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Author: beauturkey

Planet Calypso: I'm embarrassed FOR you.

Posted by beauturkey Wednesday August 19 2009 at 2:40PM
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Usually, I try to be pretty forgiving of a game. I try to give it several chances before posting any hate. I normally try to keep in mind that I do not understand the game, or simply have not played it long enough to know the basics. That's cool.

But, I don't know if I am just hungry, or what, but this game has frustrated the living hell out of me. Seriously, I don't GET frustrated. EVER.

Basically, Mindark released a new, prettier version of their really f*****g ugly game called "Entropia Universe." It is now called "Planet Calypso."

OK, I have played this game a few times over the last few years. Each time it is interesting, but the game-play is so sluggish that it is hard to get into it. The game not only LOOKED dated, but PLAYED dated. REALLY dated. If there is one thing that can kill my fun now-a-days, it's reminding me of the time when games were really that primitive. Playing in the EQ days 10 years ago was fun, but we had to do a lot of tweaking, messing with, adjusting, and plenty of "f*****g around with" just to get something like basic controls comfortable.

So, I thought this was a chance for MindArk to bring Entropia into the NOW. You know, give it an over-haul, try to get more people playing it. You know, do something good for the game.

Ok, stop. I'll stop right here. I am going to go make another brand new character or account to MAKE SURE I am not missing something. I'll be back.

*goes to load game*

*picks this up the next day*

Ok, let's go through this with some pictures. First of all, if you were an old player and wanted to go check out the new stuff, you google "entropia" and go to their site:


You click on the Planet Calypso link, and come to the next page. No warning of "beta client" or anything like that. Just a big old download link:


The forums are a mumble-jumble of a mess. Like the game, you have to take your time to find anything. Not that this takes you more than 5 or 6 minutes, but who DOES this type of thing anymore? This feels so dated already:


When you finally load the game, you notice that it doesn't look that good at all. By default, my game was set at "high." Here is an avatar set at "high": (notice that yellow button? That happened, somehow, when I was trying to set my key bindings. You have to open up a lil keyboard and then all your actions, and drag the action to the key. For some reason, that yellow key became bound to MY SCREEN. I tried resetting, opening up the bindings again, but nothing. It was a "strafe left" button and it stayed there. MindArk: just MAKE A LIST of all the actions, and have us CLICK THE BUTTON we want bound to it. You know, like every other f*****g MMO out there allows us to DO.)


And weird shit is happening alllllll the time. What IS this golden halo thing that I kept seeing over my head? Well, I should say that it would happen NEAR my head, behind it slightly. I finally snagged a screenie of it. To the game's credit, this probably has something to do with game-play later on:


And what game would feel like it was from '01 without getting stuck in a wall? a WALL. Now, this does happen to games all the time. It's common. But, no clue as to what to do in this situation. All I found out (through searching the bloated key bindings) is that T means "teleport":


While I was teleporting, some guy got stuck too:


Here is a bank, in the city. The lil character in the shot there is a player that got stuck in the bank. He ran around in circles and couldn't get out. Amazing:


Some of the wonderful choices you have in this brilliant game:


Annnnndd here's another shot showing how bad this new upgrade actually CAN be. This shot looks like something out of Second Life. No, I am not kidding. This isn't bad for Second Life, being that many of those textures and costumes are MADE BY AMATEURS. But this is a brand new graphical engine, and is not supposed to look like SECOND LIFE:


This is just a funny screenie. Every time I teleported, I stared at this screen for about 2 minutes. Must of been my PC, but who knows? For the record, this PC runs every other thing in the world just fine, at high settings:


I turned up everything to max, and got this shot. Not bad, actually, but worth the small amount of lag? Nah:


Ah, yes, the "Tutorials." They tell you how to do everything, without telling you how to get the things that you need to do the job. (Where the f**k do I get my WEAPON? Could you have just given me a basic pea-shooter?) According to those that finally acknowledged me, the developers took out all of the basic tutorials that the "old" version had:


Another funny strange event. Again, probably due to my card, but it is strange that this never happens in any other game:


This is a screenshot on "high:"


This is a screenshot on the highest settings. No difference:


More beautiful, new and hip avatars:


And some of the chat, in which I ask for help and get the explanation that they took away all of the basic stuff that a noobie would need. People were helpful, though, but they didn't make the game:


Now look, I'm down with development. I have spoken before (and still mean it) that developers really do nothing wrong, because they are offering you a toy. And they are. Just refuse the toy if you don't like it.

