pet island. There you can choose and capture from a variety of many exciting pets, and as you level higher you can even more to choose from. You might even get lucky and capture a rare pet.

Breed Your Pet

In the world of Dragon Oath you can choose to breed your pets and create awesome Second Generation Pets that are even more powerful and colorful than your original pet.
Breeding requires 2 Young Pets of the same type, 1 male and 1 female. You can capture a young pet of your choosing from Pet Island, buy it from peddlers or players who sell pets, or even get one from a special event.
Once you have your young pet you need to find it a mate. Perhaps a friend or guildie have a pet of the same type and would like to breed with your pet, or you could advertise in yell chat that your pet is looking for a mate as a lot of pet breeders do to find that perfect match for their pet. Another option is to release a pet personal or check the pet personals to find a mate for your pet. You can do so by talking to Si Si White[87,143] in Su Zhou. This is also the person you will talk to when you are ready to breed your pets.
You can breed a pet for the first time when it reaches levels 30+ and then every 20 levels after that. For example, if you breed at level 31 you can breed again at 51 and then 71 and so on. But it is ideal to start breeding right at level 30.
Once you have found a breeding partner who meets the pet breeding requirements, you can team up with them and take your pets to Si Si White. Make sure both pets are at 100 joy and 1000+ Life and then talk to her and input your breeding pets.
The higher the level the pet is, the longer it will take to breed. You will be informed to pick up the pet by mail after your pet has been successfully bred. If you have not taken your pet within 48 hours, the pet will be set free.
To pick up your new pets, both you and your breeding partner must return to Si Si White in a team, and have enough space to hold 2 pets, your Breeding Pet and your new Second Generation baby Pet.

There are alot of things to look for when trying to create that perfect Second Generation Pet.
The better the Breeding Pets are, the better your Second Generation Pet will be, though some aspects of breeding pets are completely random as well.
Growth Rate: Growth rate is critical to the abilities of the pet. Growth rates range from Normal, Good, Preeminence, Excellent, and Perfect. Normal being the lowest and Perfect being the highest.
Stats: The Higher the stats of your Breeding Pets, the better they will be for your Second Gen.
Str: Increase Strength to Improve your pet's Physical Attack.
Int: Increase Intellect to Improve your pet's Spirit Attack.
Sta: Increase Stamina to Improve your pet's Physical Defense and Maximum HP.
Wpo: Increase Willpower to Improve your pet's Spirit Defense.
Agi: Increase Agility to Improve your pet's Hit, Reflexes, and Critical Hit.
Try to build the Breeding Pets with the stats you would like for your Second Gen to have.
Increasing the Savvy of your pets will also increase their stats, so it is also believed that a pet with good Savvy will make a great Second Generation Pet.
You can also use a Baby Pet Scroll on your Young Pet before breeding it to rejuvenate it and get a new Young Pet to work with. People often do this to try and get a better breeding pet. There are different levels of Baby Pet Scrolls as well. The higher the Level the better your rejuvenated pet will turn out.

Train and Enhance Your Pet

As you quest and adventure alongside your Dragon Oath pet, it will begin to level and become more powerful.
As your pet levels up, you can make it stronger by adding stat points as previously mentioned in the Breeding section.
Str: Increase Strength to Improve your pet's Physical Attack.
Int: Increase Intellect to Improve your pet's Spirit Attack.
Sta: Increase Stamina to Improve your pet's Physical Defense and Maximum HP.
Wpo: Increase Willpower to Improve your pet's Spirit Defense.
Agi: Increase Agility to Improve your pet's Hit, Reflexes, and Critical Hit.
There are 3 different types of pets.
Physical Attack Pets: These pets use mostly Physical Attack Skills.
Spirit Attack Pets: These pets use mostly Spirit Attack Skills.
Balanced Attack Pets: These pets use both Physical Attack Skills and Spirit Attack Skills.
Now that you know the basics, there are several ways that you can use these stats to build a pet that suits your needs.
For a Physical Attack pet, some people will often go for all Strength stat points for a pure damage pet. You could also add some Agility in there to increase its Hit and Critical hit. Make it a powerful offensive pet.
For a Spirit Attack pet, some people will often go for all Intellect stat points for a pure damage pet. You could also add some Agility in there to increase it's Hit and Critical hit. Make it a powerful offensive pet.
Agility is good all around :)
For Balanced pets you can go either way, Physical or Spirit attacks, the choice is up to you. Or you could even leave it Balanced and use both.
Some People even make Tank Pets by adding Stamina Points to increase the pet's HP, Willpower to improve the pet's Spirit Defense. Or even Agility to increase the pet's Reflexes.
There are so many options available and you can combine any of these stats however you would like to create your ideal pet.
Adding Savvy to your pet will also increase its stats, not to mention it will allow you to level your pet higher than normal pets. You can do so by using Savvy Bone Pills or even combining Wild Pets that you capture with your own pet. These wild pet's must have the Bone stat of at least 1+ the amount of savvy your main pet has for best results. If you are lucky, adding Savvy will even result in your pet learning another skill.

Pet Skills

There are 2 types of pet skills – manually operated skills and automatic skills.
Manually operated skills allow the owner to use the skill whenever they choose. These skills can be placed in the shortcut bar for easy access.
Automatic skills are skills that a pet uses automatically during a battle.
Pet Skills are abilities that your pet can learn to do various things, such as Breath fire, Stun the enemy, Shoot lighting attacks, Buff Master's Stats, etc. Those are just a few examples of the amazing things that your pet can do with skills. And you can even get advanced versions of skills as well.
Pets are able to learn skills through various ways. There are pet trainers that you can talk to, to teach your pet new skills. Players can teach their pet to compensate for their weaknesses or support their strengths. To do this you will need a pet Skill Scroll or an Advanced Skill scroll. These can be obtained from boss drops and even some regular monsters. You can get them from Chests or buy them from shops also.
Then head over to Nana White[181,157] in Luo Yang pet shop and select the option to "Learn Pet Skill". It's as simple as that.
Depending on the level of your pet, using pet Skill Scrolls may Replace a current Pet skill, but the higher your pet levels the more new skills it can learn.

Your pet can truly be Unique from the decisions you make on what stats to add and what skills to use. Even what color and rarities of the pet you choose to use.
So many options and so many pets to choose from! Not to mention you can have several pets at the same time.
These are some of the many reasons why the Dragon Oath Pet system is so awesome.
Try Dragon Oath out and see for yourself the wonderful things you can do!

-- Vexx writes:
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