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Author: beauturkey

Blizzard gets you again.

Posted by beauturkey Saturday August 22 2009 at 9:49AM
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 With all the recent announcements being fired off from Blizzcon, the Turkey Household is all buzzed up. We are even going over Stomp's house (potty mouthed host of RawrCast) to watch the stream, drink some beers and to generally nerd out. This is not a stretch at all to say that these kind of events are more fun to us than Christmas (a holiday for a religion we do not follow) or summer vacation (Texas sucks.)

 Understand, I don't even play WoW much anymore. The last time I logged in was a month ago. I canceled my account. But, I have had plenty of years of entertainment in that game, and I will enjoy a few more I'm sure.Leala, on the other hand, is obsessed with the game. She loves the community, just recently stopped hosting a pretty damn good podcast about it, and still leads a great WoW guild. She is, needless to say, glued to the PC screen as information comes out. So although I don't play the game much anymore I am enjoying her excitement. But just like with the Sims games, I can see the familiar cycle beginning again: the new stuff gets announced, players get excited, the new stuff comes out, players barrel through all new content, players whine about lack of content, new stuff gets announced....

 It's such a familiar cycle that I just don't get that excited by it.

 But, that does not mean that my wife and her excitement are somehow illegitimate or misplaced. Actually, the opposite. Despite the fact that I don't find the game that exciting anymore does not mean it is not that exciting for many, many people. Despite the fact that I look at other games for better game-play and more exciting features (other games actually have housing, for example) that does not mean that millions do not have a ton of fun with the features that are in the game. The game even sinks it's teeth so deep into some players that they continue to post about the game, to whine about the new stuff coming out for the game, while not even being subbed to the game. It reminds me of a young guy that dumps his pretty and popular girlfriend, then after she moves on happily, he stalks outside her window while telling all his friends what a bitch she is (despite his obsession with her.)

 Also, I think many people analyze these announcements and changes way, way too much. Players just need to lean back and enjoy the show. There are hundreds of people that worked very, very hard to bring out this content and, despite what some obsessed-yet-not-subscribed players might say, this stuff is good.While I hate to see players blast it for being the same-ole-same-ole, I hate to see fanboys and girls analyze it to the point of reducing it down to individual pixels. BLEH!

 I am reminded of an interview I read one time with Bono, lead singer of U2. I don't buy U2 albums, I don't follow them on Myspace. I am not a fan, but I don't hate them. They are a obviously working very hard, being that they have lasted for this long while maintaining such a flow of, admittedly, pretty good music. I'm paraphrasing here, but basically he said "If any new band put out the material we are putting out it would be lifted up as original and amazing, but since it's us, it is just another U2 album." This is completely true. While Blizzard is just putting out another expansion and getting the old cycle going again, name any MMO that can do what they do, change the world the way they are changing it, or can put out such massive updates that work so well for so many people.

 Just enjoy it, even if you do not play the game. I promise you there is enough excitement for everyone.





junitalia writes:


Sat Aug 22 2009 11:45AM Report
NeokiNaomi writes:

I quit a year ago, now I'm all hyped again... I hate blizzard and their amazing marketing and development cycles. GAH! Back I go again once the new stuffs comes out.

Sat Aug 22 2009 3:50PM Report
Zakane writes:

I stopped playing some time through burning Cursades, Reason really doesn't matter and I havent played WoW in awhile. But I do believe I will play again.  Which be interesting to say the least.

Sun Aug 23 2009 4:39PM Report writes:
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