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Author: beauturkey

Slowly assembling my PERFECT MMO.

Posted by beauturkey Wednesday December 9 2009 at 10:28PM
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I am not the type to cut down an MMO because it doesn't have exactly what I am looking for, but I cannot help but fantasize. I think we all do, don't we?

Hell, the developers of these games fantasize, too. Most, if not all of them wish they could add things to their game that they just can't. In getting to know Silius from Vanguard (we interviewed him several times for our show, and met him in person) I can tell you that he is the perfect example of a developer that is doing what they can, when they can. SOE spent enough cash on that game and isn't going to be spending anymore, so it's a wonder that the dev team gets done what they do get done.


I know he has ideas that just aren't feasible, and I know that him and most other developers play other games outside of theirs. All of us in this community have some kind of imagination, for even logging into a game is an exercise in using it.

So I want to occasionally look at amazing systems in games in the hopes that one day one game will contain them all. It will be hard to just not blurt 'em out in one blog (Ryzom's weather, Mabinogi's mounts...) but I will try.

This time I want to mention Fallen Earth's foods. While not perfect, the system shows great promise. The foods can buff you, making the difference between you surviving for long or waking up in a clone chamber. They are fun to cook and even funner to shop for. There are beers, fruits, all sorts of cool ingredients and labels to read.

I am always stunned that food hasn't been considered for more MMO's. Even hero's need to eat, and to be honest those ordinary little things make my character seem more real, making the game more immersive. I have timed the foods I have come across so far in FE, and they last an average of one real-life hour. That one real-life hour equals 6 hours in game. That's about the perfect amount of time for my hero to scavenge before taking a break, at which point he must sit and enjoy a drink and some food. With the possible addition of camps, food might become even more interesting.

Forget making armor or guns, forget crafting poisons or band-aids. The first thing you would need would be food and drink, period.

Cooking isn't hard, like most crafting in Fallen Earth, but it's complexity comes from simply deciding what you want to become good at. There are a million choices, and it's fun finding the ingredients yourself so that you can feed yourself. That's what survival is all about, isn't it?

I would recommend learning at least some cooking in Fallen Earth. Make yourself a rule to stop and eat when the food timer runs out. You won't regret it.

Now, I'm going to go log in and whip up something to munch on.


 EDIT: Some clarification.

1) The sheer variety is more than most games that do feature food, at least as far as I can remember.

2) You can craft off-line. While not adding to the immersion as much, it is really damn cool.

3) You gain general “XP” for cooking, that goes towards anything because you gain AP’s.

4) Cooking is not really a sub-class, or a sub-job but whatever you want it to be.

Minus all that and you still are faced with the fact that most MMO’s use food as something like a band-aid, something minor but sometimes useful. Food in FE can be however involved as you want it to be involved. There are a few games that allow you to have crafting AS your “main job,” but none do it like FE. (Well, maybe EVE/Ryzom?)

MadnessRealm writes:

I'm curious to know your thought on "Citadel Of Sorcery" quest system. It seems rather unique so I'm wondering if you would like it or not. (The game is not released nor in Beta or Alpha though)

Thu Dec 10 2009 12:49AM Report
beauturkey writes:

Hmmm, not sure bout that game. I will have to check it out.

Thu Dec 10 2009 1:57AM Report
MadnessRealm writes:

It's a concept that somewhat got my attention as it's somewhat unique in the MMO industry. Basically quest system is not the old grocery list that we are used to. It focus a lot around interacting with NPCs and how you interact with them will unlock certain "quests". For exemple, if you saved a man from a group of Cultist who came to capture some human NPC to sacrifice, well chances are that he might request your help on some other things afterwards, etc.

It's common in Single Player but I believe unheard in the MMO Industry. Not sure if this indie company will be able to pull it off succesfully though.

Thu Dec 10 2009 2:03PM Report writes:
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