But just tell me if the toy is supposed to be an inside joke. Just tell me if I need to be a vet player to understand how to do something as basic as killing something. You need me to put 10 bucks into your game to start off? Fine. Just TELL ME. If this is not a beta test, just a buggy release, JUST TELL ME. Yes, I saw your little note on the front page mentioning that some things might not be available in this version, but you mean to tell me that you seriously took out basic noobie tutorials? For what reason?

And just look at your controls, and your interface. Just take a minute and LOOK at it. When I log in, for example, I see a non-stop stream of blue chat telling me that "so and so just dug up a dead body worth 504 ped and is now super popular!" It keeps going, on and on. Ok, so on the chat bar there is a little button colored the same as the annoying text. I click that little button (as you can see in the screenies) thinking that I turned the chat off. NOPE. It keeps coming, and coming.

Here's the deal, if you are not from America and do not speak American-ease, hire someone that speaks English much gooderer than me. Give them 1,000 bucks and have them sit down at the PC (and while you're at it, try the game on A FEW DIFFERENT systems) and go through this entire process. I did it in a few afternoons. Have them look for spelling errors, bad translations, stuff like that. JUST DO IT. If you have so many basic errors, it makes you seem like an amateur. YOU ARE NOT AN AMATEUR. Last I heard, you were a legal BANK.

Now, look. I understand that after a while I will get used to the "learning curve" and will grasp all the controls and finer points of the game. I understand that to many players, this is all elementary stuff. But let's play a game, ok?

Guess the word that I am thinking of.

Go on, guess.

Ok, it was orange. Did you guess it? Nope? But, it's SO F*****G SIMPLE.

Hiding stuff from me in bloated interfaces or behind non-existent tutorials does not mean your game is deeper or more complex than a simple game of hide-and-seek. Just give me the basics. Sure, players in your game might brag about how they passed through the gauntlet of "the learning curve" (like they STILL do with EVE despite having many good tutorials.) But, that's not what most players want nowadays. People don't need to "figure out" basic things like a CHAT CHANNEL. Also, if you are trying for a graphical re-do, why go for a new look that not only doesn't look quite THAT real, but that also requires a much beefier system than the previous players were used to?

Trying for realism in your video game, at this point in technology, is pretty stupid. If you try for ultra-realism, you will usually fall short of the mark, only drawing attention to the fact that it doesn't look real at all, just really weird. Go for a stylized look. It's easier on systems, and lasts longer because there is no "reality" measuring tape for your game to go after. EQ2 learned a lesson about having a graphics system that looks OK, but just OK, and only at the highest settings.

Anyway, I'll give it some time. I am very forgiving of a beta. Hell, I am very forgiving of the 3 or 6 month period after a beta. A MMO is always changing, developing. Oh, wait. This isn't a beta. They just took some tin foil and wrapped a turd in it.

I will check back in a month or so. Go download the client, fair reader. Tell me what you think. I will bet that I am missing something really simple, but you get me.


thirdstrike writes:

Fantastic post that summed up my experience in an almost identical fashion. I learned from this game from

and then vented my frustration in the comments there.  I can't believe such a broken, incomplete game was released like this. Didn't take long for a fanboy to get defensive over my comment...figures.

Mon Aug 31 2009 5:23PM Report
scamtropia writes:

Entropia is a scam. A well disguised casino.

Google it before you play, look around for yourself.

Ask yourself why banks and credit card companies blacklist the game.

It's a scam, designed to dry your bank account and leave you with a gambling addiction.


Fri Oct 16 2009 10:21PM Report
DurakkJung writes:

Interesting post.

Definitely not the place for someone who likes quick action like the common prefabricated point and shoot games.

This game is far more involved than SL and other such virtual games.

Basically to understand the complexities of the game you have to be there for a long time.

Logging in with a new av and expecting to play like an experienced player that has spent many years and thousands of dollars is not the purpose of the game.

Planet Calypso: I'm embarressed FOR you.

lol I would not be embarressed if I had their turnover.

