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Author: beauturkey

Darkfall is very...brown.

Posted by beauturkey Saturday June 6 2009 at 7:48AM
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 I haven't decided to buy the damn game yet, not only because birthday money from Mommy is precious (I need to use some of it to cut off this elf hair to donate to Locks of Love, and to buy things like new dog tags) but because I am up to my ears in games right now. Well, I am ALWAYS up to my wears in games.


 My online Brit B.F.F. (besides Shuttler and the VanMatLock boys) Jay Jay the Wonder Biscuit (which means cookie in  their language) has told me that it is a lot of fun, and that plenty of players from Vanguards' Sartok server are playing it in groups. (If I am lucky, I will play and be called "SOE fanboi" over and over as they "rape" me.) Other than that, I would love to be able to sneak around. The simple act of disabling overhead names means that you can actually hide from players. Jay Jay told me that he actually heard horses approaching, hid in the bushes like a baby, and they rode past.

 I want to play so that I can spy...just poke around spying on people like some kind of Orcish peeping tom. Maybe my information would be handy to someone, but maybe not. Either way, it'd be fun not having to worry about level and stuff, and playing in combat that (from what I know) plays a lot likeSpellborn.

 At the very least, I would get a months use of of the thing. After that, PVP wears thin, unless of course the community supports role-playing factions and "Immersion" style playing (not using voice chat to help spy, stuff like that.) But I doubt it. I would bet that there is practically no one role-playing in the game. I always hear players tell me that they know of role-players, but not one has told me that they do it themselves. Kind of like the answer you get when you ask "...who just farted??"

 Anyway, we'll see. The game does look beautifully brown, kind of like that new Terminator movie. Looks nice, though, so maybe I can skip donating my hair to cancer ridden children to buy access to a magical world beyond imagination (tm.)


 Beau Turkey





MadnessRealm writes:

Luckily this topic hasn't turned into a massive load of controversy because someone said he wanted to play DarkFall :þ At least it hasn't yet.

If you are still unsure about joining DF or not, I suggest you take a deeper look at Paragus1 Rant and Sfraden (mispelled I believe) blogs.While Paragus1 mention the good features, Sfraden mentions the "hidden" problems. By reading both blogs you might be able to decide wether or not you will like DF and if it is worth your money.

I want to try DF again on my account this time (I tried on a friend's account before) but paying to download and get a free month slightly bothers me especially when you can have at least 14 free days trials if you join FFXI, WoW, etc without buying the game.

To me it's like buying a console game you might have played for 5 minutes at an Expo and like it but it ends up being the complete opposite feeling once you really play the game.....just wasted $50 on the game.


Sat Jun 06 2009 11:54AM Report
beauturkey writes:

 I'm loading it now...(see new blog post) and thanks for the comments! :)





Sat Jun 06 2009 2:22PM Report
MasterWan writes:

Elves are fags.  Enjoy being hated by all.

-Racist Ork to remain unamed - The Fringe

Sat Jun 06 2009 3:03PM Report
beauturkey writes:

 Why? Do I have to start off as an Elf? Please tell me no.

 Not that thier sexuality is anything to be worried about, but I can't stand Elves. I never play them in any game, unless forced.

 Wait, did you mean "cigarettes?" That doesn't make sense, dude! Oh wait, they are "smoking?" "Burning?""Have the potential to get cancer later in life?"





Sat Jun 06 2009 5:10PM Report
MasterWan writes:

yes.  I meant cigaretts.  I just thought you were going to try the elf type cause of your elf hair comment.  The game totally rocks and I was just in character.  Sry :P

Sat Jun 06 2009 6:36PM Report
beauturkey writes:

 Oh! haha I forgot I put that.

 No way, I can't stand playing elves. I will be playing one of the "evil" races, but I'm trying to avoid looking too much into it until I log in. I looked a bit at the races, but not much more.

 It should be ready to go tomorrow.


Sat Jun 06 2009 8:59PM Report writes:
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