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Author: beauturkey

Has Fable II cured my single player loneliness?

Posted by beauturkey Wednesday July 22 2009 at 10:36PM
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As the title would indicate, I have been playing and enjoying Fable II for the Ecks Bocks 360. Don't worry, I'm not pulling a MOG and will not stop talking about MMO's! :) But, I was bound to get a console again eventually (had an older Ecks Bocks years back) and I am very glad that I chose to.

The first time around, all the game were fun enough (but many not so original) but most of them just felt like I was alone in a amusement park. Fun? Yes. Lonely? Yes, as well. You need someone with you to enjoy the sites and sounds of some of these games. But, of course, Xbox live has it's own downfalls. The few times I played on it were filled with more "f***", "b*****s" and "r**es" than I care to remember, but this time around I felt more secure by the fact that I already had B.F.F's from around the globe to lean on.


Well, I haven't been able to hook with many of them, for many reasons, but we message each other and will eventually sync schedules. In the meanwhile my wife hooked me up with Game-Fly, and here came Fable II.

The first time I tried it went pretty much the same: I liked the graphics, enjoyed the choices, but felt very lonely. No one was there to go "Oh COOL!" with me. (Well, Leala is sitting at her PC next to the big new TV, but she is busy with her game.) No real life friends, just animatronic NPC puppets going through the motions that they go through with millions of other players. My character, the same character every one else played. The story... the same one everyone else read.

But today at work I found myself looking forward to coming home to play with my dog, which I named Roy, in the game. (Named after my real life dog.) I also found myself really thinking about the story, looking forward to exploring more of the world. It felt like I was reading a good book, and looking forward to a break to read another chapter.

Then, I told myself that the experience of playing a single player game is a lot like going to a movie. There's other people there going through the same experience, but I don't let it detract from my experience. I can't control the characters in the story, but the story can still be exciting stuff!

But in THIS move called Fable II, I can control the hero. I can have some effects (some large and some small) on the world, and can enjoy the story by walking through all the sets, the locations, seeing what the other characters see sometimes. This is an interactive semi-choose-your-own-adventure movie.

Does the game make me wish that MMO's could be more like it? No. MMO's have that special something called human interaction. There are many ideas I would to see in MMO's that come from games like Fable, but the reverse is true too! Could you imagine playing through the story, a chapter at a time, with a group of 5 or 10 friends? And really, the two styles of play aren't that different. I mean, when you log in you usually join the same group of people, right? Normally you will talk to your guild, do things with them? And many times you are alone, playing through quests and exploring.

I think the day will come very soon that the two worlds aren't different at all. That'll be a fun-as-hell day.


MadnessRealm writes:

I was suprised by the game myself because I didn't get that feeling and I did not even play online! I think the dogs play a very important in such aspect.

Bigest let-down I had with Fable 2 was the ending. Just like Fable 1 (before the Lost Chapter fix) they managed to make an extremely poor ending that makes you say : "that's it?"

I won't spoil the ending but you better prepare as Fable 2 may shine during the whole story but the ending is just as boring as grand-parents playing Bingo

Thu Jul 23 2009 2:48AM Report
beauturkey writes:

Wait a second, you can play some part of Fable II online? lol

*starts up ecks bocks*




Thu Jul 23 2009 7:42AM Report
MadnessRealm writes:

I believe you can yes. A second character will appear but he will not have his skills or anything. Basically like Co-op. Don't expect to see a MMORPG :þ

Thu Jul 23 2009 2:34PM Report writes:
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