However there is a lot of truth in what you have said however I dont see any changes in the near future.



Sat Oct 17 2009 1:19AM Report
pKMercury writes:


I stumbled upon your article while browsing the entropia forum in a thread started by one of the players currently leaving Entropia.   While I'd likely fall into thirdstrike's category of "fanboys of EU", I'd like to point out some important factors that have been overlooked in your thread. 

You've obviously given Entropia a fair amount of time and effort with little success in terms of enjoyment. . The fact that MindArk/FPC lacks greatly in multiple facets of traditional gaming can be greatly attributed to their focus on combining an actual business platform with a game.  I believe they lost their identity in some ways along the way and are trying to find it with the new engine.  

Inside Entropia, people such as the previous poster "scamtropia" can indeed lose great sums of money in short periods of time with no guidance or focus.  There is also a flip side to this, people like myself.  I'm often upset with how MindArk handles things within the Entropia Universe; however, I've learned to make a substantial living within this universe.  People often wish they could play a game for a living.  I've learned to make that dream a reality by operating a business as well as skillfully playing Entropia. 

If this is a scam they're pretty horrible scammers.  I've taken out at least $3k US currency once per month for the past few years.  I don't and haven't ever had the need to deposit so that rumor is also entirely false.  I wish it weren't the truth as I'm now forced to pay the U.S. government taxes based upon my gaming income (and have for the past 5 years).

In relation to your comments regarding the beta state of Entropia.  I'll agree, the product was handed out too quickly.  You tested Entropia almost directly after the most major overhaul in years.  I suppose their company was not able to thoroughly test this system as well as they should have but likely had some deadline they were forced to meet for financial purposes.  Perhaps there is no way to really simulate the issues while testing without having people get their hands on such a product; I can't say that for certain.  I'd guess that keeping accounts about 10,000 times more secure than any of the traditional MMO's are forced to is a major component in such errors. 

I'd simply recommend you come back in about 6 months and give it a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th chance at that time.


Sat Oct 17 2009 1:37AM Report
Kimmi writes:

Very good post!

I agree with most of what you say.

You should expect alot of bashing since this post have been picked up on EntropiaForum and you are not popular.

PS. pKMercury is a employee of Mindark so no point in listening what he says.

Sat Oct 17 2009 2:05AM Report
Bernz writes:

Read what pKMercury said. He talk better than me about Entropia.

scamtropia is wrong in his post above. Entropia is not a scam at all and it's not blacklisted by cc and banks. Not blacklisted with mine anyway. I deposit with cc and also withdraw money directly into my bank account from time to time. I dont know where he get it. I never had any problem at all with Entropia.

Ofc, it's not a easy game.If you want easy game, Entropia is not for you. There is a lot of easy games but the fact is that they are almost all too much easy and become boring after 2 weeks.

I play Entropia for 5 years now and even today I dont know everything about it. I hope I will never know everything because it will become boring like any other games out there after few days/weeks.

Entropia is the only game that make me feel I did not lose my time when I logout because I know that if I play wise and control myself, it is possible to earn $$$ from it.

Sat Oct 17 2009 2:49AM Report
rabidjoe writes:

The only people that seem to be hyping PE nowadays are the people who are already ingame with dollars invested thus have a vested interest in keeping PE "solvent"... problem is they will be recycling the same old peds over and over as new players will run a mile from this abomination

Sat Oct 17 2009 5:05AM Report
pKMercury writes:

I am not employed by MindArk/FPC other than participating inside their game and firmly believing in it.  I did help as a player ambassador in Vegas which was a pretty awesome experience.  They covered expenses so I suppose you could call that "working for MA" but it is definitely not the case.

Kimmi is a participant of the Entropia Universe as well but listening to him is like listening to Michael Vick about how to treat your dog.  He's pretty much the worst forum troll you will ever encounter and recently was locked from the game while a pending investigation was ongoing.  This was done to likely prevent the spread of fraudulent trades within the Universe for security purposes (or so the grapevine has revealed).

Like anything in life there will always be challenges and those who are jealous of those who succeed.  I post a lot of positive and negative feedback about MindArk/FPC and am more than willing to point out when they've screwed up. 

