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Author: beauturkey

Station Launcher: A lesson in teasing.

Posted by beauturkey Thursday June 25 2009 at 11:10AM
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I exist in a world of images, sounds, smells...all spinning through my head at a million miles per hour. A while ago I decided to get comfortable with admitting that I feel this way all the time, after deciding that it wasn't some kind of A.D.D. or other "disorder. It is just who I am and how I feel. Frankly, I like all the energy I have but I wonder how much of it blocks me from getting anything done. It really is a struggle to organize my projects sometimes, but this blog and the podcasts really help.

So, things get by me, is what I am trying to say. I might not read, in depth, a page of patch notes, but I will skim off what I need and break it down in small bits. The worst thing about a lot of comments, for example, is that each one needs to be read and thought about. Frankly, all this text gives me such a headache that I can only read a small amount before I die. Just die.

Notice the nice, soft colors of the text here on Spouse Aggro. That's due to my wonderful wife and co-host, Leala. She knows that something like's HORRIBLE black and white theme is not only hard on the eyes but on the taste as well.

Anyway, to the point: I recieved, heard about or caught whiff of (I can't remember which) tale of the new Station Launcher finally arriving with voice. Great! I thought, but soon after realized that, even though it was claiming to be "out of beta," the Station launcher is far, far from perfect.

Let's quote from the official forums:


Sometimes our updates didn’t work right the first time, but you were diligent in telling us about it. And we’d work to get it right. We think we’re getting closer to delivering that “right” experience, but we’re not about to stop.  As always, please keep talking to us and leave your constructive feedback in the forums.  It’s the only way we will continue to improve and evolve Station Launcher.

To get this version of Station Launcher, you will need to run the update installer. It will update your existing shortcuts and preserve your current settings and preferences.

Below is a list of the changes that are available in Station Launcher 1.1.0.  Enjoy!



Dan Kinney

Senior Director of Platform Client Applications "


Ok then, I downloaded the update file and got to work. I restarted the machine, just to make sure everything gets reset to the newer settings. When I come back, there are TWO Station Launcher shortcuts! Does it not say RIGHT THERE that it will "...update your existing shortcuts and preserve your current settings and preferences"?


It didn't update my shortcuts!

Ok, ok, I know...usually it is something I am doing..adding it to the wrong folder or something. I will triple-check (already double checked) to see if it was me. Point being, he says right there to download the update. You would think that the update woul, you know, LOOK FOR THE DAMN THING ALREADY. But nope. In fact, let's say I wanted to play Vanguard, I went ahead and clicked on the NEW shortcut for the NEW AND IMPROVED launcher. Here's what I got:






That's right, the game was being downloaded all over again? OR it was downloading the Isle of Dawn...something like that? I have no idea. Does this mean I have two existing copies of the game? Does this mean this game has taken up 30 or 40 gigs of space? I have been playing all along, using the old launcher, and this new one couldn't have looked for that game folder? Now, watch this...I click on the OLD launcher shortcut, and here's what I get:





There ya go. A game, ready to launch, updated and all. So what in the Hell is the "new and improved" version doing looking for updates? Instead of just downloading a "new version" from a link somewhere, why couldn't I just update this "old version?" And what happened to "storing my preferences?" You mean to tell me that it can store all my preferences (what the Hell that means) but cannot FIND THE GAMES THAT ALREADY EXIST?

Silly, silly Launcher. I wish to Dog I were in Vegas right now so I can go find the dude that is making this thing and ask them: "Why? Just why doesn't it work like most of your games do?"


I will bet, no, I will PROMISE that he would start the response off with: "So..."


Just a guess.

Anyway, I hope I can figure it out. I normally do. I end up having to launch from OLD launchers, the launchers that come with the game, instead of using the Station Launcher. Doen't get me started on SWG, though, with it's constant incompatibilities with the launcher. Oh well.

Anyway, so there ya go...the new and improved Station Launcher. It gives you voice, access to your in-game friends, information about your subs and account....


...but can't locate your games.


Any suggestion? Remember the first part of the post.





EDIT: Looks like I might have to manually point the Launcher to my games. I will try this. writes:
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