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Author: beauturkey

Do work, Aventurine, DO WORK.

Posted by beauturkey Monday December 7 2009 at 5:27PM
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You know, I will never say that I log in and play nearly as much as the average MMO gamer. In fact, I play only about 1-2 hours a day, and even then I play in such a slow godawful way that many would consider it a joke. I am almost jealous of those players that can sit and grind out 6 hours a night doing the same thing over and over, because that is what is required a lot of the time to "achieve" the coolest levels of cool in many MMO's (one reason I love/hate FFXI: the appeal of all the cool stuff that I will never see because I cannot stand to grind that damn much.)

Also, I cannot physically read or stare at the screen for that long. That's a sure-fire way to stumble onto a headache-of-the-eye for the next two days.

So, I am love with odd games that allow you alternate ways to "achieve" anything, games like Fallen Earth that give you choices for things to do by saying that ALL things (crafting, exploring, leveling, grinding) are important. Or, like Darkfall. Say what you will about Darkfall (trust me, I have said it) but in my short time with the game (one and a half months) I think that I stumbled across a game that is more chock-full of Immersive goodness than almost any game out there. But the game was a little too clunky and boring for me, even the "danger" of PvP was a bore being that nothing of any importance happened when I died. (I respawned and maybe lost only something that was easily obtainable.)

So, from a distance, I have been keeping an eye on the game hoping that one day it would have more good than bad and would pull me back in. This latest patch (a free expansion, really) might just have it. I wanted the world to be more full, full of creatures to hunt and to give the game some life, and they seem to have added them. Also, the animals to hunt supposedly respond like a real hunted animal! (going off of what I have heard.)

Then, there is the sick Kraken video. (Ugh. I need to quit using that douchey term. I meant "cool.")

Campfires...sea-towns?? Cool!!

So, why aren't I buying the game RIGHT NOW? (The account I played on before was on loan.) Well, because I have learned that if you are going to spend 50-90 bucks on a game, (just spent 50 on Fallen Earth) you had better make sure that the new expansion/patch that was just released was actually, you know, sick. I'll let the dust settle maybe for a bit. See if they offer a trial. And ask to see if I would truly have to become a "normal gamer" (groups a lot, joins guilds) in order to actually see a "sea-town" or to hunt like a madman. My experience in the game before was mostly negative because of the lame community assholes that ruined it for the bulk of the player-base that was cool, and the boring boring boring landscape that was devoid of everything. If at least one of those has changed, I might go for it.

But keep working, Aventurine. Keep shutting up and working and kicking ass. You're game is a niche one, for sure, full of more goatee'd metal listennin' d-bags than I care to be around, but you are doing some fine work. I like you. I think other developers need to shut up, keep it small-ish and DO SOME WORK like you are doing.

Now, let me meditate on the purchase for another few weeks.


MadnessRealm writes:

So far, they already patched some of the most important issues that came with the expansion. Campfire seems to be missing though (they probably forgot to activate it).

Wildlife, I have to say there's like too many....which by itself isn't that bad ... I guess. Still, love the fact that even monsters will hunt those deers.

Yeah, the game is definitively growing. As for a trial, I know they are giving 10-day free trial cards in Greece at the moment. They will probably enter EU and NA next year.

Mon Dec 07 2009 10:20PM Report
beauturkey writes:

Greece? Where is this game from? I thought it was somewhere like Greece, but I have no idea.

Tue Dec 08 2009 6:47AM Report
MadnessRealm writes:

AV's office is located in Greece yes.

Tue Dec 08 2009 10:53AM Report writes:
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