Anyone trying Entropia should just approach it with an open mind and be careful as they enter.  You can't just treat it like a "game".  In real life people are scammers and thieves so why would it be different in virtual life?  It isn't ALL scamers and thieves though so don't go thinking you'll run into a mafia circle when you enter EU.  

I should work for MA/FPC because I do damn good PR work on the side....F#$%king no0bs

Sat Oct 17 2009 5:16AM Report
pKMercury writes:

I should also add that although Kimmi was locked he was unlocked after absolved of guilt so he shouldn't be classified as a scammer, just a giant douche.

Sat Oct 17 2009 5:18AM Report
Kimmi writes:

Hello! Whats with the crazy dubble posting.

Do you have something to gain here?? Strange I thought you where just a normal player?? 

As I said, this is a good post. Try the damn game and lets talk again :)

Quote pkMercury: "help as a ambassador in Vegas"
I have nutin more to add.

Sat Oct 17 2009 5:36AM Report
ButchC writes:

After reading your summary of the game i would say you need to devote more time than you have to the game.

Also you entered as the game is going through some major changes and updates of which we have all had to be patient as the features we were once used to slowly come back online. I think we have all seen games rushed out to meet deadlines but most games do not have forums where every single player moaned for months and months to launch the Cryengine2 update, i guess the pressures were to much and ys it was launched and to early for sure.

There are people who will tell you they make money and there are people who will tell you it's a big scam because they spent a fortune and lost it all, just as people who lose there life savings on poker machines will tell you the poker machines did it, they chase the almight All time high payouts thinkign the next craft or mob they kill coul dbe the big one that pays out bigtime, but that isnt the game that is the person.

All i can tell you is for me it is entertainment i am not in there to get rich and im not in there to lose my life savings i am in there to experience a game that takes many weeks just to even get a half decent grasp of whats going on and years to get middle of the road in skills and equipment. I have played for 2 years i am a middle lvl player if that and i spend most of my entertainment money on the game as like i said i enjoy it.

If you are a person who wants more from a game than getting to lvl 80 after a few months or unlocking all weapons in 3 months then this game is for you, it is a long term game and by long term i mean many many years.

MA/FPC have made a fair few mistakes and have had lots of negative responses to things they have done but im more than willing to soldier on at my own pace and enjoy the game for what it is "entertainment".

As pkMercury said you should come back in 6 months when many of the problems will be ironed out and the features hopefully are all fully implemented.

And instead of just standing at a tp and asking people questions, join a society and spend 4 weeks learning the game and meeting the people, yes you will hear a lot of people complaining about the loot and all that but you are going to always get that as people are always going to want more for there money than they currently get.

The game is different than any other game ive every played and i enjoy it and im not saying it due to having massive amounts invested in the game as i havent im saying it because i spent more than 1 week getting to know the game.

Your graphics issues you had are probably fixed now as there have been many updates since your short time in the game, many of us had the graphics issues, many still do, but graphics dont make a game, gameplay makes a game and i am sure the future for Planet Calypso is going to be very interesting indeed and one i watch and look forward to with great anticipation.

And at teh end of the day i fit doesnt go the direction im hoping then i walk, nothing is chaining me to the game, but for now and hopefully many years to come it is my game of choice and i urge people to try it for atleast 4 weeks and make up your own mind and not listen to people with much invested or people with axes to grind because "THEY" lost all there money trying to win big.

Cheers and goodluck all

Sat Oct 17 2009 5:51AM Report
ButchC writes:

as you can tell pkMercury and Kimmi have there own little side issues :)

Plenty of people are ambassadors at gaming expos for MA, plenty of my friends have been ambassodors recently in Australia and yes i think MA pay there expences but i would hardly call that an employee :) And who best to explain the ins and out s of a complex game but the players themselves.

Sat Oct 17 2009 5:54AM Report
1DarkKnight writes:

 he bigest noob ingame nd only say wat said her to hellp himsel

Sat Oct 17 2009 6:51AM Report
ButchC writes:

1DarkKnight writes:

he bigest noob ingame nd only say wat said her to hellp himsel


You might want to actually say who your on about there Darknight.

