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Author: beauturkey

You can never go back.

Posted by beauturkey Wednesday December 2 2009 at 9:34PM
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The Immersion Rules are more than just a set of role-play guide-lines, they are a training regime.

I have come to believe that a human being can be trained to do almost anything, and to get used to almost anything, with time. Look at what a surgeon does, or a serial killer. Look at all the mind-numbing jobs that exist and all the beautiful art that is made using the sun or moon (something we see every day) as inspiration.


Married people, or people in long relationships know this. You have to find ways to keep things a bit fresh, or you will surely never last beyond 10 years. You put yourself into small habits like kissing goodnight every night or buying each other small presents once in a while in order to keep things happy and surprising.

It's a process, though. All of life and relationships (yes, even those flings that single people have) can become simplyboring.

I decided to take a stand and attempted to recognize my own ability to grow bored of gaming when I came up with the Immersion Rules. It started for Vanguard, but looking back I wish I could have thought of this years ago. I find myself wishing that I could start over with so many of these incredible games that exist now. So many of them have so many layers now, thanks to patch after patch and year after year. When I look at SWG, for example, I see a game with a million choices (despite having some taken away years ago.) I am constantly tempted to re-sub to EQ2 to poke around with my level 46 Necro.

And then there is WoW.

I had such fun with WoW, so many moments with my family and friends, that I am always thinking of re-subbing to that game. The hard part is that every time I do, I end up chatting with old friends and guild-mates more than playing the game. And the game does not pull on my imagination like it did years ago. I remember the first time I flew on a flight path...needless to say it was magical!


Many gamers are feeling this now, this feeling of  "been there, done that." But even though there are more games that they have not tried out there than ever before, the old ways of burning to the end of the game or reading up on the classes before you roll a class will never allow them to react to new games like they would have years ago. The over-abundance of information is out there, and they will use it.

If there is one thing that cannot be stopped by an MMORPG, it's a players ability to grow bored.

It's not a matter of innovation. There are more innovative games going on right now than ever. It is a matter of players growing used to the systems and moving on to the next game.

Too much of a good thing, I suppose.

I feel it, too, even though I play in a slow-as-snails style. But, I only feel it with the games that I have already played, and in those games that I played before the Immersion Project came along. There is something about that ever-tweaked set of rules that has helped me to truly play my games more organically, and to learn to use the game and it's citizens for information before using a tell-all website.

But any amount of applying the rules to pre-Rules games doesn't help me. I still grow tired of EQ2 within a day or so, and bored of WoW within hours.

I have been there and done that with many, many games. I just wish I had known back then to stop playing them so damn much. No game has endless content or charm, and I exhausted plenty of both in many games.

Having said all this, I want to be clear that I do not think that these games suck because I am no longer thrilled by them. That's ridiculous. That's like saying that Moby Dick sucks because I have read it a few times.

This is just a wish. A wish that says, like many things in life, I could go back and re-do some of my gaming.

Oh well. I need to go log into Fallen Earth. And then maybe I will give EQ2 ONE MORE TRY.  :)


Darkbleach writes:

Never say never. My Dear.

Thu Dec 03 2009 12:13AM Report
JestorRodo writes:

 No , Say Never and Mean it!

Thu Dec 03 2009 6:17AM Report
Eindrachen writes:

Part of the problem here may be burnout that you haven't recovered from yet.  Many people think "I'll just take a couple of months off and do something else, then come back to 5+ hours of the game every day".

But sometimes burnout lasts longer than a couple of months can fix.  And coming back to a game that's had little or no new content put in just leads to the same feelings.  What's the solution?

Wait for new content, after a longer period of time.  For example, WOW has Cataclysm coming in to totally redesign the old world.  It may be a year, but if you wait until then, you may find it has a bit more replayability to it than currently.  May even help to level up a brand new character, since the newbie experience should be at least slightly different.

Another tip is to try other games a bit.  I have a pretty robust gaming schedule: Modern Warfare 2, some Age of Empires 3, a bit of tabletop (running L5R and playing in a smattering of Star Wars Saga Ed., D&D 3.5, and possibly some Mage: The Ascension in the future).  For me, WOW's like a model railroad: I'll never really finish it, but it's kind of a nice thing to tinker with a couple of hours after work, and give several hours to once in a while when I can.

That may also be something different between me and others in how we deal with MMOs: I treat it as a fill-in hobby, to do when I'm not busy with anything else at the moment.  Others tend to focus too much on games not meant to be beaten, completed, or solved in a conceivable timeframe.

Anyway, see if any of the above helps.  If not, good luck finding something that sticks.

Thu Dec 03 2009 6:40AM Report
beauturkey writes:

 Thanks for the suggestion , man!

 To be honest though, there is not a game I haven't tried. hehe I have about 70 mmo's installed right now, and an XBox. But, maybe that's part of my problem? I have gaming ADD!


Thu Dec 03 2009 6:31PM Report writes:
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