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Online gaming trends...

It seems more and more today, players want instance gratification. Games were and are meant to be challenging and fun. When we get instant gratification is it actually fun to begin with?

Author: chaintm

Warhammer Online

Posted by chaintm Sunday June 22 2008 at 12:57AM
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See a few people voicing off about Warhammer and how it is this and that, how the game will be this and that. How the lore is this and that. I am here to voice my opinion.

As a gamer of 20+ years and sense gaming really hasn't been around that long you can guess I am a umm older guy, it irks me to no end when people are just plain wrong. This concept of "I am Bill Clinton and if I believe what I say that means it is true". Just irks me to no end. So no I am sorry junior just because you say the sky is green does not make it so; This of course goes along with Warhammer and other aspects.
Below is my personal opinion on the game take it , leave it, that is up to you, but many I believe will agree with me in the long run and in the end when and if this game is finally released. I will see these exact issues being spouted off here and yes, I am 100% sure of it. 
Warhammer is an epic battle of thousands, this is true, but even today in daoc, the one so many refer to as the end of all ends of rvr/pvp combat still has issue with above 50 players in one siege. Ask any player who has actually participate in an epic battle and had all settings on low to on our newest of rigs and still lag to no end.  It is far from perfect as so many would have you believe Warhammer will be.
While I believe they will improve this aspect in Warhammer, no one has yet to see it. I never will expect nor will you ever see a full out server mash, sadly our technology is still not there. If you believe so, keep dreaming and wait for release then judge that for yourselves.
Warhammer is blood, brutality and I am going to do you up the blankedy blank! There is nothing nice about Warhammer lore, there is nothing "cute" about it, (thou there is allot of funny stuff) if you really know Warhammer it is a very brutal and low down disgusting fantasy of war at it's worse with descriptions on how an orc would take an elf and blankedy blank her in a few thousands ways and of course other things that would make your mother cry.
So please don't go around spewing bs about how Warhammer is nothing about blood or the like, you are WAY OFF. Mythic has made Warhammer your friendly neighborhood WOW Clone and I "know" this comment peeves off more people then anything.
WOW is a rip of Warhammer, most now get the time line, but Warhammer Online is now ripping of WOW to keep it rated "K" for Kiddies. Hey they are doing something right after all, I get that, but to be an exact rip of it? Why even play? New stuff to see? New character builds? I guess if you consider what the actual classes and characters are, you would see umm... yea there is a differ..... never mind.
Now the only hype this game is getting is from the fan bots that can't see past the clone that this game is. I am upset and for a good reason, this is just as a previous company that attempted to make a Warhammer game a piece a dung waiting to be canceled. How do I know, well I do, take it or leave it , it's my opinion.
Mythic really dropped the ball on this one and sadly I blame the monolith that is known as EA. With all those resources and power at Mythic’s disposal, I believe they lost focus of their closeness of a team they use to have. I also think they went way beyond their means of what the game would have and can actually have and finally not having true goals etc as they did with DAOC in developing this title, you can see it all over the place.

Nothing I write or you write will change those who are all out crazy about playing the game or those that don't care. So why write this then? I love the Warhammer Universe just not the online game that is being boasted as such. Finally for Gamers Workshop for not pulling the plug on this catastrophe that will definitly kill the name as much as SWG killed the concept for a Star Wars game or the fine people over at Perpetual Entertainment who will kill the Star Trek franchise. (That was a pun)
Now many will ask, "Well what would you do to make it a game worth the Warhammer Universe?" simple answer..."Don't Make It" Why? Because the following reasons...
1. Technology is NOT where it needs to be for this sort of world to actually be in place along with the lore it has to offer or the actual concept of it's main design. Maybe one day when everyone is on quads or better and will have exact rigs like the next guy.
(Consoles anyone? no thnx, but having a consistent PC setup would make development a billion times easier)
2. Internet connection that will bypass the issue of the cutting off the upload speed to save bandwidth for those that provide said service like Comcast and the rest. Thus allowing enough communications between all clients to see were everything and everyone is.
3. When parents start being parents so development companies don't have to design a game based of baby-sitting their 10 year old who shouldn't be playing the dam game to begin with. Then able to design the world as brutal and ugly as it was meant to be or even not so, just so they don't have their hands tied because some parent decides to sue because little Johnny decided to commit suicide over a stupid game. Start watching your dam kids! (Sorry a little personal grudge there)
Of course I can go on and on, but this universe is just far to big to be thrown into a half made MMO that will kill the franchise. Sadly it probably will be launched and shall live a life that SWG did and in the end be something that "could have been" so much more. Maybe someday a company will come out and do something super extraordinary and blow our socks off in an MMO, but it won't be anytime soon. You can throw this title in with the likes of WOW, LOTRO, DAOC and the original EQ, time for something new, something innovative oh and something when you actually say it will have it, it does! For now this will be just another MMO to fill the gap till something better comes along.
Maybe I am just looking for too much in a new MMO and that I can openly admit. So many things thou in a Warhammer Universe MMO that will be A: not in the game B: never see the day of light, will just not make it the Warhammer Universe they are currently spouting it off to be.  
So in closing: Have your say, blab away, but in the end if you come on here with some stupid Spam, don't worry I will delete you! If you are against me and have viable and actual thoughts behind your posting, then it shall remain. You have been warned kiddies!
Ascension08 writes:

