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Attention Defecit Gaming

Just my daily ramblings about my experiences mmo gaming in more than one game at once. Usually at least 2. At times, 3 games or more.

Author: cerebrix

A night in the LOTRO trial.

Posted by cerebrix Wednesday February 18 2009 at 6:21AM
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As long as I've been playing these games at some point, I will try them all.  Even if its just out of boredom.


The other night I decided to download the trial, but tonight was my first night really playing it.  I guess the only real way I can describe my first impression of the game is that it was like being told the dumpy looking girl ive only seen from behind from a distance really liked me.  Once I decided to say hi, she turned around, smiled, and turned out to be quite the hottie.


I really didn't expect to have ANY interest whatsoever in this game.  High fantasy was never my gig really.  Maybe it was and I just didnt know it.  I guess time will tell.  But I can say for sure it's been a long time since a game has made this good of an impression on me right off the bat.


I decided to roll a warden after watching the little videos.  I tend to not research a game in depth until after I play it first.  I like the whole "discovery" thing.  Also how a new player is "led" through the game tells me a lot about the methods of a game's designers.  Thats a fun little class they got there.  Playing it was fun, interaction was great.  The class didn't feel "tacked" on to me at all.  But to be fair, when it comes to lotro, so far, its my only frame of reference.


I was REALLY impressed with the sound in this game.  I think so far, they've done the best job yet for use of sound in an mmo.  Music is great, really sets the mood and seems to be used to dictate an emotional response to the moment.  The samples used for sound effects were REALLY top notch.  I haven't hard stuff that good since Sacrifice by Shiny Entertainment.


The graphics so far are great.  Although I wish performance was a bit better in directx 10 mode.  It's fast and playable now, I just get a bit annoyed by mid run lags even if they are only occasional.  The interface graphics did bug the living piss out of me though.  The textures were really really low rez.  During a break i searched for some interface skins, found one I liked and went for it.  Much happeir now after installing daimon ui.


I REALLY hope this game holds my interest.  It's been a long time since a game has had this kind of a positive first impression with me.  Time will tell I guess.  If it does, I can completely see a lifetime sub purchase in my future.  Especially if monster play turns out to be fun for me. 


I sure do love me some pvp =D

Sargoth writes:

Till about lvl 15 - 20 or so it will seem fun.  You will be happy to experaince new content and all will seem like a sweet fairy tale.  Then the grip of dark mmo grind and same ole routine will take hold and you'll be veggin faster than a fat kid with a twinkie and WoW. 

Of course, I personally cannot stand auto attack and timed abilities anymore so my views are distorted.  Lotro was the best of the mmo's out there till I became picky of combat mechanics. 

Good luck. 

Wed Feb 18 2009 10:37AM Report
jusagamfrek writes:

I'm glad you like it.  I have had a blast with this game and keep coming back to it, so it's good to see new players take an interest.  It is not without lulls at times, but overall the game is fantastic from starting levels to "end levels".  Also, at least on my server, this game has the most helpful community of any game I have played, so don't be afraid to ask for help.

Its weakness was always the pvp.  There wasn't much content here as everyone was forced into the same zone.  This meant there wasn't enough variety for many, but it also meant you never had to wait to find a fight.  This led to some epic battles, but most people don't play lotro for the pvp.  Their ability to weave an amazing story around the books was always, imho, the strongest motivation to play.

Wed Feb 18 2009 4:03PM Report
t0nyd writes:

Stay very far away from monster play and the game will be semi-enjoyable for a bit. If you decide to enter the moors, dont play a creep.

Wed Feb 18 2009 4:29PM Report
Smintar writes:

I too am glad that you like it, for me this one is probaly the best of all. Once you enter into The Mines of Moria you will began to appreciate the story and the game all that much more.This definately seperate itself from other mmo's. As for any expansion to have ever come out for any mmo, this one takes it all hands down!


Wed Feb 18 2009 9:07PM Report
cerebrix writes:

 thanks for the comments everyone.


ill probably play guild wars for an hour or so when i get home then back to lotro.  im kind of on a "guy with spears" kick lately.  nothing like poking someone with a sharp stick that makes me giggle =p

Wed Feb 18 2009 9:29PM Report
JLewthwaite writes:

Lol on the 'dont' play a creep. PvP in Lotro is a very small (and many would say neglected) part of the game. If you are actually into pvp then playing a creep is the only option: they are egenrally more skilled, more organised and gank the freeps so regulalry that Turbine had to nerf creeps and op the freeps in MoM just to balance the lack of freep ability. (A hunter can kill my warg with an average of 2 hits only - even 1 shot sometimes - 3.5k-4.6k damage - best ive ever doneback was a devestating crit for 1010). It was a shock that almost killed PvP totally in LOTRO, but creeps have to have backbone, intelligence and organisation - thats why my tooth and claw is worth any legendary weapon, why creeps alone can claim any dignity and why serious pvpers play creep exclusively.

Saurons slaves know no fear - forward to death Maggots!! (and chocky dipped hobbit feet all round for the survivors)

Rrattz R9 warg officer Black Guard

Thu Feb 19 2009 9:03PM Report
elEzzAr writes:

 I just got the trial working and I cant select Warden or Runesomething :)

Anyone knows if this is some update thing I've gota do, or if Im simply not alowed cause of the trial

Sun Mar 01 2009 1:53PM Report writes:
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