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Author: beauturkey

My top 4 favorite MMO fires.

Posted by beauturkey Friday September 25 2009 at 11:50AM
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As I walk my dogs, there is a section of our route that smells of chimney smoke this time of year. The other night, one of the first nights that was crisp and chilly, I became literally almost intoxicated by the smell. It brought on such a wave of nostalgia that I stopped and just sniffed the air. It was glorious.

I realized right there on the spot that we humans all share two things: the fear of death; the constant back-of-our-mind nagging that one day it will all be over, and the love of fire.

Fire connects us, and as I smell that smell of smoking wood on the night air I feel connected to the entirety of humanity through time, more than I ever have. It is reassuring, that this world and this life is bigger, more connected, more ancient than most of us could ever get our minds around.

Is that why I am always attracted to fires in my virtual lives? Role-players love to sit by them, telling stories and meeting for adventures. I like to people-watch sitting next to a fire. If it looks cozy enough, people will almost always stop to say hi or to just pause. It's nice. It's a reminder to slow down. It gives our games a sense of realism simply because it reminds us of real life.

So let me list for you my top 4 favorite fires, in no particular order. See what you think:

Everquest 2: EQ2 has probably the best fireplaces in any game. You can actually tell the fire how to perform, from a small glowing pile of embers to a roaring flame, and it will do it. There's something magical about right-clicking and selecting "roaring" from a menu, and the fire roars to life. It's like a toy, but you can set a mood with it as well. Just wonderful.


The Chronicles of Spellborn: When I first walked into the tavern inside Hawksmouth, my jaw fell open. So atmospheric, so begging-for-roleplay. The fires in the taverns and in the blacksmith shops give the place a magical glow, and provide most of the light, something that fits the genre. After all, if you had a massive pit with fire streaming out of it, wouldn't it be the centerpiece?

Mabinogi: Like so many things in Mabinogi, the fire has effects besides just being a place to sit down with your friends. You can actually share meals while sitting at it, burn items in it to get XP back, and increase some stats with it. You actually chop wood and must have the skill to make the fire. And if it rains? The fire will have a shorter life. I like how they look, even glowing during the day, but I love how they work even more. Just another example of Mabinogi being one of the smartest games out there.


World of Warcraft: The Filthy Animal tavern in Dalaran has probably one of the coziest fireplaces in the entire game. Many times I will log in just to see who might be sitting at the fire-place, and there is usually almost at least one or two people. It's a great place to pick up some casual role-play. It's huge, the fireplace, and the rest of the inn features a huge table that begs for guild meetings. I love it, and it shows that you don't need super high res textures to bring out that nostalgic feeling.


I love fireplaces and fires like these, but there are many more. I am not subbed to Lord of the Rings Online right now, but if you go to the Prancing Pony Inn, walk to the back. There is a small room with a fire place in it and room for a few people. That room is so cozy it's amazing, the fire cracks and pops, and I have never seen a tavern laid out like that one, with back rooms that are tight and work best when walking. It's brilliant. I also like Ryzoms fire, and too many others to name.

I can just imagine me and Leala sitting at a cracking fire with the dogs asleep at our feet. Patrons walk past and some stop to nod or to light a pipe. The crowd is varied, and the snow outside glows blue in the moonlight. Leala looks at me and smiles, acknowledging the adventure that we just had.

Ah, that wave of nostalgia for places I haven't been yet!


Annwyn writes:

Nothing to say about this blog aside from the fact that I did not expect a blog about fireplaces :þ

Sort of give the feeling that there's nothing more to say about MMOs these days though....sad

Fri Sep 25 2009 1:02PM Report
beauturkey writes:

 You'll forgive me. Next time I will write a blog about PvP, class nerfs, or any one of the hundreds of other topics that have already been covered! lol

 This is about art, not that hard to understand.