They're building on WoW's...UI, that's basically all that's similar. (I don't count combat as "similar" because even though there's autoattack/skills, WAR takes it a step further AND WAR has Collision Detection...). WoW's UI is very very simple and easy to use so why fix what's not broken? I agree there should be a little more blood but I've seen vids with blood and it's not oceans and rivers of it because that's just stupid.

Sounds like you're one of the people who like Warhammer but think this won't be your type of game, and that's cool. I know many people who like the tabletop who are also looking forward to this. I've heard of a Warhammer 40K MMO in development, even though that won't be out for years maybe it'll be to your liking.

Sun Jun 22 2008 1:15AM Report
chaintm writes:


Don't take me wrong Acension08, I think the game will be fun for some , but the current talk/hype is not what the game is. For obviously reasons I can't go into details, but for the lack of that information I can say people talk about Warhammer and how it is this and that. The game is far from a true Warhammer Universe, allot of the "cool" features that make Warhammer what it is are not even here.

So alas yes, this game will not be for me, I have not heard of the 40k version, thou that would peak my interest for sure. As far as the fantasy version goes I just don't see first the tech there to make it happen and secondly ...well I can't get into it, but alas it just isn't Warhammer. A  fantasy MMO for sure, just not what it is being promoted as or those fans who'm promote without having a clue what they are promoting.

Sun Jun 22 2008 1:23AM Report
zanfire writes:

streight up, its true, the real warhammer storys and whatnot are really detailed in its personaly im not an avid and barely did much w/ the table top (WAYYYYY to costly) but i have a gist of it from friends. im just looking at this game as a better/easyer to handle DOAC but set in a warhammer style world. better to give it an open mind and enjoy it for what it can be. ive been a huge PVE player and this just is a new style w/ a fimilar brand name that im intrested in. take it for what it is, with an open mind, dont get wrapped in the "this should be liek the actual thing"

i know alot of the fanboys are looking into this to be a warhammer detication, but its not made by the people who do it, its a game adeptation with a warhammer cover. honestly just forget all the tid-bit "this and that" ignore it and judge the game when its out, judge it for a game not a piece of "this world" or that world.

Sun Jun 22 2008 2:32AM Report
zanfire writes:

also yes its true that massive 40+ player wars wont happen fluidly, better then other games, most likely, but your right, technology as fast as its developing, hasnt seen much in the "lets make the internet uber fast dept." lately, hopefuly soon though, i would love to play massive fights between 100's of players in fast paced shooters or wars in a game like this.'

also i can see hwo ur downplaying the fact its kiddie-fyed, personaly i blame WoWs mass apeal and unatrul sucess. i hate that game deeply, but i respect some things. i blame it for this huge rut they put MMOs in lately, every companys building games to copy its sucess after seeing how well it did, and doing nothing uniqe and new. i can bet after MMOs slow down do to crappy titles flooding the market, they will get back to trying to be revolutionary. hopefully soon....

Sun Jun 22 2008 2:37AM Report
bleyzwun writes:

Why are you flipping out and hating on a game that's not even released yet?  Yes, developers need to be coming up with something different.  Yes, MMOs need to evolve, but you know what?  I will happily play a game with similar mechanics to WoW with a focus on PvP.  Maybe you have a lot of money and can buy a top end PC, but I can't.  I am glad Mythic isn't dedicating their time to insane graphics. 

While you wait for that godly MMO to come out, I will try WAR and see what it's like.  Why do you care so much that it looks similar to WoW (imo it looks much better, and I disagree with it being a WoW clone)?  What's the big deal about gore?  I know the Warhammer world is a violent one, but gore never made a game better. 

