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Author: beauturkey

The two-word descriptions for my games.

Posted by beauturkey Tuesday July 14 2009 at 2:48AM
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Ok, so it's 2 am and I cannot sleep. As I laid in bed, my brain skipped from sex to bills to, of course, games.

I started thinking of playing a game. If I can't sleep at night it's easy enough to log into one of my games to help get me tired again. I just do some fishing, walk around...something calm and easy. Maybe go read a blog or two, or write a blog or two like I am now. As I lay there, my mind went to that Ten Muganiminmainami Tensaissai Imagine Online game (whatever it's titled) and I thought to myself: "Sluggish Combat."

So there ya go. I took a screenie of my desktop and assembled it at the bottom for you. Bear in mind that this is my nicer PC, so most of the freebie games are on my older PC. Also, there are some that have no shortcut on my desktop, like Free Realms and a few other browser based ones like Taikodem. This household holds something like 60 or 70 MMO's in it! I decided to go down the list and FORCE myself to only use two words to describe the game. I thought that I would use more, like a sentence, but decided to pick out the one main thing that sticks out about the game and to put it down. Of course two words won't do justice to most of these games, but let's see what I can come up with. First, I'll assemble the list, then write in the words.

1) Ghost X Global: Silly Action

2) Ryzom: Beautiful Natural

3) LotRO: Perfect Role-Playing

4) Ether Saga Online: Amazing graphics

5) Lively (now defunct, but I just couldn't delete it): Giant playground

6) Tales Runner: Forced 1024x768

7) Project Powder: Fast racing

8) Darkfall: Shadowy FPS

9) UO: Fun, Then

10) Mabinogi: More choices

11) Cities XL: Micromanagement, funnish

12) The Chronicles of Spellborn: Favorite art

13) Legends of Norrath: Addictive, cheap

14) Warhammer ( for some reason the shortcut is messed up. Did Leala delete it?) Nothing new

15) The Sims 3 (not an MMO, but still.) Creepy fun

16 ) Mass Effect: Kinda' slow

17) EQ2: Many choices

18) Vanguard: Immersive World

19:) Matrix Online: Original combat

20) EQ: Still slow

21) Star Wars Galaxies: Space under-used

22) Pirates of the burning Sea: Ships good

23) Planetside: Shallow fun

24) Guild Wars: Feels lonely

25) Second Life: Most potential

26) Dream of Mirror Online: Lovely cut-scenes

27) Runes of Magic: Ugly characters

28) City of Heroes: Perfect Customization

29)Aion: Ugly armor

30) NeoSteam: Confusing translation

31) Imagine: Sluggish combat

32) World of Warcraft: Real basic

33) Wizard 101: Simple, addictive

34) Free Realms: Guilty Pleasure

So, there ya go. It's harder than you think. And I have played all of these, and much more than just a glance, but to explain how I feel about them all would take a long, long time. Like a dream-image, this is what I feel. I listed Runes of Magic as having "pointy chins" at first. But do they HAVE pointy chins? I don't think so. Small mouths maybe? Point being that even though I have played it to level 15 or so, I can only think of the silly faces, tiny mouths and huge feet. Does that mean that the game sucks or that nothing is good about it? Maybe. I need to play it some more.

This goes to show that I cannot play just one game, ever. I don't even understand how Leala plays mainly only one game. It's kind of odd, really. I don't listen to one band, or watch one movie, yet I'm a film and music fan.

Anyway, goodnight.



Death1942 writes:

yeah i can't play only one game.


Atm its a bit of SWG, a lot of Arma 2 and about to be quite a bit of Overlord 2

Tue Jul 14 2009 7:14AM Report
Inktomi writes:

 I like your list, but unlike you once I find a good fit I settle in for a long haul. 

As per your comment, I feel that the hybrid model is going to try to double bang the costumer with "oh be a ddo vip and get all content free!" with hope they will spend over that in the shop. And most people do.

I feel that the $15 mmo will be a thing of the past, game co;s are realizing they shortchanged themselves. However, the space is getting crowded and some analysts are saying the game space will grow according to moores law. Will double every two years.

I feel that the software tech will get better, games will get closer to pic quality, meanwhile it will put harsh demands on current systems. Thus, Forcing gamers to upgrade or switch to consoles and such, that will cut into their already dwindling budgets and desire to pay a sub, unwittingly turning them to "freemium" games. 

On average, players will be spending more in the long run, hopefully "we" will be getting more in the long run. There are a few strong co's and a couple of dark horses in the race, I believe in the 80/20 rule. 20%of the games will making 80% of the market share, with our money fueling the way.

I hope this makes sense beau, today I've got some stuff to do so my brain and my pc will have something in common.

I'm shutting them both down.

See you soon,


Tue Jul 14 2009 10:09AM Report
Echelons writes:

I wouldn't disagree with any of them except probably Warhammer - sadly it's the most original MMO to come out in a long time.  If it wasn't then we wouldn't still be seeing WoW taking it's ideas.

Tue Jul 14 2009 3:28PM Report
beauturkey writes:

 Hmm, well, I played it only until *trying to think* pretty quickly after level 12 or 15? It's been a while.

 Still, it seemed to havre some ideas, but it came down (for me) to just being slight variations on what has already been done. But, I am also talking about the look, the art, the music even...seemed to be nothing surprising.

 I told you it was hard to use only two words! lol






Tue Jul 14 2009 4:03PM Report
illanadan writes:

 Shoot, WoW takes everyones ideas lol. Look at all of them they took from LoTRO. Smart move on their part.

Tue Jul 14 2009 5:04PM Report
djFEVA writes:


It is difficult indeed to summarize hours of game play into 2 words. I think yours are insightful, and I look forward to more of your writing.

Tue Jul 14 2009 5:13PM Report
necroux writes:

for free frealms id have to say postman ehh?

Wed Jul 15 2009 8:39AM Report
beauturkey writes:

 haha My wife is a fanatic for the Postman. I haven't played it that much.



Wed Jul 15 2009 10:09AM Report writes:
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