Sat Oct 17 2009 7:17AM Report
1DarkKnight writes:

it ovius not you i talk about star the bigest noob in game

Sat Oct 17 2009 7:25AM Report
ButchC writes:

ok :) well not obvious to me i dont know you or Star and im sure many reading this wont either so thanks for clearing it up.

Sat Oct 17 2009 7:40AM Report
Xerogs writes:

pKMercury and ButchC summed it up what I was going to say.  Mercury is not a MA/FPC employee. Entropia Universe takes time and patience. Some of the features are free to play so it costs nothing to start and there are some that don't pay a cent and enjoy the game daily.

Had you asked on one of the EU forums about a new Version Update I think many would have said to hold back until the bugs get smoothed out instead of playing day one. CE2 was a big undertaking for what I consider a small developer. Right now EU reminds me of when I first started playing Project Entropia some 5 years ago it was buggy and frustrating but given time things got better and along the way I made some money which helped pay for many things in real life. Most recently I made some changes in the game to get a new PC and start freelancing in graphic arts again. I've never played any sandbox or MMO that has impacted my real life so much.  The opportunities are there in EU every version update comes with its challenges (game play and technical) and opportunities. Its up to the participants to find them and take advantage of them, that is if something like that is "your cup of tea"

I guess EU appeals to me in the way that Privateer, Freelancer, and the "X" series of games always did.  The tools are presented to you and its up to you to make it happen. Its just that EU can have a real world impact on ones life, its up to each person to make it a positive or negative one.

EU will always be evolving and the participants at times do help in the process of that evolution. Some great ideas have been implemented by the community. You are obviously new and your feedback is actually valued by developers. Did you even file a support case about the bugs you experienced? A person can be part of the solution or part of the problem, which choice did you make? Constructive criticism is welcomed by many all over the world believe it or not.

Sat Oct 17 2009 10:34AM Report
ILMessengero writes:

Maybe Star is not an employee of MA. But he is sure one of MA's dog companion. You know the usuals. Neverdie, Neomaven, Star etc etc.

What Star forgot to say was that :

-He was one of the first ones to start the game...(The game was very generous back then in every aspect(skills/items)

-He has used not so legal methods to obtain skills...(respectfull players have said that).....

Since MA's PR sucks big time, MA somehow has left this job to Uber players like Star or Neverdie or Neomaven(with some cost ofcourse). Personally i believe thats the biggest mistake of  MA. While it attracts a fair amount of idiots in the game, prevents serious players and serious investors from the game. Can you imagine a serious person believing what ND says? A serious person will never pay attention when Star fanfaring ''i am the best, i rule bs bs bs). A serious person will think why the hell Neomaven is moderating so hard his forums? Why he gets direct orders from MA to ban people? But as i said that kind of PR is for the masses....

MA brought us a ''new game'' with a new engine....The problem is that they cant handle the engine yet. And they did nothing to advertise it. Thanx god for that. Imagine MA spending millions of $ around advertising that rubbish we play today. What a loss would it be.

They thought that if we delay the launch of CE2 we will lose some of the old players that have become impatient... But they didnt think that it could be worse. After VU10 they lost almost everything. Oldies are leaving and newbies are not coming.... 

MA and its little parrots say ''Be patient...everything will be good soon. How many times we have heard that before?

IL Messengero

Sat Oct 17 2009 2:07PM Report
ruskea writes:

i really had to make a account here after reading this.. this guy has a point.. i played this game for 3+ years.. but then i had to give up coz of allllll the bullshit.. i still read the forums and stuff just to laugh about this new big failure they have made... they get a better graphics and expect new ppl to come... but then they dont even open the possibility to sweat... which is the only way to earn some money without depositing.. wtf... and coz of this huge flaw.. MA has drained the peds from old players which have come to the point that HUGE amount of players are leaving coz ridicilous losses... some BIG investments are ruined coz they banning ppl and not even giving info why they are banned.. and i mean 100ks DOLLARS... I DO NOT RECOMMEND ANYONE TO PUT ANY MONEY TO THIS SCAM... i really played this game 3+ years...and i can say that its one big scam

why the hell a new player would put any money to a game that is buggy as hell... and even when u installer is freakin buggy as hell... when i downloaded the VU10 i had to read all the fkin forums to find a way to get it WORK... and now after few updates i cannot even get em installed.. so ive given up....


they say that 800k+ accounts... yes accounts... at max theres 15k players... AT MAX.. so 785k players have noticed already what this shit really is.. and that shit still lags like hell... theres not even many players and still the servers cant handle even that...

