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Author: beauturkey

Champions too? So how many uses DOES this damn system have?

Posted by beauturkey Monday August 3 2009 at 1:12AM
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So the XBox 360 hurts the **** out of my hands.

I mean, as in normally I need to ice 'em down about...every few days, if I am playing a lot of games. This XBox makes me ice 'em down twice a ******* DAY.

So I am doing some re-thinking. I love many of the games, but will look into any possible mouse/keyboard usage I can get out of it. Also, I have been asking for games that require less button mashing and have received a few recommendations. At the game store, the kid even told me that "End War" can be operated almost entirely from voice commands! I'm trying it soon enough.


But the real thrill in the Xbox is the downloadable/streaming stuff. Honestly, I can do all of this stuff from my PC, but I like that the Xbox will always run the demos without worry and is constantly changing. I have it hooked to our NetFlix account and have been watching tons of streaming content like "B******t" and "This American Life." I even catch up on older movies like "Pan's Labyrinth", which was slightly above freaking pointless.

It's a great system, but having only one real MMO on the system just doesn't rise it above "streaming box thingy" in my book. So, I was very happy to hear about "Champions Online," another real MMO (none of that "but you can play with up to 6 friends" BS) coming out on the system. Granted, I would need to still bother with the painful controller, but I am finding ways around that, slowly.

Next they need a browser to check your email and that Twitter functionality they talked about. And when that creepy boy stuff comes out, I am sure I will put plenty of time into messing around with games that make me jump and duck.

What I like about it is the fact that it's so small, compact. I can unplug the thing and bring it to my little brothers house for some gaming. Funniest thing is that it actually works, while it's half-cousin the PC is almost guaranteed to mess up at some point. Dozens of times. I say abandon the PC and just make consoles that have a few of the options of a PC, Microsoft. Who cares about these bloated PC's that come packed with all this extra stuff that we don't use. Bloated boxes, bloated code, drivers, things that are bound to interfere with each other.

The PC, while haven given me hours of delight throughout the last 10 years, can go away and slowly die somewhere and I would not miss it.

What I WOULD miss are real MMO's, games that allow you to play in a persistent world with thousands of people. Oh, trust me, I am fully aware that within another 10 years we all will be ditching PC's for simple "do it all" boxes (that will be the size of iPhones) anyway, but that doesn't mean that I will just sit back patiently. I will always be on the lookout for the product that works, and that doesn't need to be replaced almost every year.

Just give me a box that works, and one that games will look pretty on because the systems are all the same.

And keep adding REAL MMO's like Champions (IF it does indeed come out for the 360) and I will be a long-time customer.

Oh yeh, looks like many of my predictions are coming true, if not off-date a bit:

Damn, that was fast. Soon, players will post "I'm bored" before the developer can announce the name of their top-secret "in development" products.


Death1942 writes:

ugh looks like you turned into an Xbox fanboi.


Anyway i too would love to see more MMO's on the consoles (preferably the PS3 as i own that one :P).  I think grinding would be sooooo much easier (and comfortable) sitting on my couch, laid back with a comfortable controller in my hands doing all the work a keyboard seems overkill for (honestly, do i really use more than 8 spells while grinding in any MMO? the answer is no).

Hopefully we will see far more MMO's reach the console market and i do hope they don't stick to the one console (Xbox)as it seems to be the trend lately (AoC, WAR, Champions Online...ect)

Mon Aug 03 2009 2:14AM Report
Arcken writes:

get a guitar grip excirciser itll strengthen your hands and fingers and they wont ache so much. I use mine extensively as playing guitar for hours a day then typing, then playing on my xbox requires some stamina.

Mon Aug 03 2009 2:59AM Report
beauturkey writes:

Hmm I'm a drummer so my hands are pretty strong, but you might have a great idea there!

 I should try that.


Mon Aug 03 2009 7:47AM Report
Inktomi writes:

Hey Beau. 

I guess the KB and mouse action has made us soft. I agree with you on Aion, I too was bored going into CBIV. What turned me off was the cheap 1-10 server jump to grind bosses. I felt that defeated the point of bosses if we could just kill them continously and milk them for loot.

What do you think of Phantasy Star Universe? It's on XBOX, I also have some peeps that play that. It's not an open worlder ( I know you hate the sandbox term) but I've heard it's pretty good and cheap; $10 sub.

Did you get the message about an all-female mmo? It's a stupid Idea but our last banter gave me the idea. 



Mon Aug 03 2009 10:39AM Report
BlueCadwal writes:

PSU is the worst MMO I have ever played.  It's nothing but money sellers and kiddies running around now.  Really annoying.  It was embarrassing listening to their banter "Will you be my mother?"  "Can I have some money?"


It was good when it launched on the PC... I don't know how it is now, but I'm almost afraid to go check.

As far as MMOs go on consoles, the PS3 also has several planned for release in the next couple years.

Mon Aug 03 2009 2:09PM Report
beauturkey writes:

 Yo Frank yeh I got the message, love the idea.

 You going to write about it on that site? You seem to be doing pretty good over there already!



Mon Aug 03 2009 2:23PM Report
Inktomi writes:

 Yeha, do you really think so? I feel I could be writing more, but I've actually slowed down some. I miss the mmorpg family though. =(

A MMO for Gamer Grrlz is something I've been kicking around. But since you have an actual lady to bounce stuff off of, it made more sense. Leala does have a good insight on MMO's too. If it works for you two then consider it a peace offering. 

If you decide to run with it let me know, I'll send you all my research. 


Mon Aug 03 2009 3:37PM Report
oskironmaide writes:

There is something called laptops..

Tue Aug 04 2009 12:47AM Report
mrcalhou writes:

I bought a laptop for school and I lug that thing around in my school bag everywhere. Laptop, power cable, mouse, headphones, calculator, magic the gathering cards, 360 controller, and the occasional textbook with no problem. I know the argument is that desktops are so much better than laptops, but my laptop played AoC with no problems.

Tue Aug 04 2009 3:27AM Report writes:
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