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Candy's Agora

Just about anything under the gaming sun.

Author: candycoated

Which side are you on? Prepaid vs. Postpaid

Posted by candycoated Monday June 28 2010 at 9:15PM
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Convenience is always everybody’s game. That’s why as early as the 1920s, oil companies and hotel chains began issuing credit cards to their customers in the U.S. Credit cards revolutionized man’s way of living. Everything became fast-paced. It also uplifted security to men and to companies as well.
On the other hand, with the change that credit cards brought to mankind, also fed man’s nature to splurge in which companies would naturally really take advantage of. But when it comes to gaming subscription, how safe are the consumers? Are the consumers aware of the terms and conditions that they agreed upon signing up? Did they even bother reading those lengthy terms and conditions which also indicate that companies can change anytime they want?
One good example for this is an Xbox Live Gold membership. When a customer purchase an Xbox Live subscription Gold membership (whether 1-month,6-month,1 year subscription) using a credit card, he/she is not aware of Microsoft’s automatic membership renewal feature. Microsoft sends an email to their customers before their accounts are about to expire but most of the customers fail to read it. That’s why most of the customers are surprised to have their credit card charged for another subscription. I know most of you would say “Well, there’s always refund”. But NO, with some cases like a month subscription wouldn’t let you allow making a refund. Why? Because it would take time for them to process that with your bank. Now I ask, where’s the buyers’ protection? Shouldn’t companies tell you everything before you really make a purchase? But who can’t blame those big companies, $$$$$$$$ is all that matters.
Now the question is how we (buyers) can outsmart companies. Choose the alternative that companies are least likely to offer because with those choices, you get a good bargain. Similar to the example given above, there are always prepaid cards. Naturally the automatic subscription renewal won't work. I know, I know… that buying those cards from distributors will require much effort. But as the saying goes, (excuse me for sounding cliché) “No pain, no gain”.
On a final note, it’s always depends on what’s convenient for you. But a little knowledge won’t hurt you.

Time Management Mastery Lvl. 10

Posted by candycoated Sunday June 27 2010 at 10:00PM
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From MMOGs we would see Sword Mastery, Bow Mastery, Dagger Mastery, etc. On the other hand, what about real life Time Management Mastery?

Some people would allot an hour or two daily to play online, some would play 4-6 daily, and some would play 8-12 hours daily similar to what a professional gamer does.

For whatever reason each person has for playing, I think that in gaming there are always time management issues.

For students (teenagers and young adults), you should keep in mind that gaming is the least of your priorities. Some students would even cut classes just to be in front of the computer and be with their 'online friends'. The sad thing about this is that students miss the important phase of their lives by spending much time with their online community rather than investing on friendship with real people around them. Yes, a lot would say that they also play online games with their classmates or people around their community, but what happened to traditional outdoor fun? Are playgrounds and recreational centers not that appealing anymore?

Study Time vs. Gaming Time

When I was in college, I would always make it to a point that if I spent two hours playing games then I have to double that for study time. I remember that there were times that I went to school without sleep because of that principle. It is always about self-discipline. And to quote something that I've read on a game forum before "You will never be able to include your in-game achievements on your resume." (unless you want to be a professional gamer)

Work Time vs. Gaming Time

Feeling sleepy while at work due to overnight pvp or leveling? Well, isn't it about time that you get that promotion you really wanted? If that's what you want then you have to reconsider your priorities. MMOGs come and go but professional opportunities doesn't come everyday. Like what I said before, it's all about time management.

Live your life, gamers! Always prioritize your responsibilities at home, school, or work. Go out and meet people. Explore the world. And when you're done with all of that then reward yourself with some gaming time! =) 

Mario! Mario! MMO Machismo

Posted by candycoated Thursday June 24 2010 at 12:57AM
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Princess Peach: Why is it that I'm always tied to that flagpole? Why don't you just try it for once, Mario! And I'll do the rescuing!

Mario: Because that's how it is.

Princess Peach: (sighs)

I'm half amused and half unamused by the legacy that Mario has given the gaming community especially to men. I think masculinity is way overrated in games (be it online or offline). Everyday is a battle of testosterone (hello! PVP).

Well, who could blame Mario and his sidekick Luigi (green jumpers??? green was the old pink back in the day, they say *winks*) for being the better sex? The history behind this could go on and on even way back to Adam. Most female characters in MMO would be for support, I say let them take the lead. If men wants war then women should give them war. (armors paired with stilettos, ladies?)

Oops, I think I went too far. The bottom line here is that, gaming is not only for men to dominate. Because I think that is one of the reasons why majority of the women lost interest in games. I say "Men, let them (women) take part in your gaming life. Play with them, so that you don't have to lie about your gaming time. Play online or offline games together."

If that doesn't solve the issue... Mother Peach, please pray for us.

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