Sat Oct 17 2009 4:31PM Report
ruskea writes:

and these guys u see here posting how awesome this game is.. they dont think that way.. they are just caring about their own investments.. 10ks usd in gears.. so ofc they have to keep this game rolling or they are screwed so do not believe any of their bullshit.. they just want new players to pay their rent

Sat Oct 17 2009 4:35PM Report
sledge_ba writes:

For those of you who do not currently play Entropia, and are wondering what the fuck is going on here, you are currently witnessing a pissing match from the game's forum that has spilled over into this guy's blog. 

Sat Oct 17 2009 9:11PM Report
beauturkey writes:

  Wow, this is something that I will respond to tomorrow. lol



Sat Oct 17 2009 11:45PM Report
BruuD writes:

Hello Beau,

I think you have some very good points.
Playing entropia as a newcomer is not easy at all and probably too hard.
VU10 was released to early and was very buggy, but MA/FPC has released alot of patches in the first weeks.
At this plays 10 times better than when you tried it (but maybe i've played it too long and just got used to it too much).

It takes time for the community to adapt to VU10, but more tutorials and guides are popping up on the forums now (but i do feel that those things should come from MA first and not from players who spend their free time writing guides).

Good article, and i hope you want to give it another try in the future :-)


Sun Oct 18 2009 5:53AM Report
entrosucker writes:

Looking forward to your reply beau-also i am guessing you are picking up even more how a lot of us older players are sick to death of the company who runs this game too and how we feel we are being ripped off by it with false promises aplenty! I personally have deposited a huge amount of money in the game which i saw as an investment, it certainly is not that! I loved the game enough in the past to want to throw money at it! Unfortunately now facts and figures show us that the people behind the game have become extremely greedy! this player as a lot of others is selling up and would strongly advise that anyone thinking of playing this game should keep their credit cards in their wallet!

Sun Oct 18 2009 7:37AM Report
Airboy writes:

Sounds like many comments from players that are piss off becauese they have lost money and are angry because of that, lol.

Right now the game runs smoothly, for me anyway. Some minor bugs, but nothing seriosly, and we are still waiting for all old feautures to get online. My advise, try the game some more at a time you have a "good day" and don't give up to soon. ;)


Sun Oct 18 2009 8:31AM Report
garcimore writes:

well yes  this game is difficult to play for a newcommer but it's monhty fee free and even if you can you're not compelled to put money into

the difficult part for a newcommer is there is not quest, no steps and no aims to achieve so you can do what you want, it's quite different from other MMO's, so if you're an experienced player of others MMO's yep this game can sounds a bit strange from others ;)

Sun Oct 18 2009 10:42AM Report
mayanamaya writes:

I have both made money and lost money on this game...It is a rollercoaster due to the "luck " factor in it.I have both deposited into this game and withdrawn money from it...It's a love hate relationship and I don't recomend it for people who don't want  to get addicted to gambling.One day you win  and one day you lose simple as that.

Sun Oct 18 2009 10:56AM Report
Fnalig writes:

I agree with most said of the OP, and the EU critics in this thread. What i want to say about this game after soon 4 years of playing. is.

1, Now a days i belive its just "Fanboys" with a HELL of a lot of Cash invested in EU whos still talks about it in a positive way.

2. As ive been working wit sales / marketing since i was 21, i belive im overqualified in my judgements when i claim that MA /EU has the WORST marekting strategy ive seen in my entire life. NO ONE within MA seems to ever had attended any kind of Bussiness schools / sales classes or Charmschools. At least David needs to be sent to all 3 .

3. Im 100% sure MA has a way to control the lootdistribution, to give their Fav,players Extra loot.. And Put players as me and Kimmi and several others, whos been TO critical on the Entropia forums in a Permanent Shit loot mode. When i first got this crazy idea, i neglected it, but after talking to numerous players who had the same experiences in now 100 % this is the case.

