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Author: beauturkey

Take a tall, cool drink from a Lakelands Brew!

Posted by beauturkey Saturday June 13 2009 at 9:35PM
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You know, Darkfall is a fun game. Fun for sure, and still giving me things to discover and do. Funny how such a barren game can excite my imagination.

But the crowds there..the players...nice bunch, I think, mostly. But the cool ones aren't the ones ganking you (actually, I kind of enjoy that part) or using words like "Nazis" or "Big Nick Digger" in their name. The cool ones are busy playing the game, having a good time with clan mates (I need a clan, I'm all awone. :(  )

So, the game can tax you just in the way that it kind of stresses your tolerance for bad characters. Names are turned off, but there are so many bad ones that it's hard to pretend that you don't see 'em when you hover over a character. That's right...we're all pretending when we play these games. I just don't like to be reminded that I am only pretending, especially when I am in the middle of a good ole' fashioned night of  "immersive" game-play.


I think that the crowds and the reputation of the crowds in Darkfall might be it's greatest block. But then again, I braved pirates and wars in EVE for years (I have a 10 million SP character...not high, but then again I'm never controlling high level characters.) I know how people talked about pirates and 0.0 space. Some people really seemed to fear it, at least to the point that it would stop them from trying to go there, or to play that. Same with many, many other games.

So Darkfall's crowds don't scare me, and I don't see why they should anyone else. But still, there is a difference between being scared and being annoyed. I have no fear, but I can't stand being annoyed.

Having said all that, I will continue to play DF for at least a while. That game has more to offer, I am sure.

But I had to log into Ryzom today for it's new patch and live event. Not only did the new developers start up a role-play web-page, they have shown that live events might be the norm! Seems to me they might go the route of having role-play live events to help craft the world a bit, and if I could tell you how many times I wished more MMOs had more live events we would be here a long time.

And damn, Ryzom is perfect for such events! Granted, not all go off without a hitch (today didn't, for sure) but they all have heart, seem to fit into the normal lore nicely and always bring out lots of players.

As I am running through the event (I seem to be on a mission of TRADE! YES!), editing our podcast, and writing this blog, I am struck by how much NICER Ryzom feels. I mean nicer in so many ways: the way it runs and is beautiful, the community (for the most part) and how it feels like home. My home game. Well, one of them anyway.

When I am on a kick of forum fightin', I notice that when I wake up each morn after that I am stiffer, a little achier, maybe a headache. Something about getting into petty passionate arguments with complete strangers is very do-able, but does stress me out a bit. I love fighting with dumb people, and smart ones too, but deep down I would rather not.

Darkfall seems to have the same effect. I know, I know, most of the players are just regular, cool people..but there are SO MANY players with racist names, sexist chatter and filled with nerd rage (against the game they are playing!) that it creates the slightest bit of under-the-skin stress. Enough to make me feel a big warm feeling of care-bear comfort as I log into a game that not only runs better but that is FILLED with life, life that has amazing AI (if you haven't played Ryzom, you need to just to watch mobs migrate and hunt) and with life in the form of great players who typically do not tolerate names and chat that is more than common in a game like Darkfall.

Understand that I am fully aware that playing Darkfall is a lot like stepping back into the gym locker room in 7th grade: boys making homo-sexual references, girls a distant vision, cursing as though your life depended on it, and basically boys being boys.

But there was a reason I failed most gym classes from then on: I wouldn't "dress out" meaning that I wouldn't go into the locker room to change into my gym shorts. Something about sitting on the bleachers talking to the girls seemed a better choice. Not very manly? True. Much, much nicer? Hell yes.

Go get the Ryzom trial, and when Darkfall has a trial, get that one too. It's fun switching between the two, and although it seems I am busily snapping my towel on Darkfalls' butt, I like how the game pulls out different aspects in me than Ryzom does. Sometimes, you feel like sneaking around and shooting players. Other times you just really, really need to log into a beautiful world to hang out with old friends.

Beau Turkey

Eindrachen writes:

I generally agree with the "locker room" feeling Darkfall has.

I continue to wait and see how this will pan out, though.  I do not think it bodes well for Darkfall's community to have the overall attitude it does at this time.

But time wil tell if I'm in the right or not on this.

Sat Jun 13 2009 10:54PM Report
MadnessRealm writes:

DarkFall's community will be "cleaner" once Mortal Online comes out. After all, it is the game that will replace DarkFall for all those angry players.

Than if DarkFall still have this name problem, I'll create a clan to hunt them down as I can't stand them either :þ

As for RP guilds I mentionned a RP clan named Exilium in your previous blog about DarkFall. But they are more guilds which, while not RP, looks very fun ("The Mercs" for exemple which is basically a guild players can hire to help them raid castles or similar task)

Sat Jun 13 2009 11:27PM Report
gatheris writes:

yes the Ryzom event got off to a super rocky start and was surprised at the very few rude comments about it - another thumbs up to the community

running smooth now and quite enjoying it

(even more enjoyment was to be had after discovering what those faction points were for/could get me - eheheh)

Sun Jun 14 2009 12:37AM Report
t0nyd writes:

I guess I can kind of understand wh you like playing both games. You have ryzom which can be a semi-complex game and the zen that is darkfall. Altho I do like ryzom I would rather play an fps than play darkfall :)

Sun Jun 14 2009 5:36AM Report
dark-merlin writes:

From your writings it seems you have a small pecker Beau......Sallright we cant be all well endowed, like the other 90%of the DF community.


just kidding...seriously

Sun Jun 14 2009 6:04AM Report
beauturkey writes:

 Thanks for the comments all. I am editing the podcast right now and we talk about it some more, but I want to make sure everyone that hasn't tried it (and is reading this) should still try it.

 My comments about the community are true, but those players are just loud-mouths, just ignore them. It does create some stress when you have to constantly work at ignoring some of them, but it can be done.

 Point being that it is nice to have a nice "home game" to log into.

 On a side-note, Ryzom has some really good PvP. I have been involved with a good amount of battles. No looting, but hey, no one is perfect, right?






Sun Jun 14 2009 8:59AM Report writes:
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