Fri Sep 25 2009 7:01PM Report
Annwyn writes:

Oh I knew that already :þ I'm just saying that amongst all the blogs we see, this is one of the last intelligent subject I would've expected ;) (which is not a bad thing)

It's a nice blog even though there's not much to argue about.

Fri Sep 25 2009 7:04PM Report
beauturkey writes:

 I was kinda talking to  the comments that I deleted. But you get me, g. Check around though, there's a lot of bloggers out there saying some good things! :)



Fri Sep 25 2009 7:16PM Report
daltanious writes:

I however liked article. Next time I sub back to Wow will go and check. :-)) Fires are not the game ... but they add a lot to magical feeling in game. Maybe somebody could come up with falls or rivers. :-)) I also enjoy a lot listening to sound of water and many times I love to travel in game and stand by.

Sat Sep 26 2009 4:01AM Report
beauturkey writes:

 Actually, water is very nice in some of these games. I'll have to go take some screenies! Thanks for reminding me! :)



Sat Sep 26 2009 11:42AM Report
tomis16 writes:

Prety good article! I liked it. However, like MadnessRealm said, i would never expect something like this. Anyway, good job.


Sat Sep 26 2009 3:08PM Report
serioth1 writes:

When I read the title I thought fires as in games hyped up and then failed at launch, but this was a fantastic way to show how much art goes into something as simple as a fire in a video game. Props to you. 

Sat Sep 26 2009 10:23PM Report
beauturkey writes:

Thanks. I actually spend a lot of my game time kind of meandering around, looking for stuff like this. That's why I make a bad player to group with! lol



Sat Sep 26 2009 10:28PM Report
Astralglide writes:

 Ya know, I never spend too much time looking at what I consider minutiae in these games. I will say that I DO notice when I see something that I consider campy or sub-par. I'm glad to see that there are those who look at enjoy these minor details and are willing to share them. Nice job, Beau.

Sun Sep 27 2009 8:41PM Report
iysun777 writes:

Good article but one thing bothered me and I feel I have to get my say in about it.

I'm human and I don't fear the illusion of death.

People who believe in death only know the exoteric garbage we've been fed from cradle to grave.  The real truth is the esoteric.

Look those 2 words up, and if they don't suck you into the my-story of life, well then, enjoy your his-story which is nothing but an agenda.

"To the ignorant, the body is the supreme and they are incapable of realizing the immortality that is within them. Knowing only the body which is subject to death, the believe in death because they worship that substance which is the cause and reality of death."


Sun Sep 27 2009 9:19PM Report
beauturkey writes:

 Me, personally, I just fear the fact that when I die I will cease to exist, forever.

 Funny thing is, I won't be aware of it. I will just disappear.

 That's why I like fireplaces. They take my mind off of being dead one day! :) But, we'll steer clear of having a debate over all that. I would rather talk about video games.



Sun Sep 27 2009 11:03PM Report
gatebuzz writes:

Your post gave me a sense of nostalgia for an old guild of mine that had a strongly social angle to it - they managed to find spots in whatever game we were playing with real atmosphere to hang out, and host in-game parties.  It's great to see someone out there who appreciates the small RP and social touches ... like these locations with fires.  Great blog post!

Mon Sep 28 2009 3:57PM Report
serioth1 writes:

My kin on Lotro is doing something like this, they are going to places most people wouldn't taking screenies and asking us where the screen was taken. It's very fun and makes you really appreciate the stuff you dont visit on your virtual journey. Maybe you could do something like that with one of your kins. 

Mon Sep 28 2009 9:07PM Report
Ponico writes:

I miss the old Mabinogi days where everyone was so new that we would all sit around the fire at night, play some music, get fat while eating the shared food of everyone and then when the day starts, we would do our part time jobs, quests and etc until the next night.

Mabinogi life skills are what every MMO is lacking.

I need to try spellborn, it looks like a good game. Although, I'll probably stick wtih Mabi.

Fri Oct 02 2009 10:16AM Report writes:
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