4. This what an earlier poster said about MA being Blacklisted at CC companys and banks , might be true, As their so called ENTROPIA CASHCARD was just working for a few weeks YEARS back. And this far MA failed to find another CC company whos prepared to issue such a card. Whats the reason MA havent been able to reinplement a CASHCARD in this 3 years ?? Sad part is this RL economy and the possibillity to use this none existing cashcard the very same minut you MIGHT hit a HOF, has been used in MA PR campaigns until less then a year agoo, Eventhough evryone within MA MUST have been very well aware of there wasnt any, and will pobably NEVER come back again.
5. MA has done quit a few actions last year tha DECREASED the values of our skills and gears tremendously. Just compared that to what IF a company on the stockmarket DELLIBERATLY would decrease the value of your shares / stocks for their own gain /benefits ? What would happen to such a company ? This leaves me to my final conclusion. MA / EU has failed. Theres no daubt in my mind that MA digged their own grave by their behaviours and lack of communication with their customers. Was it on purpose ? Was the whole meaning with EU to screw a lot of game addicts of their $$$ as fast as possible, and then change the company name, start up " daughter companys" and all this crap thats just to common in Sweden when it comes to finansial scams.

End words. Im more and more ashamed to be Swedish.

Sun Oct 18 2009 11:03AM Report
entrosucker writes:

couldnt agree more with what you say there lasse(fnalig) and as you say if you dare to speak out against MA in a harsh way  or make waves i ''feel'' that your loot is compromised by the company?

I personally hope the company ends up in such dire straits that they have to sell up and a seemingly more scrupulous company takes over! this is the only way I will ever invest time or money into this one sided casino again!


Ps something which I have always found hard to swallow, in the ''good old days'' you used to get peds in your loot(the currency in the game) and that stopped!? I am almost sure that was something to do with gambling laws and therefore dispensing with ped in loot gave them carte blanche to do as they pleased without any form of monitoring? maybe someone with a greater knowledge of such things could shed more light on this?


Sun Oct 18 2009 11:15AM Report
mayanamaya writes:

There is no real way now to play entropia free and enjoy it .If you deposit now into this game you  are playing a  hidden casino just like the guy says above.All the uber people who have investments in the game will tell you you can make money but truth is you probably won't.I say probably because there is a small chance  you will win the lottery oneday on there.I know from experience.

Sun Oct 18 2009 11:35AM Report
DaviesDavies writes:

Graz on poking the hornet's nest  lol !  

Beauturkey   you should come back sometime : )  If you are too frustrated with the game, we can try to provide you with better informations.  EU  isnt structured like the other games, it is more  relying on  the players ourself.  If you drop a note at entropiaforum, some of the players can  show you around and show you how thing may go  differently than your last  visite.  

BTW if you want to make a new avatar, please file a supportcase and lock down your current one.  MA doesnt like people walking around with more than one account . 




Sun Oct 18 2009 6:01PM Report
garcimore writes:

like he said, don't  make your point of view so easily, especially wen talking about entropia ;)

Sun Oct 18 2009 7:51PM Report
garcimore writes:

and as mayana said, entropia is not a game really made by mindark itself for 100%, players are making their own events in there, it's te realle meaning of the game :

entropia -> entropy -> disorder

Sun Oct 18 2009 7:54PM Report
garcimore writes:

in fact i've reflect

Sun Oct 18 2009 8:19PM Report
garcimore writes:

a bit and midark is just the provider of the entertaining platform


Sun Oct 18 2009 8:20PM Report
beauturkey writes:

 OK, guys, a few things:

 1) I've played the game several times over a few years.

 2) I'm just one sucker with one opinion, don't worry so much about it.

 3) I gave my opinion of the game at the time I tried it again. Timing means nothing. I came across the game as a new player would. A new player doesn't think "I think this game must be having issues FOR NOW." They think the game sucks and move on.

 Anyway, thanks for all the opinions. I am going RIGHT NOW to patch and try the game again.

 Also, I tried to sign up to those forums and I have never received my email with the verification er whatever. I will check again.




Mon Oct 19 2009 4:13PM Report
EUPlayer writes:

As a 5years player of EU i can say this:

MA have done a good job in transfering the game to CryEngine2.

It looks cool now if your computer can handle it. BTW imho it was not needed to change the engine.

