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Online bullies

Posted by caeur Wednesday September 26 2007 at 3:21PM
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I never quite got why some people seem to have a need to be abusive and obnoxious when playing online games. I encounter it every day - some form of verbal offense, people badmouthing each other, mocking other players and whatnot... I really don't get it. What good comes of it?

Apparantly, trying to make other people feel bad must feel like having some kind of power over them... Not the case though, there is nothing powerful about sitting behind a computer screen typing a lot of bollocks into public chat. The only thing you're gonna achieve by abusive behaviour is usually a report and then a GM dropping by, pointing a finger at you. If you're really unlucky, you might end up getting banned. So why not just be nice? Here's the catch i guess; not everyone sees it as a beneficial thing to be nice, pleasant and polite; it's more fun to act as complete twats. Not that being a twat ever got anyone anywhere and especially not ingame besides someone's ignore list. Just a little something to keep in mind...

So yeah, online bullies do annoy me. Is it cool to badmouth someone you know can't do anything about it? I call that cowardice and childish... And also a waste of chat space.

I always found it more rewarding to be polite and nice towards other players I encounter, to help people out and show some common courtesy at least. This way, I know that I am contributing to making it just a little bit more pleasant for other players. And as the saying goes; what goes around comes around. In most cases, this is true. People I help out are usually more inclined to help me out if I'd need it. And vice versa. No one likes an ass hat... Also, by being just a wee bit nicer, you help create a better gaming environment. It doesn't take much more than a please, thank you and some decency. Sadly, there seems to be a general lack of decency about; luckily it's never too late to do something about it. Every little helps as they say, and by being polite and adding a smile behind a question or reply really makes the gaming experience a whole lot better. At least for my own part and I believe more people would agree.

So don't be an online bully, cause it's not cool. Spread some love instead. :P

Elladan writes:


Wed Sep 26 2007 3:35PM Report
Skyknight00 writes:

i hate you for posting this :)
hehe only messing good read and your are incredably spot on
love love

Wed Sep 26 2007 5:00PM Report
pinkpink writes:

Nice one

Wed Sep 26 2007 5:47PM Report
mosespeach writes:

I agree 110%.  It makes absolutely no sense to treat people poorly, just because you have the protection of a virtual world.  Kudos on the post.

Wed Sep 26 2007 5:53PM Report
mudkip9001 writes:

isn't posting this bullying the bullies? i think its a little hypocritical asking what good comes out of verbal offense, while you're verbally offending those people who verbally offend people. perhaps you could answer your own question?

Wed Sep 26 2007 6:03PM Report
Brenelael writes:

Only play PvP oriented games then when someone is running their mouths you can just kill them repeatedly. Works for me.

Wed Sep 26 2007 6:08PM Report
Thaliost writes:

You can only get offended by some1 if you let them affect you.

Bullying is kinda stupid even if its fun for some people. But it is not to be confused with just wanting to be an evil character.

And if people get all upset by something insignificant that hapened, its fun to taunt them and see them getting even more mad. Once again that person is going along and not ignoring.


Anyways just use the ignore option and report :) part of life, part o imf games. Only in games its funny imo.


Wed Sep 26 2007 6:33PM Report
Lex_Knife writes:

Really i've noticed that most of these "bullies" are either immature 13 year-olds or stoners. Just gotta ignore 'em i guess cause they're just idiots. I also chose to be nice to people, it makes you look more civil.

Wed Sep 26 2007 6:42PM Report
gorgondo writes:

There is a satisfaction to be had verbally conquering someone, especially if they comment back.  It's the same appeal PvPer's get from crushing an opponent's skull.  It's nothing personal we just like to see how far someone can be pushed before they break, it's not meant to be cruel, it's just another form of competition, one of wits.  Some children take it too far, or supplement this 'game' with stupidity and personal attacks, because they think that's how it's done.  I'm sure you'll notice at times that said bullies even attack each other.  Those doing it as a form of competition don't like those that turn it into some tactless shit fling.  There's a special satisfaction taking down some childish moron who thinks he/she has quick and flawless wits.

We're not all out to hurt people's feelings, ignore us and we will gladly move on to the next person.  Like I said, it's rarely personal.

Wed Sep 26 2007 6:54PM Report
neschria writes:

I go out of my way to be nice to people,even when they are being jerks.  Sometimes, when the dust settles, all I can do is shake my head and wonder, "What was THAT all abou?"

Wed Sep 26 2007 9:30PM Report
bleyzwun writes:

Agreed.  I got in an argument with this guildy about this once.  I told him people out on the street wouldn't go up to random dudes and talk shit to them without expecting to get beat down.  He told me that I was ignorant. lol...  I'm sorry, but 1 out of 10 (maybe even 1 our of 5) people would beat that ass.  People feel too brave on the internet. 

Wed Sep 26 2007 9:59PM Report
SpikeDX writes:

you must be from the uk......

Wed Sep 26 2007 10:48PM Report
Reborn17 writes:

Wait,wait,wait. Have we forgotten the best way to deal with a bully is to stand up to him? I've had my run-ins with "video game tough guys" and after clowning his punk ass for talkin tough online I read him the ABCs of cuss words and then recount in detail the indignities I heaped upon his harlot of a mother last night. At which point, the bully, like all cowards, turns tail and runs. Punks are the same no matter where you find them. What pisses me off most is the fact these pussies are only talking yang because they know no one can get to them. @$$holes.

Thu Sep 27 2007 1:31AM Report
Bama1267 writes:

More or less these people are just trying to be annoying to get a rise outof anyone who will take the bait. Satisfaction for them comes from the first person who responds. Ive found that just ignoring these idiots works wonders. Of course you have to be able to bite your tongue ...which is just too hard for alot of people.

Thu Sep 27 2007 8:02AM Report
KiraNerys writes:

I agree with most everyone, especially Tetro12. I would like to add that I have wondered on this topic before. I wonder if these game bullies are themselves the victims of real life bullying? I am curious to see what other's think about that.

Thu Sep 27 2007 8:51AM Report
Thaliost writes:

Most I know just want to have a laugh. And maybe the person who was "bullyed" might take it personaly, but usually the "abuser" will just show the logs to his friends, laugh and not care at all.

I dont think that they are usually bullyed irl.


Best option is ofc ignoring. If you let something said by some1 you don't know in a virtual world get to you; then maybe your giving too much importance to the virtual life :/

Thu Sep 27 2007 10:10AM Report
Riptide69 writes:

Just reminds me of being back in high school, where the bullies try show their right place amongst their followers by showing how stupid other people are hehehe.  I think what we are seeing in these games is a little of that.

Thu Sep 27 2007 11:06AM Report
soulwynd writes:


I believe every online game has that command.

Thu Sep 27 2007 12:38PM Report
Nicod3mus writes:

Why does it bother you so much seems like the obvious question. I hear people talking smack all day and I love it...makes it all the more fun to pwn their face.....what's the big deal......part of gaming is the smack talk and the ^^cry^^cry.

Fri Sep 28 2007 4:55PM Report writes:
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