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Author: beauturkey

Ok, so DID Cryptic warn you or NOT?

Posted by beauturkey Tuesday August 25 2009 at 10:09PM
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Ok, the latest fuel for the nerd rage fires is the announcement that the Champions Online Life Time sub ran out, fast. According to some, the emails sent to players with the offer didn't have the "limited quantities" wording in them. I don't know, and would love to see one of these emails. Seriosuly..who got one? I would love to link it.

Clearly on the forums they warned of the limited quantities. VERY CLEARLY.

The are questions as to if they warned people, in EVERY communication about the deal, that there were NOT limited quantities, just an end date. I want to find out. Someone on Massivelt said that in their email they just saw "limited quantities" and not a date.

Here's my hunch: they covered their asses. They said both "limited quantities" AND "until Sept. 1st." This is case of "change your oil at 30k miles OR at 3 months, whichever COMES first."

We'll see, though. It's fixed easy enough, just let those few remaining people buy it and eat the cost for any confusion.

Now, dammit, see what I DID? I wasn't going to TYPE today!


EDIT: Someone has just posted a screenie of the offer.

Limited means in quantity OR date. Whichever comes first. Done and done. Next time, move faster.

Mystik86 writes:

I couldn't afford to grab the lifetime sub right off the bat anyways... By the time I can afford it, it will have doubled to 400 bucks...

Wed Aug 26 2009 2:16AM Report
Mopar63 writes:

I personally would NEVER buy a life time subscription to a pre-released game. MMOs change over time and not always for the best. Grabbing a life time account before you KNOW what the game will be like in a year is just DUMB!

Wed Aug 26 2009 8:41AM Report
Aelya writes:

As someone who was there to see it go down:

There was no such warning in the emails. The only "were running out" warnings that were in existance were the ones posted a paltry 12 hours before they "ran out", and in the middle of the night I might add. In layman's terms, there was virtually no notice, and the said notice was posted only in a section of the forum no one saw because guess what? People already knew about the offer from say, the gigantic ad for it on the main page which certainly said nothing about limited supplies. The second was the newsletter everyone recieves, which also said nothing about limited quantities. In short, people who did see the thread title just thought "oh yeah i know about that deal already." and didnt think to look, and I don't blame them. Cryptic utterly failed or did not even try to draw attention to the fact that they were running out. Now this parts doubtful, but some say Cryptic actually edited that thread to say limited supplies only after the fact.

In addition, the site was up and down due to technical issues so many people, even if they did attempt to grab one at that time and happened to be up at that hour, could not due to website technical issues.

Cryptic totally dropped the ball on this one and pissed off a lot of people. The shills and rabid fanbois (and trolls) that defend cryptic based on technicalities and loopholes that were unethicaly exploited, like the fact that, sure, there was a warning, but it seemed so short notice and oddly timed in the middle of the night among technical issues that it may as well have not existed.

Before you take the side of the trolls and shills defending this epic screw up, please consider this story from someone who was there.

Thu Aug 27 2009 3:49AM Report
Torak writes:

Cryptic didn't drop the ball, they said limited and that means limited.

You think they can afford to sell everyone a lifetime sub then run the game forever?

use some common f*cking sense people.

Oh, they had a run at the last minute, imagine that.

I'm sure that A) people will get over it and B) they will supply more.

But then again, there are some half witted maladjusted socialpaths who are still crying over the NGE that live on this site almost 5 years later so maybe they won't.


Sat Aug 29 2009 7:35AM Report writes:
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