What i´m curious about is that everytime a comment appears in the net with bad experience in the game (mostly about the immense cost of playing active) there are always popping up comments from always the same ppl like pkMercury telling you that they withdraw alot of money from the game.

They dont can imagine that the ammount they withdraw is payed from other players and they think they have found how to play the game. Imho there are some ppl (MA staff or not) wich have such advantages and only have to spread their success (wich they think it comes from clever gameplay).

The truth is more like : if you be loosing small or big in the first 2..3 weeks of playing you can be sure that you dont have an avatar with advantages , so you can stop playing because it will never change in your gamelife.


Sat Nov 28 2009 6:00AM Report
Eqvaliser writes:

Tryed it today. and spent some 8 hours doing nothing but sucking sweat, dienig and gaining some skill..

Got around 960 sweat bottle,  so went to sell them, and the price was---
get this  5 PED for 1000 bottles..  well hell.
hmm bad start, no guides or instructions. .

just plain bad.

Logged off, uninstalled. added url to mailspam list.. 

No tx..  omfg.

Sun Dec 13 2009 3:47PM Report
classic91 writes:

If you have played crysis, you will know trully fucked up the graphic this game has. With the same cry engine, they made a game with same graphic as second life. And the system requirement is not low at all.

Sun Jan 03 2010 1:00PM Report
mayanamaya writes:

Cry engine is a huge problem for me atm...My computer doesn't support the graphics..I cannot even log into the game.I have played this game now for 4 years and I "borrow" my bf's computer to play it.Yes like I said in my earlier posts  YOU CANNOT PLAY AND HAVE ANY FUN  unless you deposit alot into the game.It didn't use to be that way when I started playing.

Mon Jan 18 2010 1:45PM Report
SirBarksALot writes:

I think you missed one thing:  The upgrade to vu10 / CryEngine bumped the minimum investment in actual technology needed to play the game at all up to where those without excessive spare change to deposit,  can no longer play at all.  Is the point of vu10.0 simply to reduce the number of sweat gatherers,  fruit walkers, and miscellaneous resellers and reduce server load?

Someone above mentioned "investment" in this game.  At first blush,  I put an ordinary amount of money into the game, seeing it as me paying to play yet another online game.  I very quickly found myself depositing a large amount "to play at a good level".  Fact I learned from that:  EU/PC is equally fun regardless of amount of cash thrown at it.  Including zero.  Yes folks, playing EU v9.4 was equally fun for free as it was for $100 USD per month.  I'm glad I didn't gamble more.

A note on that:  EU / PC is not in fact gambling.  Gambling a given amount of real money on your ability to virtually hunt, craft, mine, or PvP well, is.  And MindArk has set the game's odds such that any of the virtual "professions" in the game are guaranteed to cost the player real money.  That said, all of them are some degree of fun.  Well, all except coloring (changing the color of those items for which that is possible.  Playing with color combinations on virtual clothing is fun;  gaining the skills needed to do it is hell).

So,  as I have an excellent record at investing,  I decided to put a lump of change into Planet Calypso, let MA invest it to their hearts' content, while I use it as base capital for in-game trading.  I planned to augment any trading profits I could get, by depositing a comparable monthly amount to what I would put in any other game which offers a similar entertainment value from my perspective.  I never got off the ground trading.  I don't know the right people in-game.  Standing on a virtual street corner getting yelled at for offering competitive prices is only fun for a short length of time.

Ok, so I figured I'd play up to 150 of my deposited peds each month, the same as my WoW subscription,  and spend them on my favorite professions.  The remainder of vu9 saw quite an increase in my healing skills,  and some increase in Laser Sniper et al.  It also saw me do quite a bit of mentoring.  Which I'd love to continue, except - I can't so much as log in until I upgrade my PC.  Which is not happening in any hurry.  Nothing else I do has any issues with my hardware.  But I would enjoy withdrawing my remaining less-than-10000 peds while I wait for a playable game (yes, I've seen vu10 over the shoulders of friends - my only comment on that is, OH GOD NOT OPTIONS AGAIN)



Mon May 31 2010 8:35PM Report
EntropiaUniverse writes: BEST review of calypso i've seen yet :D Sat Nov 30 2013 11:39AM Report
broodzerggg writes: An update would be great.. Mon Jan 18 2016 6:46AM Report writes:
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