Sun Jun 22 2008 2:58AM Report
Shlomo writes:

I agree about the kitty like world and that there is to much money in it to make the world what it is. Know a person who owns a Games workshop retailer here in Umeå, Sweden. And mothers buying stuff for their kids is his main income. It's sad cause the kids just like the spiky bits and cool design not knowing how time consuming the hobby acctually is.

Games workshops world may be brutal. But numbers are numbers.

Like the baby sitting part ^^

Sun Jun 22 2008 6:48AM Report
Ichmen writes:

saddly as you say is mostly true. the first WAR mmo was more dark. some where i still have the old trailer for it.  though i wouldnt called WAR geared to kiddies granted they are aiming for a  youngin player base like WoW did. there by increase the total $$ blingidy bling bling they make unlike AOC which is geared to adults so may or may not make as much $$. still the promise and premise is there for WAR to be still a very decent MMO perhaps not exactly like the TT or the lore its based off but if its as close to the lore as possible it SHOULD still be a very good mmo.


as for the lag thats impossible to fix as the internet requires a total overhaul and no one IPS or country wants to take up the bill to upgrade the internet to a better connection line..  basicly its a 28.8 modem running T3/cable :/  though we can still hope the lag they had from Daoc as you pointed out. gets fixed :/ who knows WAR isnt out yet so every thing todate is hear say and rumor.

Sun Jun 22 2008 10:03AM Report
Majinash writes:

I don't get it.  The beginning of the blog states that "just because you say something doesn't mean it's true" and the rest of the blog is someone thinking that because they are saying something about WAR, it's true.


Just because you say we don't have computers able to run mass sieges doesn't mean its true, its been done in the past on plenty of games... even bad games like L2.

Sun Jun 22 2008 2:25PM Report
Elowyn writes:

 From what Ive seen it will hardly be a piece of dung waiting to be cancelled. Kill the WAR franchise? If anything, it will bring it out into the open. It may not be your cup of tea but It will definately be a huge hit.

 Am I one of those people that thinks there opinion is right? Damn right I do. And I am..........

Sun Jun 22 2008 3:47PM Report
chaintm writes:

Salu to all,

I get the thoughts (those that had nothing really to say DELETED!, but to the others here)

Aye, it's an MMO no doubt, it's seiging for the best we can get , but in the end it's the same ol same ol. While I can go along with the concept of  "it's better then nothing" I have to stand my ground to say it is nothing that will represent Warhammer correctly. While again as stated later,  I would totally go for this title being a Fantasy named whatever based on some other fiction, but for what it is being protrayed as? No thanks.

Those that comment about beta, really think about that before you even think to comment about it... get it yet? If not , sorry I can't help you there.

Finally, again yes everyone is welcome to their opinion , if you think war will be out of this world then boast on a blog how you beleive it will be. For me I say it the way I see it, nothing new here and nothing innovative. It can be a descent filler, but currently I don't beleive even that. Who knows, times can change and so can concepts, designs and ideas, but in the end this is your kids Warhammer and definitly not Warhammer as it is or was ment to be I beleive.


Sun Jun 22 2008 9:53PM Report
necrotoxin7 writes:

Please take the time to reasearch a game before criticizing it. Unfortintaly I can not talk about the game. I am in the beta.

Sun Jun 22 2008 10:22PM Report
DPawlik349 writes:

I was an avid WoW player, however I have also played DAOC and UO way longer than WoW.  I love the pvp style of fights and the new and interesting battles each brought.  I am looking forward to WAR for the simple fact that it is made by Mythic.

I am somewhat dissapointed by the way the graphics have taken a stance in order to make it a family friendly game.  But lets face it, that's what is going to bring in more people if the game actually gets big.  Which means a lot bigger (maybe not always better) community.

Personally I couldn't care less about the 'true' WAR feeling as I have never read or played anything based off of Warhammer.  So the thoughts of it not following the stories does not effect my judgement.  But then again who knows, maybe they are making a huge mistake, I will buy this game when it launches and try it out for myself.  I figure that is the only way I can make my true judgement on how great (or lame) the game is.

Sun Jun 22 2008 11:41PM Report
vajuras writes:

I hope WAR does not feel like WoW when it releases. sure, they have maybe minor features here and there but it should all add up to make it feel different?

I hope so. I hope, can only hope...

Mon Jun 23 2008 6:30PM Report writes:
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