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Author: beauturkey

Screw it, I had to chime in on the WoW pets thang..(..old beat up issue...)

Posted by beauturkey Friday November 6 2009 at 4:51PM
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As if anyone could not guess as to how I feel about it.

First of all, WoW is far behind the times. They still have very few features that most games out there do have. This is another example of them catching up to 2005. Still, the game is fun and runs wonderfully, so congrats to them.

Here are the main problems players have with the pets being sold for 10 dollars:

1) They already pay for content, to the tune of 15 dollars a month and 50 dollars per expansion: For some reason, many think that this cost of 15 dollars a month and 50 dollars for an expansion should be the measuring stick for what all should value. Who are they to say? I am not sure why they think this. What about server transfers? What about sex changes, dual accounts or limited edition goodies? Are these somehow not "extra content" that they paid for?Expansions are not forced OR needed, they are OPTIONAL CONTENT.

2) They think that a mount or a new area to explore is real content, while a pet is not: An expansion equals real content, and should be paid for by all. A pet is not real content, and should be given away for free.

I actually DO agree with the idea that a pet is not EQUAL in value to an EXPANSION filled with new lands and new quests. But that does not mean that it does not hold that much value for SOMEONE ELSE. And, WoW knows this. That's why the expansion is 50 dollars while the pet is 10. Players seem to think that raiding is somehow included in the cost of the game, yet they are setting that cost to INCLUDE THE EXPANSIONS. The expansion were extra content (pets are too) that cost extra (just like pets.)

That's all there is to be said. This subject is so old that even I am tired of it, and I LOVE to argue about it. WoW players: the rest of the world is cool with this. The game will go on, and you will not unsubscribe. You will keep playing, and will probably break down to buy one of the pets. After all, unless I am mistaken, aren't they for CHARITY? No one will make fun of you if you buy it, and no one else's game will be effected, just like when you buy that extra account, that limited edition (to get IT'S pet) or when you spend an extra 400 bucks to make your connection AND your PC faster.... speaking of real money advantages.

You will continue to sub, I should say, until the expansion comes out. Then, guess what? You will spend an extra 50 bucks on that content (just like the pet collector did.)

So, you spend money, you get some fun.

They spent money on a pet, and got some fun.

There is absolutely no difference. Nothing game-changing or destroying.

Ok, I need to shower.


kittyvonkita writes:

Great arguments! I quit WoW when I heard about the third expansion, though. lol

While I wouldn't pay for pets, I have actually paid ten dollars for an extra character slot in Guild Wars... which proves to hold almost the same purpose ; having fun.


Fri Dec 11 2009 2:31AM Report writes:
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